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2013全国中考英语试题汇编试题(33)写作-Alice in Wonderland

发布时间:2013-11-08 13:34:45  

Hi Martin,

Last week I read two articles from the book ?°Alice in Wonderland?± in the English class and they are quite interesting.

Yesterday night, I saw Alice standing beside my bed. She invited me to Wonderland. When we got to Wonderland, flowers sang and danced like people/were singing and dancing like people. They smiled and said hello to her. Monkeys, goldfish and camels flew around like birds in the sky. I tried/did my best to fly but still failed.

Suddenly, a big ant ran quickly to me. I felt very afraid. I shouted for help but nobody replied. In the end I woke up and found it was just a dream.

Isn?ˉt that interesting?

All the best


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