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之“比较” 篇

一、形容词、副词比较级的构成:(分规则变化和不规 则变化两种情况) (一)规则变化 构成方式 单音节词在词尾加-er 以e节尾的单音节词在词尾加r 原级 比较级

large big thin

larger bigger thinner

以一个元音字母加一个辅音字母的重 读闭音节,双写词尾加er 以辅音加y结尾的词,把y变i 再加er
大多数双音节词和多音节词在前加 more



more difficult difficult

(二)不规则变化:不规则变化的形容词或副词几乎没 有规律。 原级 good bad/ill far many/much little old well badly 比较级


farther, further
more less older, elder better


比较形式 使用句型
A…+as+原级+as B (A…+not +as/so +原级+as B)


A…+more+adj/adv+than B(A超过B)


A…+less+adj/adv+than B(A不如B)

Eg. 1. Dick is as tall as his brother. 2. I can run as fast as you. 3. This dictionary is better than that one. 4. I can run faster than you. 5. This book is less interesting than that one.

三、比较级特殊用法: (一)、倍数的表达法 ①“倍数+形容词(或副词)的比较级+than+从句” ②“倍数+as+形容词或副词的原级+as+从句” ③“倍数+the size/height/length/width,etc.+of…” 翻译: 这辆小车的速度比那辆卡车快两倍。
The car runs twice faster than that truck. The car runs 3 times as fast as that truck.

The car runs 3 times the speed of that truck.

三、比较级特殊用法: (二)、越来越…… ①“more and more +adj./adv.”或 ②“比较级+and+比较级” 翻译: 英语变得越来越重要了。 English is becoming more and more important.
天气变得越来越冷了。 It is getting colder and colder.

三、比较级特殊用法: (三)、“越……,就越……” the +比较级,the+比较级 翻译: 你越努力,你就能取得越大的进步。
The harder you work, the greater progress you will make. 年龄越大,记忆力就会越差。 The older we grow, the poorer our memory will become.

三、比较级特殊用法: (四)、no more than 和 no more … than的用法 1) no more than=not any more than=only,后跟名词或数 词。教室里只有10个学生. There are no more than ten students in the classroom.
他不过是个孩子, 所以我根本不把他当回事. He is no more than a child, so I don’t take him too seriously. 2) no more... than.../not any more... than...表示前者和后者 一样都不…… 杰克和约翰谁都不努力 Jack works no harder than John. 这本书和那本书都没有趣. This book is no more interesting than that one.

三、比较级特殊用法: (五)、 not more than和not more... than…的用法 1) not more than+数词,“至多,不超过” 教室里最多有10个学生. There are not more than ten students in the

classroom. 最多有1000个人参加了那个会议. Not more than 1,000 people attended the meeting.

2) not more... than…, 前者不比后者更……, 杰克不如约翰努力 Jack doesn’t work harder than John. 这本书不如那本书有趣. This book is not more interesting than that one.

三、比较级特殊用法: (六)、形容词和副词比较级的修饰成份 ① 表示“比……得多”:much, a lot, a great deal, far, by far ②表示“比……一点点”:a bit, a little, slightly ③表示“比……更,甚至”:still, even, yet ④ 疑问句中常用any修饰比较级表示“一点儿” Eg: 1. This method is much easier. 2. I am slightly taller than he . 3. When praised, a child will study still harder. 4. Are you feeling any better today?

1. You are standing too near the camera. Can you move ____?(2000 ?上海) A. a bit far B. a litter farther C. a bit of farther D. a littler far 2. He spoke English well indeed, but of course not ___ a native speaker. (2004 ?上海) A. as fluent as B. more fluent than C. so fluent as D. much fluently than 3. The number of people present at the concert was ___ than expected. There were many tickets left. (2000 ?福建) A. much smaller B. much more C. much large D. many more 4. Our neighbor has ____ ours. (2003 ?北京) A. as a big house as B. as big a house as C. The same big house as D. a house the same big as

5. The house rent is expensive. I have got about half the space I had at home and I am paying ____ here. (2003 ? 上海) A. as three times much B. as much three times C. much as three times D. three times as much 6. John is taller than ____ in his class. A. any girls B. any other boy C. other girls D. any boy 7. Do you enjoy listening to records? I find records are often ____ or better than an actual performances. A. as good as B. as good C. as well as D. good as 8. –Are you feeling ___ better today? --- No, I am feeling ___ worse. A. by far; quite B. more; very C. fairly, rather D. any; even

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