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第一卷 选择题 (75分)


1.A: I think drinking milk __our health. B: Yes, I ___you.

A. is good to, agree to B. is good with, agree to

C. is good at, agree with D. is good for, agree with

2.He spoke ____fast ____I couldn?t follow him.

A. so, that B. such, that C. too, to D. not only, but also

3.____used to ___ an old bookcase in my bedroom.

A. There, have B. It, be C. There, having D. There, be

4. A: Could I ___the little red flower hat? B: Yes, please.

A. dress B. get dressed C. put on D. wear

5.I met an old friend on my way home. We stop __a talk.

A. to have B. having C. have D. has

6. The clothes ____are in the washing machine is hers.

A. who B. where C. what D. that

7 Don?t be ____about your son. He is better now.

A. worry B. worrying C. worried D. worries

8. I found her ____the teacher?s office just now.

A. went into B. go into C. to go into D. was going into

9. Could you please help me ____this English word?

A. put up B. get up C. look up D. turn up

10.I can?t do well in English. I ____complete sentences.

A. have trouble make B. have trouble to make

C. have trouble making D. have trouble for making

11.Yao Ming __one of the most popular basketball players

in the world.

A. regarded as B. is regarded as C. regard as D. is regarded by

12.--We need a music CD that we can dance_______

--I have one.I'II take it ______the party.

A.in, in B.in, to C .to, to D.to ,in

13.___you go, ___you do in your school, You must obey the rules.

A.Wherever; whatever B.Where; what

C.Whatever; wherever D.What; where

14. It?s ____ time since we met last .

A. one and half month?s B. one and a half months


C. one and half months? D. one and a half months?

15. I________ a big house for my family if I _____ a lot of money.

A.would buy, have B.would buy, had

C.will buy; had D.will buy, will have

16 A young man ___ glasses came ___ the office . He had an old

bag __ his arm .

A. without ; in ; in B. with ; into ; under

C. in ; out of ; under D. with ; in ; on

17. Not only I but also Tom and Jack ____ interested in English

because it ___ useful.

A. is, is B. is, are C. are, is D. are, are

18. “Mr. Zhu, you?d better ___too much meat . You?re already over

weight .” said the doctor .

A. not to eat B. to eat C. eat D. not eat

19.Don?t worry. All the children ______ by the nurse.

A. are taken good care B. take good care of

C. are taken good care of D. take well care of

20. — How long ___the meeting __? — About 20 minutes.

A. does, begin B. has, begun C. will, begin D. has ,been on

21. I don't know _______.Can you tell me________?

A. how swim; what to do B. how to swim ; what to do it

C. how to swim; what to do D. what to swim; how to do

22.----How many people will come to Beijing next year?

----It's hard to say. _________people , I think

A. Million of B. Millions of

C. Three millions D. Three millions of

23.We prefer ________at the party rather than______.

A. to sing; dance B. to sing ; dancing

C. sing; to dance D. sing ;dance

24 It is very kind ____ you to help me with my lessons because it is

very difficult ____ me to learn them well.

A. of; for B. of; of C. for; of D. for; for

25 --- Jack, you look tired today. What?s wrong?

--- I was __busy __I didn?t go to bed until midnight yesterday.

A. too; to B. so; that C. enough; to D. such; that


26."The volleyball must belong to Mary" means_________

A.The volleyball must be Mary

B.Mary has a volleyball

C、The volleyball must be Mary's

D. That can't be Mary's volleyball

.27 Don?t ____ too late, or you will feel tired in class tomorrow.

A. wake up B. get up C. stand up D. stay up

28 --- I?m sorry I ____ my homework at home.

--That?s all right. Don?t forget ____ it to school this afternoon.

A. forgot; bringing B. left; to bring

C. left; bringing D. forgot; to bring

29. --- Have you finished your work yet?

--- No, I?ll finish it in ____ ten minutes.

A. else B. more C. another D. other

30. --- Could you tell me ____?

--- Sorry, I have no idea.

A. when does the History Museum open

B. when the History Museum opens

C. when did the History Museum open

D. when is the History Museum open

31. Everyone says that he is difficult to ____, but I don?t think so.

A. get along B. make friends C. deal with D. talk about

32.The new chairperson of the Students? Union thought ____ necessary to invite Professor Smith to give us a speech at the meeting.

A. that B. this C. him D. it

33.---Where would you like to visit? --- I'd like t0 visit____

A. warm somewhere B. warm anywhere

C. somewhere warm D. anywhere warm

34.When they heard the _____news,they got very ______.

A.frustrating, frustrated B.frustrated, frustrated

C.frustrated, frustrating D.frustrating, frustrating

35.Tom is a ________ boy.He is too young to drive a ear.

A.fifteen-years-old B.fifteen-year-old

C.fifteen years old D.fifteen year old


In learning English, one should first pay attention to listening and speaking.It is the groundwork(基础) of reading and 3

writing.You' d better listening.Don' t be of making mistakes.But be careful not

While you are doing this, a good is to write or keep a diary, write notes or letters.Then if you can, ask some others to go through you have written and tell you where it is wrong.Many mistakes in your speaking will be 41found when you write. Through correcting mistakes, you can do better in learning English.

If you are slow in speaking, don′t about it.One of the helpful ways is reading, either aloud or to yourself.The important thing is to choose interesting to read.It mustn't be too difficult for you.When you are reading this way, don' t stop to the new words if you can guess their meanings when they have nothing to do with the sentences.You can do that some other time.

36.A.have B.send C.make D.try

37.A.sure B.proud C.afraid D.tired

38.A.English B.Chinese C.Japanese D.French

39.A.start B.idea C.time D.way

40.A.how B.when C.what D.why

41.A.happily B.easily C.really D.slowly

42.A.talk B.fear C.worry D.hurry

43.Asomething B.everything C.anything D.nothing

44.A.by B.on C.at D.in

45.A.look B.look for C.look up D.look over

三、阅读理解(30分)。 A篇

We asked thirty children between 14 and 1 8.A11 the children had computers at home.The usual time spent on computer in a week was about 1 2 hours, with the highest user about 3 2 hours.and the lowest user only 5 hours.

A11 the children said they usually used computers to play games.Fourteen children told us thev did some word processing(文字处理)at times.Only two of them said computers helped them with their lessons.and eight children told us they kept addresses and phone numbers on their computers or used them as diaries.Only three children said they were learning to make computer programs and nobody looked up databases(数据厍).The diagram gives all the 4

results one by one.The results show that computer use is quite high among 14 to 18-year—old children.They also show quite clearly that computers are looked on by most young people as little more than game machines.It means that,though computers are common in the homes of young people,they have not yet become popular in everyday 1ife.

( )46.In the diagram,what does the letter ??d?? show?

A.It shows three people between 14 and 18.

B.It shows only two of the thirty children.

C.It shows that only two of them use computers to help them with

their lessons.

D.It shows that only three of them use computers to help them

make computer programs.

( )47.Most of the 3 0 children spent about __hours on computers in a week.

A.5 B.1 2 C.20 D.32

( ) 48.There iS one mistake in the diagram.What is it?

A.The number of “e" should be lower.

B.The number of ??d?? should be higher.

C.The.number of “a” is too high.

D.There should be no number about “f??.

( )49.In the last paragraph “little more than” means .

A. almost the same as B.far more than

C.different from D.much more than

( )50.The writer thinks .

A.children must learn to play a11 kinds of games

B.more other uses of computers should be learned

C.young people should spend more time on computers

D.computers will become much cheaper


You may know the song Happy Birthday very well.But do you know about its writer? It was written by an American girl.And she became very rich after that.

When she was a child, she was poor.Once, she was invited to her friend's birthday party.She was pleased but sad because she didn't have enough money to buy a gift for her.

"The party is coming soon, but now I bare little money." Tears 5

ran down her face.

Later that night she was in bed, thinking about the gift when the door opened and her grandma came in."What happened?" her grandma asked.Hearing the girl's story, she said, "Don't worry.I think I can help you.How about singing a song together? Happy birthday to ..."What a beautiful song! They sang and sang.Suddenly she woke up.It was a dream! She decided to write it down at once and sing it to her friends at the party.

When she sang the song at the party the next day, her friends were very happy."How wonderfully you sing! We haven't heard such a beautiful song before.Thank you for giving me the special gift." said her friend.And they learnt to sing it together.Later the girl became well-known in America.

51.The song Happy Birthday was written by______________

A.an American girl B.an American girl's grandma

C.an American boy D.an American girl's friend

52.The girl was sad because______________

A.she didn't want to go to the party

B.she would be busy that day.

C.she didn't have enough money to buy a gift.

D.she wasn't invited to the party.

53.What gift did she give her friend?

A.A flower B.A toy.C.An interesting book D.A song.

54.What did her friends think of the song? It was_________

A.boring B.beautiful C.exciting D.interesting

55.Which of the following is TRUE?

A.The girl was still poor after writing the song.

B.The girl sang the song with her grandpa in her dream.

C.The girl' s friends had heard the song before.

D.The girl became famous because of the song.


Recently, an Internet game has become a new fashion among young office workers and students.People can "farm" on a piece of "land" and "grow' ', "sell" or even "steal vegetables", "flowers" and ' ' fruits" on the Net, They can earn some e-money and buy more "seeds", "pets" and even "houses".

Joyce interviewed some young people.Here are their opinions. 6

Harold: I don't quite understand why they are so mad about the childish game.Maybe they are just not confident enough to face the real world.

Allan: 1 enjoy putting some "bugs" in my friends' gardens and we've become closer because of the game.Having fun together is the most exciting thing about it.

Laura: You know, people in the city are longing for(渴望) the life in the countryside.It reduces my work pressure(压力).Besides, it gives me the exciting experience of being a "thief'.

Ivy: Well, it's just a waste of time.Teenagers playing the game spend so many hours on it that they can not focus on (专注于)their study.

56.According to the passage, people can't __things in this game.

A.grow B.borrow C.steal D.sell

57.Among the people Joyce interviewed, ___ likes the game while ____ dislikes the game.

A.Laura, Allan B.Allan, Harold C.Harold, Ivy D.Ivy, Allan

58.From Laura's words, we can guess that she's most probably________

A.a student B.an office worker C. a farmer D a thief

59.Which is NOT the reason why people like the game?

A.They are longing for country life.

B.They can have fun with friends.

C.The game can relax people and give them a new experience.

D.They are confident enough to face the real world.

60.Where can you find this passage?

A.In a car magazine. B.In an advertisement

C.In a newspaper D.In a science book

D 篇

My grandfather is an eighty-year-old man. He changed, and he often says that life used to be better. Families aren?t families the way they used to be.A lot of families have broke down.If husband and wife have problems with their marriage, they no longer stay together.And mothers used to stay at home and take care of their children,but now everyone?s working.No one has time to look after children at home.

And the cars! No one walks any more:everyone drives.We used 7

to walk five miles to school every day,even in winter.But now they

don?t.And in schoo1.the children don?t have to think any more.In

math class,for example,we used to add,subtract, multiply and divide

in our heads.Kids don?t use their heads any more;instead,they use


Most families have computers now.In the past we didn?t have

computers.We didn?t even have lights.My mother used to spend all

day cooking in the kitchen.But now nobody eats home.cooked food

any more.

And people don?t talk to each other any more.They are too busy

to talk,too busy to eat,too, busy to think……

Life used to be simple, but it isn?t any more.

( )61.My grandfather thinks the 1ife .

A.is better than it used to be B.is worse than it used to be

C.is as good as it used to be D.is as bad as it used to be

( )62What does the underlined word “marriage” mean in Chinese?

A.生活 B.工作 C.婚姻 D.家庭

( )63.What changes have happened to some families?

①There are lights at home.

②People like to eat home.cooked food.

③Lots of families have computers.

④Lots of couples live apart because of some prob1ems.

A.①②④ B.②③④ C.①②③ D.①③④

( )64.Which is TRUE according to the passage?

A.People have too much time to talk with each other.

B.Life now is very simple.

C.Many families have broken down because of problems

between husbands and wives.

D. Mothers stay at home and look after their children.

( 65.Which is the best title for this passage?

A.How life used to be B.The better life

C.The changes in our life D. Hard-working students




66.The student made m____ again yesterday, so his teacher was

angry. 67.Our math teacher has taught at this school for more than 20 years.

So he has a lot of e_______. 68.Our teachers often tell US the i________ of studying knowledge. 69.We are so c _________that we aren?t afraid to speak in public. 70.To be h__________,I am not good at the schoolwork.

71.Don?t c__________ on your clothes.you should study hard. 72He is a “problem child”. He is always _____(造成) trouble for his


73.He is working hard to ______(实现) his dream..

74 The famous singer?s _______(日常)life is very colorful.

75.The two girls are so ___ (相似)that many people regard them as twins.


76.Why not ______(read) English in class.? 77.He make a decision _______(be) an engineer. 78.I?m sorry _______(say) that there?s nothing to eat. 79.There _____(be)an English party next Monday. 80. Are you good at ____(type)?

81. It _____(snow )heavily yesterday.

82. Lucy with sister _______(get) up at six every morning. 83. I didn?t hear you ,I______(read)English then.

84. I found a dog _____(lie) on the ground on my way home. 85. Some girls ____(sing)in the park at eight last night. 六、按要求改写句子(5分)。


86.we must plant trees every year in our country.(被动语态) Trees must ____ ______ every year by us in our country.

87.The little girl used to be afraid to be dogs.(改为反问句) The little girl used to be afraid to be dogs,__ she ?

88.Tom likes music.The music has lyrics.(合并为复合句) Tom like music ______ _______lyrics.



______________,and friendship may be kept.


__________________when they make mistakes.


We need to _____________________when are free.


_________I feel good about helping others, but I get to spend time doing what I love to do.


In general, France is ________________________.


阅读下面对话,从方框中选择五个最适当的句子完成对话 (其中有2个选项是多余的)。

Mom: Good morning, Tom.

Tom: (94) ______

Mom: I?m making breakfast. (95) ______

Tom: Thanks, Mom. I have already eaten. I got up early this


Mom: Maybe we can do something together with your father today. Tom: (96) ______But I?m busy from morning till night today. Mom: Where are you going?

Tom: (97) ______

Mom: Why? What?s happening in the park?

Tom: A lot of students will help clean up the park today. I?m working with them.

Mom: (98) ______Do a great job.

Tom: We will.






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