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Unit 1 Lesson 1 Games and Sports

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Unit 1 Lesson 1 Games and Sports

1、go + doing

go shopping/bowling/swimming/jogging /skating/traveling 去购物/打保龄球/游泳/慢跑/滑冰/旅行

I went last monday

2、like + doing

I like My mother likes car

Does she like ?

3、be interested in + 名词/动名词 对……感兴趣

Are you interested in

----Yes, I am

I am interested in chess.

interesting adj. 有趣的

I read an interesting book in the library just now, I am interested in it. (interest)

4、not only.......but also..... 不但……而且(谓语动词就近一致原则) Not only my father but also INot only I but also my sister 与both…and…区别

Both my father and I are interested in playing football.

5、enjoy oneself/oneselves 玩的很开心 = have a good(wonderful) time I enjoyed

My family enjoyed Did they enjoythe day before yesterday?

= Did they have a good time the day before yesterday?

enjoy doing sth 喜欢干某事 = like doing sth

He enjoys football.

6、be good at+doing sth 擅长于干… = do well in doing sth My sister is good at studying English

=My sister does well in Enjlish

Tom is good at the piano

=Tom does well in the piano

注意:be good for:对……有益(有好处)

Reading aloud is good for English

Usual Jogging is good for health

7、take part in=join in 参加……活动;take an active part in,积极参加……活动


Liu Hui takes an active part in all kinds of sports=Li u Hui is active in all kinds of sports.

My English teacher joined the golf club three years ago

actor 男演员 n. actress 女演员n.

activity 活动 n. activities 复数形式 actively 积极地 adv.

We were active in class. Our teachers like us very much.

My aunt is a famous actress.

We should take an active part in after-school activities.


① spend……(in) 某人花了……做某事情

spend……on sth 某人花了……在某件事上面

I spent a whole day games last week

He spent a lot of time My sister spent sixty yuan ② take: 重要句型:It takes(took) sb some time to do sth.做某事情花了某人多少时间 It takes me half an hour to go to school on foot every day

It took us three hours to have a meeting yesterday

9. break 过去式: broke

① 作名词:休息,暂停 have a break=have a rest

② 作动词:打破,打断 eg. I broke my leg yesterday.

Mike broke the window of Mr Smith’s house last Sunday.

10. kind n.种类

all kinds of=different kinds of

Li Hui enjoys all kinds of sports.


You should be kind to animals.

It was very kind of you to help me.

kindness n. 好意

Thanks for your kindness.

kindly adv.和蔼地

11. in one’s free time在空闲时间=in one’s spare time= at one’s leisure time

How do you spend your free time?

12. so, such 如此…. Such作为形容词修饰名词,so作为副词,修饰形容词或副词 用在单数名词前, such和so的位置不同:

such+ a/an+形容词+单数名词 such a kind girl

so + 形容词+ a/an +单数名词 so kind a girl

so lovely such a lovely girl.\

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