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who 1.The people ____travel all over the world think China is a beautiful country. 2. I can’t say anything ______ moves us deeply. that 3. Paper is made ______ wood. from washing 4. The trees can stop the flood from ______ (wash) the earth away. 5. By the end of last term, we had studied (study) three thousand ________ words. playing 6. You must practise _______ (play) the piano every day. inventor 7. Edison was a great American ______ (invent). experience 8. He hasn’t enough ___________(经验)for the job. 9. It’s good to tell ______ (true). truth not go 10. You’d better ________ (not go) to the supermarket.

二、单项选择。 1、The market isn’t far from here. It’s only ____bicycle ride. B A. half an hours’ B. half an hour’s C. half an hour D. an hour and a half D 2、Mrs. Brown isn’t here. She has to ______ her baby at home. A. look at B. look for C. look like D. look after A 3、______ India and China are of ______ same continent. A. / ; the B. The; the C. / ; / D. / ; a D 4、Shanghai Waihuan Tunnel is already open to traffic, so it will take us ___time to go to Pudong International Airport. A. a few B. fewer C. a little D. less D 5、Cotton ______ nice and soft. A. is felt B. is feeling C. feel D. feels B 6、The old woman kept one black dog and two white ______. A. one B. ones C. those D. one’s A 7、We should keep ______ in the reading –room. A. quiet B. quietly C. quite D. quickly C 8、Which is ______ to learn, fishing or swimming? A. easy B. easier C. the easier D. more easily 9、She has made many friends since he ___ to China. A A. came B. comes C. has come D. will come 10、—Which sweater do you prefer, the yellow one or the pink one? D —______. I like a light blue one. A. Either B. Both C. Any D. Neither

C 11、 The war was over about three months ago, ______ the American soldiers in Iraq are still having a lot of trouble to deal with. A. or B. and C. but D. so B 12、The mountain was ______ steep ______ few people in our city reached the top. A. so; as B. so; that C. as; as D. too; to D 13、We could see nothing because the lights suddenly ______. A. went on B. went over C. went down D. went out 14、—What is a writing brush, do you know? —It’s used ______ writing and drawing. C A. with B. to C. for D. by A 15、I really don’t know ______ about it. A. what to do B. how to do C. to do what D. how can I do 三、完成句子。 can’t comprehend what it means 1. It’s not just because they ___________________________(不能理解它是什么意 思). sound like words or face to face 2. F 2 F stands_______________(表示面对面). parts of word 3. Homophone often use letters and numbers that _____________________(听起 来像单词或单词的一部分). get their ears 4. I don’t think twelve-year-olds should be allowed to ____________ (穿耳洞). pierced go

out with 5. I think teenagers should be allowed to ____________ (与朋友们外出). their be allowed to ____________(设计自 design our 6. If we can’t wear our own clothes, we shouldfriends own uniforms 己的校服). get pimples 7. I get nervous before big parties and then I ____________(出皮疹).

without permission 8. It isn’t good to borrow your friends’ books ___________________(未经允许). the rest of the students 9. What do you think I should tell ______________________(其余的学生). has changed a lot 10. My life ____________ ___________(有了很大的改变)in the last few years. 四、完形填空。 A man was walking along the street when he saw a woman struggle(奋力) out with a large box. It was half in and half 1______ of her car. He was a helpful kind of man, so he went up to the woman and said, ―Let me give you a hand with that box. heavy It looks very 2______.‖ trouble ―That’s very kind of you,‖ the woman said. ―I’m having a lot of 3______ with it. I got think it’s struck(卡住).‖ ―Together we’ll soon move it,‖ the man said. He 4______ into the back seat of the car and took hold of the other end of the box. He said, ―I’m push ready.‖ And he began to 5______ hard. For several minutes the man and the tired woman struggled with the box. Soon they were 6______ in the fact. ―Let’s rest for a seems minute,‖ the man said. ―I’m sorry, but it 7______ stuck.‖ A few minutes later, the Both man said, ―Let’s try again. Are you ready?‖ 8______ of them took hold of the box again. ―One, two, three!‖ the man said, and they went on with their struggle. At last, when they were very tired, the man said, ―You are 9______. It really is right any way stuck. I don’t think there’s 10______ we can get it out of the car.‖ ―Get it out of the car!‖ The woman cried. ―I’m trying to get it in!‖

1. A. in 2. A. heavy 3. A. trouble 4. A. got 5. A. pull 6. A. white 7. A. goes 8. A. Every 9. A. ready 10. A. anything

B. out B. strong B. questions B. stepped B. carry B. tired B. falls B. All B. right B. anywhere

C. on C. dear C. matter C. came C. push C. red C. grows C. Either C. clever C. any one

D. off D. new D. accidents D. walked D. lift D. hurt D. seems D. Both D. sure D. any way

五、阅读理解。 Some things can carry messages, for example, a sign at the bus stop helps you to know which bus to take. Signs on the door tell you where to go in or out. Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of signs around you and that you receive messages from them all the time? People can communicate on many other ways. An artist can use his drawing to tell about beautiful mountains, about the blue sea and many other things. Books are written to tell you about all the wonderful things in the world and also about people and their ideas. Books, magazines, TVs, radios and films all help us to communicate with others. They all help us to know what

is going on in the world and what other people are thinking about. 1. What can help you if you want to know which bus to take? A sign at the bus stop. _______________________________________________ 2. What do the signs on the door do? Signs on the door tell us where to go in or out. _______________________________________________ 3. People can communicate in many other ways, can’t they? Yes, they can. _______________________________________________ 4. What can help us to communicate with others? Books, magazines, TVs, radios and films all help us to communicate with others. _______________________________________________________________ 5. What do they help us to do? They all help us to know what is going on in the world and _______________________________________________ what other people are thinking about

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