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8B Unit 6 Reading 1 修改版

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We need your support Oxfam Trailwalker
Reading I

Step 1 Revision and leading in
People who need help

a disabled person

a poor person

a blind person

an elderly person a homeless person deaf persons

Useful phrases
train for sth. 1.为……而训练 2.更多些食物 some more food 3.在行走过程中 during the walk support charities 4.支持慈善事业 5.做某事是有意义 It's meaningful to do... 的 6.我认为你永远也 I don't think you'll ever finish your walk. 完成不了你的行 走。 What about...? 7. ...怎么样? How about ...?

? Oxfam Trailwalker is one of the largest fund-raising sporting events in Hong Kong. Since 1986, more than 77,000 participants(参加者) have raised over HK$393 million to support Oxfam's various poverty alleviation(扶贫) and emergency relief (应急救援,救灾) projects in Africa and Asia, including Hong Kong and mainland China. However, there are still around one billion people living in poverty, and they really need you support.

the trail of the event

the trail of the sports event

the trail of the event

the trail of the event
a mountain go down go up

a hill

walk over hills and mountains

an excellent chance to learn team spirit on the trail
support and help each other

group … into a team of four finish point walk together to finish the hike

a tough hike
Within 48 hours Without sleep

Go up hills with tired bodies

a support team

food, drinks warm and dry clothes

poor people in need

poor people in Africa

poor people in India —one part of Asia

What is Oxfam Trailwalker?
It’s a fund-raising event. How long did the event last? Two days and nights. How many people are there in a team? Four. What’s the aim of the event? The aim is to help poor people in Hongkong and other parts of Asia and Africa.

Task 1 New words and phrases (Part B1 on P96)
excellent 1.very good 2.a suitable time or situation for you to do something chance 3.The process of learning skills to do something training 4. The willingness of people to work together and help each other as part of a team team spirit 5. a route that is followed for a special trail purpose

Step 2 Pre-reading

Step 3 While-reading
finish c 1

Part C1 on P97. Para 1: Para 2: Para 3: Para 4: Para 5: What is Oxfam Trailwalker?
Oxfam Trailwalker is a long, difficult walk.

Team spirit and support Support teams

Fitness and training

Read Para1 : complete the form
Name of the event Oxfam Trailwalker Oxfam Hong Kong In November every year To raise money for helping poor people in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia and Africa. People over 18 Group themselves into a team of four

Name of the charity
When to hold it

Aim of the event

Who can take part in it

How to join this charity walk

Oxfam Trailwalker
tough A _____ hike
100-kilometre _____________ trail

para 2

…have to…
48 Within________hours 2 ___ days and nights

sleep Without _____

Walk through ___ country parks 8

Over ___ hills 20

and mountains

Read Para3 and try to answer the following questions:
1. What spirit do you need to finish the walk? spirit. Team 2. Why do you think so? Give two examples to support your idea.

1) All the team members must plan everything together together before the event. 2) You need to walk together to finish the hike. Why? Because only the team’s finishing time will be recorded.

Read Para4 and try to answer the following questions:

1.Why is it useful to have support teams ?

Because team members can’t carry everything with them.
2. What is the job of a support team?

3. What’s the aim of each team?

To provide the walkers with food , drinks and warm and dry clothes during the walk.

To raise at least HK$6,500.
4. What will the money be used for?

To help poor people and to support development projects.

Have a discussion after reading Para 5:
Suppose you want to join this charity walk, what do you yourself need (to do)? Why? 1. Fitness./ Health./To be healthy enough. 2. To start training a few months before the walk. 3. To be over eighteen. Because the walk itself is not easy---going up hills, without sleep and with tired bodies.

post reading

Is it a tough hike?

How far
How long How Many

100-kilometre a ____________trail 48 hours within_________

walk through eight ________ country parks and over _________ hills and twenty mountains

Step 4 Post-reading

Task 1 Fill in the blanks to complete the passage

Oxfam Trailwalker has been one of the biggest fund-raising e______ in Hong Kong vents since 1981. It is a c______ event. Oxfam harity Hong Kong organized it to raise money for elping ovember h_____ poor people. It is held in N______ every year. Only the people o_____ eighteen ver can join it. ough Oxfam Trailwalker is very t____. People roup need to g_____ themselves into a team of 4 and finish walking a 100-kilometre trail w____ 48 hours. They also must raise at ithin east l_______HK $ 6,500.

During the walk, all the members must walk together to finish the hike because only the team’s finishing time will be ecorded r_____. People have to walk days and nights without s_____, so they should leep raining start t______ a few months before the walk. They also need s______ team to upport bring food, drinks and warm clothes for them. If you can take part in Oxfam Trailwalker, you’ll find it quite eaningful m_______.

Task 2 A flow chart on Oxfam Trailwalker
Name of the event

Oxfam Trailwalker

Name of the charity — Oxfam Hong Kong

Aim of the event

— ︱ —

to raise money for helping people a chance to learn team spirit — November every year In Time
people over 18 group themselves — into a team of four finish walking a 100-kilometre —trail within 48 hours

Details of the event

︱ Rules —

raise at least HK $ 6,500

Would you like to join the Oxfam trailwalker when you grow up? Why or why not? positive raise money to help people in need excellent chance to learn team spirit good exercise de

velop a strong will an experience people will never forget negative a tough hike easy to get tired very boring feel frightened at night take too much time

Task 3 Discussion

1.Read the article at least three times after the tape. 2.Try to retell or recite the article.

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