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外研版八年级英语上册Module7A_famous_story 课件-Unit1

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Have you read this story-book?

What ‘s the name of

the story?

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 《爱丽丝漫游奇境》

Watch a video

let's know some friends.

the Cheshire cat



the White Rabbit 白兔

The March Hare


the Mad Hatter 帽匠 a tea party 茶会 (下午茶)

The Red King国王

The Red Queen 王后

What was Alice doing?

Module 7 Unit 1

Alice was sitting with her sister by the river.


? Alice follows (跟随;紧跟) the rabbit.

? Alice falls(下 落;跌落) into a hole(洞; 穴).

? The rabbit is strange(奇 怪), it’s watching a watch.

1.What’s Lingling doing?
She is reading.

2.Does Tony know the book?
Yes, he does.

True or False
1. Alice was sitting by the river. ( √) 2. She wasn’t reading her book.( × ) was 3. The White Rabbit was walking. ( × ) running 4. The Cheshire Cat was smiling at everyone. ( √ ) 5. The Mad Hatter and the March Hare were having a a tea party having birthday party. ( × )

Listen to the tape and complete the notes.
was sitting 1.Alice_________________ with her sister by the river. was writing 2.The Cheshire Cat______________________ in a tree and smiling at everyone. was sitting 3.The March Hare__________________ with the Mad Hatter and were having a mouse. They ______________________ a tea party in the garden. was playing 4.The Queen of Hearts _____________________ a strange game. 总结: was/were



Group work:
Talk about the following questions:
? What were you doing between 7 o’clock and 9 o’clock yesterday? ? What was your father doing when you came back home yesterday? ? What was your mother doing when you came back home yesterday?

1.Listen and read the dialogue several times after school. 2.Finish Exercises on the workbook.

3.Read two famous stories.


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