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江苏省姜堰市蒋垛中学九年级英语上册《9A Unit 2 Colour》练习5

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《9A Unit 2 Colour》练习5


( )1. ---How many boys watched the play carefully? ---_________.

A.Nobody B.None C.Someone D.Some one ( )2. _____of his parents is in good health, but______ of them work hard.

A.None; all B.Neither; both C.Neither; either D.Both; neither

( )3. He is old enough to ____himself. Don’t always do everything for him.

A.wear B.dress C.put on D.have on

( )4. He prefers______ at home playing rather than ______ out shopping on Sunday.

A.to stay; going B.to stay; go C.staying; go D.staying; to go

( )5. Tom said he would tell us____.

A.surprising something B.surprising anything

C.somethingsurprising D.anything surprising

( )6. After Gates finished the Grade 3, he_____ to be a computer programmer.

A.make a contribution B.made a decision

C.made up his mind D.made sure

( )7. This colour looks ______.

A.good B.well C.better D.fine

( )8. ______ who you are, you should obey the rules.

A.No more B.No longer C.No problem D.No matter.

( )9. We can’t wait any longer, we decide to go to the theater _____ him.

A.with B.except C.instead D.without

( )10. I don’t like people talk too _______ but do _______.

A.much, little B.little, much C.many, little D.many, ( )11. The man _____ borrowed my my book never return it to me.

A.who B.whom C.whose D.which

( )12. The train will arrive in ______ two hours.

A.other B.another C.the other

D.the other

二.根据句意和提示写出单词的适当形式. 1. Bajie is very (sleep). he wants to go to bed.

2. Suzhou’s economic (grow) rate has been very high for the past years. 3. All of us were (satisfy)with his marks! 4. The students prefer going out to (stay)at home. 5. The sun brings us (warm). 6. The girl looks ,but nobody understands her (苦恼) 7. We must go (通过) the forest before six.

8. The patient closed his eyes (平静),and I began to operate on him. 1

9. Colors can make us feel sad or (精力) 10.They have some (困难)making a ___________ (决定)

三.用something, anything, nothing, everything, somebody, anybody, nobody, everybody填空. 1. ---Do you know ___ about England? ---Sorry, I know ________ about it.

2. ---There’s ______________ called Linchong waiting for you at the gate.

3. We tried _____________, but _______________ worked.

4. ---Does _____________ in China have a bike?

5. Does ______________ know when Wukong will come back?

6. _______________can work out that difficult problem.

7. ---I’m going to town tomorrow, _________I can do for you?

--- _________, thanks!

阅读理解 A

Mr Smith was in trouble those days. He drove a car for Mr. Black, a rich businessman. He worked hard and the shopkeeper liked him. But he couldn’t work when he drank too much. And once he almost fell into the river when he drove along the bridge. Mr. Black became angry and was going to send him away. He had a big family and was afraid of it and promised he would stop drinking at once. The man told him to wait to be dealt with. One Monday morning Mr. Smith came into the office with two badly burned ears.

“ What happened to your ears?” asked Mr. Black.“Well,” said the man . “ I went to watch a football match yesterday while my wife was ironing clothes. She had put the iron near the telephone before she sent to cook supper .Our team lost the game and I felt sorry for it. As soon as I went into the sittting room, the telephone rang and I answered the iron.”“And what happened to the other ear?”“When I put the iron down on the table, the telephone rang again!”

( )1 ______ so he almost drove the car into the river.

A. Mr. Smith was not careful B. Mr. Smith drank too much

C.Mr. Smith forgot they were on the bridge D. Mr. Smith couldn’t work in the evening.

( )2 Mr. Smith went to watch the football match on _______

A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Saturday D. Sunday

( )3 We can guess_________

A. Mr. Smith drank much after the match

B. Mr. Smith was angry with his team

C. Mr. Smith didn’t those days

D. Mr. Smith watched the match at home



When we think of paper, we think of newspapers and book. But there are many other uses. Only half of the world's paper is used for books and newspaper.

Paper is very good for keeping you warm. You have perhaps seen homeless men sleep

on a large number of newspaper. In Finland, it is sometimes -40C in winter. The farmers wear paper boots in the snow. Nothing could be warmer.Each year, more and more things are made of paper. We have had paper cups and plates for a long time. But now we hear that chairs, tables and even beds can be made of paper. With paper boots and shoes, you can wear paper hats, paper dresses, and paper raincoats. When you have used them once, you throw them away and buy new ones.The latest of paper seems to be paper houses. They're not small houses for children to play in, but real, big houses for people to live in. You can buy a house with three rooms for about 500 dollars.You can put it up yourself in a few hours and you can use it for about five years. ( )6. Only half of the world's paper is used to_______.

A. build houses B. help the homeless men

C. make chairs, tables and beds D. print newspapers and books

( )7. Why do the farmers in Finland wear paper boots in winter?

A. Because they feel much better.

B. Because they want to keep their feet warmer

C. Because they want to go for a walk

D. Because they want to save money

( )8. The latest use of paper seems to be paper houses. These houses are


A. big and strong enough to live for many years

B. made only for homeless men

C. only made for children to play in

D. not expensive and easy to build up


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