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南兴学校九年级上期英语期中测试试卷 2013.11.7

班级________姓名 __________ ※ 注:所有答案均写在答题卷上

一、 选择填空。(25分,每题1分)

( )1.----______ you improve your listening? ----I improve it ______ listening to tapes.

A. How; with B: What; with C: How; by

( )2. When we practice speaking English, we often end up _____ in Chinese.

A. to speak B. speaking C. spoken

( )3. _________ should not be allowed to go out at night.

A. Twelve-years-old B. Twelve-year-olds C. Twelve year old

( )4. You mustn’t go out ________ school nights.

A. to B. with C. of

( )5. I don’t know _________.

A. what to do it B. how to do it C. what to do

( )6. This question is ______ easy, all the students can answer the question.

A. too much B. too many C. much too

( )7. This book ______ Tom’s father’s, because his name is on the book.

A. must B. may be C. must be

( )8. Who does this T-shirt belong ______? A. in B. on C. to

( )9. He ______ be a history teacher.

A. used to B. be used to C. use to be

( )10.What do you think ―anxious‖ ______?

A. mean B. means C. meaning

( )11.The monkeys escaped ______ the zoo yesterday evening.

A. on B. of C. from

( )12. He is too tired ________ any longer.

A. not to walk B. to walk C. walking

( )13. I hate people ______ talk much but do little.

A. whom B. that C. which

( )14. I like the music that I can sing ______.

A. along and B. along with C. with

( )15. The story reminded me ______ an experience I once had.

A. of B. to C. at

( )16. What are you like? _________.

A. I like funny and energetic things B. I’m funny and energetic C. I feel energetic

( )17. She often goes to bed with her bedroom _______.

A. light on B. on light C.lighted on

( )18. He is afraid to speak in _______ public.

A. / B a C. an

( )19.—Which sweater do you prefer, the yellow one or the pink one?

—____. I like a light blue one.

A. Either B. Both C. Neither

( )20. --- He went to see the man who was in hospital yesterday.--- ___________.

A. So did he B. So he did C. Did so he

( )21.Cotton ______ nice and soft.

A. is felt B. is feeling C. feels

( )22.The old woman kept one black dog and two white ______.

A. one B. ones C. those

( )23.I’m sorry , I _____ my pen at home

A forgeted B left C. forgot

( )24.If my father _______ here now. He ______ help me.

A.is; can B.was;could C.were; would

( )25.It is the most beautiful place ______ I’ve ever visited.

A.where B.that C.which

二、 完形填空(10分,每小题1分)

A man was walking along the street when he saw a woman struggle(奋力)with a large box. It was half in and half 1______ of her car. He was a helpful , kind of man, so he went up to the woman and said, ―Let me give you a hand with that box. It looks very 2______.‖

―That’s very kind of you,‖ the woman said. ―I’m having a lot of 3______ with it. I think it’s struck(卡住).‖ ―Together we’ll soon move it,‖ the man said. He 4______ into the back seat of the car and took hold of the other end of the box. He said, ―I’m ready.‖ And he began to 5______ hard.

For several minutes the man and the woman struggled with the box. Soon they were 6______ in the fact. ―Let’s rest for a minute,‖ the man said. ―I’m sorry, but it 7______ stuck.‖ A few minutes later, the man said, ―Let’s try again. Are you ready?‖ 8______ of them took hold of the box again. ―One, two, three!‖ the man said, and they went on with their struggle.

At last, when they were very tired, the man said, ―You are 9______. It really is stuck. I don’t think there’s any way we can get it out of the car.‖ ―Get it out of the car!‖ The woman cried. ―I’m trying to get it 10_____!‖

( ) 1. A. in B. out C. on

( ) 2. A. heavy B. strong C. dear

( ) 3. A. trouble B. questions C. matter

( ) 4. A. got B. stepped C. came

( ) 5. A. pull B. carry C. push

( ) 6. A. white B. tired C. red

( ) 7. A.goes B. falls C. seems

( ) 8. A. Every B. All C. Both

( ) 9. A.sure B. right C.ready

( ) 10. A. of B. in C. out

三、 阅读理解(20分,每题1.5分,13小题2分)


Basketball is still a young game . It’s over a hundred years old . In the winter of 1891 , a certain college was having some trouble with its boy students . The weather was bad and the students had to stay indoors . As they couldn’t play outdoors , they were unhappy , and some even got into fights from time to time.

Some of the teachers , at the college asked Dr. Naismith to invent a game so that the students might have something to play with . It was not easy to invent such a game because it had to be played indoors , and the court (球场) was not very large.

Dr. Naismith thought for a few days and invented a kind of ball game . It was a fast , wonderful game with much moving and passing of the ball . It was played between two teams . To make a score , the ball had to be thrown into the basket ten feet(英尺) above the floor on the wall . At each end of the court there was such a basket . At first , Dr. Naismith wanted to throw the ball into a box . As he could not find boxes of the right size , he had to use fruit baskets instead . That is how the game got its name.

( )1. How long is it since basketball was invented ?

A. 1000 years B. Less than 100 years C. More than 100 years

( )2. The students felt unhappy because _______.

A. they couldn’t play outdoors B. they often got into fights

C. they had much homework to do

( )3. Who asked Dr. Naismith to invent a game ?

A. Some students B. Some teachers C. Some students’ parents

( )4. When a student ______ , he makes a score.

A. receives the ball. B. throws the ball to another student C. throws the ball into the basket

( )5. Which sentence is right?

A. The students couldn’t go outdoors when the weather was bad.

B. It was easy to invent the game.

C. Dr. Naismith had to use fruit to throw the ball.

( B )

Almost everyone likes dogs, and almost everyone likes to read stories about dogs.

I have a friend. He has a large police dog named Jack. Police dogs are very clever. Every Sunday afternoon my friend takes Jack for a long walk in the park. Jack likes these long walks very much.

One Sunday afternoon a young man came to visit my friend. He stayed a long time. He talked and talked. Soon it was time for my friend to take Jack for his walk. But the visitor still stayed. Jack became very worried. He walked around the room several times and then sat down in front of the visitor and looked at him. But the visitor paid no attention to Jack. He went on talking. At last Jack got angry. He went out of the room and came back a few minutes later. He sat down again in front of the visitor, but this time he took the visitor’s hat in his mouth. The visitor saw it and was surprised. He laughed and left.

( )6.---The young visitor stayed a long time, didn’t he? ---_____.

A. Yes, he didn’t B. Yes, he did C. No, he didn’t

( )7. Jack became worried because _____.

A. he wanted to go out for a walk

B. he wanted to play with him

C. he didn’t know the young man

( )8. Jack sat down in front of the visitor because _____.

A. he wanted the visitor to talk to him

B. he wanted to talk with the young man

C. he wanted the visitor to leave

( )9. The visitor went on talking and _____.

A. he paid no attention to his hat B. he didn’t like Jack C. he paid no attention to Jack

( C )

There are few families in the United States that do not have either a radio or television set. Both of them have become a necessary part of our daily life, keeping us filled with the news of the day, teaching us in many fields of interest, and making us happy with singing, dancing and acting.

Marconl, the Italian inventor, who gave us the radio, probably didn’t know how much his great invention would have done for the world in the years to come. Radio had, perhaps done as much as any other communication tool. Things of the world can be reported to people everywhere a few seconds after they happen. Travelers in out- of – the – way places, ships at sea even astronauts round the earth are able to keep in touch with each other by radio.

Television is another important invention. It lets us see as well as hear the actor. Since its

appearance, TV has done a great deal in the daily life of people everywhere. Many programs are now televised in color.

Perhaps the most modern invention is ―Telstar‖, a ―star‖ moving round the earth. It makes it possible for the people all over the world to be closer than ever before. Now a family in Chicago can watch on TV a motor – car race in Italy, a table tennis competition in Beijing or a volleyball match in Japan as these events are actually happening!

( )10. The passage tells us that ______ in the U.S.A. have no radio or television set.

A. a large number of homes B. all the families C. a small number of families

( )11. Why does the passage say radio and TV have become a necessary part of our daily life?

A. Because they have touched nearly everything in our life.

B. Because men would not live happily without them.

C. Because no communication means no life.

( )12. Who do you think the writer of the passage is?

A. An Italian. B. A Japanese. C. An American.

( )13. When the writer introduces Marconl in the second paragraph, he means ______.

A. he was just an Italian inventor

B. his invention has done much for the world

C. he had reported much to people all over the world


( Li Lei arrives at the school library. )

Li Lei: I’d like to borrow a book on electric (电的) head.

Miss Wang: ―Electric head? ‖ I’ve never heard of it. Maybe …

Li Lei: ___.It should be ― a book on computer. ‖

Li Lei: Thanks a lot.

Li Lei: I’ll try to finish it as soon as possible.

Miss Wang:

五、 根据句意和首字母,完成句中的单词。(10分,每空1分)

1.Anna is an e_______ girl, she never feels tired.

2.Ants and spiders are i________.

3. He should be a_______ to come into the room.

4.He can’t speak in front of people. He is s_____.

5.I am very busy. Don’t b______ me, OK?

6.My brother is in the army, he is a s________.

7.Don’t believe him.He is d________.

8.He is c______ to pass the exam.

9.One m______ is one hundred thousand.

10.We are going to have a p_______ next Sunday.

六、 用所给词的正确形式填空。(10分,每空1分)

1. These ______( teenager )like to go out at night.

2. If you don’t know how ______(spell) new words, please look them up in a dictionary.

3. I’m very ______(worry) about my son’s health.

4. Whose notebook is this? ---- It must be my _______(uncle).

5. I wish I ________(be) a bird.

6. Wearing _____(ear) is not good for school girls.

7. She is afraid of ______(fly) in an airplane.

8. The sweater is _______(real) nice and I like it.

9. I am trying to study. Please turn off the TV and don’t be _______(noise).

10. Be ______(care) of the dog that does not bark..

七、 根据汉语意思完成下列句子,每空一词。(10分,每空0.5分)


The book ______ ______ to Lucy.


It isn’t good to borrow your friends’ books _______ __________.


He _____ ______ stay up, but now he goes to bed ________.


If I have change, I’ll ______ it ______ the bank.


Can you _____ _______ _____ other ways to solve the question?


He said that it was very easy to _____ _______ ______ the girl.


She likes music ______ she can ______ ______.


As a student , you should ____ more ____ to your study.


1.人们的生活过得越来越好了。 2.过去人们往往通过写信来进行联系,现在人们可以使用手机和发e-mail来联系。 3.过去人们出门要乘公交车和步行。但现在人们可以乘出租车,甚至一部分人们可以直接开上自己的小车。 4.过去人们得去电影院看电影,现在却可以在家看VCD和网上看电影。

南兴镇学校九年级上期英语期中测试(答题卷) 2013.11.7

班级________姓名 __________

二、 完形填空(10分,每题1分)


五、 根据句意和首字母,完成句中的单词。(10分,每空1分)

1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.___________

6.__________ 7.__________ 8.__________ 9.__________ 10.___________

六、 用所给词的正确形式填空。(10分,每空1分)

1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.___________

6.__________ 7.__________ 8.__________ 9.__________ 10.___________

七、 根据汉语意思完成下列句子,每空一词。(10分,每空0。5分)

1.________ _________ 2.________ ________ 3.________ ________ _________

4.________ _________ 5.________ ________ _________ 6.________ ________ _________

7.________ _________ ________ 8.__________ __________

八、 书面表达(10分)


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