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1. Put the following into English. service (1)服务__________ so far (2)到目前为止___________ Which is the best radio (3) 最好的电台是哪家____________________station?
You can sit the most comfortably. (4)你可以坐得最舒服_________________

2.Write superlatives of the following words. most popular (1)popular _____________ worst cheapest (2)bad ________ (3)cheap _________ freshest (4)fresh _______

Unit4 What’s the best movie theater? Section A(2a-2d)
西岗中学 满金鹏

功能:Make comparisons 词汇和常用表达: comfortable seats; cheaply, worst, fresh, What’s the best…? It has / is the best… 文化知识: Learn to love hometown by talking about something in hometown

Which clothes store do you want to choose?


most expensive.

friendliest service


Listen for the general idea of 2a.

1.The general idea of the conversation is about B a survey of __________. A. the best clothes store in town B. the best clothes store and radio station in town C. the best DJ in town


Listen to the tape again and match the clothes stores with correct statements.

Miller’s Blue Moon Dream Clothes

It’s the most expensive. It has the best clothes. It’s the worst store. You can buy clothes the most cheaply there.

Listen to the tape again and match the radio stations with correct statements.


It has the worst music.

They play the most boring songs.
970AM The DJs choose songs the most carefully. It’s the most popular.


Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks. best Reporter: What’s the _____ clothes store in Green City? Boy: Miller’s is the best. It has the best clothes and you can buy clothes the mostcheaplythere. _____ Reporter: What do you think about the other stores? Boy: Well ,Blue Moon is in a fun part of town most but it’s the _____ expensive. And Dream clothes is worse than Blue Moon . It has the worst service in town. It’s the worst store.

Reporter: OK .What about radio stations? Boy: 107.9FM is the best . The DJs choosesongs _____ the most carefully. They always play the most interesting music. Reporter: What about the other radio stations? Boy: Well, I think 970 AM is pretty bad. It has the _____music. worst Reporter: I heard that 97.9FM is the most popular. Boy: Yes, it is, but I think they play the most boring songs.

Practice these two conversations according to 2a and 2b.
A: What’s the best radio station? B: _______. A: Why do you think so? B: Because______________.

Group 1
A: What’s the best clothes store? B: __________. A: Why do you think so ? B: I think it has______________. ( or it is_______. ) 10

Group 2



Greg: Hi, I’m Greg. I’m new in town . Helen: Hi, I’m Helen. Welcome to the

neighborhood …

How do you like it so far? 目前为止你认为它怎样? 翻译为:__________________ How do you like …? 你认为…怎么样? 翻译为:_____________相当于“What do you think of …? ” 你认为这

部电影怎么样? How do you like ________________ the movie? 或 What do you think of the movie? __________________

Make a survey Teng Zhou has many beautiful places. Let’s talk about them in groups: one is a reporter the other three answer his / her questions.
Name the best movie theater the best radio station Reason

the best clothes store

Make a model (R is for reporter)
R: What’s the best movie theater? S1: Hua Hui movie theater. R: Why do you think so? S1: I think it has the most comfortable seats. R: What’s the best radio station? S2: 97.9FM. R: Why? S2: Because it’s the most popular. R: What’s the best clothes store? S3: Pei Ke clothes store. R: Why do you think so? S3: I think it’s the cheapest.

What have you learned this class?

写出下列单词的适当形式。 1. Which do you think is the ______ (bad) worst food store in town? best 2. Who sings the ______ (good) in your class. most carefully 3. Jane writes the _____________ (carefully) in your class. fruit in town?

freshest 4. Which store has the ________ (fresh)

必做:写六个句子来说一下班级之最。 如:Lin Tao is the tallest in our class. 选做:结合实际情况,运用比较级、最


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