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1.I will tell him as soon as he _____ back

A. come B. comes C. will come D. came

2. Mary _____ on shoes when she ____ them.

A. tries…buys B. tries… buies C. trys… buys D. trys… buies

3. The girl often ______ cold when she ______.

A. cathcsdances B. catches dances

C. catchsdancees D. catches dancee

4. _____ he ____ himself there

No, I don't think so.

A. Doenjoy B. Does enjoies C. Does enjoys D. Doesenjoy

5. _____ your teacher ____ from them very often Certainly.

A. Dohear B. Doeshear C. Do receive D. receive

6. _____ your mother _____ some cleaning on Sundays

A. Doesdoes B. Dodoes C. Doesdo D. Do do

7. _____ Tom _____to work hard to help his family Yes, he _____.

A. Has xdoes B. Hasxdoes

C. Doeshashas D. Does havedoes


8. Which teacher _____ lessons to you every day

A. does gives B. does give C. do give D. gives

9. Smith does not go fishing on weekdays, ____ _____ , he does.

A. does heNo B. does heYes C. doesn't heNo D. doesn't heYes

10.Mr Black often _____ fishing on Sundays, _____ he

A. goesdoesn't B. goesisn't

C. doesn't godoes D. doesn't gois

11.He usually _____ TV on Sunday evening.

A. watch B. watches C. watching D. is watching

12. We'll go to play with snow if it ______ tomorrow.

A. snow B. snows C. will snow D. snowed

13. Neither I nor he ______ French.

A. speak B. doesn't speak C. speaks D. doesn't speak

14. Nobody ______ how to run this machines.

A . know B. have known C. knows D. is knowing

15. The Young Pioneer _____ water for the old man every day.

A. carry B. bring C. takes D. carries

16. Some are ______ in the river and some are ______ games.


A. swimming playing B. swimmingplaiing

C. swimming I playing D. swimmingplaing

17. Look ! The boy students are _____ football while the girls are _____ .

A. playing dance B. playing dancing

C. play dancing D. play dance

18. He _____ to do his lessons at eight every evening.

A. is beginning B. is beginning C. begin D. begins

19. _____ he _____ on well with his friends this term

A. Doesgets B. Doesget C. Isgetting D. Isgeting

20. Mr Smith _____ short stories, but he ____ a TV play these days.

A. is writingis writing B. is writing writes

C. writes is writing D. writes writes

参考答案:1—5 BABDB 6—10 CDDBA 11—15 BBCCD 16—20 CBDCC

21. I _____ to the cinema. I ______ there every Sunday.

A. go…go B. am going… go C. go… am going D. am going…am going

22. Look, they______ a good time, ____ they

A. have…do B. have…don't

C. are having…are D. are having aren't


23. You ______ about the future now, ______ you

A. don't thinkdon't B. aren't thinking aren't

C. don't think do D. aren't thinking are

24. She always ______ something whenever she ______.

A .studiedplayed B. studiedplaied

C.. studiedplaied D. studied played

25. He often _____ late in the forest. It _____ me very much.,

A. stayedworried B. staied worried

C. stayedworryed D. staied worried

26. I ______that the boy _____ with no tears in his eyes.

A. noticed cryed B. noticed cried

C. noticedcried D. noticed cryed

27. We _____the floor and _____ all the windows.

A. mopped cleanned B. moped cleaned

C. moppedcleaned D. moped cleaned

28. When I _____ the Children's Palace, the children _____ with joy.

A. visited jumpped B. visited jumped

C. visited jumped D. visited jumpped

29. ______ a sports meet last Sunday Yes , they ______.

A. Did they have did B. Did they have had


C. Had they had D. Had they did

30. ____ you _____out for a walk after supper Yes, I ______.

A. Didwentwent B. Did go went

C. Did went did D. Did go did

31. _____ Jack _____ on with his work or ______ to have a rest

A. Did went stopped B. Did go stop

C. Did went stop D. Did go stopped

32. You gave them a talk two days ago, _____you Yes, I ______.

A. did did B. did gave C. didn't did D. didn't gave

33. ____ your brother _____ a letter to My father.

A. Who wrote B. Whatwrote

C. Who didwrite D. What did write

34. They _____ about the TV news then in the sitting-room. They often ____ such talks

A. talkedhad B. talkhave

C. were talkinghad D. are talkinghave

35. He ______ some cooking at that time, so _____ me.

A. did heard B. did didn't hear

C. was doing heard D. was doing didn't hear


36. " _____ you angry then " "They_ too much noise."

A. Arewere making B. Werewere making

C. Aremade D. Were made

37. This time yesterday Jack _____ his, bike. He _____ TV.

A. repaired didn't watch B. was repairing watched

C. repaired watched D. was repairing wasn't watching

38. We _____ for Tom at ten last Sunday. He often kept us ______.

A. were waiting waiting B. were waiting wait

C. waited waiting D. waited wait

39. When you _____ at the door, I _____ some washing.

A. knocked did B. was knocking did

C. knocked was doing D. knock am doing

40. The boy_____ English on the radio when I _____ his door.

A. learned was opening B. was learning opened

C. learned opened D. is learning open

参考答案:21-25 BDDDA 26—30 BCBAD 31—35 BCCCD 36—40 BDACB

41. When they______ through the forest, a bear _____ at 6


A. walked… was coming B. were walking… came

C. were talking… comes D. walk… is coming

42. A young man _____ her while she _____ her work .

A. watched was finishing B. was watching finished

C. watched finished D. was watching was finishing

43. While mother _____ some washing, I ______ a kite for Kack.

A. did made B. was doing made

C. was doing was making D. did was making

44. I _____ myself French from 7 to 9 yesterday morning. I _____ to work.

A. was teaching didn't go B. taught didn't go

C. was teaching went D. taught went

45. He _____ a model plane when I came to see him.

A. makes B. is making C. was making D. made

46. I ______ a letter at nine last night.

A. is writing B. was writing C. wrote D. is writing

47. The teacher_____ (give) us a history lesson when Tom walked into the classroom.

A. gave B. is giving C. was given D. was giving

48. There will be a football match in two days, that is 7


A. last Sunday B. next Sunday

C. every Sunday D. this Sunday

49. We ______ class meeting this November.

A. had B. have C. will have D. are having

50. He ______ in his garden every morning next year.

A. will work B. works C. worked D. is working

51. Be careful. The train ______.

A. will come B. C. comes D. is coming

52. Look at those clouds. It _____ soon, I'm afraid.

A. is going to rain B. is raining C. will rain D. won't rain

53. The radio says it ______ the day after tomorrow.

A. is going to snow B. is snowing C. will snow D. snows

54. _____ he _____ some shopping tomorrow afternoon

A. Willdoes B. is going to do C. isdoing D. Shall do

55. What day _____ it ______ tomorrow Wednesday.

A. is going to be B. willbe C. shallbe D. doesbe

56. The boy _______ sixteen years old next year.

A. is going to be B. is growing to be C. will be D. is

57. _____ you ____ me up at six, please

A. Aregoing to wake B. Arewaking C. Willwake D. Dowake


58. If he ______ to college, he _____ a lot more.

A. will gowill learn B. will gois going to learn

C. is going is going to learn D. goes will learn

59. When she _____ next time ,l ______ her everything.

A. is going to comeshall tell B. will comeshall tell

C. comeswill tell D. comewill tell

60. What day ____ it ____ tomorrow It ____Tuesday.

A. is…going to be… is B. will…be…will C. is…going to be…is going D. will be…will be

参考答案:41-45 BDCAC 46—50 BDDCA 51—55 DACBB 56—60 CCDCD

61. She _____that she _____ her best to help them the next term.

A. sayswill do B. saidwill do C. said would do D. sayswould do

62. People _____ that the Smiths _____ for a holiday next week.

A. say will go B. said will go C. said would go D. saywould go

63. Nobody _____ us that he _____ even stricter with us

A. tellwill be B. tellswould be C. toldwill be D. 9

toldwould be

64. Please _____ him that we _____ able to help him.

A. tellwill be B. tells would be C. toldwill be D. told would be

65. Jack _____ that they _____ surprised to see it this Friday.

A. know would be B. knows will be C. knew would be D. knew will be

66. I _____to know if Mary_____ by train that afternoon.

A. want would go B. want will go

C. wanted would go D. wanted will go

67. _____ he _____ that they _____ home tomorrow

A. Does learn would go B. Does learn will go

C. Did learn would go D. Did learn will go

68. We _____ that they _____ a sports meet tomorrow.

A. learn would have B. have learned would have

C. learn will have D. have learned will have

69. ____ you _____ that he _____ his lost son one day

A. Dothinkwill find B. Dothoughtwould find

C. Didthinkwill find D. Didthoughtwould find

70. I _____ that you _____ good care of her that day.

A. thoughtwill take B. thoughtwould take


C. think will take B. think would take

71. The visitors _____ where they _____ a short test.

A. ask would take B. ask will take

C. asked would take D. asked can take

72. John ____ sure that he ____ good at chemistry soon.

A. be will be B. is, would be C. was will be D. was would be

73. She ____ ill so she ____ able to go skating the next day.

A. is won't be B. is wouldn't be C. was won' be D. was wouldn't be

74. He _____ the thief to the police when he _____ the man again.

A. would take would meet B. would takemet

C. will take will meet D. will take meet

75. Mother ____ me a new coat yesterday, I _____ it on. It fits me well.

A. has madehave tried B. madehave tried C. has madetried D. madetried

76. " He ____ to draw horses already ."" When ____he ". " Last year. "

A. learnedhas B. learneddid C. has learnedhas D. has 11


77. Tom ____ up into the tree. Look, he _____ high up there !

A. has got is B. has climbed was C. got was D. climbed is

78. _____you _____ the text yet Yes, we _____ it two hours ago.

A. Didcopydid B. Have copiedhave

C. Have copied did D. Did copyhad

79. "Why she angry " "Because he _____ at he just now.

A. did get, shouted B. hasgotshouted

C. did get has shouted D. hasgothas shouted

80. _____ you ______ the film before Where ____ you _____ it

A. Have… seen… did… see B. Did…see…die…watch

C. Have…seen… have… seen D. Did…see…have…seen

参考答案:61-65 CADAB 66—70 CBDAB 71—75 CDDBB 76—80 DACBA

81. You _____ me waiting for two hours. I _____ for you since five.

A. Keptwaited B. have keptwaited


C. kepthave waited D. have kepthave waited

82. Where _____John _____ To the library. He _____ there for an hour.

A. has been has gone B. hasgonehas been

C. did go went D. didbewent

83. _____ the baby still _____ No, it ______ crying.

A. Has cried has stopped B. Iscryingstopped

C. Did cry stopped D. Iscryinghas stopped

84. I _____ the way. I ______ here for quite many years.

A. knew have lived B. knew live

C. know have lived D. know live

85. _____ you ever _____America Yes, I have.

A. Have gone to B. Have gone in

C. Have been to D. Have been in

86. My brother _______ college for over three years.

A. has gone to B. has been to

C. has been in D. has been for

87. He _____ the Army by the end of 1992. He ____ in the army since then.

A. joinedis B. has joinedhas been

C. had joinedis D. has joined has been

88. By the time I _____ back they ____ up ten metres. 13

A. camehave climbed B. camehad climbed

C. comehave climbed D. had comeclimbed

89. Jack ____ over five lessons by seven o'clock. Then he____ a test.

A. wenttook B. wenthad taken

C. had gonetook D. had gonehad taken

90. We _____ out by that time that he ____ a thief for a long time.

A. had foundhad been B. had foundwas C. foundhad been D. foundwas

91. Before the new _____ him, he ____ to know about it.

A. reaches has got B. reachedhad got C. reached got D. had reachedgot

92. I _____ him a second letter before I _____ from him.

A. wrote heard B. wrote had heard C. had written heard

D. have written hear

93. We _____ in a good harvest because we ______ enough rain.

A. didn't get had had B. got had had C. had got had bad

D. got hadn't had

94. They ____for five hours when they ____ in New York.


A. flewarrived B. had flownhad arrived C. flewhad arrived D. had flownarrived

95. She ____ that ____ it for two days by that day.

A. sayshas rained B. sayshad rained C. said had rained D. saidrained

96. John _____ there since the year before, so he ____ them.

A. had workedknew B. had worked.had known

C. workedknew D. workedhad known'

97. He _____ angry because he _____ for a long time.

A. had gothad waited B. gotwaited C. had gotwaited D. gothad waited

98. Paper _____ first invented in China.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

99. The Greens _____ China for five years.

A. has been in B. have been in C. went to D. has gone to 100.There _____ an eraser under the desk. Is it yours

A. is B. has C. was D. had

参考答案:81-85 DBDCC 86—90 DDBCA 91—95 BCBDC 96-100 ADCBA


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