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Unit 2重要短语和句子

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9A Unit 2重点短语、句型整理

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1. I’d rather wear blue than pink.= I prefer wearing blue to wearing pink.


2. There’s nothing wrong with pink.= There isn’t anything wrong with pink.

=Nothing is wrong with pink. 粉红色没什么不妥。

3. Blue looks good on him.= He looks good in blue. 蓝色穿在你身上很好看。 4. This report explains what colours can do and what characteristics they represent.


5. Wearing blue clothes or sleeping in a blue room is good for our mind and body because this

colour creates a feeling of harmony.

穿蓝色衣服或睡在蓝色的房间里对我们的身心有益,因为这种颜色能营造和谐的感觉。 6. People (living in cold climates) prefer to use warm colours in their homes to create a warm

and comfortable feeling there.

(生活在寒冷气候下的)人们喜欢在家里用温暖的颜色来创造一种温暖舒服的感觉。 7. Orange can bring you success and cheer you up when you are feeling sad.


8. Yellow is the colour of the sun, so it can remind you of a warm, sunny day.

黄色是太阳的颜色,因此它可以让你想起温暖、阳光灿烂的日子。 9. Green is the colour of nature and it represents new life and growth.


10. I wanted to buy you your favourite comic but there was none left in the shop.


11. Wearing red can make it easier for you to take action. This can help when you are having

difficulty making a decision.

穿红色衣服能使你更容易采取行动。当你很难做出决定时它能起作用。 12. I think the best colour (to represent Lisa) is yellow.


13. Simon has a strong personality and likes to be the leader.


14. Daniel was in a bad mood and didn’t talk to anybody all the afternoon.


15. Everyone seemed to have a secret or was just not acting normally.

=It seemed that everyone had a secret or was just not acting normally. 似乎每个人都有秘密或者说表现不太正常。

16. People (with dark hair and dark skin) look good in red and purple.

(黑发黑皮肤的)人穿红色和紫色好看。 17. She can advise people what colours to wear.

她可以建议人们穿什么颜色的衣服。 I can’t decide which one to buy. 我决定不了该买哪一个。

18. She wants to make herself look more powerful.


19. We promise to help you successfully change your moods, or you will get your money back.

我们承诺成功地帮助你改变你的情绪,否则你将可以取回你的钱。 20. Maybe she feels weak, and that is why she is wearing red.


21. Red and white are a good match, as the powerful red balances the calm white.

红色和白色是很好的搭配,因为强大的红色平衡了宁静的白色。 22. He would rather stay at home than go shopping.

=He prefers staying at home to going shopping. 他宁愿呆在家里也不愿去购物。 23. He does look like Mr Wu.


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