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七 年 级 英 语 期 末 入 学 测 试



1. Please call me ________ 898—9766.

A. in B. at C. about D. with

2. ________play football in the street.

A. Not B. No C. Don?t D. Not to

3. What did you do ________the weekend?

A. to B. of C. on D. over

4. Why don?t you ________ a bus to school every day?

A. take B. to take C. taking D. takes

5. Let?s ________ swimming, shall we?

A. to go B. going C. go D. gone

6. Where is the motel?

--It?s ________ Bridge street, ________the right.

A. on on B. on down C. on of D. at in

7. My mother is busy ________the dinner now.

A. cooking B. cook C. cooked D. cooks

8. How?s the weather? -- ________.

A. It?s Friday. B. It?s sunny. C. It?s a pleasure. D. It?s 8 o?clock.

9. Don?t ________ Chinese in English class.

A. talk B. speak C. say D. tell

10. ________ did you go there? —By boat.

A. When B. Where C. How D. Who

11. Mr. Li is very strict ________ us in our English.

A. about B. at C. with D. in

12. ________do children like pandas?

--Because they?re very cute.

A. Why B. What C. Where D. How

13. We don?t know how ________English well.

A. learn B. learning C. to learn D. learned

14. Look! Anny ________ a letter.

A. writing B. is writing C. write D. writes

15. Hi, Marry! You look very beautiful today. -- ________.

A. Thanks a lot B. No, not at all C. Don?t say so, please D. I don?t think so.


___1___ Saturday morning, Tony ___2___ his new bike. He did ___3___ homework in the afternoon. On Saturday night, he ___4___ a TV show. He thought it was interesting. He went to bed ___5___ ten o?clock. On Sunday morning, he ___6___ a magazine. Its name is The Reader. Then he visited his ___7___ , his mother?s sister. She lives in another city. She cooked dinner ___8___ Tony. After dinner, he played chess___9___ his cousin. He had ___10___ good time at his aunt?s home.

1. A. On B. In C. At D. /

2. A. clean B. cleaning C. cleaned D. cleans

3. A. he B. his C. him D. her

4. A. read B. looked at C. looked D. watched

5. A. in B. at C. of D. about

6. A. read B. looked C. watched D. saw

7. A. uncle B. aunt C .friend D. grandmother

8. A. for B. by C. to D. of

9. A. but B. with C. and D. so

10. A. the B. a C. / D. an



Li Ming is a school boy. He is twelve. He lives in Shanghai. He studies in No.3 Middle School. He reads English and Chinese in the morning. He has breakfast at seven. After breakfast, he goes to school with his friends. He has four classes in the morning and three classes in the afternoon. In the evening, he does his homework at home. But he often watches TV on Saturday evening. Li Ming likes drawing. He draws better than his sister. He likes reading English books. Now he is reading an English book in his bedroom.

1. Ling Ming is a ________.

A. student B. girl C. teacher D. doctor

2. Ling Ming gets up ________ every day.

A. at seven B. at five thirty C. at six D. very late

3. Ling Ming does his homework ________.

A. in the morning B. at school C. at home D. in the afternoon

4. Ling Ming likes ________.

A. English and Chinese B. playing football

C. growing flowers D. drawing and reading English books

5. Ling Ming has ________ classes at school every day.

A. four B. five C. seven D. six


Alice is an American girl. She is thirteen. She is in Beijing with her uncle. She doesn?t know much Chinese. She can?t speak Chinese well. Sometimes her friends do not understand her.

It?s Sunday morning. She?s going to go to the zoo to see the pandas and lions. But she doesn?t know how to get there on foot. So she asks a Chinese boy. But the boy can?t understand her. Then she takes out(拿出) a shows the picture to the boy. The boy smiles and then shows Alice the way to the zoo.

1. Alice is in Beijing with her ________.

A. brother B. sister C. uncle D. father

2. Alice doesn?t know ________ Chinese.

A. much B. little C. good D. many

3. Alice goes to the zoo ________.

A. on her bike B. on foot C. in a car D. in a taxi

4. Alice is going to go the zoo to see ________.

A. the pandas B. the tigers C. the lions D. A and C

5. The boy ________.

A. shows her the way B. doesn?t know the way

C. goes to the zoo with her D. gives a map to her


Jane is a nice girl. She lives in London. She studies in a middle school. She gets up at six every day. She likes reading English books. She?s a bright girl. She draws pictures well. After school, she often reads newspapers with her grandmother. At seven o?clock in the evening, Jane has supper at home. Every day she does her homework at eight and goes to bed at nine.

1. Jane lives in ________.

A. England B. New York C. Paris D. China

2. What does Jane like to do?

A. She likes reading storybooks. B. She likes drawing pictures.

C. She likes reading English books. D. She likes learning Chinese.

3. She is a ________ girl.

A. bad B. clever C. tall D. nice and bright

4. What does she often do after school?

A. She often draws pictures. B. She often has supper.

C. She often reads newspapers with her grandma. D. She often does her homework.

5. What time does she go to bed?

At ________ in the evening.

A. 8:00 B. 9:00 C. 8:35 D. 9:30



1 Students should obey the r_________ of the school.

2 In W__________ ,It?s very cold .

3 Sydney , is a city ,It?s in A___________.

4 We have no time ,Let?s t________ a taxi.

5 Tom feels very t___________after such a long trip.


1 It?对划线部分提问)

_________ the __________ today ?

2 Listen to the tape ,please. (改为否定句)

__________ ____________ ___________ the tape ,please .

3 She was ____________(luck )enough to be chosen for the team.

4 They want ____________(play )football in the playground .

5 Why __________ your father ___________ (like) football ?

五 补全对话。(每小题2分,共10分)

A :Hi ,Li Ming ! 1 ________________________

B :I?m fine .Thanks .

A :I called you yesterday morning.Your mum told me you were out,

2 ______________________________

B :I went to the zoo .

A :3 _________________________________

B :I went there with Tony .

A :Tony ?Who ?s Tony ?

B :Oh ! Tony is my new friend .

A :4 ______________________________

B :He?s from England .He can speak English very well .

A :5 ________________________________

B :Yes, only a little .Yesterday I taught him Chinese and he taught me English .

A :Did you have a good time with Tony ?

B :Of course we did .

六 书面表达(共15分)

以 “My busy Saturday ” last Saturday homework room happy lunch busy clothes ~~~~ house

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