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人教版新目标九年级英语期中考试试卷含答案 没有听力

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Ⅰ.单项填空 (共20分,每小题1分;满分20分)


( )1. We went to travel with some friends of____________.

A. us B. ours C. our D. ourselves

( )2. -Where is Tom?

-He hasn't come to school today. I think he________ be ill.

A. has to B. should C. may D. need

( )3. It takes us________ hour or more to go to my hometown by______ train.

A. an; a B. a; an C. an; 不填 D. a; 不填

( )4. -Look! The bus is coming.

-But it's full of people. We can't________ it.

A. get off B. get down C. get on with D. get on

( )5. You don't need to look______ every new word in your dictionary while reading.

A. for B. at C. after D. up

( )6. __________cross the road before the traffic light turn green.

A. Not B. Won't C. Don't D. Doesn't

( )7. You must drive_______ next time, or there may be another accident.

A. more carefully B. carefully C. careful D. more careful

( )8. -Can I ________this book?

-Yes, but you mustn't_______ it to others.

A. lend; borrow B. borrow; keep C. borrow; lend D. lend; keep

( )9. Let's go and have a drink. We've got_______ time before the train leaves.

A. a little B. few C. little D. a few

( )10. Swimming is good for our health, but________ the same time we mustn't forget the


A. in B. at C. on D. for

( )11. It's________ far_______ walk home from here. Let's take a bus.

A. so; that B. too; to C. enough; to D. such; that

( )12. When we were on holiday, we________ too much money.

A. spent B. cost C. took D. paid

( )13. Excuse me, could you tell me how_______ get to the hospital?

A. I do B. can I C. do I D. I can

( )14. -_________ to the United States?

-No, never, but I went to Canada a few years ago.

A. Have you been B. Have you gone C. Did you go D. Will you go 1

( )15. I greatly improved my listening watching the English programs.

A. on B.in C. with D. by

( )16.-----Where live before you came here? -------America

A. he used to B. did you used C. use he to D. did you use to

( )17.Michael is allowed TV for about 2 hours a day.

A. watches B. to watch C. watching D. watched

( )18.Don’t be afraid asking questions. Teachers like helping their students.

A. to B. in C. of D. at

( )19.Don’t say about other people behind their backs.

A. something good B. something bad C. anything good D. anything bad

( )20. When do you think ?

A. the train will leave B. will the train leave

C. does the train leave D. the train does leave


阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各小题所给的四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。 Joe wanted a computer. He asked his 1 for the money and they said he must get it himself. But how did he get it? He 2 about this when he walked home. Not many people wanted to ask children to work for them. Maybe he could take away snow for the neighbours(邻居). But this was not 3 . He had to wait a long time for that. He couldn't cut grass for their gardens 4 he had no tools(工具)to do the work with.

Then he saw one of his classmates, Dick, delivering(送) 5 . I could do that, he thought. Maybe I could even get the computer 6 away. I could pay 7 it a little each week. He ran to 8 up with Dick. Joe asked him a lot of questions. He learned that it was 9 to get twenty-five dollars each week. He learned that the job(工作)took 10 three hours each night. Dick 11 him the phone number of the newspaper manager(经理).

Joe almost flew home. After he had told his mother 12 he thought, she 13 . "I think it is a 14 idea, " she said, "I'll call the newspaper...."

"What, Mum," Joe said, "I'll call." After that, I'm going to be a businessman now. Joe's mother smiled 15 .

( )1. A. teachers B. parents C. classmates D. friends

( )2. A. said B. told C. thought D. spoke

( )3. A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter

( )4. A. because B. when C. while D. after

( )5. A. newspapers B. bikes C. computers D. tools

( )6. A now B. right C. just D. only

( )7. A. on B. to C. of D. for

( )8. A. take B. catch C. carry D. get

( )9. A. friendly B. kind C. possible D. wrong

( )10. A. at B. about C. before D. after


( )11. A. taught B. gave C. made D. asked

( )12. A. that B. when C. what D. where

( )13. A. smiled B. shouted C. cried D. worried

( )14. A. big B. large C. great D. bad

( )15. A. sadly B. happily C. politely D. angrily

Ⅲ. 阅读理解(共15小题,每小题2分;满分30分)



The air around us is important to everyone. Without air, we couldn't live. Everyone understands that. But air is important in many other ways-ways that are not always widely known.

For example, if we didn't have air, there would be no sound. Sound travels through air. Without air, there would be no fire. There would be no cars, cars need air to start. Without air, there would be no wind or clouds. There would be no weather, as we know it. the night time would be very cold and the days very hot. We would have to look for shelter(遮蔽)from the sun, as there would be no atmosphere(大气)to protect(保护)us from the sun's deadly rays(光线).

( )1. __________understands we couldn't live without air.

A. No one B. Someone C. Everyone D. All of us

( )2. If we didn't have air, the night time would be very_________.

A. hot B. short C. cold D. long

( )3. Without________, cars can't start.

A. air B. sound C. wind D. clouds

( )4. __________protects us from the sun's deadly rays.

A. The surface(表面)of the earth B. The cold wind

C. The atmosphere D. The weather


This morning, a boy of twelve saw a small fire at one end of a ship. Tom left home very early, against the wishes of his father, to see the ships at the port. It was a good thing that he did, because there was nobody else around, and the small fire grew dangerously big very soon. Tom stood near the ship and shouted at the top of his voice. He woke up the port workers living nearby.

The ship was one of the six big ships in port at the time and they were all carrying oil(石油)and paper.

The fire burned hundblacks of boxes of paper, so it spread very quickly. The end of the ship was black with smoke, but thanks to Tom, the fire didn't reach the oil.

Tom was also lucky, because his father was pleased rather than angry with him.

( )5. When Tom saw the fire, he was____________.

A. at home B. at the port C. on the ship D. on another ship


( )6. It was a small fire________.

A. but it grew big very quickly B. and luckily it stayed small

C. but it grew big very slowly D. and it was not dangerous

( )7. As soon as the boy saw the fire, __________.

A. he knocked on the doors of nearby houses.

B. he ran back home to tell his father

C. he shouted to wake up the workers nearby.

D. didn't do anything at all.

( )8. The ship was carrying____________.

A. paper and wood B. oil and paper

C. wood but not oil D. oil but not paper

( )9. The fire_________.

A. burned boxes of paper at first B. burned oil at last

C. burned the boy D. burned the whole ship

( )10. In this story the underlined word "against" means______ in Chinese.

A. 顺从 B. 按照 C.违背 D. 防备


Each morning a rich man found a poor man sitting on a park bench(长凳). The poor man always sat there, looking at the big hotel in which the rich man lived. One day the rich man got out of his car and said to the poor man, "Excuse me, but I just want to know why you sit here and look at my hotel every morning." "Sir," said the poor man, "I am a failure. I have no money, no home. I sleep on this bench, and every night I dream(梦想)that one day I'll sleep in that hotel." The rich man said, "Tonight your dream will come true. I'll pay for the best room in that hotel for you a whole month."

A few days later, the rich man went by the poor man's room to ask him how he was enjoying himself. To his surprise, he found that the man had moved out of the hotel, back to his park bench. When the rich man asked why, the poor man said, "You see, when I'm down here sleeping on my bench, I dream I'm up there, in that big hotel. It's a wonderful dream. But when I was up there, I dreamed I was back to this cold bench. It was a terrible dream, and I couldn't get any sleep at all."

( )11. The poor man lived in _______before he met the rich man.

A. the hotel B. his home

C. the park D. the car

( )12. Every morning, the poor man sat on the bench and___________.

A. waited for the rich man B. looked at the rich man's hotel

C. looked at the rich man's cat D. enjoyed the clean air

( )13. Every night the poor man dreamed of__________.

A. sleeping in that hotel B. becoming rich

C. owning that hotel D. being the rich man's friend


( )14. The poor man moved out of the hotel because__________.

A. he didn't want to live in such a fine room

B. he didn't like the rich man

C. he couldn't pay for the room

D. he couldn't get any sleep at all there

( )15. In the end, the poor man found it________ to sleep in the hotel.

A. sorry B. nice C. wonderful D. terrible

Ⅳ.任务型阅读:根据下列这则广告内容填空(每空一词)(10分 )

Welcome to Clark’s Porridge House. We have different kinds of porridge. We have meat porridge, vegetable porridge, and fruit porridge is our special. It’s only RMB4 for one bowl. A bowl of meat porridge is RMB5. Vegetable porridge is RMB3 for one bowl, but RMB5 for two. We have thin pancakes, too. They are RMB5 for ten. Come and taste the delicious food here. If you are too busy to come, call us and we can deliver the food to you in twenty minutes.

87 The cheapest is the porridge.

89 The underline word “deliver” means


1. I don’t mind 2. The ground is 3. The book must be (I).

4. The 5. It’s not polite to (嘲笑) blind people(盲人).

Ⅵ. 连词成句。(5分)(注意第3小题的变化)

1.you, afraid, dark, are, of, the 2.you, study, how, test, do, for, a 3.teenagers, allow, should, clothes, choose, their, own, be, to

4.Mary, must, book, belong, the, to .

5.he, me, I, told, should, what, do Ⅶ. 书面表达(本题分A、B两部分,共计15分)


sometimes my friend Rose comes, too. My husband comes with me—he is always too busy! I buy chocolates to during the film. I usually these night films very much. I don't

want to see the film twice, but sometimes I do if it's really good.

B) 根据中文意思和英文提示词语,写出意思连贯,符合逻辑的英文文段。所给英文提 5





1. happy, visit, again

2. change, take place

3. go, Wang Fu Jing Street, morning, building, shop, market

4. flower, poster(宣传画), put, for, the Olympics

Dear Mum and Dad,






1-5. B C C D D 6-10 C A C A B 11-15 B A D A D 16—20 D B C D A

Ⅱ. 完形填空(共15小题,每小题1分;满分15分)

1-5. B C D A A 6-10 B D B C B 11-15 B C A C B


1-4. C C A C 5-10 B A C B A C 11-15 C B A D D


1.Clark 2.vegetable 3. 5.5 4. 投送 5. 6:20


1. going 2. covered 3.mine 4. death 5. laugh at

Ⅵ. 连词成句 5分

1. Are you afraid of the dark?

2. How do you study for a test?

3. Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.

4. The book must belong to Mary.

5. He told me what I should do.


A) 1. but 2. never 3. eat 4. enjoy/like/love 5. same




第三档(8-7分)基本符合题目要求,整篇表达基本清楚,语言有部分错误。 第四档(6-5分)基本符合题目要求,整篇表达基本清楚,语言有较多错误。



(注意明信片格式,应有开头的称谓和结尾的落款,如果没有,应扣掉1分。) 参考答案:

Dear Mum and Dad,

I'm very happy to visit Beijing again. Great changes have taken place in Beijing(here). Today I went to Wang Fu Jing Street early in the morning and I had a good time. Now, there are a lot of now buildings, modern shops and large markets in there. Many beautiful flowers and posters are put there(in the street). People in Beijing(here)are working hard for the 2008 Olympics. I hope they'll have good luck.




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