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Unit 1 – Lesson 2 Sarah is a dancer she goes for dance practice every day, she takes her bath in the school bathroom. She plays badminton with the brother John, who is a basketball player. John makes more than 20basket in every game; he is also the captain of his team he likes to wear a cap and carry a cat. Sarah likes cabbages and John likes carrots, their daddy is a mechanic. He studied mechanical engineering in the university. Their mother is a banker who works in a foreign bank, both parents’ likes dancing. They live in the capital city close to the university campus. Every summer they go for camel riding camp in Casablanca. They have a family camera which is used during the camp. They come from Canada.


1. What is Sarah ?

A.a basketball player B. a singer C. a dancer 2.


3. Where does she take her bath? at home B. in the school bathroom C. in her room What does Sarah play with her brother?

A basketball B. volleyball C. badminton



5. Where does Sarah and John’s mother work? in a foreign bank B. in a hotel C. in a restaurant How often do they go for camel riding camp in


A.every summer B. every week C. every winter

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