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Unit 4重要短语和句子

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9A Unit 4短语、句型整理

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1. I’m far too busy to go shopping. 我太忙了而不能去购物。 2. He has nothing to do today. 他今天没有事情可做。 3. A dog’s work is never done. 狗的事情永远做不完。

4. Every one of them has their own favourite TV programme. 他们每个人都有自己喜欢的电视节目。 5. You might find this week’s programme a bit boring. 你可能发现这个星期的节目有点令人讨厌的。 6. This year’s Beijing Music Awards will be covered live. 本年度的北京音乐颁奖晚会将现场实况转播。

7. The presentation will be held in Beijing this coming Saturday. 本周六颁奖仪式将在北京举行。

8. Two thousand fans have voted online for their favourite songs, singers and music videos. 两万名歌迷已为他们喜欢的歌曲、歌手和音乐电视在线投票。

9. Murder in a Country House is a horror film (directed by Cindy Clark), a new director. 《乡村小屋谋杀案》是有一位新导演-- Cindy Clark执导的恐怖片。 10. A doctor is found dead in his house. 一名医生被人发现死在家中。

11. You won’t find out the answer until the end of the film. 直到电影结束时,你才能查明这个问题的回答。

12. This one-hour documentary takes a close look at the Asian tiger. 这部长达一个小时的记录片对亚洲虎作了仔细的观察。

13. After you watch this programme,you will realize how much danger these tigers face.


14. If you are an animal lover, you might find this programme a bit disturbing while watching the programme.

如果你是动物爱好者,那么在收看这个节目时,你可能会觉得该节目有点令人不安。 15. They think the actors act the worst and the story goes more slowly than they expected. 他们认为那些演员演得最差,而且故事情节进展比期待得要慢。

16. A weekly round-up of what is happening in sport, with lots of up-to-date information. 一周最新体育赛事摘要。

17. There are always famous people talking about their lives on these shows. 总有名人在这些节目上谈他们的生活。

18. They think the actors act better than those in Spacemen on Earth. 他们觉得演员的表演比《地球太空》中的要棒。 19. He finds programmes about sports boring. 他觉得有关体育方面的节目很没劲。

20. The two children disagree about everything and always argue. 这两个孩子什么事都持不同看法,老是争吵。 21. They started to argue about what TV programmes to watch. 他们开始为看什么电视节目而争吵。

22. Victor threw the remote control onto the table and it fell onto Nancy’s foot. Victor把遥控器扔向桌子,结果它掉在了Nancy的脚下。 23. While/As I was getting ready to watch it, the phone rang.


24. While watching the programme, write down your answers.

当你看节目时,写下问题的回答。 25. It is you (who made our story so perfect.)


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