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江苏省姜堰市八年级英语上册《期中复习基础知识训练》(5)(无答案) 牛津译林版

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江苏省姜堰市八年级英语上册《期中复习基础知识训练》(5) 牛津



1. Look! Some ____________ (mouse) are eating rice over there.

2. A tortoise has four legs, but it moves very __________. (slow)

3. Don’t be ___________ (worry) about your English study. We’ll help you

4. It is so _______________ of you to bring me an umbrella. (thought)

5. The girl died, with some ______________ in her hands. (match)

6. I’m glad to hear that his mother is now out of ___________. (dangerous)

7. The girl lost her money on her way home yesterday. How __________ she was! (care)

8. I finished the work with their help. They’re so ____________. (help)

9. Mr White is quite _______________ to people he knows. (friend)

10. We always do __________ best to help the children in poor areas. ( us )

11. Your mother was ill last week. Is she getting ___________ now? ( well )

12. Simon is looking forward to ______________ from his new penfriend. (hear)

13. Lily and Lucy look the same, so it’s difficult for me to tell the _______________

between them. ( different ) 14. In a (mix) school, boys and girls have lessons together.

15. Lin Tao goes to the country to see his grandparents (two) a month. 16. Simon has (little) orange juice than Millie. 17. His grandfather is ill. He was even (ill) this morning. 18. The dishes in the restaurant are very (taste). We often go there. 19. The singer is not popular now., and his songs are (popular).

20. I am old enough to look after (I). You needn’t worry about me. 21. Which subject is (interesting), History, Geography or Science?

22. What’s the (long) of your desk? It’s about one meter. 23.Please practice as (much) as you can. 24. As we all know, light (travel) faster than sound.

25. He hopes (win) the first prize again in the 2008 Olympic Games.

26. Wang Hao spends 6 hours (practice) (play) table tennis every day.

27. It rained heavily yesterday, so my father (drive) me to school. 28. We always have a great time (chat) with each other. 29. (take) a bus is much faster than walking, 30.Quiet! The students (have) an English class. 31. Could you tell me how (get) to the hospital? 32. My mother asks us (not watch) too much TV.

33. Whose picture is ________(beautiful), Li Lei's or Wang Tao's?

34. Wei Hua is the ________ (tall) of the two girls.

35. A TV set is much ________ (cheap) than a computer.

用心 爱心 专心 1

36. There are ________ (many) apples in this basket than in that one.

37. The white box is much ________ (heavy) than the black one.

38. I often hear the girl _____ (sing) in the next room..

39 Did you find your classmates ______ (play ) basketball on the playground just now?

40. These bags belong to____ (their)

41. He always thinks _____ (care) when he does homework.

42_______ (not give) your fish some______(many) food.

43. The _____ (hunt) caught a tiger last week.

44. Cao cong _______ (weight) an elephant in a clever way.

45. He left without ______ (say) goodbye.

46. She likes to watch children _______ (play ) in the playground.

47. When he ______ (get) tired, he will have a rest.

48. He is very weak. It’s _______(possible) for him ______ (win) the game.

49. Fantail goldfish are easy _________ (look after).

50. This is _________(expensive) computer in the shop.

51. The shoes don’t fit me well. I feel _______ (comfortable) to wear.

52. He is a good boy. He _____ (brush) his ____(tooth) _____ (two) a day.

53. Our teacher often tells us ______________ (not care) in the exam.

54. They _______ (plan) to take another route when they saw the robbers.

55. Don’t make any ____ . It’s too _______ here,because they are leaving the classroom _____(noise)

56. My cat _______ two kilos. But I don’t know my son’s _______. (weigh)

57. Those children have good grades in studying. Because they have good _______(memory)

58. Why not _____ (ask) your teacher for some _____(advice).

59. She likes ________ (be ) a doctor when she grows up.

60. Is ______ (dive) as _________ (dangerous) as _______(swim)?

61. It is about _________(minute) walk from school to the hospital.

62. The fish taste_________. So I am going to taste it ______.(good)

63.Today my teacher asked me to go to the office because I did my homework_____ (care).

There were many mistakes in it.

64. It’s an ______ (please) trip. We all felt too tied and unhappy.

65. ---Where is your mother?

---- She together with my grandparents_____(go) to see the film.

66. ---____ you ever ____ (read) the book?

--- Yes. I _____ (finish read) it last week.

67. My brother often ______(watch) TV last year. But now he ______( lie) on the couch with a newspaper in his hand.

68. If it_______ (not rain) tomorrow, we_______ (go)fishing.

用心 爱心 专心 2

69. In my family, my mother is _______ (busy)

70. There used _______ (be) a hospital 3 years ago.

71. It’s better ______ (have) a good rest after class.

72. We can find some _______ (different) between the twins.

73. The interviewer spends much time a day _______ (interview).

74.The Greens _______ (have) dinner at this time yesterday.

75. “Help ________ (you) to ________(eat) some fish!” says the mother to the children.


( ) 1.Though he lives in a ____ village ____, he never feels ____

A. alone lonely, alone B. lonely alone, alone

C. lonely alone, lonely D. alone alone, lonely

( ) 2. The teacher asks us _____________ the lights when we leave the classroom.

A. not forget to turn off B. not forget turning off

C. not to forget turning off D. not to forget to turn off

( ) 3. ----________ a year does your school have a sports meeting?

---- Once a year.

A .How often B. How many times C. How long D How soon

( )4. This fruit tastes ____ but it doesn’t sell ______.

A. well well B. good good C. good well D. well good

( ) 5. We all felt _____ at the _____ movie.

A. frightened frightening B .frightening frightening

C. frightening frightened D. frightened frightened

( ) 6.________________ it is today!

A. How fine the weather B .What a fine weather

C. What fine weather D. How a fine weather

( ) 7. -----__________ _____ you _____ the computer?

----- Since I came to the school.

A. How often have bought B. How long have had

C. How long have bought D. How long did buy

用心 爱心 专心 3

( ) 8.The earthquake _______ _____ the evening of Oct10th

A. happens in B.happened in

C. happened on D was happened on

( ) 9.--- Where’s Li ping now?

---- ____________.

A. He has gone to Zhenjiang. B. He has been to Zhenjiang

C. He went to Zhenjiang D. He goes to Zhenjiang.

( ) 10. I ______ call you as soon as he ______.

A will, reaches B will, reach C.will, will arrive Dwill,arrives

( ) 11. The teacher told us that the sun ____in the east.

A rises B rose C raises D raised

( ) 12. ---Do you know ____ number of the teachers in our school?

--- __________________.

A a, Two hundreds B the , Hundred of

C the, Two hundred D a, Hundreds of

( ) 13. There’s _____ “s” and _____ “u” in the word “use”..

A a an B / a C an a D the the

( ) 14. Our English teacher has a ____face and her classes are____and interesting.

A lovely, lovely B lovely, alive C .alive lovely D alive alive

( ) 15. Betty doesn`t have enough money to buy that coat. It`s very ___.

The price is too_____.

A high, high B expensive, expensive C expensive, high D high, expensive

( ) 16. The teacher gave me a piece of paper________.

A to write on B to be written on C to write in D to be written

( ) 17. I bought a new dictionary and it ________ me 30 yuan.

A. paid B. spent C. took D. cost

( ) 18. ---Mum, may I go out and play basketball?

---_______ you _______ your homework yet?

A. Do; finish B. Are; finishing C. Did; finishing D. Have; finished

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