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外研社八年级Module6 Unit1 It allows people to get closer to课件(25张ppt)

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知识目标:掌握下列重点单词和词组的意思及用法 in danger, at last, interested, allow, think of, protect, grow, notice, look after, raise 能力目标:能在实际情境中正确运用动词不定式 情感目标:通过对濒危动物大熊猫的了解,增强保护环 境和进行环保宣传的责任感。 学习重难点:

重难点:主要学习动词不定式做宾语补足语和 目的状语的用法,并能应用到讨论和保护濒危 动物中来。

Unit1 It allows people to get closer to them.

Do you want these animals to die?

Hug me! 抱抱我

Kiss me! 亲亲我

Save me!


Let’s look after them and protect them!


I’m tall and I have a long neck.

I am the tiger’s cousin.

I eat meat.
Five kilos are enough?

I am long
and thin. I am dangerous too.

I am big and I have a very long nose.

I am brown and I live in the forest.
I can climb trees and swim.

I am black and white.
I look like a horse.

a TV program about animals in danger

1.What is this week’s Animal World about? 2.What animals are in danger?

Listen again and answer
1. What happens when villages and farms are growing bigger?

2. Why do they want people to give money?

(Lingling and Betty are leaving the zoo)
Lingling: … Betty: … … …taking away their land and forests. … …

… as possible.

Complete the table.

Why many animals are in danger
Because villages and

What we can do to help

Give money to protect
the animals.

farms are growing
bigger and are taking

Look after the animals.
Raise some money at

away their land and

forests, and there isn’t school. enough clean water. ...

Language points

1. ... it allows people to get closer to them. ?? 它允许人们靠近它们(熊猫)。 allow 的几种常见结构: (1)allow doing sth. 允许做某事 (2)allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事 (3)allow sb. sth. 让某人拥有某物(尤指钱或时 间) (4)allow + that ... 承认?? Eg. (1) They allowed smoking in this room only. (2) He allowed me to take his dictionary. (3) He allows his son too much money. (4) We had to allow that he was a good teacher.

2. We need to protect them better.

need 的用法:

1) 作实义动词,意为“需要”。当主语是人时,用 nee
to do; 当主语是物时,用need doing/to be done。

We need to learn English quickly.

The trees need watering/to be watered.

2) need 作情态动词时,用于疑问句或否定句中。

后面接动词原形, 意为“需要;必须”。
Need he sweep the floor now?


Everyday English

… at last!


What can we do?

Work in pairs and choose an animal to help 1. What animal does your group choose to help? 2. What do you know about the animal? 3. What can you do to he

lp the animal?


单项选择 1. My father’s job is ___ animals. A. feed B. to feed C.fed

2. He hurried to school without ___ breakfast.

A. having

B. have


3. __ is difficult for him ___ the book.
A. That; read B. It; to read C.This;

4. I’m ____ in the ____ story. A. interesting; interested

B. interested; interesting
C. interesting; interesting

5. I’m tired. Let’s stop ___.
A. walking B. to walk C.walk

6. Let’s discuss how ____ the animals.
A. protect B. to protect C. protecting

Get more information about pandas from books or Internet.

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