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江苏省姜堰市蒋垛中学九年级英语上册《9A Unit 2 Colour》练习3

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《9A Unit 2 Colour》练习3

词汇运用 1. She learned driving without any (difficult).

2. Vitamins are essential(必需的) for healthy (grow).

3. He prefers (forgive) other for their mistakes than (argue) with them. 4. I have a strong that something terrible is about to happen(feel). 5. A person of often solves problems .(wise) 6. This kind of dictionary is very and they are by many

students (use)

7. There is interesting in today’s newspaper. Let’s watch TV

(something) 8. I would rather (make) a speech than (laugh) at.

9. To children’s , Mrs Yin died. They got much and looked up to the sky than before.(sad) 10. The teacher was (satisfy) with the experiment (do) by his students.

11. People (prefer) meat to vegetables n the past, but nowadays things have changed. 12. He was very and fell soon. (sleep) 13.The economic (grow) rate has been very high in the past few years

in China.

14. You’d better have a good rest if you feel (stress). 15. Are you feeling any (good)? No, even .(bad) 16. I was pleased with the (warm) of his welcome.

17. People (live) in cold places prefer (use) warm colors.


1. This pair of jeans looks nice Sandy because she looks very nice blue. A. on, in B. in, on C. for, on D. to, in

2. It’s generous them to donate money to UNICEF. They think it important

them to help poor children go to school. A. to, for B. for, of C. of, to D. of, for 3. when you feel to watch TV by them, you are all right.

A. enough good B. enough well C. well enough D. good enough 4. We live in a world colors and colors can us. A. be full of, effect B. full of, effect

C. being full of, affect D. full of, affect 5. Would you mind ?

A. me to smoke here B. my smoking at here


C. me smoking here D. if I will smoke here

6. We’ll keeping on we succeed.

A. trying after B. to try before C. trying until D. try until 7. of the students has an English exercise book.

A. None B. Both C. All D. Every 8. Tom has much difficulty Chinese so he often asks me help.

A. to understand, with B. understanding, of

C. to understand, for D. understanding, for 9. Lucy prefers to .

A. to walk, jogging B. walk, jog

C. to walk, jog D. walking, jogging 10. may not seem very .

A. Watch TV, useful B. Watch TV, usefully

C. Watching TV, usefully D. Watching TV, useful

13. Do you have any other to make on the subject? A. advices B. informations C. suggestions D. newses

14. I can’t decide .

A. what to do it B. how shall I do it

C. how to do it D. what shall I do it 15. The students went out of the classroom .

A. noise B. noisy C. noisily D. quiet 16. He always makes his class .

A. lively and interested B. lively and interesting C. alive and interested D. alive and interesting 17. of the twins has been there before.

A. Both B. Neither C. All D. None 18. The colours of his trousers are different from of yours.

A. one B. ones C. that D. those 19. You look . What do you ?

A. worry, worry about B. worry, worried about

C. worried, worry about D. worried, worried about 20. Can you describe the moods of people by the colours they choose to wear.

A. looking B. seeing C. judge D. looking at

21. This blue shirt doesn’t fit you. I think that black one good you.

A. will look, in B. look, on C. will look, on D. look, in 22. Do you know how many colours in the rainbow? A. are there B. is there C. there is D. there are


23. Which you rather , tea or coffee? A. would, to drink B. would, like C. would, \ D. would, drink 24. The moonlight is shining brightly in the windows.

A. across B. on C. from D. through 25. Would you please late next time?

A. not B. don’t be C. not to be D. not be


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