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Would you mind turning down the musicSectionB1a-4

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Unit 7 Would you mind turning down the music?

SectionB1a—4 导学案


1.New words:waitress,solution ,line,annoy,polite,perhaps,door

Key phrases: complain about,order a hamburger ,wait in line,cut in line,get mad,

get annoyed,try (not) to do,all the time,go back to,be polite

2. 阅读训练,通过阅读3a,培养阅读能力。

学习重难点:掌握下列句型 1. Would you mind…? 2. I can’t stand it. .

3. Could you please not follow me around? 4. I get annoyed when people cut in line. 前置学习: 一、找出下列短语:

1.抱怨 2. 点个汉堡

3. 排队等候 4. 插队

5.生气 6. 烦恼

7.试着做(不做)… 8. 一直

9.回到…去 10.有礼貌


1.当有人插队时我很恼火。I__________ __________ __________people cut in line.

2.你介意帮帮我吗?Would you_________ _________me?

3.请你别跟着我好吗?Could you please___________ _________me__________?


_________that _________ , I _________go back to that store again.


The book_________ _________from the library yesterday is very interesting.

2.我的电脑坏了。My computer doesn't___________.

3.你的建议很有效。Your suggestion_________ __________.



1.When the shop assistant is having a long telephone conversation, she often waits. ( )

2.The girl doesn’t care if she waits in line. ( )

3.She usually asks the shop assistant not to follow her around politely. ( )

4.When the shop assistant gets mad, she will never go to that store again. ( )

5.To the boy, it is usually happens that someone talks to him while he was reading in the library.

( )

6.He usually refuses to talk with the person ( )

7.Perhaps in the future, he should try not to be so polite .( )


A. When a shop assistant has a long conversation, what does the writer usually say?

B. When a shop assistant follows me around, What does the writer say?

C. If the shop assistant get mad, what does the writer do?

If that happens, ________________________________________

D. What does the writer do when someone talks to him while he is reading? Why?



1.The girl works as a__________ (wait) in a five -star hotel.

2.Would you mind________ (give) me a cup of coffee?

3.Here is the food you_________ (order) just now.

4.He said his watch___________ (not work).

5.This T-shirt is too small. Could you please show me a _________ (big) one?


1.Could you_____ sleep in class? A not please B please not C don't please D please don't

2.What happened_________ the old woman yesterday? A to B on C in D with

3.I don’t like others to talk to me____ I'm reading. A before B after C while D until

4.I________ when someone borrows money from me and doesn't return it.

A annoy B annoyed C annoying D get annoyed

5.The teacher told the students_______ to study hard. A try B to try C trying D tried


1.His mobile phone doesn't work.(改为同义句).There's______ ______with his mobile phone.

2.He said, "The movie is terrible."(改为间接引语).He said the movie_________ __________.

3.The barber gave him a cool haircut.(一般疑问句).____the barber _____him a cool haircut?

4.Could you please show me another pen? _________you mind ________me another pen?


1.在图书馆里大声喧哗是不礼貌的。It's________ _______ _______loudly in the library.

2.请你再等五分钟好吗?Could you please________ _________another five minutes?

3.你介意把电视关掉吗?Would you mind________ ________the TV?


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