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( )1.--_____ do you have an English party?---Once a month.

A. How old B. How far C. How often D. How long

( )2.Are you good at ?

A. swim B. swimming C. to swim D. swam

( )3.Eat more vegetables, please. It is good ____ your health.

A. at B. to C. for D. with

( )4. I don’t like fruits. I ______ eat them.

A. often B. sometimes C. usually D. never

( )5 I am a little ______. I want to drink some water.

A. hungry B. thirsty C. angry D. tired

( )6. Does Bob go to work bus or foot?

A. to; by B. with; on C. by; on D. on; on

( )7. --My mother is ill, so I have to look after her.


A. Thank you B. That’s all right

C. I’m sorry to hear that D. It doesn’t matter

( )8. — are you staying in Ottawa? —For two weeks.

A. How long B. How many C. How often D. How much

( )9. I’m short, so I want to be .

A. heavier B. larger C. taller D. bigger

( ) 10 _____ are you going with?

A. Where B. What C. Who D. How

( ) 11. It takes us three hours ______.

A. get to Beijing by plane B. to get to school by bus

C. getting to Beijing by plane D. for getting to school by bus

( ) 12.-Can you go to the cinema this evening, Jenny? -___________.

A. Yes, I’d love B. I’d like to, thanks. C. Yes, please. D. No, I can’t

( ) 13. _______ he was very tired, _______ he didn’t stop working.

A. Though, / B. though, but C. But, / D. Because, /

( ) 14. It’s important _________.

A. learn English B. for learn English

C. to learn English D. learning English

( ) 15.I can’t play soccer because I have ______ homework today.

A. too much B. too many C. much too D. many too


__16__ North America, most students go to school __17__ the school bus. Some students __18__ walk or ride bikes to school. In other __19__ of the world, things are __20__. In Japan, most students take trains to school, although others walk or ride their bikes, too. In China, it depends __21__ where you are. In big cities, students usually ride bikes to school or take buses. And in places where there are rivers and lakes, __22__ Hongshanhu and Kaishandao, students usually go to school by _23__. That must __24__ a lot more fun __25___ taking a bus.

( )16. A. In B. On C. For D . At

( )17 A. on B. take C. by D. at

( )18.A.too B. either C .also D .neither

( )19. A. part B. parts C. a part D .the part

( )20. A same B. the same C. different D. the different

( )21. A. in B. on C .of D. for

( )22.A. liking B. likes C. like D. liked

( )23. A. bus B. subway C. car D. boat

( )24.A. am B. be C. is D. are

( )25. A. than B. then C.that D. this



阅读下面的调查报告表,用判断句子的正误的方式,表明调查结果。(正确的写T, 错误的写F)

( ) 26. Mary is washing clothes.

( ) 27. All the students are doing their homework.

( ) 28. Most of them are going to the beach.

( ) 29. Andy and Lucy are taking a lot of photos.

( ) 30. Lin Fei is helping his mother do housework.


Many people like to travel by plane, but .I don’t like it because an airport is usually far from the city. You have to get there early and wait for hours for the plane to take off and it is often late. You can’t open the window. You can’t choose the food. Planes are fast, but they still take hours to go out of the airport and into cities.

I like traveling by train,. I think trains are safe. Railway stations are usually in cities. When you are late for a train, you can catch another one. You can walk around in the train and open the windows. You can see many interesting things on your way. I know it takes a little more time.

I also like cars. You can start your journey when you want to, and you don’t need to get to a railway station or a bus station. Also you can carry many things with you in a car. But sometimes there are too many cars on the road.

( )31.Why do many people like to travel by plane?

A. Because it’s fast. B. Because it’s safe.

C. Because you can walk around in the plane.

D. Because it’s cheap.

( )32.Which is NOT the good thing about the train?

A. It’s safe. B. It takes a little more time.

C. You can open the windows. D. You can walk around in the train. ( )33.If you want to take a lot of thing with you, what do you take to go out?

A. A bus. B. A car. C. A train. D. A bike.

( )34.What is the bad thing about the car?

A. You needn’t go to a station.

B. You can start your journey when you want to.

C. There are too many cars on the road.

D. You needn’t go to a bus station.

( )35.What does the writer think of the plane?

A. He thinks it takes a lot of time to go to and get out of the airport.

B. He likes to take a train because it takes a little more time.

C. He likes to take a car because he has a car.

D. He likes to take a plane because it’s fast.

IV. 词汇(10分)

36.I sometimes surf the _______(因特网) on weekends.

37 Her writing _________ (习惯)are pretty good.

38 You shouldn’t eat sweet food if you have a ______.(牙疼)

39 We plan ________ (参观)the city museum.

40 It’s 3 _______ (千米)from my home to school.

41 Liu Ying is _______ (严肃)than I am.

42 They ________(两个都) have healthy lifestyles.

43 I am going camping _______ (和)my friends.

44 The doctor ________ (相信)we need a balance of yin and yang. 45 Don’t ______(吃) the medicine any more.

V. 完成对话(5分)

Lisa: Hi, Simon, can you come to my party?

Simon: ________51_________?

Lisa: My birthday.

Simon: _______52__________?

Lisa: On Nov. 25th, at 7:00pm.

Simon : ________53___________?

Lisa: At my home.

Simon: Yes, _____54________. But maybe a little late.

Lisa: _______55__________.

A. What are you doing for vacation

B. When is it

C. I’d love to

D. I can’t come to your party

E. What party

F. Where is it

G. It doesn’t matter



1. Mary感冒了,根据你的经验,给Mary提五条建议,帮助她尽快康复(5分)。

提示: You should drink some hot water. 或 You shouldn’t drink cold water.

① ________________________________________________________

② ________________________________________________________

③ ________________________________________________________

④ ________________________________________________________

⑤ ________________________________________________________

2. Jane下个星期很忙,不能前去陪Mary。请根据下面Jane的日程安排,替Jane写一封信给Mary,说明


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