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外研版2013年七年级上册Module 8 自测题 2

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Module 8 自测题




●I. 词汇(每小题1分,共10分)

A) 根据首字母提示填空

21. Kathy’s home is next to her school. She u__________ walks to school.

22. There are some novels and m __________in the library.

23. The girl goes to the c__________ to listen to music every weekend.

24. I often buy a p__________ for my mother on Mother’s Day.

25. My friend Tony likes m___________ and he sings well.

B) 用方框中所给词的适当形式填空

26. — Who is your favourite __________?

— Jay Chou.

27. My mother usually washes ____________ on weekends.

28. My pen friend often ____________ e-mails to me.

29. I have a dog. ___________ name is Beibei.

30. My sister ________ the piano every Saturday.

●II. 单项选择(每小题1分, 共15分)

( )31. Mr. Lee always comes early. He is _____ late for work.

A. never B. often

C. usually D. always

( )32. My mother _______________ shopping on weekdays.

A. don’t B. doesn’t

C. don’t go D. doesn’t go

( )33. This pair of jeans __________ my jeans. It’s Tina’s.

A. are B. is

C. aren’t D. isn’t

( )34. The dictionary is Jeff’s. Please _____.

A. gives it to him B. give it to him

C. give him it D. gives him it

( )35. — _____ father likes football. How about _____ father? — He likes football, too.

A. I; you B. My; your

C. I; your D. My; you

( )36. Mike and Kate often _________ TV plays __________.

A. watch; on television

B. see; on television

C. watch; at the theatre

D. see; at the theatre

( )37. What do you usually do ________ Sunday mornings?

A. in B. on

C. at D. to

( )38. My little brother is only 5 years old but he _________ English very well.

A. talks B. listens

C. speaks D. says

( )39. Our teacher ________ a new computer. He uses it for work every day.

A. has B. have

C. buy D. make

( )40. She always ___________ in the evening, because she likes watching TV.

A. stays at home B. sees films

C. goes to school D. eats vegetables

( )41. My grandmother often makes a cake _____ my birthday.

A. for B. with

C. in D. of

( )42. He often gives me a book ___________ a birthday present.

A. on B. as

C. at D. in

( )43. My brother is in Japan. I want to _____ to him online.

A. buy a card B. send a card

C. make a card D. get a card

( )44. She likes reading _____ she doesn’t like sports.

A. so B. or

C. but D. then

( )45. — Let’s go swimming after school.

— ________________________.

A. Never mind

B. That’s all right

C. That’s a good idea

D. Thank you


●III. 完形填空(每小题1分,10分)

Tony likes sports. He is tall and strong. Now work in New York. He at a school there. His house is near his school. So he to school every

day. He is on the basketball team. He basketball very well and he plays it Saturdays or Sundays. His parents don’t go home . So Tony has lunch at school.

Jane is Tony’s sister. They are in the schools. She in a small town with her grandparents. She often goes shopping with her grandmother on weekends.

She works hard at her lessons. She is late for school. She homework in the evening. She watches TV only on weekends.

( )46. A. mother B. father C. parents D. sister

( )47. A. works B. studies C. goes D. sends

( )48. A. goes B. sings C. drives D. walks

( )49. A. plays B. does C. makes D. sends

( )50. A. in B. at C. on D. for

( )51. A. at noon B. in the afternoon C. in the morning D. in the evening

( )52. A. different B. same C. good D. bad

( )53. A. plays B. lives C. goes D. stays

( )54. A. never B. usually C. often D. always

( )55. A. his B. her C. their D. its

●IV. 阅读理解 (每小题2分,20分)



( )56. The black T-shirt is _______.

A. 55 yuan B. 60 yuan

C. 65 yuan D. 50 yuan

( )57. Tom likes sports. What present would be his favourite?

A. A sports bag. B. A pair of trousers.

C. A sweater. D. A skirt.

( )58. Betty has 27 yuan. What can she buy?

A. A pair of trousers.

B. A T-shirt.

C. A sweater.

D. A skirt.

( )59. What colour of sweaters does Fashion Clothes Shop have?

A. White. B. Black.

C. Blue. D. Red.

( )60. You can’t buy _____in Fashion Clothes Shop.

A. a sweater B. a skirt

C. a T-shirt D. a pair of trousers



Most children like to have parties for their birthdays. They invite their friends and classmates to their parties. The birthday boy or girl wears(穿着) beautiful clothes. They play games, sing, dance and eat. There are some delicious food, such as cakes, ice creams, sandwiches and fruits. Their parents prepare a big cake for them and there are some candles(蜡烛) on it. Everyone sings the Happy Birthday Song and says “happy birthday” to the birthday boy or girl.

The children usually get presents from their friends and parents. In our country, children always open the presents after the party. But in the USA and England, children open them at once(立刻) and then say thank you.


61. What do most children like to do for their birthdays?


62. What does the birthday boy or girl wear?


63. What do they usually eat?


64. Do they play games on the party?


65. Do children open their birthday presents at once in our country?



●V. 补全对话(每小题1分,共5分)

A: 66.__________

B: I want to buy a present for my daughter. Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday.

A: 67.__________

B: Yes, she likes playing basketball.

A: How about this pair of trainers?

B: 68.___________ But she doesn’t need any shoes.

A: 69.___________

B: Very pretty. I like it. But I want some school things. 70.___________

A: Sorry! You can go to the next shop.

B: Thank you. Bye.

●VI. 根据汉语提示完成英文句子(每小题2分,共10分)

71. 我爸爸喜欢晚饭后看报。

My father __________ __________ newspapers after supper.

72. 约翰和珍妮上学从不迟到。

John and Jenny __________ __________ __________for school.

73. 周末,他通过电视学英语。

He learns English __________ __________ on weekends.

74. 我们有时送给那个村子里的学生一些书。

We sometimes __________ some books __________the students in that village.

75. 爱丽丝喜欢丝绸裙子。

Alice likes ___________ ___________.

●VII. 书面表达(共10分)






21. usually 22. magazines

23. concert 24. present

25. music 26. singer

27. clothes 28. sends

29. Its 30. plays


31-35 ADDBB 36-40 ABCAA

41-45 ABBCC


46-50 CBDAC 51-55 AABAB


56-60 DADAC

61. Most children like to have birthday parties.

62. The birthday boy or girl wears beautiful clothes.

63. They eat some delicious food, such as cakes, ice creams, sandwiches and fruits. They also eat a big cake.

64. Yes, they do.

65. No, they don’t.


66-70 DBECA


71. likes reading

72. are never late

73. on TV

74. send; to

75. silk skirts


One possible version:

Lingling often wears Jeans. She usually listens to music after class. She doesn’t like sports. She never plays football. Mary likes to wear skirts. She reads books on weekends. She doesn’t like listening to music. Wang Hui likes wearing the T-shirts. He likes playing football very much. He doesn’t like watching TV.

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