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Read and answer:
1.How many kinds of colours are talked about in the text? 2 What are they?


calm colours warm colours energetic colours strong colours

How do you feel after looking at the picture? blue white make people calm and peaceful

Blue can also represent sadness and white is the colour of purity. calm colours

warm colours

Yellow and orange make you feel warm, happy and satisfied. Orange represents joy while yellow is

the colour of wisdom.

Task 2 Do T/F questions

( T )1. Orange is one of the warm colours. It represents joy.

( F )2. It’s good to use orange stationery when you study for exams.

Colours and moods

colours represent feelings
calm colours harmony, calm blue sadness peaceful white purity relaxed

happy orange joy warm satisfied colours yellow sun, warm wisdom comfortable

Green makes you feel energetic

It represents new life and growth.

Physical strength
Red represents power. It is also the colour of heat and strong feelings.

Read the report with tasks.

Task 1 Answer the questions:

1. What are calm colours?
Blue and white .

2. If you feel stressed , what colour of clothes should you wear? White .

Task 3 Fill in the blanks.

Energetic colours and strong colours

1.Green can give you _____, energy new life as it represents _______ and growth ______ .
power 2.Red represents ______ and it is also the colour of _heat and ____ strong ______ feelings.

Colours and moods
?What are calm/warm/energetic/ strong colours? ?What do they represent? ? How can colours affect our moods ?
Read again and find out the answers to the following questions.

Colours and moods colours represent feelings new life, Energetic green growth, energetic colours money, envy
Strong colours warm strong

red power, heat

take action easily

Enjoy pictures and talk in pairs like this:

A: What colour can you see in the picture? B:I can see blue and …

A: How do you feel when you see it /them? B: I feel calm/warm/happy…

Calm colours

Warm colours

Energetic colours

strong colours

Your advice is very important!
1.Sandy worries a lot and often gets stressed. What colour should she use?


2.Daniel can help people calm down when they are angry. Do you know which is the best colour for him?BLUE

3.Kate is always in the library and she often gets good marks in tests. What colour can represent her?

4.Tom has a strong personality and likes to be the leader. What colour should he use?


Suppose you have a new bedroom. There is a bed, a bookcase, a desk, a chair, curtains … . What colours do you want to paint them and why?

1.Write a short passage about your parents’ favourite colours and their characteristics. 2.Search for some interesting phrases about colours, such as
green fingers 园艺能手 black sheep 败家子 black coffee 黑咖啡 blue day 忧郁的日子 green hand black horse a white lie blue collar 新手 黑马 善意的谎言 蓝领 .


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