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一、 按顺序默写26个字母(26分)。







( )1.There is ________ alarm clock on the dresser.

A、a B、an C、the

( )2.We need a lot of ________ every day.

A、vegetables B、meats C、milks

( )3.“Where ________ your new shoes? ”------“ _______ in the box.”

A、are, It’s B、are, They’re C、is, It’s

( )4.His sister _________ a small sports collection.

A、have B、there is C、has

( )5.Let’s _______ the sports club.

A、join B、to join C、do join

( )6.Your aunt’s son is your _________ .

A、brother B、cousin C、sister

( )7.Jim ________ like basketball. He ________ computer games.

A、don’t, like B、doesn’t, likes C、don’t, likes

( )8.What color is our national flag(国旗)? It’s _________ .

A、green B、yellow C、red

( )9.Jim, come and________ your math book here and take away your CDs.

A、give B、take C、bring

( )10.________ is the fourth month of a year.

A、January B、April C、March

( )11.When is ______ birthday?

A、Li Lei B、Li Lei’s C、Li Leis’

( )12.I like thriller, __________ I don’t like comedy.

A、but B、or C、and

( )13.Jack _______ to go to an action movie.

A、want B、is want C、wants

( )14.We have great bags __________ only $15.

A、for B、at C、are

( )15.“Does he have a tennis racket?”“__________ ”.

A、No, he doesn’t B、Yes, he doesn’t C、No, he does


( )1.Does he want to go to a movie?

( )2.What kind of movies do you like?

1 1


( )3.When is Jim’s birthday?

( )4.Hello, I’m Jim. What’s your name?

( )5.What’s this in English?

( )6.Where’s my book?

( )7.How much is the green shirt?

( )8.Let’s watch TV.

( )9.Is this your ruler?


The Spring Festival(春节) is the Chinese New Year’s Day. It usually comes in Everyone in likes the Spring Festival very much. When Spring Festival comes, I usually my parents clean our house and do some that day eats , New Year’s cake and some other food. But I dumplings. We usually dumplings and TV. I like the Spring Festival.

( )1.A、March B、November C、February D、January

( )2.A、America B、China C、England D、Japan

2 ( )3.A、help B、helps C、ask D、carry

( ) 4 A、cleaning B、fishing C、reading D、shopping

( ) 5.A、On B、In C、At D、Of

( ) 6.A、everyone B、someone C、no one D、people

( ) 7.A.eggs B、me C、dumplings(水饺) D、mooncakes(月饼)

( ) 8.A、like B、eats C、make D、get

( )9.A、eat B、make C、make and eat D、like

( )10.A、look B、have a look at C、see D、watch



This is my room. It’s small but it’s very nice and clean. There is a desk, a bed and two chairs in it. The desk is near the window. You can see some books and plants on the desk. The bed is near the desk, and under the desk, there is a ball. My shoes are under the bed. There is a map of China on the wall. There is a picture on the wall, too. I like my room.


( )1.There is________ in the room.

A.a desk B、some plants C、three desks D、some balls

( )2._______ are on the desk.

A、A book and a box B、A book and some boxes C、Some books and some boxes D、Some books and plants

( )3.There is ________ under the desk.

A、a chair B、my shoes C、a ball D、a box

( )4.________ are on the wall.

A、A map of China B、A map of China and a picture C、A picture D、A window


( )5.My room is __________ .

A、small B、nice and clean C、big D、A and B


Brad: What kind of movies do you like?

Michele:Well, I like comedies and funny movies.

Brad: Don’t you like thrillers and action movies?

Michele:Well, I don’t like thrillers. They’re scary and action movies are boring!

Brad: Do your brother and sister like action movies?

Michele:No, they like documentaries. What kind of movies do you like?

Brad: Comedies, thrillers, action movies. Do you want to go to a movie?

Michele:That sounds fun! Let’s go!


( )6.Brad likes thrillers.

( )7.Michele likes scary movies.

( )8.Michele has a brother and a sister.

( )9.Michele’s brother likes action movies.

( )10.Brad and Michele go to a movie.


1.The two __________ ( story ) are very interesting.

2.My birthday is June ___________ (four).

3 3.Let’s _____________ (play) computer games.

4.I like _____________ (China) action movies.


A: I _______ you?

B:Yes, ________ , I want a sweater.

A:What ________ do you want?


A:Here _______ are.

B:_______ ________ is it?

A:20 dollars.

B:I’ll _______ it. Here is the money .

A:________ you!

B:You’re _________. .











五、21—25:BABCA 26—30:BBCCB 31—35:BACAA

六、36—40:EJAHC 41—45:FIBQD

七、46—50:CBADA 51—55:ACACD

八、56—60:ADCBD 61—65:TFTFT

九、66、favorite 67、parents 68、movie 69、Opera 70、October 71、comedies 72、fourth 73、play 74、Chinese


4 十、76、Can 77、help 78、please 79、color 80、you 81、How 82、much 83、take 84、Thank 85、welcome

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