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江苏省姜堰市八年级英语上册《期中复习基础知识训练》(2)(无答案) 牛津译林版

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江苏省姜堰市八年级英语上册《期中复习基础知识训练》(2) 牛津



1. The music sounds __________ , doesn’t it!

A. well B. slowly C. beautiful D. badly

2. Summer is the hottest __________ all the seasons in a year.

A. in B. of C. between D. from

3.The teacher told us __________ .

A. don’t play on the road

C. come to school on foot B. not be late again D. to cross the road carefully

4. This question is __________ easier than that one.

A. more B. much C. very D. most

5. __________ useful idea it is!

A. What a B. What an C. How D. How a

6. The man has an __________ son and he studies in Grade 2 now.

A. one year old B. five-year-old C. eight-year-old D. eighteen-years-old

7. The teacher often teaches __________ how__________.

A. us; to play the piano

C. us; play the piano B. us; to play piano D. our; play piano

8. If your friend tells you that she is willing to share things with you, you may

say “__________”.

A. Yes, that’s all right

C. That’s a good idea. B. Very well, thank you D. That’s very kind of you.

9. — Which activity is __________, climbing or diving?

—Diving, I think.

A. more difficult

C. the most difficult B. more difficult D. very difficult

10. —Tom! You __________ play football in the street! It’s too dangerous. — Thank you. I won’t.

A. must B. should C. may not D. mustn’t

11. The fantail goldfish looks different __________ other goldfish.

A. from B. to C. of

12. — What __________ your Chinese teacher __________?

用心 爱心 专心 1 D. by

— She is tall and beautiful.

A. does; like B. is; like C. is; look like D. does; look likes

13. — Can I have __________ more food?

— Sorry. There’s __________ in the fridge.

A. some; anything else B. some; nothing else

C. any; anything else D. any; nothing else

14. Our Math teacher often gives us __________ on how to learn Math.

A. some good advices B. some good advice

C. an advice D. some pieces of good advices

15. You look so tired. Why not __________?

A. stop having a rest B. stopping to have a rest

C. stop to have a rest D. stopping having a rest

16.Mr. Sun is __________ man.

A. a 89-years-old B. a 89 C. an D. an 89 years

years-old 89-year-old old

17.I’m sorry I’m late. There is _________ with my bike.

A. anything B. something C. wrong D. wrong wrong wrong anything something

18.In the sports meeting, Amy ran _________

A. as faster as she can B. as soon as she could

C. as fast as she could D. as sooner as she can

19.The tiger is one of _________ animals in the world.

A. more dangerous B. dangerous C. most D. the most

dangerous dangerous

20.The children are laughing _________. They look very _________.

A. happy; happy B. happily; C. happily; D. happy; happily

happily happy

21.Max is so funny that he often _________ my books and pens when he walks past my desks.

A. knocks at B. knocks on C. knocks over D. knocks out

22.He has poor eyesight _________ _________ computer work.

A. because; too many B. because; too many

C. because of ; too much D. because of; much too

23.Peter is _________ student of the two.

A. taller B. a taller C. the taller D. the tallest

24.The water _________ cold.

A. felt B. feels C. is feeling D. will feel

25.On __________ home, Susan found a robber getting out of a van yesterday.

A. her way to B. her way for C. her way at D. her way 26.Do you know what happened _________ her mother?

A. with B. on C. to D. in

27.Helen wants _________ people’s problems and help them solve their problems.

A. listening B. listen to C. to listen to D. listening to

28._________ we have any food for supper?

A Doesn’t B. Don’t C. Aren’t D. Haven’t

29.I’m so _______ in such an ______ book.

A. interest, interest C. interested, interesting

B. interesting, interesting D. interesting, interested

用心 爱心 专心 2

30.Jim often teaches his parrot _______.

A. to say B. to speak C. to tell D. to talk

31.--______ I speak to Simon? -- Sorry, he’s out. He _____be back

within an hour.

A. May, need B. Can, may C. Must, can D. Must, may

32.We look forward to _______ you soon.

A. hear of B. hearing of C. hear from C. hearing from

33_________ will your father come back home and _________ will he stay

at home?

A. How long; how long B. How soon; how soon

C. How soon; how long D. How long; how soon

34.What’s in the picture? _________ a big tree in it.

A. It’s B. There’s C. Here’s D. That’s

35.Don’t _________ her tail. She’ll be very _________.

A. push; quiet B. pull; C. pull; shy D. pull; angry


动词填空 用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。

1. We__________ (look) forward to _______(solve) the problem peacefully.

2. The old man told us a sad story and made most of us __________ (cry).

3. Don’t worry, I__________ (take) care of your pet dog until you come back.

4. Kitty, __________ (not pull) the rabbit’s ears.

5. He __________ (can not) get out because he hurt his leg.

6. It is necessary for us __________ (read) English every day.

7. It’s a sunny day today, what about ___________ (go) hiking with me?

8. I heard her __________ (sing) when I walked past.

9. He __________ (brush) his teeth twice a day.

10.Be careful! You shouldn’t do your homework ___________(care).

11.Can you hear someone _____________(sing) in the next room?

12.It’s ___________(danger) for the child to swim in the river alone.

13.Who first ___________(think) of the idea? Daniel did.

14.Mrs Liu was very __________(grate) for his help.

15.These swimsuits are those _____________(swim). Please take care of them.

16.There are twelve ______________(month) in a year.

17.You should keep __________(you) safe when you play with fire.

18.The ____________(write) lesson is ___________(like) to be in the afternoon.

19.Everyone must be careful with ______________(match).

20.I hear the birds _____________(sing) every morning.

21.The firemen’s job is to stop the fire from _______________(burn).

22.Many animals can do some tricks ______________(wonder).

23.The monkey is ______________(clever) animal of all.

24.My little son __________(hide) in the park and I couldn’t find him.

25.Lily’s cat __________(catch) two _______(mouse) with her _______(tooth) yesterday.

26.My mother always goes ___________(cycle) on Sundays.

27.Tom went to school without ______________(have) breakfast.

28.There are some ____________(different) between you and Lily.

用心 爱心 专心 3

29.It’s better for you to play computer games _________(one) a week.

30.She is ______________(tall) girl in my class.

31.Do you like your trip? Yes ,it’s a ________ (please) trip .

32.I think swimming is not as ________ (interest) as hiking.

33.Lily's drawing is ________ than Lucy's. (bad)

34.Our editor gets a lot of letters from our _________(read) every day.

35..Of all the students Sandy lives _____________ (far) from the school .

36..Jack is the _______in his family . He is much ______than his parents in the morning. (early)

37. Miss yang is one of _________(pretty ) teachers in our school.

38..I felt __________(happy) because I _________(lose) all of my money.

39..The shoes are very pretty, but they are quite ___________(comfort).

40..If you want to keep __________(health), you must take more exercise.

41..My uncle told me a story . It sounded ______________(amaze)

42.Thank you for _____________(organize) the class meeting.

43.Jim is fourteen and studies in a ___________(second) school in a city.

44.___________(busy) he is, __________(happy) he feels.

45.Of the twins, Lily is _____________(tall).

46.The water in my bottle is as ___________(many) as that in ___________(you).

47.He did all kinds of___________(fun) things when we _________(meet) again.

48.Kate is the ____________(friendly) student in my class.

49..He always does his homework __________(care) and seldom makes _________(care) mistakes.

50.We will do all kinds of outdoor _____________(activity) next week.

51.The girl is about 1.70 metres in _________(high) and looks much ___________(slim).

52.Please write down the __________(run) names. You shouldn’t do it ___________(slow).

53.My best friend, Ann, has bright and _________(smile) eyes.

54.She has great ___________(interesting) in music and she is _____________(music).

55.Zhou Jierun is one of __________(popular) __________(sing) in China.

56.Are you feeling better now? No, I’m feeling even ___________(bad).

57.He is my old classmate, but I still remember his general _____________(appear).

58.How many ____________(print) are there in your office?

59.When I am with my friend, I never feel __________(boring).

60.Chen Dong is thoughtful and thinks __________(careful) when he works.

61.It’s very ________(danger) to cross the busy street now.

62.Do you have ________(match) ? I want to make a fire.

63.I have a wonderful friend _______(name) Tom.

64.The students often go _______(camp) on Sundays.

65.The boy is _______(tall) than the girl.

66.The monkeys are ________(interesting) of all the animals.

67.We are the ______(read) of your magazine.

68.What’s the _______(high) of the building.

69.I really feel _____(comfortable) when I talk to strangers.

用心 爱心 专心 4

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