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A. He is lazy in his study B. He studies hard C. He is interested in math

Listen to the seventh dialouge and answer the following three questions.


Ⅰ.Listening comprehension

( )18. What are the two speakers going to do this evening ?

Section one

A. have dinner in a restaurant B. go to see friends C.

Sentences comprehension(make Sichuan food 成都戴氏教育富顺校区测试卷


Listen to the first sentence and answer the first question.

( )1. What is Jim ?

A. A student B.A teacher C.A drive

Listen to the second sentence and answer the second question.

( )2. What does David think of Mr. Bean?s lesson ?

A. Boring B. Funny C. Frustrating

Listen to the third sentence and answer the third question.

( )3. What is Paul?s favorite sports ?

A. Swimming B. Tennis C. basketball Listen to the fourth sentence and answer the fourth question. ( )4.When did Lily become a middle school student ? .A. At the age of eleven B. At the age of twelve C. At

the age of thirteen

Listen to the fifth sentence and answer the fifth question.

( )5. How much is the camera ?

A. 400 dollars B. 40 dollars C. We don?t know .

Section two

(Dialouge comprehension,one mark for each item,in total 15 marks)

Listen to the first dialouge and answer the sixth question. ( )6. How long has it rained ?

A. For three hours B. For five hours C. For two hours

Listen to the second dialouge and answer the following two


( )7. The next bus to Hexi will leave ?

A an hour later B. in five minutes C. at 12:00

( )8. How much do you have to pay for one ticket to Hexi ? A. 10 yuan B. 14 yuan C. 28 yuan

Listen to the third dialouge and answer the following two questions.

( )9. What size T-shirt does the man want ?

A. Size L B. Size M C. Size S

( )10. What color T-shirt does the man like ?

A. Brown B. White C. Black

Listen to the fourth dialouge and answer the following two questions. ( )11. How will Kathy spend her summer vacation ?

A. Studying at home B. Traveling abroad C, Doing a part-time job

( )12. How does Kathy feel these days ?

A. Bored B. Excited C. Tired

Listen to the fifth dialouge and answer the following two


( )13. How far is it from their school to the zoo ?

A. Only a 45-minute walk B. Only a quarter?s walk C. Only half an hour walk

( )14. What is on the corner ? A. a coffee shop B. a hotel C. The traffic lights Listen to the sixth dialouge and answer the following three questions.

( )15. What does Mike ask Amy to do ?

A. help him with his lessons B. have dinner with his

family C. watch TV together

( )16. When is Mike next math class ?

A. this afternoon B. tomorrow morning C. tomorrow afternoon ( )17. What do you think of Mike ?

( )19. Why doesn?t the man feel like having Sichuan food today? A. Because it?s too expensive. B. Because it?s too hot. C. Because the restaurant is too far.

( )20. What kind of food do they both like? A. Chinese food. B. Fast food. C. Italian food.

Section three Short passage(1mark for each item,in total 5marks) Listen to the following short passage for twice and chose the

best answer according to the passage. ( )21. How old was Liangliang? A. 5 B. 4 C. 3 ( )22. Where did Liangliang live? A. In a big city B. In the countryside C. In a small town

( )23. What was his mother?

A. A teacher B. A nurse C. A worker ( )24. What did the boy say to his mother? A. I love you B. I?m sorry C. How are you? ( )25. What kind of boy do you think Liangliang was?

A. Quiet B. Lazy C. Clever Ⅱ、Multiple choice(1 mark for each item,in total 15 marks) ( )26. Have you ever been to the Green Great wall the north of China?

A. through B. across C. past ( )27. — I don?t know where France is.

— A. take B. bring C. fetch ( )28. He to be a member of his school football team last term.

A. chose B. was choosing C. was chosen 1

( )29. is the number of the students in your class? A. How many B. what C. How much ( )30. The teacher to Li Lei:“You speak very English.”

A. talked, well B. said, good C. says, well ( )31. Neither of the twins well in the sports meeting. A. does B. do C. have done

( )32. People in England often go to the tea house with their friends.

A. talking B. to talk C. talk

( )33. Your voice isn?t different the phone, what?s happening?

A. on B. in C. with ( )34. — Could you give me some ?

— why don?t you join the English club and do exercise? A. suggestion B. advice C. idea

( )35. The only job is fit for the old man is to water the plants.

A. that B. which C. /

( )36. There is hardly anything except an old desk in the A. is it B. is there C. isn?t there ( )37. — Could I your pen for a while? — A. borrow, left B. keep, left C. keep, forgot ( )38. How amazed he was when he saw little sheep for the first time.

A. so B. such C. very a

( )39. Burnt barbecued meat isn?t good for people?s health.

A. it B. itself C. it?s

( )40. Jim?s sister some French before she went to France.

A. learned B. has learned C. had learned

Ⅲ、Cloze. Read the following passage and choose the best answer.(1 mark for each item,in total 15 marks)

gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his number of nails hammered daily gradually decreased(减少). He nails into the fence.

Finally the day came when the boy didn?t lose his temper at all. He told his father about it and the father suggested that the boy temper. The days passed and the young boy was finally able to “You have a scar just like this one. You can put a knife in a man and draw it out. It won?t matter how many times you say I?wound(伤口) is still there.”

He looked up at his father and said,“I hope you can forgive(原谅) me for the 55 I put in you.” “Of course I can,” said the father.

( ) 41. A. teacher B. uncle C. father ( ) 42. A. money B. temper C. patience ( ) 43. A. first B. last C. third ( ) 44. A. lose B. control C. discover ( ) 45. A. harder B. funnier C. easier ( ) 46. A. drive B. draw C. hurt

( ) 47. A. take off B. pull out C. throw away ( ) 48. A. nails B. fence C. wound ( ) 49. A. arm B. head C. hand ( ) 50. A. carefully B. well C. quickly ( ) 51. A. seldom B. never C. always ( ) 52. A. surprise B. joy C. anger ( ) 53. A. glad B. sorry C. great ( ) 54. A. powerful B. strong C. heavy ( ) 55. A. holes B. dirt C. hammer


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