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them help want because work stop to do stop doing stop having class


why not do sth say(过去式)

stop to have class speak(过去分词) is am(过去式) spoken English health country today think little someone important interesting interested How much how old something favorite week end year

weekend go(过去式) see(过去式) take it easy worry about sb change changeable remember remember to do remember doing spend time(in)doing sth be good for be good at doing spend time (in) doing sth it’s best to do best

learn….from speak English opinion for example think trouble aloud poor remember believe well study for

study for a test very every ever never

ask decide ask sb for about doing by doing have trouble doing how to do

regard。。。as。。。 look it them up decide not to do decide to do say(过去式) learn(过去式) have(过去式) am is(过去式) where who when what why bike word

are(过去式) best week end ask way feel

lend if whose mine someone else others still

come up with use like country little someone important help

problem confident this that these those there here born creative maybe million worry present can(过去式)on in under near behind can some

desk new student look at see picture know key bed too so room bedroom nice class classroom home door now play sport eat

watch movie look school like same many much but I me we my our us he she his her him it they

them their weekend write something favorite week year take it easy change family friend or should read aloud hear every broken news laugh a kind of

become at the age of use to shy quiet intead of stop outgoing until tell about send sound voice beautiful practice be bad for be good for after learn lots of a lot of

a lot join enjoy computer more and more important study last few move city until other another get up early spend lesson apple banana name nice

to meet what your hello and question answer first last name boy girl zero one two three four five six seven eight nine

ten telephone number phone phone number card ID card family family name pencil pen book ruler case backpack yes no not OK English a an

how do speak baseball watch computer game notebook ring call at the have ball basketball bat us well good sport more boring

fun difficult watch TV has great day egg healthy too Sunday Saturday all home morning afternoon evening because word teacher any dog China

zoo monkey elephant before go to bed father dad mother sister brother uncle aunt by way say time car send love best let chair thank you music helpful student know sing dance look it up be angry with run people never photo picture grandfather grandmother

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