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1. The rainforest in Brazil ___________ the binggest on remaining in the world.

2. they __________ all the old buildings to make way for the road.

3. the sent several policemen to _________the meeting room

4. The government has tried dorens of approaches to prevent the old city from_________

5. Through science we’ve got the idea of_____________ progress with research

6. This king of cooking is__________to southwest China

7. Walkays, flowerbeds and grassland ____________ in the neighbourhood.

8. He___________ as the highest authority on Enhlish literature there

9. In the 18th century many writers_________ the lauguager of Shakespeare

10. Can you________ how she felt when she knew she had failed

1. Our country has grown richer because of growing (commercial)___________ with other


2. Among those(presence)________at the meeting were some foreign experts

3. It is really surprising that his (imitate)_________ of that singer could be almost pergect

4. In most Middle East countries,politics has close(associate)_________with religion

5. Though only a college student then,Nicholson was filled with the (ambitious)________to

because famous one day

6. He was absorbed in the (glory)_______memories of his championship-winning days

7. My father wanted me to because a(profession)_________ doctor,but he felt disappointed in

the end

8. People agreed that Kublai was one of the most outstanding(empire)_______in ancient China

9. Long before I whent there,Africa was alive in my(imagine)___________

10. During our visit to the US, we had a(wonder)_________ time in the Disney World Unit3

1. Many people there were ________to treatment for the still unknown disease

2. The universe seems_________

3. He has__________breaking the window

4. Such an unkind__________was not called for

5. The_________for independence was not called for

6. The government___________ to pressure and dropped the proposal

7. It’s bound to___________ trouble sonner or later

8. There are__________ colors to choose from

9. There are _________colors to choose from

10. The fruit should be carefully _________ in the refrigerator

1 It’s family(traditional)__________ to get together and have a grand meal on the


2. Sticking to the time(allot)___________is crucial to the success of this project

3. A textile(trade)_________lost 1000 dollars after theieves broke into his shop last night

4. It’s such a(delight)___________ surprise to see you here!

5. some scientists are trying to help these sportsmen reach(excellent)_________in a match

6. More and more factories are closed for lack of(powerful)___________

7. She is going to (seeker)_________jobs after graduation next month

8. After such a long wait ,it’s still difficult to say who will(ultimate)__________with the game

9. When the crisis was finally over,the couple lived in perfect(united)___________ever after

10. Our management costs may(various) _________with the economic situation in general Unit4

1. The__________ is being held in the police headquarters for questioning

2. I am writing _____________my mother to express thanks for your gift

3. The story________ her sympathy

4. He ____________his lessins about France with photographs of the people who live there

5. I _____________get out of bed on cold mornings

6. This button has just__________

7. He asked for a/an __________ with the president

8. Exceptions cannot be made for ____________

9. There has been some delay in the ___________of my father’s will

10. The accident was a terrible____________.They all died

1. I couldn’t understand her apparent(uneasy)_____________

2. A(brutality)____________person is one who is cruel or savage

3. The pipeline(onvery)_________natural gas to the Midwest

4. The child fell down and started(scream)___________

5. The (crew)__________are paid to do all the work on the ship

6. That old film(evoke)__________memories of the years of the war

7. We use a(global)__________in our geography lessons

8. His voice shook with(emotional)____________

9. I’ve(reinforce)____________the elbows of that jacket with leather patches

10. The workmen are busy(wire)___________the new school


1. He had never ____________the art of public speaking

2. There are bright _____________for me if I accept the position

3. Several minutes passed before I was __________of what was happening

4. She was__________to have her name printed on the list

5. Did I tell you my idea of challenging John to__________our different policies with me in



7. She invented a____________that can automatically close a window when it rains

8. The citizens are___________from the project

9. I made my brother my____________while I was away from the city

10. Social changes in the early 20th century__________many good writers and poets in pur


1. The travelers(undergo)___________many difficulties on their trip to the Middle East last year

2. He might have seen the surprise on my(facial)___________

3. Her face was badly burned and she had to have skin(transplant)_____________

4. She made a(donate)__________of $10000 to the Children’s Hospital

5. The teacher’s smile(implication)____________that she had forgiven me

6. He(overcome)____________his fear of height

7. Deaths in police custody acused pulic(disquiet)____________

8. Desths in police custody caused pulic(disquiet)____________

9. I can’t understand the mans’(psychological)_____________

10. The(recipient)____________of the prizes had their names printed in the paper

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