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人教版八年级英语上册Unit1 Section B(1a~2e)课件

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第二人称 yourself

第 三 人 称

herself itself


复合不定代词: some any every everyone no no one

人 someone anyone

anything 物 something everything nothing






Match the words with the 1a picture below.
f 1. __ delicious 3. __ exciting 5. __ terrible c b d 2. __ expensive 4. __ cheap 6. __ boring e a


Write ? words on the left. Write ? words on the right. ? words terrible ____________ bored _____________ boring ___________ tired ___________ expensive ____________ unhealthy

? words delicious exciting __________ __________ interesting __________ funny ___________ wonderful ___________ beautiful

Listen. Lisa is talking about 1c her vacation. Answer the questions. 1. Where did Lisa go on vacation? ____________________________ She went to Hong Kong. 2. Did she do anything special there? What was it? ____________________________________ Yes, she did. She went to a fun park.

3. Did she buy anything for her best friend? ___________________________________ Yes, she did. 4. Did Lisa like her vacation? ___________________________________ Yes, she did.

1d Listen again and fill in the blanks.
What did Lisa say about…? her vacation ______ great the fun park exciting _______ the people _______ friendly the stores _________ expensive the food _________ delicious

1e Ask and answer questions about Lisa’s vacation. Begin your questions with:

Where did…? How was…?

She ...

Where did…? How was…? Where did…? She ... She...

She ...


Discuss the questions with your partner.

1. What do people usually do on vacation? They usually __________________

2. What activities do you find enjoyable? Going fishing. ____________________







Read Jane’s diary entries about her vacation quickly 2b and answer the questions.

1. Did Jane have a good time on Monday? ________________________________ Yes, she did. 2. What about on Tuesday? __________________________________ She didn’t have a good time on Tuesday.

Read Jane’s diary again. Fill in 2c the chart.
Things Jane did or saw
Tried paragliding Had Malaysian yellow noodles Walked around Georgetown.

Why or why not? Did she like it? (Yes/No)

Yes Yes Yes

It was exciting. They were delicious. There are many old buildings.

went to Penang Hill

It was raining really hard. Only had one bowl of fish and rice.

It tasted great because Had one bowl Yes she was hungry. of fish and rice


Complete the conversation about Jane’s trip to Penang using the information in the diary entries.

Anna: Hi, Jane. Where did you go on vacation last week? Jane: I _____ to Penang in ________. went Malaysia Anna: Who _______ you go with? did Jane: I went with my _________. family Anna: What did you do?

Jane: The weather was hot and sunny on _______ Monday, so we went _________

___ on paragliding the beach. Then in the afternoon, we _______ bicycles to Georgetown. rode Anna: Sounds great! Jane: Well, but the next day was not as good. My ______ and I to Penang Hill, but father the weather _____ really bad and rainy. was We ________ a long time for the train waited

and we were ____ and cold because we wet forgot to bring an ________. umbrella Anna: Oh, no! Jane: And that’s not all! We also didn’t bring _______ money, so we only had one enough bowl of fish and rice.

Imagine Jane went to Penang Hill 2e again and had a great day. Fill in the blanks in her diary entry with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

阅读指导: 1. 读短文可知,

me to get there on time. [注意] 当enough作副词时,意为“足够地, 充足地”。它修饰形容词时应置于该 形容词后面来修饰。 e.g. 这个房子对我们来说太小了。 The house isn’t big enough for us.

选词填空。 1. I feel like ______ (going/go) to Hong Kong going for vacation next summer vacation. 2. He’s not going to buy that car _______ (because /because of) it’s too because expensive. 3. The train was late because of (because/ _________ because of) the heavy frog (雾).

4. Her coat reaches _____ (below/ under) her below knee. 5. The boy is old enough (enough old/ _________ old enough) to get dressed himself.

一、Review the diary entries in 2b. 二、用所给动词的适当形式填空。 1. My mother ____ (buy) a new schoolbag for me yesterday. 2. When ___ you ___ (start) to learn English? 3. My aunt ____ (take) us to dinner at a restaurant but the food __ (is) not good at all. 4. When I _____ (am) in America, I _____ (make) a lot of new friends. 5. They ____ (have) a great sale last weekend.

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