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6【课件二】Unit 4 TV programmes Main task

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Unit 4 TV programmes
Main task

argue about what TV programmes to watch

disagree about programmes

throw …onto…

Outline of the story 1.Background of the story:
When did my story happen ? Were my parents at home? What programme did my brother want to watch?

2. Plot of the story:
What happened then ? Argue about…? Get angry with…? Throw…onto … ? Fall onto…?

Part A1:
Read this outline of Part A1 and think about how to develop this story .

Part A2:
Complete Part A2.

The Twins flat Mr. and Mrs. Chen live in a _____. They have a twin daughter and a twin son , Nancy and Victor . The two children ____________ disagree about everything and always argue. One day, Mr. Chen was at work and Mrs. Chen went supermarket to the ___________ to buy some vegetables .


Background of the story: Character list:

Nancy and Victor stayed at home. They started to ______ about what TV argue programmes to watch. Nancy wanted to watch cartoons but Victor wanted to watch sports programmes. Soon, they gotangry with each other __________________.Victor threw theremote control onto the_______ and ____________ table it fell onto Nancy’s foot.

Plot of the story: Personalities of characters: Favourite activities:

At that moment, Mrs. Chen came back home and saw everything. She told her children to get along well with each other and love each other. Nancy and Victor both said sorry to their mother and promised not to argue with each other. Mother got a smile on her face.

Are you ready?
Use your imagination to write a complete story with your partner according to the following pictures .

n autumn


What can you see in the pictures?
* The teacher said, “We are having an

autumn outing next week!”

* The girl went shopping with her mother
on Saturday. She bought a new pair of

sunglasses and a tour flask.
* She dreamed of the happy day.

What happened then ?

1. Finish the story. 2. Finish off the workbook exercises

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