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广 州 学 乐 教 育

学生姓名 蒲新一朗

就读年级 __ 八 年 级__

授课日期 教研院审核_______________

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Step 1:基础知识回顾

1.make a promise 许下承诺

keep a promise 遵守承诺

break a promise 违背承诺

promise sb.sth.(=promise sth.to sb.)

promise to do sth

Don’t forget to keep your promise. 不要忘记信守诺言。

She promised to give me the money today.

2.prize 奖赏,奖品


I won the first prize in the painting competition.

3.instead 和instead of

instead 为副词,常放在句尾,如位于句首时常用逗号与句子隔开。表示前面的事情没做,而做了后面的事。

Lee was ill so I went instead. 李病了,所以我去了。

instead of 为短语介词,其后需要接被代替的内容做宾语。


Last night I watched TV instead of playing games.

4.take place和happen

take place 发生 指计划好、安排好的事情发生。为不及物动词词组,无被动语态。 In 1919, the May 4th Movement took place in China.

happen 常指发生具体的事件,特别指那些偶然“发生”的事件。

The accident happened at six o’clock.

5.not...any longer (= no longer) 常与延续性动词连用,强调“时间不再延长”。(现在,过去,将来都可用)

He no longer lives here.

not ... any more (= no more) 常与非延续性动词连用,指今后“再也不......”,表示不再重复发生以前的动作或存在的状态,强调终止。(将来和过去都可用) I shall go there no more.


1.There are many people downstairs. What do you think _________?

A. to happen B. happening C.is happened D.has happened

2.-----Excuse me, is this Xiao Li’s office?

-----I’m sorry, but he_______ works here.

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A.doesn’t B.won’t C.no longer D.no more

3.We had a party ______ having class last Friday.

A.instead B.instead of C.but D.still

4.If I _________ free next Sunday, I ______to the farm with you.

A.will be, will go B.am, will go C.am , go D.will be, go

5.Don’t worry. She can look after your pet _______.

A.careful enough B.enough careful C.carefully enough D. enough careful

6.There is ______ milk in the bottle.

A.a little B.a few C. many D.few

U2语法: 数词之基数词与序数词书写及用法




① 21~99 的两位数,十位与个位之间用连字符“-”。例:

◇ 21 twenty-one ◇ 32thirty-two

◇ 98 ninety-eight ◇ 99ninety-nine

② 101~999的三位数,百位数和后面的数之间用连词and,百、千等数词一律用单数形式。例 :

◇ 101 one hundred and one

◇ 225 two hundred and twenty five

◇ 999 nine hundred and ninety-nine

③ 1000以上的数,从后面向前数,每三位中间点“,”,第一个“,”前为thousand,第 二个“,”前为 million,第三个“,”前为billion。例:

◇ 2,567 two thousand five hundred and sixty-seven

◇ 3,018 three thousand and eighteen

(2) 疑难点

hundred,thousand和million在合成数词中一般用单数形式,但是用来表示不定 数目时,用作复数形式。例:

◇ Hundreds of workers will go on strike.

◇ Thousands of people are swimming in the river.

◇They went to the theatre in twos and threes.他们三三两两地来到了剧院。

此时 hundred,thousand等词前没有数词修饰,且通常其复数形式与of 连用。

2. 序数词的构成与用法

- 2 -

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(1) 序数词的构成

① 一般来说,是由相应的基数词加词尾th构成。例:

◇ four + th → fourth ◇ six + th → sixth

◇ seven + th → seventh ◇ ten + th → tenth

② 下面这些基数词在变为序数词时,有特殊的变化。例:

◇ one → first ◇ two → second ◇ three → third

◇ five → fifth ◇ eight → eighth ◇ nine → ninth

◇ twelve → twelfth

③ 十位整数序数词的构成方法是将基数词的词y变成i,然后再加eth。例:

◇ twenty → twentieth ◇ thirty → thirtiet h

◇ forty → fortieth ◇ ninety → ninetieth

④ 两位或两位以上的基数词变成序数词时,仅将个位数变成序数词。例:

◇ twenty-one → twenty-first

◇ thirty-five → thirty-fifth

◇ a hundred andfifty-three → a hundred and fifty-third

(2) 序数词的用法

① 序数词在使用时,一般加上定冠词。例:

◇ the first book ◇ the second floor

◇ the third day ◇ the fourth week.

(3) 时间表示法

① 时间都由基数词表示。例:

◇ It’s nine.


◇ It’s not five yet.



② 几点几分表示法有两种形式。

A.倒读法:与汉语顺序不同,先读“分”后说“点”。30分钟以内,用“分钟数”+past +“ 钟点数”表示“几点过几分”,超过30分钟,用“分钟数”+ to+ “下一个钟点数”表示“差几 分到几点”。15分钟也可以用a quarter,30分钟也可以用a half。例:

◇ 2:15 a quarter past two

◇ 2:45 a quarter to three

◇ 1:55 five to two

◇ 7:05 five past seven

◇ 5:35 thirty five past five

◇ 9:30 half past nine

只有指几点钟整时才用o’clock,如ten o’clock,但不可以说seven past ten o’clock.


◇ 5:40 five forty

- 1 -

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◇ 2:30 two thirty

◇ 1:15 one fifteen

这时的15和30不能用a quarter, a half代替。

(4) 日期表示法

① 年的读法:用基数词,分成两位一读。例:

◇ 1949 nineteen forty-nine

◇ 1840 eighteen forty

② 月份的名称要大写。例:

◇ January ◇ February ◇ March ◇ April

③ 日期用序数词表示,前面可加the,也可以省略。例:

◇ 5月4日 May (the) fourth

◇ 10月1日 October (the) first

④ 年、月、日的顺序:在英语中, 按月、日、年的顺序来读。例:

◇ 1949年10月1日 October (the) first nineteen forty-n ine

◇ 1999年5月1日 May (the) first nineteen ninety-nine

表示在“在某年、在某月”用介词in,如in2000,in September,表示“在某日

”用介词on,如on July 8。

(5) 编号的读法

① 表示“第几课(部分,章或节)”时,用序数词时,前面一定要加冠词;用基数词时,不用冠词,但语序与汉语相反。例:

◇ lesson one → the first lesson

◇ part three → the third part

② 当数字较长时,通常用基数词。例:

◇ 第219页 page 219 (two one nine)

◇ 第306号房间 room 306 (three o〔?藜u〕six)

◇ 第六路公共汽车 bus number six

◇ 电话号码 885316 telephone number885316 (eight eight five three one six)

(6) 倍数的用法

① The train arrived half an hour late.


② He has three times as many books as I have.







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1. My friend Jimmy lives on the ________ floor, one floor higher than I. (nine)

2. The lady looks quite young, maybe in her ________. (twenty)

3. Let’s talk about the presents we’re going to give to Grandpa for her ________ birthday. (ninety)

4. The French artist said, “It’s my ________ time to visit Shanghai. I love this city so much.” (five)


1. We took _____ to finish the work.

A. one and a half hour

C. one hour and one half hour

2. We will have the next meeting _____.

A. in two week’s time

C. in two weeks’ time B. after two weeks time D. after two weeks’ time B. one and a half hours D. one and half hours

3. About _____ the students in our school have learned how to use computers before.

A. two thousand B. two thousands C. two thousand of

4. _____ of the machines on show are made in Shanghai.

A. Three-fifth B. Three-fifths C. Three-fives D. Three-five D. two thousands of

6. He wrote _____ composition last night.

A. an 1000-wordB. 1000-word

7. My aunt was born on _____.

A. October one, 1969

C. October 1, 1969

8. Tony Li goes to the cinema _____.

A. two weeks B. for two times a week

- 3 -

C. a 1000-word D. an 1000 words B. October 1, 1969 D.1969, October 1

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C. twice a week D. twice in a week

9. Wendy and I are good friends, we are both in _____.

A. class one B. Class One C. one class D. One Class

10. The Grant Theatre is _____ drive from here.

A. twenty minutes

C. twenty-minutes B. twenty minute D. twenty minutes’

13. Now, please turn to page _____ and look at the _____ picture in Lesson Two.

A. twentieth, one B. twenty, one C. twentieth, first D. twenty, first

14. How wide is the river? It’s about _____ wide.

A. ten metres B. ten metre C. ten-metres D. a ten-metre

15. 1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm. Here 2.54 reads _____.

A. two point fifty-four

C. two point five four B. two points fifty-four D. two points five four

16. Have you read Mark Twain’s The one million Pound Bank-note? Here One million can be written in this way, _____.

A. 10.000 B. 100.000 C. 1.000.000 D. 10.000.000

17. There are more than two _____ trees in our school yard.

A. hundred B. hundreds C. hundred of D. hundreds of

18. There are _____ days in a year.

A. three hundred and sixty-five

C. three hundreds sixty-five

19. School usually begins on _____.

A. the first of September

C. September One B. the first, September D. September, the first B. three hundred sixty five D. three hundreds and sixty-five

20. – Which room are you staying in? -- _____.

A. The Room 301 B. 301 Room C. Room 301st D. Room 301

21. About _____ said that they enjoyed those books very much.

- 4 -

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A. four-fifths students

C. four-fifths of students

22. He must be _____. B. four-fifth of the students D. four-fifths of the students

A. in his sixties B. in his sixty C. over sixties D. sixty-year-old

23. In the past _____, Shanghai has changed a lot.

A. three years B. third year C. three-year D. third-year

24. The Yellow River is _____ longest river in China.

A. two B. the two C. the second D. second

25. ---How soon will you finish typing the letter? --- In _____.

A. one or two minute

C. a minute or two B. one minute or two D. a or two minutes

26. Oh, it’s _____. Let’s go to school together.

A. the quarter to eight

B. a quarter to eight D. forty-five past seven C. seven forty-five minutes

27. Kitty is _____ years old and her father is _____.

A. fifteen, fifty

28. 1/4 reads _____.

A. a half B. a quarter C. one-fourth D. first-four B. fifty, fifteen C. forty, fourteen D. sixteen, fourty

29. Our block has _____ and we live one _____.

A. the tenth floor, ten floors

C. the ten floors, the tenth floor B. ten floors, the tenth floor D. tenth floor, ten floor

30. The bridge was so long that it took _____ nearly three years to complete it.

A. six thousands people

C. six thousand people B. six thousands of people D. six thousand of people



- 5 -

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1. They have oranges, but I don’t have .

A. some; any B.any; some C.any; any D.some; some

2. I don’t know where Mr. White has gone. You’d better ask .

A. else somebody B. else anybody C. somebody else D. anybody else

3. At night we can see stars in the sky.

A. a thousand of B. thousand of

C. thousands of D. two thousands

4. September is the month of the year.

A. nineth B. ninth C. nine D.nineteen

5. Which does Jack like ,Chinese or English?

A. well B. best C. better D. much

6. The Changjiang River is one of in the world.

A. the longest river B. longest rivers

C. the longest rivers D. longer rivers

7. He jumps of the three.

A. far B.further C. farthest D. furthest

8. No one is Mary in the class.

A. so tallest as B. so taller as C. so high as D. so tall as

9. When class begins,we stop to the teacher carefully.

A. listening B. to listen C. listens D. listen

10. Lily is going to France soon. She will arrive Paris the morning of January 5th.

A. at; in B. in; in C. in; on D. at; on


Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 and died on October 5, 2011. He was American businessman, designer and inventor. He is best known as the

- 1 -

学乐教育每一步 关注成长每一天 咨询电话:020-- 62150246 XL---JX001

cofounder(创始人), chairman and CEO of Apple Company. Here is a letter of resignation(辞职信) of him.

I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you Unfortunately, that day has .

I hereby resign as CEO of Apple. I would like , if the Board sees fit, as Chairman of the Board, director and Apple employee.

As far as my successor(继任者) goes, I recommend that we execute(执行) our succession(继任) plan and name Tim Cook 16 CEO of Apple.

I believe Apple’s and most innovative(革新) days are ahead of it. And I look forward to and contributing to success in a new role.

I have make some of the best friends of my life at Apple, and I thank you all the many years of being able to work alongside(在…的旁边)you.

11. A. the B./ C. an D. a

12. A. know B. knows C.knew D.knowing

13. A. come B. came C. comes D. will come

14. A. serve B. to serve C.serving D. served

15. A. strong B. stronger C. strongly D. strongest

16. A. to B. for C. as D. be

17. A. bright B. brightest C. more bright D. most bright

18. A. watch B. watches C. watching D. watched

19. A. it B. their C. it’s D. its

20. A. for B. of C. to D. about

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