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冀教版英语九年级上册Lesson 19

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★have a meeting /meet at the meeting

★example : The dictionary has many examples of how verbs are used . You should give us an example .

Their courage was an example to all of us . He set an example to all of us .

For example , if you are learning a language ,

try to actively remember a lot of new words.

★fat : 1.(adj) I think he is too fat.

The bear has a large supply of fat in its body .

★If you join our course , you’ll learn all the business lingo you need . ★We teach our class in the evening , so you won’t miss work or school . ★All of our teachers speak English as their first language .

★Please pay for courses by cheque .

Exx :

1.The math problem is difficult to work out .

_______ _______ to work out the math problem .

2. Mary got up late this morning , _____ she didn’t catch the first bus .

A. because B. for C. so D. or

3. Hurry up , _______ you will miss ______ the train.

A. or ,catching B. and , to catch C. but , catching D. or , to caught

4. Lin Lin often practices English _______ chatting with her American friend .

A. in B. by C. for D. with

5. Only those who struggle on can achieve _________(成功) .

6. He always eats lots of meat . Now he is even ________(胖的) .

7. The company has done _______(商业) with many countries .

8. He gave us a few _______(例子) to follow .

9. This college offers many ______ (课程) .

10. So far , we’ve ________(成功) in saving thousands of people in Japan .

11. I’m not sure if Tom _____ home . If he _________, I’ll call you .

A. will come , will come B. comes , will come

C. will come , comes

12. –Are you ____ from America ?

No,none of us .

A.both B. all C. any D. either

13. –When we go to the museum , this afternoon or tomorrow morning ? -______ are OK . I’m free these days .

A. Both B. all C. Either D. Neither

14. - _______ one of the people from Sichuan , I’m proud _____ it . -Me, too . They are so brave in such a terrible earthquake !

A. For , of B. As , of C. With ,of D. Of , at

15. He ________ fixing the new machine yesterday . Look , it is running well again .

A. felt like B. succeeded in C. failed in D. failed in

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