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江苏省姜堰市蒋垛中学九年级英语上册《9A Unit 2 Colour》练习4

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《9A Unit 2 Colour》练习4


1. I know you don’t like______ music very much. But what do you think of______ music in the film we saw yesterday?

A. /; / B. the; the C. the; / D. /; the

2. — You haven't been to Beijing, have you? — ______. How I wish to go there!

A. Yes, I have. B. No, I have. C. No, I haven't. D. Yes, I haven't.

3. — What about the pen you bought yesterday?— It ____well .I like it very much.

A. was written B. is written C .wrote D. writes 4. He felt so angry at ______ his girlfriend was doing _____he decided to break up with her.

A. what, that B. which, that C. that, which D. what, as9

5. --- Bill, can I get you anything to drink? --- __________ . A. You are welcome B. No problem

C. I wouldn't mind a coffee D. Doesn’t matter

6. –I wonder __________. –Zebras.

A. what do they call these animals B. how they call these animals

C. what they call these animals D. how do they call these animals

7.I wanted to buy a comic book but there was________ left in the shop.

A. one B. none C. no one D. anyone 8.Good hobbies can help us________ and make our lives_________.

A. relaxing,colourful B. relaxing,colour

C. relax,colour D. relax,colourful

9.When I am playing basketball,there are always lots of girls________.

A. watch me B. watch I C. watching me D. watching I

10.The English exam is not very difficult. But I don’t think_______ can pass it.

A. somebody B. anybody C. nobody D. everybody

13. The students were all tired, but of them stopped a rest.

A. no one; to have B. all; having

C. none; to have D. nobody; having 14. Daniel was a bad mood and couldn’t find to _________.

A. on; something ;talk B. with; anybody ;to talk

C. in; anybody; talk to D. in; somebody; talk to 15. Most children ice cream fruit.

A. would rather; to B. prefer; to C. prefer to; rather than D. like; better

16.If _____ calls, tell ____ I’ll come back soon.

A. everyone ; him B. someone; them

C. anyone; him D. anybody; them

17. I find English ______ to learn than Chinese now.

A. easy B. easily C. easier D. more easily

18. Rather than ______ to school by bus, I preferred ______ a bike.


A. to go, to ride B. go ,riding C. going, to ride D. go, to ride

19. —Is your mother badly ill? —No, ______, only a little cold.

A. serious anything B. serious nothing

C. nothing serious D. anything serious

20. I didn’t see all the students there, because ___ was ill and didn’t come to school.

A. no one B. someone C. none D. anyone

21. The visiting professor ______ giving lectures to students ______ invited to a meeting at times.

A. preferred ;to being B. preferred; rather than

C. preferred; than being D. preferred to; to being

22. I didn’t notice you were _____ a new shirt today.

A. putting on B. wearing C. dressing D. dressed

23. — Which of these shirts do you like best?

— I’ll take ____. They are both expensive and out of fashion.

A. neither B. either C. none D. both

24. I have no difficulty ____ writing but I have some difficulty ___ pronunciation. A. in; in B. w

ith; with C. in; with D. with; in

27. – Could you tell me how long _____ ?-For about two hours .

A .has he fallen asleep B. he has fallen asleep

C. has he been asleep D. he has been asleep

28. –Who likes diving deep into the sea in our class ?

---______ . It’s dangerous , ______ of us is brave enough to do that .

A. None; no one B. none ; everyone

C. no one ; every one D. no one ; none

29. ______ good news ! We have never heard _____ wonderful news .

A. What a ; such a B. How ; so C. What ; such D. How ; so a

30. I felt ____ yesterday evening , and then I fell ______ quickly . A. sleeping ; asleep B. asleep ; sleepy C. sleepy ; asleep D. asleep ; sleepy 31. Nobody except Liping and Liuhai _______ here this time yesterday .

A. are B. is C. were D. was

32. Do you believe _______ you read in the newspaper ? No, only some of them.

A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

33. This pair of trousers ______ nice . Can I ________ ?

A. is ; try it on B. are ; try it on C. is ; try them on D. are ; try them on

34. – She didn’t appear at the party last night , did she ?--_______ . She showed up though she had too much homework to do . A. No , she didn’t . B. No , she did .

C. Yes, she didn’t . D. Yes, she did .

35. – Did you see the traffic accident yesterday ?-Yes . I saw it _____ when I ____ past the school gate .

A. happen ; walked B. happen ; was walking C. happened; walked D. happening; was walking

36. Edison is ______ a great inventor.


A. famous for B. famous as C. famous with D. famous on 37. China lies ____ the east of Asia and _____ the north of Australia.

A. to; to B. in; to C. to; in D. in; in

38. He ______ go out just now.

A. is seen to B. was saw to C. was seen D. was seen to

39. I’ve made it possible for my computers ____ the same programs by means of networking.

A. to share B. share C. shared D. shares

40. – You like to eat sweets – __________.

A. So do I B. So I do C. So am I D. So I am

二、词汇 1. Do you know the relationship between colours and ___________(心情)? 2. Listening to music can make me feel (放松). 3. Do you have any (困难) with your studies these days?

4. I can’t put on this dress. It’s too (紧). 5. The sun gives us not only light but also (热).

6.Don’t look down upon this young man. He’s full of__________. (智慧)

7.Africans are used to hot ____________. (气候)

8.Susan said she __________ water to milk in the past. (喜欢)

9.It’s necessary to know something about what the colour_________(象征)

10.It’s impossible to make everyone__________(满意)with the arrangement.

11.All the students are___________(需要,要求)to get to school on time.

12.I don’t think he is acting____________(正常).

13.I don’t want to___________(影响) you .You must decide for yourself.

14.When we r__________ what time it was, it was too late for us to go back home.

15.We should keep the b___________ of the nature.

16. You should spend your time _______ (明智).

17. —Who is Daniel ___________(争论) with? —His best friend, Simon.

18. Mr. Wu spends a lot of time __________ (解释) things to us.

19.Children’s actions can be _______ (影响)by their parents’ attitude (态度).

20.Keeping __________ ( 日记) can help you remember things well .

21.What are your _________ (想法) on the problem ?

三、用动词的适当形式填空 1.If you need physical ___________ (strong), you should wear red clothes. 2. The sun brings us (warm).

3. Suzhou’s economic (grow) rate has been very high for the past years.

4. He seemed to have difficulty __________ (control) his actions .

5. He said he would do everything he can _____ (help ) the children in poor areas .

6. The girl ___________ (see) to dance in the dancing –room every weekend .

7.Alan wears a pair of red sports shoes to make himself look more __________. (power)

8.Different people have different _________ (feel) after seeing this film.

9.Bill is good at doing things and dealing with difficult things. He is _______. (practice)

10.It’s bad for your health to keep your__________ (happy) to yourself.

11. The students prefer going out to __________(stay)at home.

12. You’d better take a walk in the park ____________ (relaxed) yourself.

13.____________(luck), he had his keys lost.



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