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九年级英语下 第一讲 冠词

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九年级英语下 第一讲 冠词



(1) 泛指人和事物的类别。A horse is a useful animal.

(2) 表示“一”, 但没有one 强。I have a pen,a pencil and two erasers.

(3) 第一次提到某人或物。When we came to the crossroads,a young woman came up.

(4) 表示“某一”,相当“every/per‖. I wash my face once a day.

(5) 用于固定短语中。a few,a little, a lot of,a bit,have a rest,have a look.


(1) 表示特定的或上文提过的人或物。I have a dog. The dog is white and black.

(2) 用在世界上独一无二的事物前。 the earth,the sun,the moon

(3) 用于序数词和形容词的最高级前。The 1st story is very interesting. He is the tallest boy.

(4) 用于方位名词前或时间词组。 on the right, in the morning.

(5) 用于姓氏复数前。the Greens, the Wangs.

(6) 用于形容词前表示一类人。the old,the young.


(1)复数名词表示泛指。 I like bananas.

(2)星期,月份,季节和节目名称。 It is Friday.

(3)三餐,球类,学科前。 He often plays basketball.


a European man, an hour , an honest man, a university, a useful book, a usual habit,an umbrella. 经典考题

1.Lily has _________ e-mail address.It‘s lily@163.com.

A.a B.an C.the D./

2.Sam is __________ art teacher.He likes playing _________ football.

A.a,the B.an,the C.an,/ D.an,a

3.Harry Porter III is __________ interesting story and we all like it.

A.a B:an C.the D./

4.—Will you go there by __________train? —No,I‘ll take ________ taxi.

A./,a B.a,the C./,/ D.the,/

5.Peter likes playing_______ football very much,but he doesn‘t like ______ football I bought for him on his birthday.

A.the,the B./,/ C./,the D.the,/

6.The new D-type trains can run at speeds of 200 km ____ hour.The trip from Shanghai to Beijing only takes 10 hours now.

A.a B.an C.the D./

7.—What‘s ________ date today? —It‘s June 26th.

A./ B.a C.the D.an

8.My uncle tells us _______ story.

A.an interesting B.a interesting C.an interested

9.English is _________useful language in __________world.

A.an,the B.a,the C./,the D.an,a

10.He usually goes to school on _______ foot.

A.a B./ C.the

11.I am going to make _________ special house for my pet pig this weekend.

A.an B.a C.the

12.Yesterday an eight-year-old boy fell into a pond._______ boy was saved by a farmer.

A.An B.A C.The

13.This is ________ story book. It was written by Yang Hongying.

A.the B.a C.an

14.Do you know __________ inventor? Yes,he‘s _________ friend of mine.

A.an,the B.a,a C.the,a

15.There is ________ old bridge near my house.

A.a B.an C.the

16.____ new road was built between our village and the town. _______ road is wide and clean

A.a,The B.an,the C.a,the

17.—Who is that girl? —You mean ______ one with long blonde hair ? That‘s Jack‘s sister?

A.a B.an C.the

18.—Be careful! There is _______ dog lying on the ground —Thanks a lot.

A.a B.an C.the

19.Victor can play _______ piano. He can join the music club.

A.a B.an C.the

20.There is no living thing on ________ moon.

A.a B.an C.the

21.Bill likes playing _______ basketball,but he doesn‘t like playing ______ piano.

A.the,the B./,the C.the,/

22._________ Greens are preparing for the coming Thanksgiving Day.

A./ B.A C.The

23.—What ________ bad weather it is today! —Yes,________ weather makes me so sad.

A.a,a B./,the C.an,the

24.—Would you like to have ______ cake?— No,thanks.I‘m full.

A.more B.another C.other

25.—What do you want to be in the future,John?—I want to be _______ fashion designer.It is ______ amazing job.

A.a,the B.an,a C.a,an

26.This summer,I‘m going to visit ________ Great Wall.

A.a B.an C.the

27.—What do you want to be when you grow up? —I want to be _______ social worker.Many people are in great need of our help.

A.a B.an C.the

28.I want to have _________ English pen pal.

A.a B.an C.the

29.—Look!Someone is playing _____piano. —Wow!______beautiful music! I like it very much.

A.a,What B.an,How C.the,What

30.London will hold _________ 30th Olympic Games in July ,2012.

A.a B.an C.the

31.—Where is ________ English book? —Maybe it is on the bookshelf.

A.the B.a C.an D./

32.—Have you seen ____umbrella here ? —You mean _____black one? It was here a minute ago.

A.an,the B.the,a C.an,a D.the,the

33.—Have you got ______ e-mail address? I want to e-mail some photos to you.

—Yes,I‘ve got _______.

A.a,it B.an,one C.the,one D./,it

34.France is ________ European country and Japan is _______ Asian country.

A.an,an B.a,a C.a,an D.an,a

35.The lady with _______ umbrella in hand over there works in ______ university.

A.an,an B.a,a C.a,an D.an,a

36—Who‘s that girl? —You mean ______ one with long blond hair? That's Jack‘s daughter.

A. a B. an C. the D.不填

37. —Be careful ! There is _____dog lying on the ground.—Thanks a lot.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

38.Victor can play ______ piano. He can join the music club.

A. a B. an C. the

39. There is no living thing on __________moon.

A. the B. a C. 不填

40.Bill likes playing_____basketball, but he doesn‘t like playing_____piano.

A. the, the B. /, the C. the, /

41.______ Greens are preparing for the coming Thanksgiving Day.

A. / B. A C. An D. The

42. -----What ___________bad weather it is today------Yes, __________weather makes me so sad.

A. a; a B. /; the C. an; the D. the; a

43 —_____ is your mother? — She is _____ English teacher.

A.Who; the B.What; / C.What; an D.Who; a

44. Bill likes playing_____basketball, but he doesn‘t like playing_____piano.

A. the, the B. /, the C. the, /

45. —Would you like to have ______ cake? —No, thanks. I‘m full.

A. more B. another C. other

46. ______ girl who will perform at the party tomorrow comes from ______ European country.

A. The; a B. A; the C. The; an

47._______new bridage has been built over______Changjiang River in Huangshi.

A. The; a B.A; the C.A; \ D.An; the

48.–People can‘t live without _________________ water. ---Yes, I think so.

A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

49.―What do you want to be in the future, John?

― I want to be _____ fashion designer. It is ______ amazing job.

A. a ; the B. an; a C. a; an D. an; the

50.In order to find ______ better job, she planned to learn ______ second foreign language.

A. the;a B. a;a C. the;the D. a;the

51. China has area of about 9,600,000 square kilometers.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

hour to get to the Yangzhou- Airport from Yangzhou by A. an; a B. a; an C. an; / D. a; /

53.Helen has ____lovely pet dog.___dog is clever enough to bring her newspapers every evening.

A. a ; A B. the ; The C. a ; The D. the ;A


A. a; the B. the; a C. a; / D. the; /

55.We will see ______ even strong China in ______ near future.

A. a; the B. an; the C. the; a D. an; a

56.There is no living thing on _______ moon.

A. the B. a C. 不填

57._____Greens are preparing for the coming Thanksgiving Day.

A. / B.A C. An D. The

58.— Excuse me, is this egg? — No, it‘s cake.

A. an, a B. a, a C. a, an D. an, an

59._______girl riding a bike is ________university student.

A. A, an B. The, an C. A, the D. The, a

60. I want to have ______ English pen pal.

A. a B. the C. an D. /

61.Peer is ____________ honest boy and ___________ good friend of mine.

A. a; the. B. the; an C. a; an D. an; a

62. —What cold weather!

—Yes. But it‘s A. /; a B. a; an C. / ; an D. a; the

63. —What are you going to be in the future? —I want to be _______ actor.

A. a B. an C. the

64. This is ______ interesting movie and it‘s also______ most interesting one I‘ve ever seen.

A. an; a B. an; the C. a; the

65. Hurry up! If we miss ________ last bus, we‘ll have to get home by ________taxi.

A. a; 不填 B. the ; a C. the;不填 D. a; a

66. This is ______ banana.

A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

67. My mother cooked ______ delicious meal. After _____ meal, we went shopping.

A. a: 不填 B. the; 不填 C. a; the D. an; the

68. —What do you think of _______ film about Zhan Tianyou?—It‘s __________ good film.

A. the; the B. a; the C. the; a D. a; a

69. They want their daughter to go to ____university, but they also want her to get __ summer job.

A. 不填;a B. the ;a C. an ;a D. a; the

70. —_pen on my desk? —It's Mary's.

A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

71. Li Na is one of_______most popular lennis players in China.

A.a B. an C.the D. 不填

72— Who's that man? — Jeremy Lin. He's _____ American basketball player.

A .a B. an C. the D. /

73. Lin is good basketball player in the NBA.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

74. —Who‘s that girl?—You mean ______ one with long blond hair? That's Jack‘s daughter.

A. a B. an C. the D.不填

75. A. the, the B. a, the C./, the D. the,/

76. —Be careful ! There is _____dog lying on the ground.—Thanks a lot.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

77. Bill likes playing_____basketball, but he doesn‘t like playing_____piano.

A. the, the B. /, the C. the, /

78. A new road was built between our village and the town. _____ road is wide and clean.

A. 不填 B. The C. A

79. London will hold 30th Olympic Games in July, 2012.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

80. Here is _______ bike my uncle sent me last week. I believe it‘s ________ fantastic one?

A. a; a B. the; the C. the; a D. a; the

81. One of the advantage of playing A. a B. the C. 不填

第二讲 名词






以f/fe结尾,把f/fe变成ves, lives,leaves,knife

辅音字母加y结尾,改y为ies, factories,babies,cities,countries






单数名词结尾加 ’s a girl‘s mother

以s结尾的复数名词加 ’ three hours‘ walk

不以s结尾的加 ’s Children‘s Day Women‘s Day




1. There are many______ on the farm near his house.

A.chicken B.fish C.sheep

2. We should clean our _______ every day.

A.tooth B.teeth C.toothes

3. There is only some ________ and _________ on the table.

A.a bread,water B.bread,waters C.bread,water

4. He bought _________.

A.two pairs of shoes B.two pair of shoes C.two pairs of shoe

5.—Miss Yang,where are the storybooks? —They are on those ______ in the corner.

A.shelf B.shelves C.shelfs

6.There are two new doctors in that hospital.They are from ________.

A.Germans B.German C.Germany

7.My family ________ dinner now.

A.are eating B.is eating C.eat

8.I can see two _________ running after some ________.

A.Japaneses,sheep B.Japanese,sheep C.Japanese,sheeps

9.There are 35 _________ doctors in the hospital.

A.woman B.women C.women‘s

10.It‘s not far,only _______ walk from here to our school.

A.a ten minutes B.ten minutes‘ C.a ten minute‘s

11.—I‘m thirsty.May I have sth to drink? —OK.Here‘s some________.

A.rice B.bread C.water

12.September 10th is ________ Day.

A.Teacher B.Teachers‘ C.Mothers

13.The ________ often eat grass on the hill.

A.sheep B.horse C.cow

14.Look!There are some ________ on the floor.

A.child B.water C.boxes

15. ―What do we need for the salad‖ ―We need two apples and three _______.‖

A.orange B.tomatoes C.broccoli

16.—I have ________ in learning English and I‘m so worried. Could you help me with it ? —Sure,I‘d love to.

A.joy B.interest C.trouble

17.The students of Grade 7 visited Mike‘s farm and saw many _________ there.

A.bird B.duck C.sheep

18.The Internet is very useful.We can get lots of ________ from it .

A.information B.message C.informations

19.I‘m not sure about the meaning of the word.You‘d better look it up in a(an) _________.

A.letter B.dictionary C.article

20.Bananas,apples and oranges are all _______.

A.fruits B.vegetables C.drinks

21.Could you give some _______ to the _________ teachers?

A.advice,man B.suggestions,men C.suggestion,man

22.It‘s ________ from our school to my home.

A.ten minutes‘ walk B.ten minute‘s walk C.ten minutes walk

23.The _______ of most trees will fall in autumn.

A.leaf B:leafs C.leaves

24.—Do you know the ________ of the Confucius Institutes around the world?

—More than three hundred, I guess.

A.list B.name C.number

25.At night,,we can see colorful lights on both _______ of the streets.

A.sides B.side C.side‘s

26.There are many ________ at the foot of the hill.

A.cow B.horse C.sheep

27.—Jack,will your family move to Shanghai? —Yes,That‘s a very big _____ my parents made.

A.decide B.decision C.education

28.There are two_______ and three ________ on the table.

A.apple,banana B.apples,banana C.apples,bananas

29.My ________ skirt is on the chair.

A.sisters‘ B.sister C.sister‘s

30.—Would you like some _________? —Yes, a little please.

A.apple B.banana C.milk

31.—There is _________ milk left. —It doesn‘t matter.I‘ll go to get some at once.

A.a few B.few C.a little D.little

32.—What‘s your ______ —I‘m 50 kg.

A.age B.old C.weigh D.weight

33.—The model plane is so cute.Whose is it? —It‘s ______.He made it _______.

A.Jack‘s,itself B.Jack‘s,himself C.Jack,himself D.Jack,itself

34.—What did you see just now? —I saw two ____ doctors_____ out of the house.

A.woman,come B.woman,came C.women,coming D.women,to come

35.—Look!There___lots of traffic in the city.—___We should be careful when crossing the street.

A.is,But B.are,But C.is,So D.are,Or

36.—Will you make_____for the old lady? —Sure.Just _______ my seat.

A.room,take B.a room,live C.room,sit D.rooms,sit

37.—How old is the baby? —He is ________. A.six-months-old B.six-month-old C.six-months old D.six months old

38. — It's a wise ________ to wear the white tie. It matches your shirt well. — Thank you very much.

A. choice B. support C. mixture D. honour

39.— Do you think the ______of this skirt suits me?

—Of course! You always look beautiful in red.

A. size B. design C. price D. color

40. If you want to get more information about English learning, please visit our_______.www.yyxx.com.

A. company B. store C. office D. website

41. —Would you like some _______? —No, thanks. I’m not hungry at all.

A. water B. soup C. orange D. bread

42. Being honest is the first ______ if you want to make friends with others.

A.step B.time C.job D.hand

43. —Tommy, you can never let others know what I have told you today.

—Don’t worry. I will keep the ______.

A.secret B.money C.address D.grade

44. —What is Miss Gao’s favorite _______? —She is always in pink. Don’t you know?

A.colour B.book C.song D.movie

44. — Mum, there’s something wrong with my ____ .Could you wake me up tomorrow morning? — No problem, dear.

A. pencil case B. alarm clock C. tennis racket

45. More and more people would like to go on vacation abroad. They should remember to be ________ with good manners.

A. visitors B. players C. volunteers

46.-I have great_____in finishing the work by myself. Could you help me ? —No problem.

A. fun. B. success. C. advice. D. difficulty.

47. Lee is new in Nanchang. Maybe he needs a _____for sightseeing.

A. watch B. ticket C. map D. notebook

48. The food safety is a serious______in our country. We should try to solve it.

A. subject B. program C. problem D. opinion

49.—Where are the _____students?

—They are playing football with _____students from Hilltop School.

A. boys,/ B. boys, the C. boy, / D. boy, the

50. You'd better read the______first before you use the camera.

A. websites B. expressions C. instructions D. advertisements

51.— I like reading.—Me too. I especially like the________written by J. K. Rowling.

A. homework B. numbers C. movies D. books

52. —I want to see the movie Iron Man 3 . Do you know the ______ of the ticket? —Yes. Five dollars.

A. number B. price C. kind D. name

53. I’m so hungry. Please give me _____ to eat.

A. three bread B. three pieces of bread C.three pieces of breads

54.—Excuse me, where did you get the book?— I borrowed it from the_______.

A. cinema B.library C. park D. station

55.—Hello! Is that Jenny speaking?—Sorry, I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong ________.

A. number B. name C. address D. message

56. ——Would you please pass me the_____?I need to look up a word in it. ——OK, here you are。

A. bag B. box C. paper D. dictionary

57. I' m happy to see great _____ have taken place in my hometown. Many new roads have been built.

A. experiences B. advantage C. dream D. changes

58.— I will buy you a new bike if you learn how to swim this summer.

—Is that a __________? I’m sure I’ll get the bike.

A.chance B.promise C.trick D.treat

59. —What can I do for you?—Err, I want a glass of milk, some bread and_____.

A. some chickens B. any chickens C. some chicken

60. —Jenny, What’s your favorite. —I like bananas best.

A. vegetables B. fruit C. drink

61. —My favorite TV _______ is A Bite of Chinese (舌尖上的中国).

—We like it, too. My mother often cooks delicious food after watching it.

A. instruction B. guidebook C. entertainment D. program

62. —What ______ can you give me on learning English?

—I think you could join an English club

A advice B news C messages D information

63.—I plan to go out for a bicycle trip to Longzhong. But I'm afraid I don't know the________. —A map is helpful, I think.

A. time B. way C. weather D. price

64.— Could you give me some ______ on how to learn English ______?

— Sure. Practice makes perfect.

A. advice; good B. suggestions; good C. advice; well D. suggestion; well

65.— Look at my stamps.— They are beautiful! You’ve got a wonderful______.

A. instruction B. description C. collection D. expression

66. ______ fathers can’t go to the class meeting because they have gone to business.

A. Jack and Mike’s B.Jack’s and Mike’s C.Jack and Mike D.Jack’s and Mike

67. Lisa was so careless that she made many spelling _______in her homework.

A. plans B. decisions C. grades D. mistakes

68. —What kind of porridge would you like, Alice? — I would like ______.

A. egg porridge B. eggs porridge C. fish porridges D. fishes porridge

69. Look at the man over there. He is _____ uncle.

A. Jim’s and Tim’s B. Jim’s and Tim C. Jim and Tim D.Jim and Tim’s

70. —Mum, I am hungry. May I have some ______?—Of course. But don't eat too much.

A. bread B. noodle C. dumpling D. Hamburger

71. —How far is your cousin's home from here?—It's about two_______ ride.

A. hour's B. hours C. hours' D. Hour

72. Mr White, the principal, has made a great_________to the growth of the school.

A. contribution B. progress C. invention D. protection

72. — How ______ is it from Xi’an to Dunhuang?—It’s less than 3 _______ flight.

A. long; hour’s B. far; hour’s C. long; hours’ D. far; hours’

73. Just search the internet, you can get almost all the ______ you need.

A. informations B. information C. picture D. story

74. A/An_________ can use his drawings to tell about beautiful mountains, the blue sea and many other things.

A. actor B. scientist C. artist D. doctor

75. The people who are more confident have more________ to make themselves successful.

A. education B. chances C. pride D. excuses

76. There are some ________ on the floor.

A. milk B. child C. boxes

77.—Where is Thomas? —He left a__________.

A. information B. message C. news

78.—Whose room is this? —It's _____.

A. Lucy and Lily B. Lucy and Lily’s C. Lucy’s and Lily’s

79. —Are there any ______in your school? —Yes, there are.

A. Germen B. Germans C. German

80. The students didn’t find much ________ about the topic on that website.

A. report B. article C. information D. story

81.——What would you like to drink, girls? ——,________ please.

A. Two glass of water B.Two glass of waters C. Two cups of tea D.Two cups of teas

82. ——Someone called you just now.

——I know. But I was busy at that moment. When I called back, there was no ______.

A. voice B. sound C. answer D. result

83. The French book must _________. She’s the only one who’s studying French.

A.belong to Li Ying’s B.belong to Li Ying C.belong Li Ying’s D.belong Li Ying

84. Kate is _____ girl. She’s very happy at school.

A. a eighteen-year-old B. an eighteen-year-old

C. an eighteen-years-old D. a eighteen-years-old

85. “____________bookcase is this?” “It must be_____.”

A. Who’s ; Tom B. Who’s; Tom’ C. Whose; Tom’s D. Whose; Tom

86.— How far is your home from school? —It’s about two_______walk.

A. hours B. hours’ C. hour’s D. hour

87. If I am wanted in the telephone, ask him to leave a ________.

A. message B. letter C. diary D. sentence

88. —Do you have any _______? —Yes, I like chess and drama best.

A. jobs B. duties C. hobbies D. problems

89. —I am sure Cindy will be able to find the hotel.—she has a pretty good ______ of direction.

A. idea B. feeling C. experience D. sense

90. Tom is in good health, because he often exercises and eats a lot of healthy __________.

A. food B. water C. pear D. carrot

91. —Mum, can I blow out all the _______on the birthday cake now ?

—No, dear . You should make a wish first .

A. flowers B. candles C. fruits

92. He will have to watch his_______because of his serious stomach problem.

A. style B. diet C. smell D. menu

93.The mountain I visited last Sunday isn’t very______. Few_____go sightseeing there.

A.tourist;tourists B.touristy;tourist C.touristy;tourists D.tourist; tourist

94. In this exam, you’re asked to write a composition of about ______.

A. 90-words B. 90-word C. 90 words D. 90 word’s

95. —Mum, I’ve heard that we can’t eat ______these days. Is it true? —Take it easy. It is safe to eat cooked meat.

A. chicken B. chickens C. a chicken D. the chicken

96. I saw some _______and _______dancing in the street the day before yesterday.

A. Germen; Englishmen B. Germans; Englishmans C. Germans; Englishmen

97. He is ________ father.

A. Jim’s and Lucy’s B.Jim and Lucy’s C.Jim’s and Lucy

98. How many ___________are there in the basket?

A. potato B. bread C. tomatoes

99. He was born in Italy, but he has made China his______

A. family B. address C. house D. home

100. — Shall we go____on Sunday? I love water sports.—That's a good idea.

A. hiking B. swimming C. cycling D. skating

101. David visited lots of_______in the world.

A.places of interesting B.places of interest C.place of interests

102.Hangzhou is ____to hundreds of foreign friends who are working and studying here.

A. home B. house C. family D. room

103. —The sweater is not the right ___for me.

—Well, shall I get you’re a bigger one or a smaller one?

A. price B. color C. size D. material

104. — David, why are you so excited?

— My father has made a_________ that he will take me to Tibet next month.

A. face B. promise C. mistake

105. — Chinese astronauts can also walk in space now.

— Yes, they're __________ our nation.

A.proud of B.pleased with C.the pride of D.known for

106. She is a ________ girl with two big eyes.

A. six-years-old B. six-year-old C. six years old

107. Jason likes the __________of the cake. It is a heart.

A.color B.size C.smell D.shape

108. Eating more vegetables is good for our health. I often eat lettuce, broccoli and ______.

A. tomato B. tomatos C. tomatoes D. potato

109.—I’m very thirsty now. —Would you like some ______?

A. tea B. fish C. noodles D. potatoes

第三讲 代词


1.人称代词中主格和宾格的区别和用法。主格作主语,宾格用在动词和介词后作宾语,或用在系动词后作表语。 We love our English teacher. Tell me how old you are.

2.物主代词中形容词性和名词性的区别和用法。形容词性物主代词起形容词作用,作定语,修饰名词;名词性物主代词单独使用,起名词作用,名词性物主代词=形容词性物主代词+名词。 Is this your book? Yes,it‘s mine.






1.My homework is finished.What about _________?

A.you B.your C.yours D.yourself

2.Enjoy________,Mary and Kate.

A.yourself B.myself C.yourselves D.themselves

3.You‘d better use ______ computer._______ is broken.

A.his,My B.his,Mine C.he,My D.him,Mine

4.—An old friend of my sister always helps my brother and ______ with _______ English.

A.I,our B.me,ourselves C.I,my D.me,our

5.Mr Green,there is sb at the front desk_______ would like to speak with you.

A.he B.who C.which D.whom

6.—Who is the man _______ was talking to our English teacher?

—Oh! It‘s Mr Baker,our new maths teacher.

A.he B.that C.whom D.which

7.—I have looked for my model plane everywhere.Have you seen it? —Is this ___?

A.your B.you C.yourself D.yours

8.—Oh! I came here in a hurry and forgot to bring any food.—Don‘t worry.You can have____.

A.us B.him C.ours D.yours

9.—Jim finds _____ easy to remember all the English words.—____a smart child he is!

A.it,What B.that,How C.this,What D.it,How

10.—Have you got _____ e-mail address?I want to e-mail some photos to you.

—Yes,I‘ve got ________.

A.a,it B.an,one C.the,one D./,it

11.—This is my new e-dictionary.—Wow!I like ____ very much.I‘ll ask my mum to buy_____.

A.it,one for me B.it,one to me C.one,it for me D.one,it to me

12.The students are helping the old man clean _______ house now.

A.her B.him C.his

13.Zhang Ming is good at math.He often helps ______ with it.

A.me B.I C.my D.mine

14.—What else do you need for your trip? —______else.I‘ve packed everything.

A.Sth B.Everything C.Nothing

15.—Here is a schoolbag.Whose is it ? —Oh,it‘s _______.Thank you.

A.my B.I C.me D.mine

16.Mrs Brown is nice.Every day she tried to cook _______ for me during my stay in Canada.

A.sth different B.anything different C.nothing different

17.It‘s polite to take ______ flowers as a gift when you go to visit a friend.

A.little B.any C.some

18.—How is Helen in the new school? —She is doing very well.There‘s _____ to worry about.

A.sth B.anything C.nothing

19.—Whose pen is this? —Oh,it‘s _______.I was looking for it everywhere.

A.you B.yours C.mine

20.Healthy food and exercise help ______ to study better.

A..us B.we C.our

21.—We have red and yellow T-shirts.Which color do you like? —I‘m afraid _____.I think blur will OK.

A.both B.either C.neither

22.We are sure that our football players will do _______ best.

A.their B.they C.them

23.There is ________ in the bag .It‘s empty.

A.nothing B.sth C.anything

24.The lovely girl is from Class 8._______ name is Alice.

A.Her B.His C.Your

25.There were only two paintings for sale and he bought._______.

A.all B.any C.both

26.I‘ll take _______ of the cameras,one is for my brother,the other is for Jim.

A.either B.both C.all

27.—Who teaches _______ Chinese? —Mrs.White .She has lived in China for years.______ Chinese is very good.

A.you,Her B.your,Hers C.you,Him

28.—Do you like talking with your friends on the telephone or mobile phone?

—________.I enjoy chatting on line.

A.Neither B.None C.Both

29.I guess Peter and his sister Sally enjoyed _________ at the dancing party.

A.myself B.himself C.themselves

30.—Could we see each other at 9 o‘clock tomorrow morning? Sorry,let‘s make it _____ time. A.other‘s B.the other C.another

31.—Mum,I’m hungry. Is there______to eat?—Yes,you can have some bread on the table. A. something B. nothing C. anything

32. I have two sisters, but_________of them is a teacher.

A. all B. neither C. both D. none

33. He invited some classmates to come to his party,but ______came.

A. a little B. little C. a few D. few

34. —The teachers in that school speak either English or French, or even _________. —That's so cool!

A. all B. both C. neither D. none

35. —What kind of house would you like? ,—I'd like _____with a garden in front of______.

A. It, one B. one, one C. one, it D. it, it

36. A smile costs ________, but gives so much.

A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

37. No matter how difficult things seem to be, you should say to _____ “Never mind!” A positive attitude is the key to success.

A. themselves B. ourselves C. yourselves

38. ______ was born being good at all things. You can do well in things through hard work. As an English learner, you can’t be excellent without enough practice.

A. Everybody B. Somebody C. Nobody

39.—Does your English teacher chat with you on QQ?

—Yes, sometimes, It’s _______ we enjoy doing at weekends.

A. anything B. something C. everything D. nothing

40. —Your tea smells great! —It’s from India. Would you like ______?

A. it B. this C. some D. little

41.—Which magazine do you like better, Crazy Reading or Teen’s space? —I like ___of them. They are useful for English lessons.

A.none B. neither C. all D. both

42. I've got several novels written by MoYan. You can borrow ________ if you like.

A. it B. one C. every D. Either

43. — Have you got anything to do this afternoon, Lucy and Lily?

— Yes. ________ of us are going to the home for the elderly.

A.Each B. Either C. Both D. All

44. My friend Jenny often helps ______ with ______ English.

A. I; me B. me; my C. my; me D. I; my

45. My parents showed ________ some old pictures that brought back sweet memories.

A. I B. me C. my D. mine

46. Many people think Peng Liyuan is the most beautiful First Lady. And ________ songs are also well-known.

A. his B. her C. their

47. —- Jim, please help ______ to some bread . —- Thank you.

A. himself . B. yourself . C. herself D. myself.

48. The man has _____ friends in this city, so he often stays at home.

A. a few B. few C. little D. a little

49. We need to go shopping. There is_________ juice left in the fridge.

A. little B. few C. many D. much

50. —Which of the two T-shirts will you take?

—I’ll take ______ . One is for my brother and the other is for myself.

A.either B.both C.neither D.all

51?—Don't be angry with your kid when he makes a mistake again, will you? —No. I won't. I know that ______of us are perfect after all.

A. none B.neither C. each D.all

52. —Would you like some juice or coffee?—____is OK. I really don’t care.

A. Both B. Either C. All D. Neither

53. —Excuse me, is this _______ iPad mini? —No, it isn’t. _______ is at home.

A. your; Mine B. your; My C. yours; My D. yours; Mine

54. —What do you think of the movie by Zhao Wei?—Terrific. I like_____very much.

A. it B. him C. her D. you

55. —I am a little hungry, Mom.

—There are some cakes on the plate. You can take__________.

A. it B. one C. that D. this

56.—Who helped Betty tidy up the bedroom just now?—_____.She cleaned it all by herself.

A. Somebody B. Nobody C. Everybody D. Anybody

57. —Who helped you clean the bedroom yesterday, Kitty?

—_______. I cleaned it all by myself.

A. Nobody B. Everybody C. Somebody D. Anybody

58. This is not my Walkman. It's ________. Mine is over there.

A. our B. hers C. your D. my

59. After Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize, more people began to read ________ books.

A. he B. him C. his D. himself

60. —Everyone should learn to say “I love you” to their parents often. —I think so. _______ in life is more important than family.

A. Something B. Everything C. Anything D. Nothing

61.—Which do you prefer, a CD player or a walkman?—______.I prefer a portable computer.

A. Both B. Either C. None D. Neither

62. My host family tried to cook _____ for me when I studied in New Zealand.

A.different sth B.different anything C.sth different D.anything different

63. My family has two dogs. One is white, ____ is black.

A. other B. another C. the other D others

64. —It snowed heavily last night. Is everyone in our class here today? —Yes, and of us was late for school this morning.

A. none B. neither Call D. either

65. —All the volunteers were very tired, but_____of them took a rest. —They were busy looking for the missing people.

A. neither B. all C. both D. none

66. —Is your friend Michael still in Australia?

—I don't know. I have ______ information about him because we haven't seen each other for ____ years.

A. a little ; a few B. little; a few C. a few; a little D. few; a little

67. 一Who teaches ________ music? 一Nobody. I teach ________.

A.; mine B. your; myself C. you; myself

68.-Have you read today’s newspaper?-No, I haven’t. Is there_______in it?

A. something important B. anything special C. new anything

69.China is larger than _________ in Africa.

A.the other countries B.any country C.any of the other countries D.any other country

70. Is that bike ________ ?

A. she B. hers C. her D. she's

71. Lost in Thailand is a very successful comedy. It’s ________favorite movie.

A. me B. mine C. I D. my

72.They are able to talk openly to one another whenever _________ of them feels hurt.

A. either B. both C. some D. all

73.— Mike,is that new bike_______?—Yes.My mother bought it for me yesterday.

A.you B.your C. yours D. yourself

74. —Is New Zealand a big country?

—No, New Zealand only has two islands. One is North Island,_______is South Island.

A. other B. the other C. another

75. —Would you like _____ to eat? —No, thanks.

A. something B. anything C. nothing

76 _______ is waiting for at the gate. He wants to say thanks to you.

A. Somebody B. Anybody C. Everybody D. Nobody

77. The song I Believe I Can Fly tells us that believing in_________ is very important.

A. themselves B. itself C. ourselves D. yourselves

77. My parents gave _______a nice toy bear for my birthday.

A. I B. mine C. my D. me

78. — Wow! You've got so many clothes.— But ________ of them are in fashion now.

A. all B. both C. neither D. none

79.—Have got any books on English grammar? I want to borrow . —Yes, here you are. But you must return it by Friday.

A. one B. it C. some D. that

80.You have just read the newspaper. Did you find______in it?

A. interesting anything B. anything interesting C. interesting something.

81.—Do your grandparents live with you? —Yes, we take care of_________ well.

A. they B. their C. them

82. —Which do you prefer, rice or noodles?

—______, thanks. I am not hungry, I only need some water.

A. Neither B. Either C. Both D. All

83. He thinks himself somebody, but we think him______.

A. nobody B. anybody C. somebody D. everybody

84. You don’t have a drink. Can I get you _________ ?

A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

85. It is a good habit of _______to read a few lines before going to bed.

A. I B. me C. my D. mine

86.-Would you like some juice or coffee? —_______. I like green tea instead.

A. Either B. Neither C. Both

87. ——Our skirts look the same. ——Yes, but _______ looks newer.

A. your B. yours C. you D. yourself

88. We have noticed the problems,and ___ will be discussed at the meeting.

A. you B. it C. they D. us

89. I don't have a present for my friend. What if ______ else brings a present?

A. anybody B. nobody C. everyone D. none

90. — Jane, is this your dictionary?— Yes, it's_________. Thank you.

A. me B. my C. Mine

91. —I’ll have a tennis game tomorrow. I’m a little bit nervous.

—Believe in ________ . You’re the best in our club.

A. herself B. myself C. yourself D. himself

92. —Let’s do something for Ya’an children.—Why not write letters to cheer_____up.

A. him B. her C. us D. them

93. There is a cup of tea. Please pass _______to me.

A. one B. it C. this D. that

94. Don’t worry about me. I can take good care of _______.

A. me B. myself C. him D. himself

95. There are lots of restaurants in our town. And most of _____are clean and cheap.

A. it B. they C. us D. them

96.——Is this _____ football, boys? ——No, it is not _________.

A. yours; ours B. your; our C. yours; our D. your; ours

97. Jerry and Scott are from the United States, but _____of them are interested in Beijing Opera.

A. all B. both C. neither D. either

98. —Does Miss White like sports? —Yes, ______favorite sport is tennis.

A. he B. she C. his D. her

99. It’s very important for us to learn how to learn by ______.

A. ourselves B. itself C. myself D. themselves

100. —could you lend me a pen?

—Of course. Here are two and you can take ______of them

A, both B. all C. any D. either

101. —Who helped you clean the classroom yesterday?—______.I did it all by myself.

A. Someone B. Anyone C. Nobody D. Everybody 102. We should protect the beautiful flowers on _______sides of the street.

A. every B. both C. either

103. He has written many books, but _____ of them are good.

A. few B. many C. any

104 — I’ve left my mobile phone at home. Can I use ____for a call ?

—Sure , Here you are.

A. you B. your C. yours

105 —Morning, class. Is _____ here? —No, sir. Tom is absent.

A. anybody B. everybody C. nobody D. somebody

106.Mom,I’m old enough to wash ____own clothes and ____.You can have a rest after work.

A. my; your B. my; yours C. your; my D. yours; mine

107.The man called his professor for help because he couldn’t solve the problem by ______.

A. herself B. himself C. yourself D. themselves

108. Boys, don’t lost ______ in playing Angry Birds. It is bad for your eyes to play computer games for a long time.

A. himself B. yourself C. themselves D. yourselves 109. This morning Diana invited ______to ______birthday party.

A. I; her B. I; hers C. me; her D. me; hers

110.—Which of the two subjects do you like, art or music?

—______.They are really interesting

A. Neither B. Both C. None D. All

111. — Jane, is this ______ umbrella? —No,it’s not mine. It is ______.

A. you; hers B. your, hers C. yours; her D. your; her

112. The iPad isn’t ______. It belongs to ______.

A. he; me B. hers; mine C. his; me D. her; mine

113.—Hi, guys. How was your party yesterday?—Wonderful!We had a big meal and enjoyed _______.

A. themselves B. myself C. yourselves D. ourselves

114. —Who has a dictionary, children? — I have _______.

A. them B. it C. they D one

115. ______ is really hard ______ them to climb such a high mountain.

A. This; to B. It; to C. This; for D. It; for

第四讲 数词




3.分数的表达方式。分子用基数词,分母用序数词。分子大于1时,分母的序数词要加s。1/3 one third, 2/3 two thirds

4.dozen,score,hundred,thousand,million,billion表示确数和概数的表达。表确数用单数,表概数用复数。five hundred books,two thousand people,hundreds of books.



1.There are ________workers in his factory,________?

A.hundreds of,aren’t there B.hundreds of,are they C.three hundreds,are there

D.three hundreds,aren’t they

2.Lucy is very excited because today is her _______ birthday.

A.nineth B.nine C.the ninth D.ninth

3.—How old is the baby? —He is ___________.

A.six-months-old B.six-month-old C.six-months old D.six months old

4.—How many students are there in your class?

—Fifty.Two thirds of us ______ from Changsha.

A.is B.comes C.are D.coming

5.—Do you still remember the snow storm last winter?

—Sure._______ people ________ from going home during that time.

A.One hundred, stopped B.Ten hundreds of, were stopped C.Hundreds, stopped

D.Hundreds of, were stopped

6.I’m 13 years old and my sister is 15 years old.. So my sister is ________ years older than me.

A.one B.two C.three

7.________ visitors come to Xingyi every day.

A.Thousands of B.Two thousands C.Thousand of

8.We are going to hold a big party to celebrate _______ birthday of new China.

A.the sixtieth B.sixty C.sixtieth

9.Father’s Day is on ________ Sunday of June.

A.three B.third C.the third

10.—How was your weekend? —Great! It was my grandfather’s _______birthday.We enjoyed ourselves.

A.seventy B.seventieth C.the seventieth

11.He wrote his _______novel when he was________.

A.five,fifties B.fifth,fifty C.fifth,fiftieth

12.A ________ girl named Dong Xinyi looked after her disabled father.

A.three-year-old B.three-years-old C.three years old

13.The chairperson received about three _____ applications to join the Bird Watching Club.

A.hundred B.hundreds of C.hundreds

14.The ________ action film has attracted millions of young people to the cinema.

A.120-minute B.120-minutes C.120 minutes

15.Some word puzzles in this book are ______ difficult that _______ students can solve them.

A.such,few B.such,little C.so,few

16.Please turn to page _______ and look at the ________ picture in this unit.

A.twentieth,one B.twenty,first C.twentieth,first

17.Did you know that the earth is home to ________ animals?

A.millions of B.millions C.million of

18.Some scientists think it will take _______ of years to make robots do most work for humans.

A.hundreds B.hundred C.thousand

19.I think ________ should not be allowed to drive.

A.sixteen years old B.sixteen-year-old C.sixteen-year-olds

20.—I hear your friend is visiting San Ya again. Is it the second time for him? —Yes,and he will come for _________ time next spring.

A.a third B.a second C.the third

21.About ________ of the students in Grade Nine this year were born in the ________.

A.three five,1996 B.three fifths,1990s C.third fifth,1997

22.There _______ twelve months in a year. September is the ______ month.

A.are,ninth B.is,ninth C.are,nineth

23.—Would you like to have _______ apples? —No,thank you.I’ve had enough.

A.other two B.another two C.more two

24.—Do you know that there are many different _______ animals in the zoo? —Yes,I do.And I also know that some of them are _______ scaring.

A.kinds of,kind of B.kinds of, kind of C.kind of,kinds of

25._________ trees were cut down.And many birds lost their home.

A.Two thousands B.Thousands of C.Thousand of

26.It’s ________ now. Let’s go to bed.

A.half to ten B.half past ten C.half pass ten

27.We are in ________.

A.Class Three B.Three Class C.Class Third

28. Lincoln was born on ________.

A.February 12, 1809 B.1809, February 12 C.1809, 12 February D.February 1809,12

29. A _______ boy can sing the English song very well.

A. ten-year-old B. ten years old C. ten-year-old D. fifth years old

30. An hour later, _____ minister was sent to see the “magic cloth” woven by those two men.

A. two B. the second C. the two D. Second

31. Abraham Lincoln was _______ President of the United States.

th A. 16 B. the 16 C. 16th D. the 16

32. Do you think there is any room for us ________?

A.two B. the two C. second D. the second

33. How many students are there in your class? ________.

A.Twenty nine B. Thirty and two C. Forty-five D. Fifties

34. Which number is wrong? _______.

A. Ninety B. Ninteen C. Ninth D. Nineteenth

35. The People's Liberation Army was founded _______.

A.on August 1, 1927 B.in 1927, 1 August C.on August 1st, 1927 D.in August 1, 1927

36. The number 4,123 is read _______.

A.four thousand one hundred and twenty-three B. four thousand and one hundred twenty-three C. four thousand and a hundred and twenty-three D. four thousands a hundred and twenty-three

37. The old professor still works hard though he is _________.

A. in his sixty B. in his sixties C. in sixties D. in the sixty

38. This classroom is ________ ours.

A.three times big as B.as three times big as C.three times as big as D.as big three times as

39. The basketball team of our school ranks ________ in the match.

A. three B. third C. the three D. the third

40. Which is the car that he drives? It's ________.

A.fifty two B.the fifty-two cars C.the car fifty four D. the fifty-fourth car

41. Which of the following is wrong? ________.

A.He is a fifteen-year-old boy. B.He is at the age of 15.

C. He is a boy of 15. D. He is fifteen year old.

42. Our school is not very big. There are only ________ students.

A. nine hundreds of B. nine hundred C. nine hundreds D. nine hundred of

43. How many new words are there in ________ lesson? There are only _________.

A. five; fifth B. fifth; five C. the fifth; the five D. the fifth; five

44. ________, Coca-Cola began to enter China's market.

A. In 1970's B. In 1970s C. In the 1970s' D. In the 1970s

45. There was no bus in that small town. We had a ________.

A. ten miles walk B. ten-mile walk C. ten mile's walk D. tenth mile walk

46. Today is the first day and ________.

A. Tuesday is fourth B. Thursday is the fourth C. second is Tuesday D. a second is Thursday

47. Which room do you live in? ________.

A. The 201 Room B. Room 201 C. Room 201st D. The 201's Room

48. How many magazines do you have? I have ________.

A. two B. both C. twice D. the second

49. Three hundred thousand one hundred and seventy means ________.

A. 3,170 B. 3,117 C. 300,170 D. 30,170

50. On May ________, ________ people traveled round the country.

A. the first, millions B. the first, millions of C. first, the millionth D. first, millions

51. ________ of them are dining at school.

A. Twelve B. Twelfth C. The twelve D. the 12th

52. It's 7:17 is read ________.

A. seven and seventeen B. seven seven C. seven one seven D. seven seventeen

53. Four ________ two is two.

A. plus B. minus C. times D. divided by

54. Three ________ five is eight.

A. plus B. minus C. times D. divided by

55. Three ________ seven is twenty-one.

A. plus B. minus C. times D. divided by

56. Forty-two ________ seven is six.

A. plus B. minus C. times D. divided by

57. There are ________ days in a year.

A. three hundred sixty and five B. three hundred and sixty-five

C. three hundreds and sixty-five D. three hundred sixty-five

58. There are ________ students in that school.

A. two thousand eight-six B. two thousand eighty-six

C. two thousand and eighty-six D. two thousands and eighty-six

59. It took me ________ to get there.

A. two hours and a half B. two hours and half

C. two hour and a half D. two hour and half

60. September is _________ month of the year.

A. the nineth B. the ninth C. nineth D. Ninth

61. Please pass me _______ book on the left.

A. third B. three C. the third D. the three

62. ________ is a very tall boy.

A. The twelve B. The twelveth C. The twelfeth D. The twelfth

63. We have known each other for ________.

A. a year and half B. a year with half C. a year and a half D. a year with a half

64. “What year is it?” “It's ________.”

A. nineteen hundred and ninety-seven B. nineteen and ninety-seven

C. nineteen ninety and seven D. nineteen ninety-seven

65. “What's the date today?” “It's _________.”

A. Tuesday B. June Fourth C. June the four D. June the fourth

66. The train from Shanghai will arrive ________.

A. in quarter past six B. in a quarter past six C. at quarter past six D. at a quarter past six

67. My friend was born on _________.

A. three of July, 1979 B. the third of July,1979 C. 1979, July the third D. 1979, the third of July

68. ________ is less than ________.

A.One-third; two-thirds B.One-third; two-third

C.First-three;first-threes D.One-third; one-three

69. Which lesson did you learn yesterday? ________.

A. Lesson Seven B. Lesson seventh C. The 7 Lesson D. 7 Lesson

70. “What's the date today?” “It's _______.”

A. the fourth of may B. the fourth May C. May four D. May the fourth

71. 334 is read ________.

A. three hundreds and thirty four B. three hundreds thirty four

C. three hundred and thirty fourth D. three hundred and thirty-four

72. In February, there are only _________ days.

A. twenty nine B. twenty-nineth C. twenty-nine D. twenty eight

73. There will be a comedy on TV at ________ this evening.

A.seven past thirty B.half past seven C.seven the thirty D.thirty to seven

74. It took me ________ to find out the key to the drawer.

A.one and half hours B.one and a half hours C.one and a half hour D.one and half hour

75. I'm so tired after ________ walk.

A. three hours B. three hours' C. three hour's D. three hour

第五讲 形容词和副词



(1)形容词作定语,一般放在名词前。a green pen.形容词修饰不定代词时,放在不定代词之后,nothing impossible.





(1)用原级比较,as...as,not as(so)...as.Our school is as beautiful as theirs. Tom is not as tall as his brother.

(2)比较级比较,用than, The sun is bigger than the earth.

(3)修饰比较级的词:much,even,still,a lot,a little . He runs much faster than I


a)比较级and 比较级表越来越... It is getting hotter and hotter.

b)The +比较级,the+比较级:越...越... The busier he is ,the happier he feels


1.This picture is _______than that one.

A.far beautiful B.even worst C.more prettier D.much better

2.It is ________ important for us to learn English well.

A.much B.too C.very D.enough

3.He had a ________ visit to Canada last month.

A.ten days B.ten-day C.ten-days D.ten day

4.Of all the students,she looks__________.

A.the happiest B.the most happiest C.happier D.happy

5.Johnny doesn’t sing quite _______ the other boys and girls in his class.

A.so well as B.as good like C.as well like D.so good as

6.—Hi,David! Do you think you can learn English well?

—I think I can.But it’s ________ of all the subjects.

A.difficult B.more difficult C.most difficult D.the most difficult

7.—Our class team lost the school football match.

—We felt very sad.But David looked quite __________.

A.happily B.sadly C.happy D.sad

8.—Who do you think can play “Dobby” in our show?

—I think Tim is,________ to be an actor.He is our school star.

A.cool enough B.enough cool C.too cool D.so cool

9.—2008 is drawing near.Any changes in Beijing?

—Yes,more stadiums are being built,and _______ people are learning English.

A.more and more B.the more and the more C.the more and more D.more and more

10.—You play the piano so well._______ do you have the piano lessons? —Once a week.

A.How soon B.How often C.How long D.How much

11.—What _______news it was !

—Yes,all of the children were _______.

A.excited,exciting B.exciting,excited C.exciting,exciting D.excited,excited

12.—Travelling by plane is _______ than travelling by train.

—Yes,but it is not so __________as traveling by train.

A.quickly,cheaper B.more quick,cheaply C.quick,more cheap D.quicker,cheap

13.—Germany will be ______ popular with the visitors this year.

—Why? —Because the 2006 World Cup Soccer ________ there.

A.more,is hold B.much,is held C.more,is held D.much,is held

14.—Mum,I think I’m _________ to get back to school.

—Not really,my dear.You’d better ________ at home for another day or two

A.so well,stay B.so good,to stay C.well enough,stay D.good enough,to stay

15.—Shall we go to the Hi-tech Fair at 9:00 tomorrow morning?

—Why not meet a little ________? How about 8:30?

A.more B.less C.later D.earlier

16.—This dish tastes ________

—Thank you.It ________ by Mr. Smith.

A.good,was cooked B.well,cooks C.bad,is cooked D.terrible,cooked

17.—The teacher looked at her students _______ when they were saved.

—We also felt _______ for them.

A.happily,happy B.happy,happily C.happy,happy D.happily,happily

18.—________ plastic bags we use,_______ it will be to the environment. —I agree________ you.

A.The less,the better,with B.The fewer,the better,with C.The less,the worse,to

D.The fewer,the worse,to

19.This kind of skirt looks ________ and sells _________.

A.nice,well B.nice,good C.well,well D.good,nice

20.Jim does morning excises every day,so he looks very ________.

A.tired B.good C.well D.happy

21.He knows _______about computer than me .

A.much B.more C.most

22.We must keep the classroom________.

A.clean B.cleaned C.cleaning

23.—Knowledge is money.—But I think it is ________ than money.

A.more important B.the most important C.important

24.—Which month of the year do you like_______? —March.

A.better B.best C.well

25.Dear students.Please read every sentence carefully.The more _______ you are,the _______ mistakes you’ll make.

A.carefully,fewer B.careful,less C.careful,fewer 26. Debbie is growing fast. She is even____________ than her mother.

A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the tallest

27.—____________do you go to the cinema? —Once a month.

A.How long B. How far C. How often D. How much

28. David is ______________ student in our class. Nobody is taller than him.

A.tall B. taller C. the tallest

29. —Peter is _________than you, right? —Yes, but he runs_________in our class.

A.heavier, fastest B.heavy, the fastest C.heavier, faster D.heavy, faster

30.Everyone was when they heard the news.

A.exciting,exciting B.excited,exciting C.exciting.excited

31. — What do you think of the price of gold in the world?

—Nowadays it is getting much than before.

A. low B. lower C. lowest D. the lowest

32. — It’s very important for everyone to exercise. do you exercise? —Three or four times a week.

A. How long B. How far C. How soon D. How often 33. The days last too long. We hate them.

A.fog B.foggy C.fogy

34.—How are you today ,Mike?—I’m now. I don’t think this medicine is good for me.

A. badly B. better C. well D. worse

35.—Why does Tina look so_____today?—She's won the first prize in the English contest.

A. happier B. happy C. happiest D. happily 36.He often drinks two cups of

A.boiling B.boil water when he comes back. C.boiled D.boils

37.The Internet is really___to us.We can easily find information on it.

A.boring B.useful C.interesting

38. -Many boy students think math is ______ English.-I agree. I’m weak in English.

A. much difficult that B. so difficult as C.less difficult than D.more difficult than

39. People who eat breakfast are always in _____ spirits than those who don’t.

A. good B. nice C. better D. best

40.— Mary is so ________ — she comes to you whenever you’re in trouble.

A. useful B. careful C. thankful D. helpful

41. Linda’s father hates waiting in long lines. I think he’s just not very _______.

A. patient B. talented C. popular D. powerful

42. I’m surprised that John is only 25. I thought he was ________ , for he seems to be in his thirties.

A. old B. older C. young D. younger 43. The sun is shining .You'd better wear sunglasses while you are out.

A. brightly B. lightly C. heavily

44. —Do you know Lin Shuhao?—Yes. He is one of basketball players in the NBA.

A. popular B. more popular C. the most popular

45. — Jack, I have to have a talk with your father today.

— Sorry, Mrs King. He is going on business and won’t be ______until next week.

A. out B. away C. back

46. When an earthquake happens, and you are outdoors, you should go to an open area as as possible.

A. quickly B. quietly C. loudly D. slowly

47. — Look at the bird over there! It’s so beautiful!

— Wow! It’s a rare crane(丹顶鹤). It appears in this area.

A. always B. usually C. seldom D. often

48. Peter speaks Chinese well indeed, but of course not ___ a local speaker in China.

A. so fluently as B. more fluent than C. as fluent as D. much fluently than

49. The baby is sleeping. please speak ______.

A. loudly . B. clearly. C. quietly. D. Politely. 50. David was so excited at the good news that he could say a word.

A. nearly B. hard C. ever D. Hardly

51. There has never been such a beautiful village _________ in the world.

A. anywhere B. everywhere C. somewhere D. nowhere

52. — How do you like the talk show?

— I think it’s ________, but some people think it’s so________.

A.wonderful enough; bored B.enough wonderful; boring C.wonderful enough; boring

53. The boy did his homework with the help of his father in the past. But now he can do it alone.

A. for himself B. on himself C. by himself D. with himself

54. After nine years’ hard-work, finally his dream came true.

A. at the end B. at the moment C. at once D. at last

55. She looks much ________ without her glasses!

A. well B. good C. best D. better

56. I know you are shorter than your brothers,but you run _________.

B. more faster B. fastest C. more fast D. fast 57. We arrived at the station too early and had to go, so we sat there and chatted with each other.

A. somewhere B. anywhere C. everywhere D. nowhere

58. My uncle doesn't like fast food, so he ________eats it.

A. always B. often C. sometimes D. seldom 59.We can hardly believe that you learn to dance so_ .

A. quick B. quickly C. useful D. usefully

60. I'm sorry I'm late. I should get here 10 minutes________.

A. early B. earlier C. the earlier D. the earliest 61. Lots of students feel sleepy in class at present, because they have to get up early in the morning.

A. now B. in the future C. then D. during the time

62. Could you please speak a little more _______? I can’t follow you.

A. quietly B. quickly C. loudly D. slowly

63. I met Lucy in the primary school and we have been close friends ______.

A. as usual B. again and again C. sooner or later D. ever since

64. —Our school bus will leave at 8 o’clock tomorrow. Don’t be late. —OK. I will be there ten minutes __________.

A. sooner B. slower C. faster D. earlier

65. I carried the bowl with both hands________, so that I wouldn’t break it.

A. carefully B. happily C. quickly D. carelessly

66.________, the Internet was only used by the government. But now it’s widely used in every field.

A. As usual B. At first C. After all D. So far

67.—How often do you chat with your friends online?—_____I'm busy with my study.

A.Only one month. B. About twice a month.C. Almost every day. D. Maybe in two weeks.

68. It is _____that Mr. Guo sailed across the world by himself _____within about 130 days

A.terrified, successful B.scary,successfully C. amazing, successfully D. convincing, successful

69. — Dad. Would you please drive ________?

— No hurry. We have enough time before the plane takes off.

A. faster B. more slowly C. more carefully

70. The World Health Organization has given some advice on ______to protect us from being infected(感染) with H7N9.

A. how B. what C. where D. when

71. —Who ran of all in the sports meeting? —Hector did, I think.

A. fast B. faster C. the fastest D. more fast

72. —Excuse me, would you please speak a little more

—Sorry, I thought you could follow me.

A. sadly B. quickly C. slowly D. politely

72. —What should we do to reduce food waste?

—In a restaurant only order as_______as we need and try to eat it up.

A. much B. more C. most

73. This movie wasn’t ______. He fell asleep half way through it.

A. interesting enough B. enough interesting C.interested enough D.enough interested

74. Don’t talk ______. Your grandmother is sleeping now.

A. loud B. hardly C. loudly D. hard

75. I ________ watch this TV programme. It's very interesting.

A. often B. never C. hardly D. seldom

76. Be quick! The game will begin ______.

A. immediately B. recently C. carefully

77. Speak aloud, please! I can ________ hear you.

A. usually B. almost C. hardly D. nearly D. Luckily ?

78. The city of Harbin is beautiful all the year around, ______ in winter. Ice lanterns decorate streets and attract plenty of tourists.

A. especially B. generally C. probably 79. At times an ad can lead you to buy something you don't need at all. So you have to be careful.

A. Sometime B. Sometimes C. Some time D. Some times

80. —The meat is ______ delicious. —Yes, but don't eat ______.

A.too much;too much B.much too; too much C.too much; much too D.much too; much too

81. Liu Ying is good at singing. She sings ______the famous singer, CoCo.

A. as well as B. as good as C. as better as D. as the best as

82. —Sally, I went to the concert last night. How big the symphony hall is! 一So it is. It is ______ to hold more than one thousand people.

A. big enough B. enough big C. too big D. too small

83.—Are you the last one to go to school today?—____not. I’m always the first one.

A. Certainly B. usually C. Generally D Finally

84. The dining hall is ______ to hold 300 people.

A. enough big B. enough well C. small enough

85. —Do you like seeing a movie on your mobile phone?

— No. I ______do that because it makes me uncomfortable.

A. seldom B. often C. usually D. Sometimes

86. There are no words to describe_______ I miss my hometown.

A. how much B. how many C. how soon D. how long

87. —The girls are talking about the art festival .

—Yes. They have so many fun things to share.

A. easily B. angrily C. sadly D. happily D. big enough

88. I don’t think fast food is good for our health, so I ________ eat it.

A. usually B. hardly C. always

89. What is it that has made him _______ excited?

A. so B. very C. too D. quite

90. No one can sing _______ than her.

A. well B. good C. better D. best

91. The volunteer spoke as _____ as she could to make the visitors understand her.

A. clearly B. more clearly C. most clearly D. the most clearly

92. My old neighbor Charles felt _______ after his children moved out.

A. lonely B. safely C. angrily D. happily

93. Ted was hard-working. His success made him work_____.

A. harder B. hardest C. more quickly D. most quickly

94. She always does very well in the English exams. But she can _____understand English radio programs.

A. always B. hardly C. already D. easily

95.— How far is Yuhua Middle School from here? —It’s around five minutes’ walk.

A. about B. over C. more than D. less than

96. We held a concert in the hall yesterday, Kate sang among the singers.

A. good B. well C. better D. best

97. ________ after the explosion happened in a factory in Dehui, Jilin on June 3rd, a lot of firemen rushed to put out the fire.

A. Sadly B. Softly C. Shortly D. Suddenly

98. —Did you go to the cinema to see 3D Titanic last night?

—No, I ______ go to the cinema. The tickets are too expensive.

A. hardly B. nearly C. still D. Only

99. On June 29, 2012, China’s Shenzhou-9 spacecraft landed ________ at the main landing area in northern China’s Inner Mongolia (内蒙古).

A. safe B. safely C. Safety

100. Tony is not as clever as Lucy, but he works __________ than her.

A. hard B. harder C. hardest D. the hardest

101. My uncle lost his ID card yesterday morning. ___________, a school boy found it and sent it back to him in the afternoon.

A. Loudly B. Clearly C. Nearly D. Luckily 102. Who runs ,Lily or Michelle?

A. slow B. slower C. slowest

103. —Which season do you like ______, summer or winter? —Summer.

A. well B. best C. better

104. —________ do you usually go to school, Simon? —By bike.

A. When B. How C. What D. Where

105.—_____does your father go to see your grandmother? —Once a month.

A. How long B. How soon C. How often

106. —______ is the street crowded with so many people? —Because they are waiting to watch the boat races.

A. Why B. Where C. How D. Who

107. —______can you finish this English exam?—In about one and a half hours.

A. How far B. How often C. How soon D. How long

108. —Tony,__________________ are you in such a hurry?

—The meeting will start soon. I don’t want to be late.

A. where B. how C. when D. why

109. — _________ does your cousin go to the gym? — Twice a week.

A. How long B. How often C. How soon

110. Most kids would say sports games are the ______things in a school. They feel very excited.

A. happiest B. easiest C. worst D. busiest

111. — do you go to the library? —Once a week.

A. How often B. How long C. How far D. How soon

112. — do you know so much about the UFO?—I usually get the information by surfing the Internet.

A. How B. What C. Which D. Where

113. I got home for my birthday from my college on Friday evening. No one was at home, and Mom and Dad hadn’t left me a note. This made me _________.

A. surprised B. happy C. angry D. excited 114.—____apples do we need to make fruit salad?—Let me think …We need three apples. A. How long B. How often C. How much D. How many 115. —______ have you been married? —For twenty years

A. How far B. how often C. how long D. how soon

116. -You look .What's up, sir?

-I can't find my ticket, but it's time to check in.

A. sleepy B.hungry C. tired D. worried

117.-Do you know Jane visits her grandparents?

-Once a week. She loves them deeply.

A. how soon B. how often C. how long D. how far

118. — will Mrs. Lin go to Germany?— To see her daughter there.

A. How B. When C. Why D. What

119. — ________ is it from the village to your farm? —About 10 minutes’ walk.

A. How often B. How soon C How long D. How far

120.—_____ does your father play tennis after work?—Every Tuesday and Thursday.

A.How often B.How soon C.Where D.Why

121. — are you leaving for Beijing? —In a couple of days.

A. How far B. How often C. How soon D. How long

122. —How wonderfully you are playing the piano! ___ do you practice it a week?

—Twice. Practice makes perfect.

A. How often B. How many times C. How soon

123. — ________ do you shop? — I shop once a month.

A. How long B. How often C. How far

124. —____have you been in the sports club? —Since the first month I came to

the school.

A. How old B. How long C. How much D. How soon

125. —Jenny, I need some milk. —OK, Mum. ________do you need?

A. How much B. How many C. How often D. How long

126. — can you tell whether a foreigner is English or American?

—Maybe by the way he speaks.

A. Why B. When C. Where D. How

127. —Did you sleep well last night?

—Oh, no. noise outside the hotel almost drove me mad.

A. Too much B. Much too C. Too many D. So many

128.I felt sorry that I dropped the juice on Tina’s bed.But she wasn’t _____at


A. excited B. happy C. angry

129. Johnson failed the teat again, became he didn't study hard and_______ forgot to do his homework.

A. always B. hardly ever C. Never

130. — _______ is it from here to the museum? — About 2 kilometers.

A. How long B. How far C. How many

131.—I’m really _____before the competition.—Take it easy. Sure you are the best.

A. cool B. serious C. nervous D. patient

132.— Jack, how are you feeling today? —Much ____.I think I can go to school tomorrow.

A. better B. worse C. brighter D. weaker

133. Western people ______ use Mr or Mrs before their given names.

A. always B. often C. sometimes D. never

134. —What fun The Croods is! —Yeah! I like the movie, too. It's so_______.

A. boring B. scary C. interesting D. sad 135. Eagle Father was so_______with his son that he kept the four-year-old son running in the snow without clothes.

A. pleased B. sorry C. careful D. strict

136. When I knew that China had got her first Aircraft Carrier (航空母舰) , I felt excited and .

A. proud B. terrible C. nervous D. strange

137. Though they are far away from school, the children who live in mountains ______ go to school on foot.

A. ever B. always C. never D. hardly ever

138.The world’s population is growing and there is land and water for growing rice.

A. more; less B. larger; fewer C. larger; less D. more; fewer 139.--Which country is your favorite, Lin Tao?

--France, of course. It’s the _______ place that I want to visit.

A. worst B. better C. best

140. I am good at math, but his English is ________ than mine.

A. much better B. more better C. very better D. pretty better 141. Liu Ying is as _____ as her sister.

A. tall B. taller C. the tallest 142. —Where would you like to visit? — I’d like to go _____.

A. relaxing somewhere B. somewhere relaxing C. relaxing anywhere 143.There isn’t an airport near where I live. The _______one is about 90 miles away.

A. busiest B. farthest C. newest D. nearest

144. The old man is so lonely that he hopes to know about_______ every day .

A. special something B. special anything C. something special D. anything special 145. —Remember this , children . _______careful you are , _______mistakes you will make . —We know , Mr. Li .

A. The more; the more B.The fewer; the more

C. The more; the fewer D. The less; the less

146. Sometimes it rains _________in Guizhou in summer .

A. heavily B.heavy C. strong D. Strongly

147.— Do you like the western food, Li Li?

— No, I think the food of our country is______ that of western countries.

A. much more delicious that B.less delicious than

C. not as delicious as D. as delicious as

148.—Is the price of the backpack very______? — No, it ______me only twenty yuan.

A. high;spent B. expensive;takes C. high;cost D. cheap;spends 149. —__________ do you go to the library? —Twice a week.

A .How soon B. How much C.How often D. How far

150. —What does your brother look like? —He is _____________.

A. fine B. nice and friendly C.good D. tall and handsome 151.—Who plays the violin _____,Sally or Kylie?—Sally.But she gave the chance to Kylie.

A.well B.better C.best D.the best

152.—Have you read today’s newspaper?—Yes, but there isn’t __________.

A.new something B.something new C.new anything D.anything new 153.A human brain can do some things, such as creating new ideas,_____than a computer.

A.worse B.better C.slower D.later 154.—How do you like the scarf? —Very much. It feels ____________.

A.hard B.sweet C.cool D.soft

155. ________ you hit the horse, _______ it will go.

A.hard; fast B.The hard; the fast C.The harder; the faster 156. —______ do you hold a sports meeting in your school? —Once a year.

A.How often B.How far C.How long D.How soon

157. The teacher is wise enough to explain the most question in _________ way.

A.simple B.simple C.the simplest

158.People care lot about food safety, for they want to eat ___________.

A.health B.healthy C.healthily

第六讲 介词



1)作定语:The key to the door is missing.

2)作状语:Marx stayed in Belgium for some time and then went to France.

3)作表语:Japan is to the east of China.

4)作宾补:Make yourself at home.




1.The thief broke into my house ________ the night of May 1 2000.

A.on B.at C.in D.for

2.Anne usually helps Pasty with her housework _______ Sunday morning.

A.on B.in C./ D.at

3.I lost my way ________ rainy night and my mother was quite worried _______ me.

A.on,with B.on,,about C.at,with D.at,about

4.It‘s nice _______ you ________ me with my maths.

A.for,to help B.for,helping C.of,to help D.of,helping

5.My sister usually thinks________her own language first.Then she turns her words into English.

A.by B.in C.with D.through

6.Mary is flying to France soon.She will arrive _______ Pairs ________ the morning of July 9.

A.at,in B.in,on C.in,in D.at,on

7.—When did your uncle arrive __China?—He got to Guangzhou ____the morning of the 16th of April?

A.at,in B.in,in C.to,on D.in,on

8.—Where were you ________ that time yesterday?—Well,I was at home _________ my parents.

A.on,with B.at,in C.at,with D.in,at

9.—How long have you lived _________ Shenzhen? —___________ ten years.

A.in,For B.in,Since C.at,For D.on,Since

10.—Who is the boy ________ glasses? —He is a student of __________.

A.wearing,take B.wears,Mr Wang‘s C.with,Mr Wang‘s D.in,Mr Wangs‘

11.—Do you know anything about Walt Disney?

—Of course I do.He is famous as the creator of Mickey Mouse ________ he is also famous________ creating some other cartoon characters.

A.but,as B.or,as C.so,far D.and,for

12.—This is my new e-dictionary.

—Wow! I like ________ very much.I‘ll ask my mum to buy _________.

A.it,one for me B.it, one to me C.one,it for me D.one,it to me

13.Do some exercise every day.I hope you are _______ good health.

A.in B.on C.to

14.—What do you think of Zhou Libo?

—I think he does well ______ talk shows.Many people like him.

A.in B.on C.at

15.Bill has made great progress_______the help of his teachers.

A.for B.with C.under

16.Her mother goes to work ______bus every morning.

A.by B.at C.on

17.Linda isn‘t good at Chinese ,but she passed the exam_______ the help of her classmates.

A.with B.under C.without

18.Welcome to our hotel! I hope you‘ll have a good time _______ your stay here.

A.after B.during C.with

19.—Is your father at home? —No,he‘s working late ______ the office.

A.on B.at C.of

20.—Can a plane fly _____ the Atlantic Ocean?—Yes,but it needs to go ______ clouds for hours.

A.across,through B.through,across C.across,across

21.—Why are you standing ,Alice? —I can‘t see the blackboard clearly.Two tall boys are sitting _______ me.

A.behind B.next to C.in front of

22.Don‘t waste water. Waterr is very important and no one can live ________ it.

A.without B.with C.except

23.I like going to school _______ my bike.

A.in B.on C.by

24.—I think drinking milk every morning is good _____ our health.—Yes. I agree _______ you.

A.to,to B.with,to C.for,with

25.—When was David born? —He was born ______ June 12,1989.

A.at B.in C.on

26.The two kids practice spoken English ________ joining the English club.

A.by B.in C.on

27.It‘s nice _____ you ________ me with the maths.

A.help B.helping C.to help

28.On the way _______ the mountain village,we found the local houses different from ours.

A.to B.by C.at

29.We haven‘t seen each other ________ five years.

A.since B.for C.after

30.My father has a habit of jogging ________the river for an hour in the morning

A.between B.along C.through

31. — I'd like a cup of black coffee. What about you, Maggie? — I prefer coffee ________ sugar.

A. than B. for C. with D. to

32. — How can I get more information about the donation to Ya'an?

— You can e- A. on B. in C. at D. by

33.—? --Because I‘m afraid of the dark.

A. by yourself B. with the door open C. with the window open D. with the light on

Shanghai a cold morning.

A. in: in B. in: on C. at: on D. at: in

learn team spirit.

A. of; of B. of; to C. for, to D. to; to

36. Mr Wang is animals in the zoo, because he thinks animals should also enjoy freedom.

A. up B. for C. against D. down

37.I think I should be allowed to make decisions _________ myself.

A. with B. to C. for D. against

38.You can improve your English _______ practicing more.

A.by B.with C. of D.in

39. A terrible earthquake hit YApril 25.

A. in, in B. at, on C. on, of

40. ——Who‘s that man ____sunglasses?—— He‘s Jack Ding. I‘ve just got an autograph from him.

A. on B. for C. of D. with

41. My dream hometown is an amazing place any pollution.

A. with B. without C. out D. in

42. The old man is a good swimmer, and even now he often swims _____ T'uojiang River after supper.

A. over B. through C. to D. across

43. — Did you go to the exhibition on May 18th?

— Of course. There were many kinds of Taiwan fruits_____.

A. on show B. on duty C. on business

44. ——I had some bread and a glass milk.

A. for; of B. of; for C. for; for D. at; of

45. It‘s reported that President Xi Jinping arrivednd pay a three-day visit to Russia.

A. at; on B. in ; on C. at; in D. in; in

46. Before the bridge was built ___ the river, the villagers had to take a boat to the other side.

A. in B. beside C. across D. along

47. Mrs. King put a coat________ the sleeping girl to keep her warm.

A. over B. with C. behind D. beside

48.You don‘t want to visit any other mountain if you have seen wu yue, but you won‘t wish to see even wu yue________ returning from Mount Huangshan.

A. about B. before C. since D. after

49. —Would you like some coffee, please?

—Yes, and please get some sugar. I prefer coffee ____ sugar.

A. to B. for C. with D. from

50. I'm _____building a new zoo because I think zoos are terrible places for animals to live in.

A. against B. on C. in D. for

51. Ann often helps me math after school

A. for B. with C. on D. by

52. Michael Jordan is a great American basketball player. He was born ________1963.

A. on B. at C. in

53. The story he told us happened _______ the night of May 5.

A. in B. at C. by D. on

54.—What happened to Marc? —He fell the bike A. off; in B. down; at C. off; on

55.—What‘s your teacher like? —She is always strict _____ us.

A. in B. with C. to

56. The teachers hope all of us can hand _____our homework _______time every day.

A. up; in B. out; on C. on; in D. in; on

57. Wow! Ten students in our class will celebrate their fourteenth birthdays _______ October.

A. in B. on C. at D. to

58. The chemicals in the vegetables and fruit are bad ______ our health.

A. from B. with C .of D. for

59. Don 't ask him to study too late into the night . _____ , he is only a small child.

A. As a result . B. After all. C. Best of all. D. For example.

60. — Maybe you should call him up.— But I don‘t want to talk with him___the phone.

A. on B. at C. in D. with

61.—When is Jay‘s concert?—It‘s_____three o‘clock ___ the afternoon of July 18th.

A. at; in B. at; on C. on; in D. in ; on

62.John often asks his teacher _____ help.

A. to B. with C. for D. on

63 —When did the terrible earthquake happen in Ya‘an Sichuan?

—It happened________8:02_______the morning of April 20th ,2013.

A. on;in B. at;on C. at;in D. on;on

64. ________ her husband,she has now become a famous film star.

A. Because B. Thanks to C. Thanks for D. With the help

65. You can improve your English ________reading more.

A. in B. with C. by D. of

66. — How long have you lived in the new flat? — ________ 2010.

A. In B. After C. Since D. Before

67. It is reported that a lot of adults take lessons online A. after B. to C. with D. for

68. It‘s really A. crazy for B. crazy of C. wise for D. wise of


A. up B. down C. above D. below

69. Sandy is a real book lover and she often brings home many books to read ______ the library.

A. in B. for C. by D. from

70. —Mary, does your brother get _____work by bus? —No, he rides a bike. Sometimes he walks.

A. in B. on C. to D. for

A. on B. at C. in

72. The man makes a living ______ teaching.

A. without B. with C. by

73. — Why do you always go to Lanzhou University on weekends?

— Because there‘re lots of great speakers I can practice English _____ in the English Corner there.

A. with B. to C. on D. about

74. I couldn‘t do it ______ your great help. Thanks a lot!

A. with B. without C. for D. to

75. — Kelly,who‘s the girl ____glasses in the photo?

— It‘s me. I used to wear glasses and have long hair.

A. by B. of C. on D. with

76. Sue has many nice dresses. She wears a different one every day _______the week.

A. of B. from C. at D. for

77. The workers will build a new railroad______ the two cities.

A. since B. between C. as D. During

78. We are planning to have a surprise party ________ her fifteenth birthday.

A. at B. in C. for D. with

79. —Excuse me. Could you tell tae the way to the people's Hospital?

—Walk along this street ______the end and you'll find h on you

A. in B. to C. by D. at

80. If you read a lot, your life will be full ______ pleasure.

A. by B. of C. for D. with

81. I am interested ______ sports. I often play soccer and I am _____ a soccer team.

A. in; in B. in; on C. at; in D. at; on

82. Li Yuchun is my favourite singer. I once met her _____ 2012 in Hunan.

A. to B. on C. at D. in

83. I had too much work to do last night, I didn‘t go to bed______11 o‘clock.

A. in B. until C. for

84. — _______April 20th,2013, a terrible earthquake happened in Ya‘an city, Sichuan.

A. In B. On C. At

85. —Not only the young but also the old are getting interested ____WeChat (微信). —They can communicate more freely.

A. by B. about C. in D. for

86. I‘m looking after Tom today. He‘s been in my house _______8:00 this morning.

A. at B. for C. since D. till

87. Students shouldn't go to school _____ breakfast. It's bad for their health

A with B without C for D by

88. ——We often do eye exercises, listen to music or do some running around the school.

A. in B. among C. between D. through

89. Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan set off on their first state visit to Russia ______ March 22, 2013.

A. in B. on C. by D. at

90. ——illness. A. away; of B. on; from C. by; with

91. Sanya is famous ________ its beautiful beaches.

A. of B. for C. as

92. It‘s so brave _____ the soldier to save the boy‘s life.

A. to B. of C. for

93. The charity provides homeless people A. with B. for C. as

a policeman twenty years ago.

A. with B. for C. to

95. —What did you get______ your birthday, Tony? —An iPad3, from my aunt.

A. to B. at C. with D. for

A. In B. At C. On D. For

97.一When was Sbenzhou-10 sent into space?— ____the afternoon of June 11, 2013.

A. On B. At C. In D. For

my family.

A. on B. at C. in D. of

99.______ the time I got to the bus stop, the bus had already left.

A. On B. In C. By D With

100. —Do you know Mu Yan?

—Of course, He won the 2012 Nobel Prize four Literature A. in B. at C. on D. to

101.—When did the earthquake in Lushan happen?

—It happened ______ 8:02 ______ the morning of April 20, 2013.

A. on; in B. at; in C. at; on D. on; on

102. Lucy lived in Beijing from 2008_______2012.

A. on B. to C. at D. of

103. _____a teacher, Mr. Wang thinks it's important to teach the students how to learn.

A. From B. With C. As D. Of

104. The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated _____different ways ____ the same time in different places every year.

A. on; in B. in; at C. on; at

105. —Hi, Peter! Tomorrow is mum‘s birthday. What are you going to buy ______her? —I‘m going to buy her a scarf.

A. to B. for C. in D. from

English?- French. But just a little.

A. besides B. except C. beside

107.—How do you study for a test? —I study _____ listening to tapes.

A. at B. by C. to

108. Could you tell me the way _____ the zoo?

A. on B. to C. in

109. Most of my classmates go to school bike.

A. at B. by C. on D. in

110. —Look at that photo, what a happy family!—Yes, it‘s a photo ____ my family.

A. at B. for C. of D. in

111. 一When did you meet Jack for the first time?

一 I met him______ the airport ______National Day.

A. at, in B. at, on C. on, in D. on,

112. On my visit to Australia, I feel Australians are similar ______ us in many ways.

A. with B. in C. to D. at

113. Sydney Opera House ______ a usual theatre and it symbolizes Australia.

A.likes B.doesn‘t like C.isn‘t like D.looks like

114. Ya‘an earthquake happened ______ an ordinary morning.

A. at B. on C. in D. of

115. Nick is never late for work. He always gets to the office_______.

A. on time B. in time C. at times

116. The Internet makes our life more convenient. Now we can watch TV plays ______the computer.

A. on B. by C. in

117. It‘s reported that the Chinese government provides free milk powder (奶粉) children in poor areas.

B. with B. for C. to D. By

118. In America, people start celebrating the New Year ___ 31st December.

A. in B. at C. on D. for

119.—Would you like some tea, please?--Yes, and I prefer tea some sugar.

A. to B. for C. with D. from

120. It‘s sunny. Let‘s go sighting watching TV in our hotel room.

A. thanks to B. instead of C. as well as

121.--Did you go to Kenli during the Peach Blossom Festival (桃花节)?

--Yes. The flowers were beautiful. Bees were flying A. in B. among C. between D. through

122. -- Where are Diaoyu Islands?

-- Look, they are here, in the east of China, Taiwan Province.

A. in B. near C. before D. around

123. ---Jim, when were you born?---I was born ______ October, 1988.

A. in B. at C. on

124. You must ride your bike ______ the right side of the road.

A. at B. on C. in D. for

125. The 20th World Cup will be held in Brazil_______ June 12______July 13, 2014.

A. in; to B. on; to C. at; from D. from; to

125. ____the morning of Sept.8th, many visitors arrived _______ the train station .

A. In; at B. On; to C. In; in D. On; at

第七讲 连词


1.掌握and ,but,or,so的主要用法。

1)以and为代表的表递进的并列连词:and,both...and,not only...but also,neither...nor



2.掌握when,after,because,as soon as 的用法。


1.Which of the following is wrong?

A.Sue can‘t come today because she feels seriously ill.

B.I remember telling her not to forget to turn off the light.

C.This sewing machine is belong to Mrs William,but not him.

D.She ran out of the bedroom as soon as she heard the great noise.

2.She is kind to her friends.She always takes a present with her _______she visits her friends.

A.because B.till C.though D.when

3.He _______ leave ________ he finished reading the magazine.

A.because B.till C.though D.when

4.Which of the following wrong?

A.Although it was very late,Miss Liu didn‘t stop working.

B.The plane has already taken off when we got to the airport.

C.We should not only help each other but also learn from each other.

D.Mum is sleeping now.Please tell them not to make so much noise.

5.—Now I must go,________ I shall be late for the plane.—Have a good trip.Good bye.

A.or B.so C.and D.but

6.—It‘s 9 o‘clock.I‘m afraid I have to leave,____I‘ll be late for the plane.—Have a nice trip.

A.or B.so C.and D.but

7.—_____Mary ____ Alice has joined the music club because they have no time.—It‘s a pity!

A.Both…and B.Either…or C.Neither…nor

8.John,work hard________ you will make much progress.

A.or B.nor C.and

9.Mr Black is rich,_______ he is not happy.

A.and B.or C.but

10.We didn‘t go home ________ the old man was sent to the hospital.

A.until B.when C.while

11.I bought a new shirt for John,_______ he didn‘t like it.

A.because B.and C.but

12.I have been collecting stamps _______ I was nine years old.

A.before B.if C.since

13.—Did you have a good time at the party? —Yes.We sang _______ danced until late at night.

A.but B.if C.and

14.Lin Shuhao is ________ famous _________ all the basketball fans in China know him.

A.too,to B.enough,to C.so,that

15.I won‘t take part in Julie‘s birthday party ________ I am invited.

A.unless B.after C.because

16.There are no buses,___________you‘ll have to walk.

A.so B.or C.but

17._________he exercises every day,_______ he is very healthy.

A.Because,so B.Though,/ C.Because,/

18.Hurry up,_________ finish your homework!

A.or B.but C.and

19.The bus driver always says to us, ―Don‘t get off _______ the bus stops .‖

A.when B.while C.until

20._________ he is only 12, he often goes to the people‘s home to perform plays for the old people as a volunteer.

A.If B.Since C.Though

21.We just need one of you for the game.________ you _________your brother can join us.

A.Both,and B.Neither,nor C.Either,or

22.A lot of famous doctors gathered in Harbin ___save, ―China‘s most beautiful teacher‖—Ms Zhang Lili.

A.so that B.in order to C.in order that

23.It was ________ lovely weather ________ we decided to spend the day on the beach.

A.such a ,that B.such,that C.so,that

24.Eddie was sleeping ________ Millie was reading a magazine.

A.until B.while C.before

25.________ the girl is only mine,she takes care of her brother and cooks meals every day.

A.If B.Because C.Although

26. — Which do you prefer, tea_____coffee? —Tea, please.

A. but B. so C. or D. and

27.—Would you like to come to my party on Saturday, Sam?—I‘d love to,I can‘t. I have to take a piano lesson.

A. and B. but C. or

28. ____ Bill ___Tom will go to your party, because one of them must stay at home to look after the baby.

A.Neither; nor B.Either; or C.Both; and

29.—When are you going to Beijing for your holiday?

—I haven‘t decided.____ this Sunday ____ next Sunday is OK.

A.Not only; but also B.Neither; nor C.Either; or

30.Helen didn‘t know anything about it A. if B. because C. after D. until

31.Be quick, we'll be late for the meeting.

A. and B. but C. so D. or

32.---How do you like the concert given by F.L.R.--Exciting, ___ one piece of the music wasn‘t played quite well.

A. though B. because C. so D. and

33.—It‘s too late. I have to go now.—Oh, it‘s raining outside. Don‘t leave _______it stops.

A.since B.until C.while

34. Don‘t come into the lab ________ you are asked to.

A. unless B. until C. because D. since

35.---Finish your homework ______you can‘t play computer games, Jim. ---All right, Mum.

A.but B. till C. and D. or

36.I thought the actor was famous, ____none of my friends has ever heard of him.

A. and B. or C. so D. but

37.Learning to write is learning to think. You don’t know things clearly ____you can write them down.

A. unless B. if C. since D. whether

38. —Mike , please turn down the music , _____ Lucy _____Lily are sleeping .—Sorry , I‘ll do it right away .

A. neither; nor B.either; or C. both; and D. not only; but also

39. —Look! Some people are running the red lights.—We should wait the rule.

A. if B. unless C. although D. because

40.Cars make our life easier, _________ they bring environment problems.

A. as B. or C. but D. so

41.The teacher should give the boy another chance ________ he has made some mistakes.

A. though B. unless C. because

42. The beginning of the movie was boring, ____ the end was amazing!

A. but B. and C. so D. or

43. — We‘ll visit the Summer Palace____ there is a heavy rain tomorrow.— OK! Boating on the lake must be great fun.

A. unless B. since C. as soon as D. if

44.Let‘s go to Kunming for vacation. It‘s _______ too hot _______ too cold.

A. either; or B. nether; nor C. both; and D. not only; but also

45. Work hard, _________ you will succeed.

A. or B. so C. and D. but

46. —Susan, what are the advantages of MP5 players?

—Mom, they are smaller and lighter ______ they can be carried very easily.

A.unless B.if C.until D.so that

47. Kate's dad is getting old. She will go back home to see him ____it is convenient.

A. because B. whenever C. although D. unless

48.He speaks ______English ______French. Instead, he speaks German.

A either; or B not only; but also C both; and D neither; nor


A. Unless B. Because C. Although

50.-Tell us something about Canada, OK?-I‘m sorry. _____Jack ____I have ever been there.

A. Either; or B. Not only; but also C. Both; and D. Neither; nor

51.Your dream won‘t come true ______ you know what your dream is.

A. after B. unless C. while D. since

52.-Sam, What can I do to get up early? -Set the alarm at 6:00 am, you'll make it.

A. or B. but C. and D. so

53.One important aim of our school is to prepare us for the future we can face

all the challenges with confidence.

A. so far B. so that C. even if D. if only

54. -Your aunt often walks the dog in the morning. -Yeah, bad weather stops her.

A. when B. unless C. because D. since

55. My Chinese teacher is very knowledgeable ______ she reads lots of books.

A. but B. so C. because D. although

56. — What subject do you prefer? —I prefer science ________ it‘s difficult.

A. or B. though C. so

57. The rivers will become dirtier and dirtier ______ we take action to protect them.

A. since B. if C. until D. unless 58. Smile to the world, ______the world will smile back to you.

A. nor B. but C. or D. and

59. The thing that matters is not whether you fail or not, ___ whether you try or not.

A. and B. or C. so D. but

60.-- The boy can speak both English and Japanese ____he is only ten.-- Wow, what a clever boy!

A. if B. because C. though

61. My father has a great sports collection, _____ he plays sports every day.

A. or B. but C. and

62.We‘re going to Suzhou Amusement Park in Linda's card. You can come with us ______you can meet us there later.

A.or B.but C.and D.then

63. You‘ll be late for school you hurry up.

A. unless B. as C. if D. until

64.Bring these flowers into a warm room they‘ll soon come out.

A. or B. and C. but D. for

65.Time waits for no man. But teenagers won‘t realize the value of time until it‘s gone.Don‘t waste your time, you will regret it.

A. and B. or C. but

66.—Anna, you wear a new dress today!—It fits me well, ________the colour is not my favourite.

A. and B. so C. but D. or

67.—Hey, man. You can‘t cross the street now. You have to wait ____ the traffic turn green. —Oh, sorry and thank you.

A. when B. after C. until D. while

68.Nobody will help you________ you help yourself.

A. unless B. because C. though

69.You can save money _______you buy cheaper things.

A. before B.unless C.if D.until

70. Hurry up, _______ you‘ll be late for school.

A.but B.and C.or

71. Hurry up, _______ you‘ll be able to catch the flight in time.

A. if B.but C.or D.and

72. ________ he is a little child, Jerry knows a lot about the world.

A.Though B.Since C.If D.Because

73. —Tina, someone wants you on the phone.—________nobody knows I am here. Who is it?

A.Although B.And C.But

74.—Jimmy, it‘s time to go to bed. —Oh, I won‘t do that _______ I finish my homework.

A.if B.until C.after D.when

75. _______ our teacher is ill, _________ he still come to our class to teach us.

A.Though; but B.Though;/ C.Although; but

76.Tony never spends money in buying books ________ he doesn‘t like reading.

A.but B.because C.though D.until

77. —May I go to Jinbao Park with you next Sunday?

—No, you can‘t, ___you have a ticket. I have only one ticket.

A.if B.until C.unless D.as soon as

78.Peter likes pop music, but ________ his father ________ his mother likes it.

A.both; and B.not only; but also C.neither; nor D.either; or

79. —How do you like the two pairs of trousers?

—They don‘t fit me well. They are _____ too long _______ too short.

A.not only; but also B.both; and C.neither; nor D.either; or

80. —Please give Alice the story book ________ you see her. —All right.

A.unless B.or C.but D.if

81. Your handwriting will certainly improve ______ you practice it every day.

A.though B.before C.if D.until

82. Nearly every kid hates exams, _____it‘s necessary. It helps to check if you have learned the specific knowledge.

A.and B.but C.so

83.Sam is a waiter, _____ he really wants to be a singer.

A.or B.if C.but D.because

84. I won‘t watch basketball matches_____James is playing. He pays much attention to teamwork.

A.unless B.if C.although D.since

85. Please hold on your dream _________ one day it comes true.

A.if B.until C.unless D.though

86. —I don‘t like singing _____dancing. What about you?—I don‘t like dancing, ______I like singing.

A.and; and B.and; but C.or; but D.or; and

87. Nothing in the world is difficult ______you put your heart into it.

A.unless B.though C.because D.if

88.You will be late for school _______ you don‘t get up early.

A.but B.if C.and D.or

89. ______I got back, I found my mother cooking for me.

A.When B.Before C.Since D.Although

90.—Would you like some milk?

—No, thanks. I don‘t like it, ______ I know it‘s good for my health.

A.because B.though C.if

91. The traffic rules say drivers mustn‘t drive if they are drunk, _______they will be punished.

A. or B. but C. and D. so

92. Stop smoking, _______ you‘ll get better soon.

A.or B.but C.so D.and

93. ________ you told me, I had heard nothing of what happened.

A.Until B.Though C.When D.If

第八讲 动词




1)一般现在时表经常或反复发生的动作和状态,常见的时间词:often,usually,always,sometimes,never,hardly/seldom. The earth moves around the sun.

2) 现在进行时表正在进行的动作,常见的时间词:now,look,listen,at this moment,these days,at present. Look! She is dancing over there.

3) 一般将来时表将来发生的动作或状态: He will go home tomorrow.

4) 一般过去时表表过去发生的动作和状态:He went home yesterday.

5) 过去进行时表过去某一时间或一段时间发生的动作和状态:I was watching TV when my father came back.

6) 现在完成时:

a. 表过去发生的动作对现在的影响和结果: I haven‘t seen him before.

b. 过去的某个动作持续到现在:since,for,so far,up to now,in the past few days.

7) 过去完成时表过去的过去:by,before,when.

I had learned 1000 English words by the end of last year.

I had finished my homework before 6:00 yesterday.





1.It‘s cold outside.You‘d better ________ your coat.

A.put on B.take off C.put away

2.—What are you doing? — I‘m ________ my English book.

A.looking B.looking for C.looking after

3.My father ________ one hundred thousand yuan on his new car.

A.spent B.cost C.paid\

4.—Listen,the music ______ sweet. —It‘s Yesterday Once More,my favorite.

A.sounds B.smells C.feels

5.To protect the environment,supermarket don‘t _______ free plastic bags to shoppers.

A.take B.show C.provide

6.My grandpa is sleeping. Will you please _______ the radio?

A.turn down B.turn up C.turn on

7.They ________five days finishing the work.

A.paid B.took C.spent

8.When you leave the reading room,you should remember to _______ the lights.

A.turn on B.turn down C.turn off

9.Jimmy has sixteen broken bikes to ________ and give away to kids who don‘t have bikes.

A.fix up B.set up C.put up

10.—Smoking is bad for your health. —You‘re right.I decide to ________.

A.take it down B.find it out C.give it up

11.Mrs Wang always asks us to ________ conversations in the English classes.

A.make up B.turn up C.end up

12.We should learn how to ________ well with people around us.

A.get along B.get down C.get to

13.—I don‘t think we can find a new day to work out the problem.

—But we‘d better not _________.

A.end up B.hand out C.give up

14.Lee _______ all night in order to watch the football match between France and Italy.

A.put up B.stayed up C.got up

15.—Excuse me,Sir. But smoking isn‘t allowed here.

—Sorry,I didn‘t see the sign. I‘ll ________ my cigarette at once.

A.put out B.put away C.put off

16.—I like the program Man and Nature. —But I ________ Sports News

A.prefer B.want C.choose

17.—Could I borrow your computer,Bob? —Sorry.I am _______it.

A.taking out B.turning on C.working on

18.Maggie wanted an evening job that would allow her to ______her son during the day.

A.look at B.look around C.look after

19.Tom‘s new book has just ________.Let‘s go and buy one.

A.come over B.come down C.come out

20.Attention please.The plane will _______ in five minutes.

A.take out B.take after C.take off

21.—I often listen to the song Rainbow. —So do I .It ________ beautiful.

A.feels B.smells C.sounds

22.I called you,but nobody answered .Where _______ you?

A.are B.was C.were

23.—Mom,when can I go out to play football? —Finish your homework,or I _____let you go out.

A.don‘t B.didn‘t C.won‘t

24.If you want to go to see the movie this evening ,so _________ I.

A.do B.am C.will

25.The food here smells good,but what does it _______ like?

A.taste B.touch C.feel

26.—Excuse me,have you got an eraser? —Sorry,I haven‘t.Why _______ you ask Mary?Perhaps she‘s got one?

A.do B.don‘t C.did

27.—Physics________ more difficult than Chinese,do you think so? —Yes,I think so.

A.is B.are C.has

28.—Do you know who cleaned the blackboard,Tina? —Yes.John________.

\A.do B.does C.did

29.—I _______ 5000 yuan on this i-phone.—Wow,so much! I can‘t afford it.

A .spent B.paid C.cost

30.—Shall we go and _________ hello to the foreign teachers? —Good idea! Let‘s go.

A.say B.speak C.talk

31. It was a difficult time for the quake-hit victims in Ya'an, but they didn't _____ hope.

A. give up B. give off C. give in D. give out

32.— Would you please see the film Iron Man 3 with me tonight, Kate?— I'd love to, but I've ________ Linda's invitation to dinner.

A. suffered B. earned C. received D. accepted

33. — It's too hard for me to be a trailwalker.— Never ________. Believe in yourself!

A. put up B. give up C. hurry up D. look up

34. — What do you think of the song ―You and Me‖?— It ___great. I love singing it.

A. tastes B. looks C. smells D. sounds

35. President Xi Jinping calls on Chinese people to ______ all the food each meal.

A. eat up B. use up C. pick up D. cut up

36.—What do you think of the zongzi? —They ______ delicious. Are they made by

your mother?

A. sound B. taste C. feel D. look

37.My bike is broken. Could you help me to A. fix it up B. set it up C. make it up D. put it up

the meeting till next week.

A. take off B. get off C. put off D. set off

39. My parents A. used to B. be used to C. was used to D. are used to

A. in B. to buy C. buying D. buy

in Brazil.

A. take after B. take off C. take place D. take away

42. This morning I ________some new restaurants on the Internet for I wanted to take Mia to a nice restaurant for her birthday.

A. picked up B. looked up C. cleaned up D. gave up

43.—Can Peter play games with us, Mrs. Hawking? —Wait a minute. He _____a shower.

A. is taking B. takes C. took D. was taking

44.—Which magazine do you like better, Crazy Reading or Teen’s space?

—I like ___of them. They are useful for English lessons.

A. none B. neither C. all D. both

45. The girl is afraid to dance in public because she thinks others may___ her.

A. laugh at B. wait for C. hear of D. agree with

46.—I‘ve left my keys in the meeting room. Please ___them for me.—All right.

A. buy B. paint C. wash D. fetch

47. We‘ll ___an English play ―Snow White‖ during this year‘s Art Festival.

A. look up B.look out C.put off D.put on

48.—Oh, it _____so nice. What beautiful music it is!

A. smells B.sounds C.tastes D. looks

49.—Would you mind speaking more slowly? I can hardly __you.—— Of course not.

A. read B. follow C. miss D. match

50. —— Shall we go for a picnic tomorrow?—— Well, it all _____the weather.

A. belongs to B. happens to C .depends on D. concentrate on

51. Our plane in a few minutes. Please be seated and keep your safe belt fastened.

A. turning off B. putting off C. taking off D. getting off

52.His family are worried about him because they haven't ____ letters from him for a long time.

A. accepted B. received C. written D. collected

53. The plane to Chengdu ____ just now. You have to wait until tomorrow.

A. took off B. took after C. took out D. took away

54. — Do you know why he didn't ______a word when he ______to?—Because he was too nervous.

A. speak, speaks B. say, was spoken C. say, spoke D. speak, is spoken

55. He ______ plenty of money to the people in the earthquake area ______.

A. put out, to work out well B. handed out, help them out

C gave out, work out well D. gave away; to help them out

56. There aren‘t many tickets left for the concert, you'd better __that you get one today.

A. make sure of B. make a decision C. make sure D. make plans

57. She said she returned the book to the library. I‘m sure she ______.

A. takes B. is C. was D. did

58. — You look sad. What has happened?—Everyone ______ us to win the match, but we lost.

A. expects B. expected C. hopes D. hoped

59. — Mum, where are my socks?— Under your bed. You should _____your things.

A. put on B. put down C. put away

60. —Hello! Could I speak to Lily?—Sorry, she is not in. She Shanghai.

A. have been to B. have gone to C. has been to D. has gone to

61. —Diaoyu Island belongs to China.—Surely it does! We Chinese will never it up.

A. cut B. fix C. give D. set

62. —So many problems! I‘m tired.

—A. get into B. get off C. get on D. get over

63.You are _____to type quickly when talking to each other on QQ so the other person doesn't get bored

A. suggested B. supported C. taught D. supposed

64.—Why do you collect so many old bikes?

—I'll have them ______and give away to the children who don't have bikes.

A. used up B. given up C. fixed up D. set up

a T-shirt? You‘ll probably catch a cold in this cold weather

A. wearing B. recycling C. pulling D. selling

66. In the last ten month, September Miracle(奇迹on CCTV for more than five times and is popular all over the country.

A. has played the piano B. has given out their song disks

C .has written songs D. has performed

67 . By the time I locked the door, I realized I ____my keys at home.

A. had repaired B. had changed C. had forgotten D. had left

68.—How are you going to be a basketball player ?—

A. am going to practice basketball B. am going to study math

C. am going to take acting lessons D. am going to study computer science2

69. —Can I ______your bike?—With pleasure. But you mustn‘t ______it to others.

A. lend; borrow B. borrow; lend C. lend; lend D. borrow; borrow

70. Scientists are trying their best to ___ways to treat the terrible disease called H7N9.

A. come up with B. look forward to C. talk about D. give up

71. Tony _______ football every weekend when he was young.

A. plays B. played C. is playing D. has played

72. On the top of the hill ____an ancient tower with a history of more than 1, 000 years.

A. stood B. ran C. came D. lived

73. The great writer has written many stories for children. It is said that a new one will ______ at the end of this month.

A. go out B. come out C. look out D. run out

74. I will meet Jane at the station, Please______what time she will arrive.

A. count B. choose C. check D. catch

75. It is helpful to _______a good habit of reading in language learning.

A. take B. show C. develop D. match

76. The people in Ya'an have met lots of difficulties, but they haven‘t _____hope.

A. picked up B. given up C. looked for D. waited for

77. Although many great people ever failed, they never______and managed to succeed.

A. set out B. stayed up C. kept on D. gave up

78. One of the best ways for people to keep healthy is to_____ good eating habits.

A. grow B. develop C. increase D. find

79. — How much is the ticket to Central Park?

—A one-way ticket ______ $40, and you can ______ another $20 for a round-trip.

A. costs, pay B. cost, spend C. pay, spend D. spends, pay

80. It‘s time for CCTV news. Let‘s _______ the TV and watch it.

A. turn on B. get on C. try on D. put on

81.Andrea Bocelli never , which makes him a successful singer.

A. takes away B. gives away C. gets up D. gives up

82. —Would you mind ______ the music a little? Don‘t you think it‘s too loud?

—Sorry! I‘ll do it in a minute.

A. turning on B. turning off C. turning up D. turning down

83. —How do you like Li Yundi? —A cool guy! His music ______ really beautiful.

A. tastes B. sounds C. smells D. looks

the problems by themselves, and in this way students can enjoy success.

A. give up B. work out C. look through

A. come out B. come true C. achieve

86. Paul‘s parents were worried that htoo much time chatting on line.

A. spent B. paid C. took

87. Can you help me to ____ my dog when I leave for Hong Kong?

A. look after B. look for C. look at D. look through

88. —Cindy, look at your new shoes. Aren‘t they beautiful?—Yes, they are really nice, Mum. I can‘t wait to .

A. put them on B. put it on C. put on them

89. —When will the plane _____Shanghai? —Sorry,I don‘t know.

A. get B. arrive at C. reach

90. It ______ me about 10 days ______ painting the walls.

A. took; to finish B. cost; finishing C. took; finishing D. spent; to finish

91. Many students in our school ____the old and they usually offer their seats to them on buses.

A. worry about B. care for C. agree with D. take care

92. Tom, it‘s cold outside. _______ your coat when you go out.

A. Take off B. Put on C. Put away D. Take away

93. In April, the weather in some places in Shanxi was really changeable. People still remember they have ______four seasons in a week.

A. organized B. experienced C. described

94.A student in Fudan University was killed by his roommate just because of small things in daily life. It is important for students to learn how to _______each other.

A. get on with B. come over to C. stay away from

95.If you want to buy this dress , you 'd better ______ first to make sure it fits you .

A. pay for it. B. take it off. C. tidy it up . D. try it on..

96. — Do you know the price of the ticket? —Yes. Each______¥180.

A. pays B. costs C. takes D. spends

97. Anna is going on a tour of Xi‘an, and she wants to _____Chinese history.

A. dream of B. learn about C. look through D. pass on

98.—How heavily it is raining! —What a pity! We have to _____ our sports meeting.

A. put off B. put out C. put on D. put up

99. Speak slowly, Mr. Wang. I can‘t A. understand B. hear C. listen D. expect

100. —I don‘t know where to go this summer vacation.

—Why not _____ visiting Huanggang? There are many places of interest there.

A. suggest B. wonder C. consider D. regard

101. She ____ live alone. But she _____ living alone because she feels lonely.

A. used to; doesn‘t used to B. is used to; was used to

C. used to; is not used to D. was used to; doesn‘t used to

102. Diaoyu Islands ______China ever since ancient times.

A. belong to B. belong in C. belong under D. belong with 103.—Do you often get online?—Yes. I____lots of time on it. It‘s a good way to kill time.

A. cost B. spend C. take D. use

104. When you visit a museum you should ___the instructions and don‘t be against them.

A. compare with B. look forward to C. pay attention to D. try out 105. The child doesn‘t need any help. He is old enough to _____himself.

A. put on B. wear C. dress D. take care

106. We have to ______ourselves when we are away from home.

A. look at B. look for C. look up , D. look after

107. —Can I smoke in the dining hall? —Sorry. It's not_______.

A. promised B. realized C. allowed D. reminded

108. She hurriedly______the child and took him downstairs.

A. put on B. wore C. dressed D. had on

109. — Mr Li, I can't understand everything in class.— Don't worry! I'll ____the main points at the end.

A. record B. review C. require D. remember

110. — Who's the most modest boy in your class?— Daniel. He never_____ in public.

A. gets off B. takes off C. shows off D. turns off

111.David Burt‘s dream in China is to go into the west and an early childhood school there.

A. clean up B. look up C. give up D. set up

112.—I think I‘ve got a bad cold, Doctor, Shall I take some medicine?

— No need. Your body itself is able to A. catch B. fight C. lose D. hide

113.There was a fire in the hotel at midnight last Friday.Luckily,it was soon .

A. turned on B. turned off C. put on D. put out

114. I used to quarrel a lot with my parents, but now we ______ just fine together.

A. get along B. get up C. get away D. get off

115.—It‘s hot today, isn‘t it? —Yes, it is. Why not _____your jacket?

A. take care B. take place C. take after D. take off

116.—Alice, could you help me ___the meat? I want to make some dumplings for

dinner.—OK. I‘ll do it right away.

A. put up B. give up C. use up D. cut up

117. I really enjoy the noodles and vegetables. They _____delicious.

A. stay B. feel C. taste D. sound

118.—Could I ____your iPad, Alice? —Of course. Here you are.

A. lend B. keep C. borrow D. return

A. put them up B. put them on C. put them away 120. —What can we do to______bird flu from spreading?

—Try not to buy or eat chickens that have not been checked .

A. prevent B. cause C. discover

121. It seems that the aged people _____the H7N9 more easily from the recent case.

A. pick up B. mix up C. set up D. use up

122. —Is Kate serious? —I ______. She never means it.

A. suppose B. agree C. believe D. wonder

123. —What does the instruction say? —The colors in the dress will____if you use hot water.

A. fall B. appear C. run D. shine

124. The firemen soon ______ the big fire.

A. put off B. put up C. put out D. put on

125. Thanks for your invitation, but I‘m sorry I can‘t go. I need to __my baby at home.

A. take away B. take off C. take care of D. take out of

126. Again and again the doctor ______the crying baby girl, but he couldn‘t find out what was wrong with her.

A. looked over B. looked after C. looked for D. looked out

127. He ______an English club last year and has improved his English a lot.

A. protected B. produced C. joined D. received 128. It‘s cold outside. ______ your sweater before you go out.

A. Put on B. Turn on C. Put up D. Give up 129. To keep healthy, many people______every day.

A take a shower B. take pride C. take a look D. take exercise

130. —What are you packing so many books for, Grandma?—to the kids in West China.

A. give them up B. give them away C. give them off D. give them in 131.The little boy ____ his seat to an old lady on the crowded bus.

A. lent B. offered C. took D. brought

132.一 It's too hot today. 一 Yes. Why don't you ______your jacket?

A.put on B. put up C. take off D. take after

133. Mo Yan, a famous Chinese writer, won the Nobel Prize for literature at the end of the year 2012. We learn that success _____the person with a never- give –up attitude.

A. drives out B. takes over C. belongs to

134. Linda, I have to go shopping now. Please _____ your little sister at home.

A. look for B. look like C. look after D. look up

135. If you ______your name on the paper,you can get a magazine.

A. cut down B. look down C. turn down D. write down 136. It's getting dark. Please _____the light.

A. turn on B. turn off C. turn down D. turn around

137. Many social workers went to Ya‘an to help people to reduce their pain from the earthquake.

A. put out B. come out C. work out D. give out

138. When he saw a wallet on the ground, he ______at once.

A. picked it up B. gave it up C. picked up it

139.The boy is sleeping. Please _____the radio.

A. turn up B. turn down C. turn on

140.—It‘s everyone‘s duty to join the Clean Your Plate Campaign.

—Sure. We should try to _______ all the food that we‘ve ordered.

A. give up B. eat up C. turn up D. show up

141. —What smells terrible? —Sorry, I‘ll _______ my shoes and wash them at once.

A. put away B. take away C. move away D. get away

142. Here is the book. First ______ it and then tell me what you think of it.

A. look into B. look through C. look up D. look after

143. —What kind of persons do you prefer to make friends with?

—I choose my friends on their characters and how we ______.

A. get in B. get up C. get on D. get off

144. —Dinner is ready. Help yourself! —Wow! It ______delicious. You are really

good at cooking

A looks B sounds C tastes D feels

145._______ your sunglasses, Sally. The sun is so bright.

A. Put down B. Put up C. Put away D. Put on

146.—Did you hear a terrible fire happened in the hotel near our school last night? —the fire.

A. put out B. put on C. put down D. put off A. agree with B. worry about C. laugh at D. care for

148. —Show me your homework, Dave? —it at home.

A. missed B. forgotten C. lost D. left

149. —in Jilin Province on June 3. Unfortunately, 119 people lost their lives. —I hope the accident like this won‘t happen again.

A. put down B. put away C. put out D. put up

150. –How does Jack usually go to work?

—He ______ drive a car, but now he ______ there to lose weight.

A. used to; is used to walk B. was used to; is used to walking

C. was used to; is used to walk D. used to; is used to walking 151. It usually Mum about half an hour to cook supper. A. pays B. takes C. spends D. costs 152.— Sam, my iPhone is in my bedroom. Could you it for me? — No problem. C. bring B. fetch C. take D. carry 153. — When are you going to — Tomorrow morning. A. get off C. take off D. set off 154. His leg is seriously injured in the accident. a doctor at once. A. Ask for B. Send for D. Look for 155 —Which hobby do you think______ the least time? —Collecting stamps.

A. takes up B. puts up C. gives up D. makes up

156. You are supposed to ________ smoking, ________ you will get ill.

A. go on; so B. give up; or C stop; so 157. ________ the teacher, I‘ve made great progress.

A. Thank you B. Thanks C. Thanks to 158.— It is too noisy here. I can‘t stand it.

— Me, too. We have to _____ new ways to solve the problem.

A. catch up with B. keep up with C. come up with 159. It will _______them several years to learn English well.

A. cost B. take C. spend

160. 一My aunt goes lo climb mountains every Sunday.

一Oh? But she ________ hate climbing mountains.

A. used to B. was used to C. is used lo 161.-Where‘s Lucy? - Zhuhai.

A. been to B. been in C. gone to 162-I‘m sorry, Mr Li. I -Don‘t forget it to school tomorrow.

A. left, to bring B. forgot, to take C. lost, to bring

163. Nancy A. is used to taking B. was used to take C. used to take 164. If you want to change the world, you have to______ yourself first.

A. enjoy B. check C. help D. change

165. ______a light when necessary. You will bring light to other people and yourself.

A. Try on B. Get on C. Turn on D. Put on

A. take down B. turn up C. take away D. turn off 167. The heavy snow didn‘tA. pay attention to B. add to C. make a difference to D. keep to 168. My uncle is repairing some old bikes these days. He plans to ______ to charity.

A. give them away B. give them up C. take them away D. pick them up 169. —What‘s wrong with you, Eric? You look tired. —I exam last night.

A. picked up B. woke up C. stayed up D. put up

170. The company wants to _______ a school for the poor children.

A. put off B. set up C. call in D. look after

171. Daisy is such a good daughter that she ____most of her spare time with her parents.

A. spends B. costs C. takes D. affords

172.—Tommy, don‘t make a mess in your room.—OK,Mum , I‘llmy toys at once.

A. take out B. put away C. play with D. look for

173. Mark Zuckerberg ____the Facebook website in February of 2004. It is very popular now.

A. set up B. set off C. got up D. got off

174. The math teacher got angry with me when I did not _____him in class yesterday.

A. look for B. take care C. pay attention to D. fall asleep 175. Although Lucy is only three years old, she is able to ______ herself.

A. put B. make C. wear D. dress

176. My mother is ill in hospital. I have to ______my grandparents at home.

A. look out B. look after C. look up D. look at 177. I was late because the bus on my way to school.

A. broke down B. broke off C. broke up

178— Dad, I want to go hiking with my friends, but my mum said no!

— I know. But you shouldn‘t

A. argue B. tell C. talk

179. Please _______ the lights when you leave the classroom.

A. turn on B. turn off C. turn up

180. —He looks unhappy today. —Let‘s .

A. cheer him up B. help out him C. look him after D. argue with him 181.—Don‘t forger to return the book to the library. You haveA. borrowed B. had C. lent D. kept

182. Don‘t ______ today‘s work for tomorrow. Today‘s work must be done today.

A. put up B. put out C. put off D. give up

183.What bad weather! The plane will _______ to 8 o‘ clock this evening.

A. put off B. take off C. turn off D. get off

184.You‘d better hurry or we‘ll be late for the plane.The plane will____in a few minutes.

A. take up B. take down C. take off D. take away

live with her grandparents , but she doesn‘t now.

A. used to B. is used to C. was used to

186. Mr. Green is too busy in July. He has to______his vacation plan until September.

A. put up a. put away C. put off

187.You shouldn't_______it like that. It's impolite.

A. tell B. say C. talk

188. The teacher often sings songs to _______ his students in class.

A. pick up B. cheer up C. turn up

189.—Were you sick after six hours‘ journey on the coach?

—Of course. I quickly as soon as it stopped.

A. got up B. got on C. got off D. got to

190. Many students write to Language Doctor to _____advice about learning English.

A. look through B. ask for C. give up D. worry about

191.May I _______ your bike, please? I'll give it back to you soon.

A. touch B. bring C. borrow D. buy

192.—Jeff seems unhappy. What‘s the matter?

—He got his bike lost this afternoon. Let‘s go to A. cheer, up B. make, up C. set, up

193. The local people like that Italian restaurant because it and good service.

A. uses B. wants C. shares D. provides

194.-- What do you think of ‘Eat-up’ Campaign (光盘行动)?

--I think it‘s really necessary. It is reported that the food that Chinese people _______every year is enough to feed 200 million people for a year.

A. eat B. have C. waste D. make

第九讲 情态动词








1.I have my own room in my house,so I _______ do what I want in it.

A.must B.have to C.can

2.—Would you come to my birthday party tomorrow evening?

—I‘m afraid I ________.I have to look after my sister.

A.wouldn‘t B.can‘t C.won‘t

3.—________ I take some photos in the hall? —No,you _______.

A.Can,needn‘t B.Must,mustn‘t C.May,mustn‘t

4.—Look,Sue is over there. —That _______ be her.She is in Canada now.

A.mustn‘t B.can‘t C.needn‘t

5.Cars ,buses and bikes ________ stop when the traffic lights change to red.

A.can B.may C.must

6.—May I go out now.Dad? —No.You _______ let your mother know first.

A.can B.may C.must

7.—Dad,can I go to the movie tonight?

—Sure,but you ________ come back home before 9 o‘clock.

A.can B.must C.may

8.—May I take the magazine out of the reading room?

—No,you can‘t.You _______ read it here. It is the rule.

A.must B.would C.may

9.As everyone knows,rubbish _______ everywhere.

A.need be thrown B.mustn‘t be thrown C.can‘t throw

10.—I think the man over there must be Bob?

—It ________ be him.He has ________ to Australia.

A.can‘t,gone B.can‘t,been C.may not,been

11.—Let‘s go dancing tonight.—Sorry,I ______.I have to go to my guitar lesson.

A.mustn‘t B.needn‘t C.can‘t

12.That man _______ be my English teacher.He has gone to Canada.

A.needn‘t B.mustn‘t C.can‘t

13.—Who is that ? —It _______ be Shirly. Only she is in red today.

A.could B.may C.must

14.—Must we finish our homework now? —No,you _________.

A.needn‘t B.mustn‘t C.can‘t

15.She _______ know the answer,but I‘m not sure.

A.maybe B.may be C.may

16.—Must I finish my homework at school?—______.You can do it at home and hand it in next week.

A.Yes,you must B.No,you needn‘t C.Yes,I can

17.In competition,as in life,you ________ not always win.

A.may B.shall C.must

18.—Mum,must I stay there the whole day?

—No,you _________.You _______come back after lunch,if you like.

A.mustn‘t,can B.needn‘t,must C.needn‘t,may

19. ―Whose notebook is this?‖ It _______ Jim‘s. It has his name on it.

A.can‘t be B.must be C.can be

20.There‘s enough time for you to go to the airport.You ______hurry now.

A.should B.needn‘t C.must

21.—Is that your teacher? —That ______be Mr Wang .He has gone to Japan with his wife.

A.can‘t B.mustn‘t C.may not

22.Lisa is a little poor at Chinese.I think she needs ________ it every day.

A.practise to speak B.to practice speaking C.practise speaking

23.—Shall we take a taxi? —No,we ______ .It‘s not far from here.

A.can‘t B.mustn‘t C.needn‘t

24.—Must we wear our school uniform this afternoon?

—No,you ________ .All of us will go on an outing.

A.mustn‘t B.can‘t C.needn‘t

25.—Have you decided which senior high school to choose?

—Not yet.I _________ go to Moonlight School.

A.must B.may C.need

26.—I hear you ?ve got a new iphone5s.________ I have a look? —Yes,certainly.

A.May B.Should C.Shall

27.—Excuse me,when are we going to have a picnic?

—I‘m not sure. Ask our monitor,please.He ________ know.

A.need B.can C.may

28.Last year I ________ drive.I used to take the bus.

A.could B.couldn‘t C.should

29.—__________ I swim here? —I‘m sorry.Childred ______ swim alone here.

A.Must,can‘t B.May,must C.Can,mustn‘t

30.—Is Jim coming by train? —I‘m not sure.He _________drive his car.

A.must B.may C.need

31. From March 23rd 2013, anyone under the age of 14 ______ go into Disney's US parks alone.

A. couldn't B. mustn't C. needn't D. mightn't

32.—Li Lei, hurry up! The bus is coming.

—Oh, no. We ______ cross the street until the traffic lights turn green.

A. mustn‘t B. may not C. needn‘t D. have to

33.—Whose book is this?

—It our geography teacher‘s. You see, his name is on it.

A. can‘t be B. can be C. mustn‘t be D. must be

34.—May I play computer games now, Mom? —finish your homework first.

A. must B. can C. could D. may

35. —Do you know the song Gangnam Style? —A. tastes B. smells C. sounds D. feels

36.--Pauline has lost her phone. –No. It‘s in her bag. I _________ hear it.

A. must B. can C. may D. shall

37.Hurry up,or you ____catch the train.

A.can‘t B.needn‘t C.mustn't D. shouldn‘t

38.—Must I hand it in today? — A. mustn't B. can't C. needn't

39. ——Hurry,Mum! The bus is coming。

——Wait a minute, A. must B. need C. mustn‘t D. needn‘t 40—_____I finish my homework now? —No, you_____. Your work is over today.

A. Can't; must B. Must; don't have to C. May; couldn't D. Couldn't; could

41. —Is that girl Susan? — It _________ be her. She left for Beijing yesterday.

A. needn't B. can't C. mustn't

42.—Can we run across the road now?

—. We have to wait until the light turns green.

A. needn't B. mustn't C. couldn't D. shouldn't

__put bread on the table. You are not supposed to put it on the plate.

A. shouldn‘t B. are supposed to C. would like to D . will

44. That T-shirt _______ be expensive because it‘s by a famous designer.

A. can‘t B. mustn‘t C. must D. should

45—How many English words do you think I should know?

—As many as you ______. Then you will find reading quite easy.

A. will B. must C. can D. might

46.—May I smoke here? —No, you _______. This is a no-smoking room.

A. needn‘t B. mustn‘t C. couldn‘t D. wouldn‘t

47. Excuse me, sir. You ______ open the door before the train stops.

A. mustn't B. needn‘t C. may not D. don‘t have to

48. Drivers ________ wear seat belts while their cars are running on the road.

A. need B. can C. must D. may

49―Must I return the book this week? ― No, youA. mustn‘t, keep B. needn‘t, borrow C. needn‘t, keep

50. — Excuse me, whose book is this? — It ________ be John‘s. It has his name on it.

A. must B. need C. can‘t

51.—____I swim here? —No, you _____. Look at the sign ―No swimming‖.

A. Must:can‘t B. Can; don‘t C. Can; mustn‘t

52.—Must I go to medical school and be a doctor like you, dad?

—No, you _______,son. You‘re free to make your own decision.

A. can‘t B. mustn‘t C. shouldn‘t D. needn‘t

53. A lot of foreigners ______ familiar with the famous places if interest in China.

A. am B. is C .are D. be

54. A country has dreams. We teenagers ________ also have dreams. With dreams and hard work, anything amazing can be created.

A. may B. must C. should

55. According to the new traffic law, everyone in a car_______wear the seat belt.

A. can B. may C. must D. will

56.There's only one day to go. You _____finish your schoolwork by tomorrow.

A. can B. will C. must D. may

57. —Who‘s the man over there? Is it Mr. Black? —It ______ be him. He‘s much taller.

A. may not B. can‘t C. will not D. mustn‘t

58. You mustn‘t go off on your own, because you_______get lost in the mountains.

A. should B. must C. need D. might

59.—Are you in a burry? —No, I‘ve got plenty of time I wait.

A. can B. can‘t C. must D. mustn‘t

60. ______ a beautiful car! I‘ve never seen it before.

A. What B. Which C. How D. Whether

61. If you ______ go, at least wait until the rain stops.

A. can B. may C. must D. will

62. —_________ I help you, sir? —Yes. I want a T-shirt.

A. Can B. Should C. Must D. Would

63.-Oh, it's raining hard. be wet.

A. could B. must C. might

64. —_______ I have lunch now, Mom? —No. You must wash your hands first.

A. Would B. May C. Ought to

65.— Have you decided where to go for your summer vacation?

—Not yet. We _______go to Qingdao . It's a good place for vacation.

A. may B. need C. must

66.—Honey, stay home before I return. —I ________, mum.

A. must B. can C. will D. should

67. — Look at the boy playing basketball on the ground. Is it George?

— It ______ be him. He told me he would play basketball after class, but he‘s not sure.

A. mustn‘t B. must C. can‘t D. may

68.—Must I finish my homework now? —No, you ______. You can go home now.

A. needn‘t B. mustn‘t C. shouldn‘t D. can‘t

69. —Someone is knocking at the door. Is it Ann?

—It ______be her. She is giving a performance at the theater now.

A. may B. must C. can‘t D. mustn‘t

70.— Where are you going this month? — We______ go to Xiamen, but we're not sure.

A. needn‘t B. must C. might D. mustn't

71. —May I go out for a while, Mom? —A. shouldn't B. needn't C. mustn't D. won't

72.. Students in our school ______ know shouting is not allowed in the library.

A. can B. may C. must D. need

73. The woman who is talking with Mr. Brown ______ be Miss Li. She has gone to England.

A. can‘t B. must C. may D. mustn‘t

74. —Can I borrow your ruler? please?—Yes,. But you must return it to me before lunchtime.

A. have B. can C. must D. used to

75.—Can I park my car in front of the building? —No, you ________.

A. won't B. can't C. needn't D. couldn't

76.—Shall I take my swimming suit? —No, you A. mustn‘t B. couldn‘t C. needn‘t D. can‘t

77. The man ______be my English teacher. He has gone to Canada.

A. might B. must C. can‘t

78.—Must I start now? —No, you_________

A. mustn't B. can't C. needn't

79. —Difficulties always go with me!

—Cheer up! If God closes a door in front of you, there ______ be a window opened for you.

A. would B. must D. could D. can

80.—Two hundred years for such a T-shirt! You ____be joking!—I‘m not joking. It‘s made of silk.

A. can‘t B. can C. need D. must

81.—Look at the young lady in red. Is it Mrs. King?

—No. It _____ be her. She is wearing a white dress today.

A. can B. may C. must D. can‘t

82. It‘s rather hot in the room. You‘d better _______ the windows or the door.

A. close B. not to close C. don‘t close D. not close

83.—Hello, Lisa. What's the matter? —I ______find my mobile phone. _______ you seen it?

A. couldn't; Did B. can't; Have C. need ; Had D. must; Are

84. — Whose T-shirt is this? — It ________ be John‘s. It‘s ________ small for him.

A. can‘t; much too B. can‘t; too much C. mustn‘t; too much

85.-Must I return before dinner, Mum? -. You can come back later.

A. mustn‘t B. needn‘t C. may not

86.—Dad, must we wait until the light becomes green? —Yes, I'm afraid we______ .That's the traffic rule.

A. can B. may C. have to D. need

87._______I see your ID card, sir? We have to check your information.

A. May B. Must C. Should D. Need

88. Finish your homework first, then you‘ll _______ watch TV for an hour.

A. can B. be able to C. able D could

89.—Amy, I hear you‘ve got many foreign coins. ______ I have a look? —Of course, I‘ll fetch them for you.

A. May B. Must C. Should D. Need

90.—_______you sing an English song? — Yes, I can.

A. Can B. May C. Must D. Need

91.—Mum, can I finish the work tomorrow?

—No, you finish it today. Don‘t put off today‘s work till tomorrow.

A. may B. can C. might D. must

92. —Honey, how are you feeling now? —I am much better, Mum. So you _____ take me to see the doctor.

A. can't B. mustn't C. needn't D. couldn‘t

93.—May I play computer games, Mom? —No, you _______.

A. don‘t B. can‘t C. wouldn‘t D. won‘t

94. —Jim is reading a book under that tree. — It be Jim. He has gone to Hainan.

A. may B. mustn't C. can't

95. Now you _______ stop your car when the traffic lights turn yellow.

A. must B. can‘t C. might

96. you please give me a hand? The box is too heavy.

A. Should B. Could C. Must D. Need

97. After a long walk, the old man ______ be tired now.

A. can‘t B. must C. has to D. need

98. Clothes made of silk _______softer than those made of cotton.

A. are felt B. feel C. are feeling

99. ---Could you please tell me how to improve my spoken English? ---Certainly, I___________.

A. can B. could C.must

100. —Someone will come to our music club tomorrow. I guess it's Mary.

—It________be Mary. She left for England yesterday and will stay there for a week.

A. mustn't B. needn't C. can't

101.-Miss Li,must I finish my writing today?-No, you ___.You ____give it to me tomorrow afternoon.

A. mustn‘t; can lt. can't; must C. needn't; may

102. The lady in the sitting room A. can‘t B. must C. may D. needn‘t

103. The cake

B. feels B. sounds C. becomes D. Smells

104.The British Museum is very serious. Visitors _______ keep quiet.

A. may B. might C. can D. must

105.-- Is Jack on duty today? --It

A. mustn‘t B. won‘t C. can‘t D. needn‘t

106.I like seeing kids happy and, if they A. are B. do C. have D. will

107.—Must I stay at home the whole afternoon? — A. may not B. mustn‘t C. needn‘t

108.--- Can I finish my homework tomorrow? --- ______. You must finish today.

A. Yes, you can B. No, you needn‘t C. No, you can‘t

109.—Where is my watch? I_______ find it. —Don‘t worry. It must be somewhere in your room.

A. can‘t B. mustn‘t C. needn‘t D. shouldn‘t

110. —I think the girl under the tree must be Alice. —No, it ______be her. She is in the gym now.

A. can‘t B. mustn‘t C. may D. may not

第十讲 时态和语态






1)一般现在时:is/am/are+过去分词 You are required to do this.

2)一般过去时: was/were + 过去分词 The story was told by her.

3)一般将来时: will be + 过去分词 The problem will be discussed tomorrow.

4)现在进行时: is/am/are being + 过去分词 The road is being widened.

5)过去进行时: was/were being + 过去分词 The new was being made.

6)现在完成时: have/has been + 过去分词 The novel has been read.

7)过去完成时: had been + 过去分词 He said the work had been finished.

8)过去将来时: would be + 过去分词 He said the trees would be planted soon.



1.John likes playing soccer very much and he _________ about one hour playing it every day.

A.has spent B.will spend C.spends

2.If you ___________ your homework,you can go out to play football.

A.finish B.will finish C.are finishing

3.—Tom wants to know if you will have a picnic tomorrow.—Yes.But if it ____,we will play chess instead.

A.will rain B.rains C.is raining

4.It ________ hard outside.You have to stay at home.

A.rain B.is raining C.rained

5.There _______ a concert on Qixing Square next Monday evening.

A.is B.will have C.is going to be

6.—Jim isn‘t in the classroom,Where is he? —He ________ to the teacher‘s office.

A.will go B.has gone C.had gone

7.I ________ my hometown for a long time.I really miss it.

A.left B.have left C.have been away from

8.—I ________ sth wrong just now.May I use your eraser? —Yes. Here you are.

A.write B.wrote C.am writing

9.They _________ about eight hundred English words by the end of last term.

A.have learned B.had learned C.are going to learn

10.—What were you doing at 7:oo last night ? —I _______ to my mom at home.

A.write B.was writing C.wrote

11.Listen! Someone _______ for help!

A.called B.is calling C.has called

12.Jim ________ in Zhuzhou since he finished his college.

A.works B.is working C.has worked

13.________ call me Mimi! It‘s my cat‘s name.

A.Doesn‘t B.Didn‘t C.Don‘t

14.Chinese _________ by the largest number of people.

A.is speaking B.is spoken C.speaks

15.I often ________ my homework after supper.But yesterday evening,I _______ TV.

A.do,watched B.did,watched C.did,watch

16.If more trees ________ planted,our city will be more beautiful.

A.were B.are C.will be

17.—Have you ever been to Shanghai? —Yes.I ________ there with my father last year.

A.went B.have been C.have gone

18.—Jimmy isn‘t here.Where is he ? —He hurt his arm on the playground just now. He ______ to the school doctor‘s.

A.has gone B.has been C.goes

19.The car ________ by the policeman because the driver was drunk.

A.stopped B.was stopped C.were stopped

20.I _______ TV when my parents came back.

A.am watching B.was watching C.watched

21._______ get off the bus before it stops.

A.Don‘t B.Doesn‘t C.Didn‘t

22.Mary ________ to school 10 minutes ago.

A.went B.has gone C.goes

23.Look! The boys ________ football on the playground.

A.played B.play C.are playing

24.Many trees and flowers ________ in our city every year.

A.planted B.are planted C.were planted

25.—Hello,may I speak to Mr Smith? —Sorry, he isn‘t in. He ______ the office.

A.has been to B.has gone to C.has been away

26.—Our classroom ________ every day. —So it is.It‘s our duty to keep it clean and tidy.

A.cleans B.is cleaning C.is cleaned

27.—Have you ever been to Tokyo? —Yes, I ______ there twice.It‘s a modern city.

A.have gone B.have been C.had gone

28.If Bob _________ away from the junk food,he will be in good health.

A.stay B.will stay C.stays

29.—May I speak to the headmaster? —He ________ a meeting now.Can I take a message.

A.is having B.had C.has

30.Today,computers are really helpful.They _________ everywhere.

A.were used B.are used C.used

31.Mary won‘t believe it until she ________.

A .tells B.will tell C.will be told D.has been told

32.Which of the following sentence is right?

A.He has left for two hours.

B.By the time Mark reached the airport,the plane has taken off.

C.Ask him if he has eaten any green peaches.If he has,he might have a stomachache.

D.When his cousin telephoned,Bill is still sleeping.

33.The Chengs ______ here for five years.

A.is living B.have lived C.has lived D.lives

34.—Tom,where is your father? —I‘m not sure.He _________ in his office.

A.is B.may be C.maybe D.may

35.What shall we do if it __________ tomorrow?

A.rains B.rain C.is raining D.will rain

36.—Here is the book I ________ you last week.Thank you.

—I almost forgot ________ you the book.

A.borrowed,to lend B.lent,to lend C.borrowed,lending D.lent,lending

37.We are glad that the Changsha Underground ________ very soon.

A.will complete B.will be completed C.has complete D.has been completed

38.—Can you give me a hand,Robin?

—But,Helen,you ______my help every five minutes.I ______ TV.

A.need,am watching B.need,watch C.are needing,watch D.are needing,am watching

39.—It‘s time to do your homework,Jack?

—Yes,Mum.I‘ll turn off the TV as soon as the programme __________.

A.ends B.end C.will be ended D.will end

40.—May I speak to your mother? —Sorry,she is out.She ________ to see my class teacher.

A.has been B.has gone C.will go D.have had

41.—Is Cindy at home?

—No,she _________ the library.she ________ there a moment ago.

A.has gone to,went B.has gone to,has been C.has been to,went D.has been to,has gone

42.—Do you still remember the snow storm last winter?

—Sure.________ people __________ from going home during that time.

A.One hundred,stopped B.Ten thousands of,were stopped

C.Hundreds,stopped D.Hundreds of,were stopped

43.—Can you _________ your camera to me,Mike?—Sorry,I _______ it at home.

A.borrow,left B.borrow,forget C.lend,forgot D.lend,left

44.—Would you like _______ some coffee? —No,thanks. I ________ some.

A.have,already have B.had,just had C.having,have yet had D.to have,have already had

45.—This dish tastes ___________. —Thank you.It ________ by Mr Smith.

A.good,was cooked B.well,cooks C.bad,is cooked D.terrible,cooked

46.—You_________ sleep in class. —Sorry,Miss Wang.I _________.

A.mustn‘t,mustn‘t B.can‘t,needn‘t C.mustn‘t,won‘t D.shouldn‘t,may not

47.—Can I __________ your dictionary? —Sorry,I‘ve _______ it to Tom.

A.lend,borrowed B.borrow,lent C.borrow,lend D.lend,borrow

48.—Where is Sally? —She ______ to HK.She ________ yesterday.

A.went,has left B.has gone,left C.has been,has left D.has left,went

49.—Have you ______ your ticket,sir? —No,I‘m still ________ it.

A.found,finding B.looked for,looking for C.found,looking for D.looked for,finding

50.—Tomorrow will be Father‘s Day.What will you do for your father?

—I will say ― I love you,Daddy.‖ as soon as he _______ up.

A.will wake B.wake C.wakes D.woke

51. Julie's father ________ to London last month. He ________ there three times.

A. went; had gone B. has gone; has been C. went; has been D. has been; had gone

52. — Here comes the bus! Where is our principal?

— She can't go to the museum with us. She ______some visitors around our school.

A. is showing B. shows C. has showed D. was showing 53. My sister has learnt English .

A.for twelve years ago B.since she was four C.twelve years ago D.at the age of four 54. If farmers trees and forests, giant pandas nowhere to live.

A. cut down; have B. will cut down; will have C. will cut don; have D. cut down; will have 55. He for ten years.

A. has been married B. married C. got married D. has married

56. Sally took a photo of her friends while they _________ computer games.

A.play B. are playing C. have played D. were playing

57. It will be hard for us to get up in the morning if we ____to bed too late.

A.go B. went C. will go D. have gone

58.Just a minute! My brother _____his car in the garden.

A.washes B. is washing C. washed D. will wash

59.— I called you yesterday evening.but you were not in.

—sorry,I _____in the shop with my mother.

A.am B.will be C. was D. have been 60.Do you hear just now?

A. what I said B. what I'm saying C. what I says

61. Julia isn’t going to the cinema with us because she _________ the film.

A. sees B. saw C. will see D. has seen

62. —Sam, what will the weather be like tomorrow?

—Sorry, Mum. I didn’t watch the weather forecast just now. I a football match.

A. was watching B. am watching C. would watch D. will watch

63. Though he ____ the book three times, he hopes to read is again.

A. read B. reads C. has read D. would read

64. — My car ______. Could you please give me a ride tomorrow?

—I’m sorry I can't. I’m_______ London tomorrow morning.

A.is new, leaving B.has broken down,leaving for C.broke,leaving for D.is expensive,leaving

65. The astronaut is so tired that he ______ for eleven hours.

A.has been asleep B.has fallen asleep C.has gone to bed D.has gone to sleep

66. — Is James at home?— No, he _________ Ya'an to be a volunteer.

A. has gone to B. has been to C. is going to

67. — Mum, it's late. Why are you still here?— Dad hasn't come back yet. I _______for him.

A. am waiting B. was waiting C. waited 68. I know a little about Thailand, as I there three years ago.

A. have been B. have gone C. will go D. went

69. —Linda, I called you this morning, but nobody answered the pnone. —I'm sorry. I ______football with my friends then.

A. play B. played C. am playing D. was playing

70.—Which team do you think ______ the game?

—Hard to say. There are still ten minutes before it ends.

A. won B. has won C. will win D. wins

71. —I can’t find David. Where is he?—He ____for tomorrow’s competitions at home.

A.prepares B. is preparing C. has prepared D. prepared

72. —Do you know whether David will go cycling or not tomorrow?

—David? Never! He _______ outdoor activities.

A. hates B. hated C. is hating D. has hated

73. I have to be off now. My friends _______ outside.

A. wait B. are waiting C. have waited D. were waiting

74. Sam opened the door and a lovely dog outside.

A. finds B. found C. has found D. will find

75. —Sam, let’s go and play basketball.—Not now. I ______ Dick with his English.

A. help B. helped C. am helping D. have helped 76. Students in Beijing away many books to the Hope Schools since 2009.

A. have given B. give C. gave

77. Look! Sam ________ TV happily on the sofa.

A. is watching B. watches C. watched

C. has been away 78. — Hello, may I speak to Miss Wang?— Sorry, she isn’t in. She ______the office. A. has been to B. has gone to

79. He _______ Luzhou for three months.

A. has left B. has come to C. has gone to D. has been away from

80. Oh, you are here. I _______ you came back.

A. don't know B. didn't know C. haven't known D. won't know

81.—Why is Mr. Yang still in the teachers’ office?—Maybe he_____his work yet.

A. doesn’t finish B. hasn’t finished C. haven’t finished

82.—How long have you ____here?—For two days. I_____here the day before yesterday.

A. been;came B. come; came C. came; came

83. Look, so many passengers _______ with their smart phones on the underground..

A. played B. will play C .are playing D. have played

84. The schoolboy ________ to the blind man on his way home yesterday afternoon.

A. apologizes B. apologized C .will apologize D. has apologized

85. The official said they _______ a new law to protect the tourists the next year.

A. makes B. would make C. made D. have made

86. — I hear you are a big fan of Yao Ming.

— Quite right. But it’s a pity that he _____several years ago.

A. retires B. retired C. will retire

87. Tom wants to be a singer and he_____. singing lessons to do it.

A. took B. has taken C. is taking D. was taking.

88. —Have you had your breakfast yet? —Yes. Mom _____it for me.

A. was cooking B. is cooking C. will cook D. cooked

89.—Where is Tom? We can’t find him anywhere. — Perhaps he _____ home.

A. has come B. is going C. went D. was going

90. Dad _____ the USA in two weeks.

A. is leave for B. leaves for C. is leaving for D. left for

91.“Did you borrow the comic book from the library?”

“Yes. I_____ it for three days. I’ll return it this afternoon.”

A. borrowed B. kept C. have borrowed D. have kept

92.I didn’t hear the phone because my father__________TV then.

A. is watching B. was watching C. watched D. watches

93. —Do you know if he________ to play football with us?

—I think he will come if he _________ free tomorrow.

A. comes; is B.comes; will be C.will come; is D.will come; will be

94.—Excuse me,look at the sign NO PHOTOS! —Sorry, I ________it.

A. don’t see B. didn’t see C. haven’t seen D. won’t see

95.—I went to see you yesterday evening. But you weren't in. Where were you then? —I___________ a walk by the lake with my husband.

A. was having B. am having C. have had D. have

96. It only_______ him 20 minutes _______to his office every day.

A. takes, to drive B. took, drive C. takes, drive D. took, to drive

97. My grandmother _____in Yangzhou. She was born there and has never lived anywhere else.

A. lived B. lives C. was living D. will live

98.—Was Kate at the party last night? —Yes, she a really nice dress.

A. is wearing B. was wearing C. would wear D. has worn

99. — Has Wendy handed in her application form?

— Not sure. She told me that she wanted to check again and it in soon.

A. will hand B. would hand C. has handed D. had handed

100. —Julie, what ______ in your hand? —Look! Its a new iPad for my daughter.

A. do you hold B. are you holding C. were you holding D. will you hold 101.—Frank, you look worried. Anything wrong?

—Well, I ______ a test and I’m waiting for the result.

A . will take B . took C . am taking D. take

102. —Are your parents at home, Jane? —No. They ______taking a walk in the park.

A. do B. are C. will D. have

103. —How long has Robert ___________? —Since 2004.

A.been to Beijing B.become a policeman C.joined the art club D.studied in this school 104. Be quiet! The other students .

A. sleep B. slept C. are sleeping 105. When Jim’s mother came in, he _____ his homework.

A. is doing B. has done C. was doing

106. —What does Tom’s uncle do? — He is a teacher. He ___physics at a school now.

A. will teach B. has taught C. teaches D. taught

107. — That’s a nice mobile phone. — It is. My aunt _______ it for my last birthday.

A. buy B. will buy C. have bought D. bought

108. — Is Jim in the office? —No, he ________ the dinning hall.

A. goes B. would go C. has gone D. had gone

109.— The food looked bad, but it ____OK.— So we can’t judge a man by his appearance.

A. is tasted B. tasted C. was tasted D. taste

110. — Come and join us, Ben!

— I’m afraid I can’t. I’m too busy now. If I ______time, I would certainly go.

A. had B. will have C. have had D. Have 111. A: You look very nice in your new dress today.

B: Oh, really? I ______ it when it was on sale. ’

A. buy B. bought C. have bought D. will buy

112. Today’s young people can’t live without smart phones. They keep their hands on the phones wherever they go, even while they _______ meals.

A had B. will have C. are having D. were having

113. — Your shoes are so old. Why don’t you buy a new pair?

—Because I ______ all my money on an MP5.

A. spend B. have spent C. am spending D. was spending

114. —Is Tom at home? —No, he ______ to town.

A. has been B. has gone C. goes D. will go

115. I saw him in the library yesterday. He______ a book at that moment.

A. reads B. is reading C. was reading D. will read 116. When you ______at a restaurant , please order just enough food .

A. ate B. will eat C. eat D. haven eaten

117.— your son ______a camera?—No. He ______one this summer vacation.

A. Has.. .bought; will buy B.Did...buy; bought C. Does ...buy; bought D. Does ...buy; will buy

118.—Alice, would you mind not playing the guitar? I on the phone.—Oh, sorry, mom.

A. talked B. talk C. was talking D. am talking

119. 一 I didn't see you at the meeting yesterday. Why?

一I _____ for an important telephone call at that moment.

A. wait B. waited C. am waiting D. was waiting 120. Millie ________ a picture when Mr Green came in.

A. draw B. will draw C. drew D. was drawing

121. One of the popular expressions in 2012 ________“Positive energy”.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

122.—Will you go to the cinema with me tomorrow?—Sorry, I _______skating with Tom.

A. go B. went C. have gone D. will go

123.—Why are you worried?

—I’m expecting a call from my daughter. She New for three days.

A. has gone to B. has been to C. has been in D. has come in 124. —What did you do last night? —I _________TV and read books.

A. watch B. watched C. have watched

125.—Look at these stamps. I them for five years.—Wow, they are wonderful.

A. kept B. have kept C. have bought

126.—Do you know who took the students to the old people’s home, Tony? —Well, Mr. Smith _______.

A. took B. does C. did D. do

127. —I’d like you to tell me something about Shen Nongjia.

—I’m sorry, but neither Jack nor I ____ there.

A. have been B. had been C. have gone D. has gone

128. —We all went to the cinema except you last night. Why didn't you come? —Because I_______that movie twice.

A. have watched B. had watched C. was watching D. would watch

129. — I called you yesterday evening, but nobody answered the phone. — Oh, I a walk with my parents at that time.

A. took B. was taking C. am taking D. take

130. — Anna, have you ___seen China’s Got Talent (达人秀)? —Of course. I ______ it last weekend.

A. never; saw B. ever; have seen C. never; have seen D. ever; saw 131. —Jack, I haven't seen your uncle for a long time.

—He _____Shanghai on business for two months.

A. went to B. has gone to C. has been in D. has been to

132. Since 2000, Jingmen has become a new city. Everything _________.

A. is changed B. was changed C. had changed D. has changed 133. She ________ the book ________ two days ago.

A. has borrowed; since B. has kept; since C. kept; for 134. I don’t know if Jack ________. If he ________, call me, please.

A. comes; come B. will come; will come C. will come; comes 135. My uncle ________ books in the room at this time yesterday.

A. was seeing B. is reading C. was reading 136.-How long you this book? -For two weeks.

A. did; borrow B. have; borrowed C. have; kept 137. What you when the captain came in?

A. are; doing B. did; do C. were; doing

138. —What______ the noise, Bill? —Sorry, I broke my glass.

A. is B. was C. has been D. will be

139. —Hey, Tom. Let's go swimming. —Just a moment. I______ a message.

A. send B. sent C. am sending D. have sent 140. The twins didn't go to the theatre, they_ the light music all night.

A. have enjoyed B. will enjoy C. are enjoying D. were enjoying 141. Don't return the video to Peter, I_ it.

A. don’t watch B. won't watch C. haven’t watched D. wasn't watching 142. Henry will give us a report as soon as he_ .

A. arrives B. arrived C. is arriving D. will arrive 143. You_ . Don't talk on the phone.

A. will drive B. are driving C. were driving D. have driven 144. Ken_ his jacket in the gym. He has to get it back.

A. left B. leaves C. is leaving D. was leaving 145. We have no more vegetables in the fridge. I_ and buy some.

A. go B. went C. will go D. was going 146. — Dave, we will leave in 10 minutes. Are you ready?

— No, I ______our guide book and towels yet.

A. don't pack B. didn't pack C. have packed D. haven't packed

147.—Mr. Li ______to Mary carefully when I entered the classroom this morning. —He is very patient ______ he is young.

A. talking; but B. was talking; though C. talks; though D. talked; however 148. Every student who _______ in the same group takes part in his birthday party.

A. study B. studies C. are studying D. have studied

149. —Millie, where is Miss Li?

— She a speech on Chinese art to the first-year students in the hall.

A. gives B. gave C. is giving D. has given

150. Miss Lin_______a lot of work for the poor area since 2010.

A. does B. did C. has done D. will do

151. Mr. Green, a famous writer, ________ our school next week.

A. visited B. visits C. was visiting D. will visit

152.—Why was your class so lively, Mr. Li?

—Oh, my students in groups about the coming school trip.

A. discuss B. are discussing C. were discussing D. have discussed 153. —Where is Darning?—He ________ the teacher's office. He’ll be back soon.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. will go to D. is going to 154. —Dave, it’s dangerous to swim here. Look at the sign.—Oh, I ___it.Thank you.

A. didn't notice B. won't notice C. hadn't noticed D. don't notice 155. —Do you know the movie Lost in Thailand? —Yes. I ______ it twice. It’s funny.

A. saw B. see C. have seen D. will see

156. —Jane, when did you come here? —In 2010. I ___________ here for two years.

A. Have been to B. Have gone to C.have come D. have been 157. The highway from Zunyi to Renhuai for about two years.

A. has opened B. has been open C. has been opened

158. —Where’s Mr Green? —He _____ to Changsha.

A. have been B. has gone C. has been 159.If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, we _____ swimming.

A. go B. will go C. went

160. —Lisa, I called you just now. Where were you? —Sorry, I _______ a shower.

A. take B. am taking C. was taking

161. Your foreign teacher Miss Smith ______ us English since five years ago.

A. taught B. in teaching C. has taught D. teaches 162.The story of Tom Sawyer ______ in Missouri, America, in the 19th century.

A.had happened B.was happening C.has happened D. happened 163.—Tony, could you give me a hand? —Wait a minute. I ______.

A. lock the door B. will lock the door C.am locking the door D.was locking the door

164.—Did you go to the flower show yesterday ? —No, I ____my homework then.

A. did B. have done C. was doing D. am doing

165. Great changes ________ in Daqing since the 1990s.

A. took place B.were taken place C.have taken place D.have been taken place 166. Many kids ______volunteers to help others since the terrible earthquakes _____.

A. have become; happened B. have been; happened C. became; have happened 167. —Lunch? —No, thanks. I__________.

A. will eat B. am eating C. have eaten

168.1 didn't hear what Alice said because 1____the news about Shenzhou X on the radio.

A. am listening to B. listen to C. was listening to 169. –Are you a basketball player in your class?

一Yes. I ________the team last year. I _______in the team for one year

A. have joined; have been B. joined; was C. joined; have been 170.—I phoned you at 5:00 yesterday afternoon, but nobody answered me. —Sorry. I the flowers in the garden at that time.

A. was watering B. am watering C. water D. will water

171.—Excuse me, is Mr Green in the office?

—No. He Singapore for a meeting. He will be back in a few days.

A. have gone to B. has gone to C. have been to D. has been to 172. -What's the book on your table, Lingling?

-Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Betty _______ it to me from England.

A. is sending B. will send C. sends D. sent 173.—Long time no see! I think you a lot.

--Yes, I used to be quiet, but now I’m outgoing.

A. will change B. were changing C. are changed D. have changed 174.—How about going for a drive. Mike ? —One moment, please. I cleaning our room soon.

A. will finish B. have finished C. finish

175. The Dongying-Hainan airline for about 5 months. I have taken the flights three times.

A. is open B. has opened C. has been open

第十一讲 非谓语动词


1.非谓语动词与谓语动词自身的基本用法紧密相关。 D. has been opened


2)不定式作宾语补语: want,ask,order,beg,tell,advise,expect.

3)不定式用于短语中:had better do sth/not do sth, would like to do ,have to do,why not do sth,it be +adj.+for /of sb to do sth.

4)动名词作宾语:enjoy,like,hate,keep,mind,practice,miss,can‘t help,feel like,finish,go,do some,be worth ,be busy ,look forward to,pay attention to.




1.Don‘t forget _______ your history and politics books tomorrow morning.

A.bring B.to bring C.bringing

2.We don‘t know _______ it next.Let‘s go and ask Mr Li.

A.what to do B.to do what C.whether to do

3.Nick ,would you mind _______ those old jeans? They look terrible.

A.not to wear B.not wear C.not wearing

4.When I was walking past the window,I noticed Wang Fei ______ my homework,I really got ___.

A.copying,annoyed B.copying,annoying C.copy,annoyed

5.You‘d better ______ football in the street.

A.not play B.playing C.not to play

6.Please stop ________ a rest if you feel tired.

A.to have B.having C.have

7.I didn‘t go to bed until I finished _______ my homework.

A.to do B.doing C.did

8.It‘s time for super now. Let‘s ________ it.

A.stop having B.stop to have C.to stop to have

9.What time do you expect her ___________?

A.arriving B.is arriving C.to arrive

10.It‘s polite _______ a gift when you visit sb for the 1st time.

A.take B.taking C.to take

11.It took Janet three hours ______ reading this interesting story.

A.to finish B.finished C.finishing

12.When I went into the room,I found _______ in bed .

A.him lying B.he lying C.he lies

13.Drivers shouldn‘t be allowed ________ after drinking,or they will break the law.

A.drive B.driving C.to drive

14._________ English well,one must have a lot of practice.

A.Speaks B.To speak C.Spoken

15.It took me two weeks ________ reading the novels written by Guo Jingming.

A.finish B.to finish C.finishing

16._______ energy,turn off the hot water after you take a shower.

A.Save B.Saving C.To save

17.—Which do you prefer,Chinese food or Western food?—I‘d rather ____Chinese food. Let‘s have noodles.

A.to have B.having C.have

18.—Hi,Steve! Our teachers told us ____an electric bike.It‘s too dangerous.—I‘m sorry.I won‘t do it again.

A.to ride B.not ride C.not to ride

19.As teenagers,we‘re old enough _______with housework.We can help set the table,wash the dishes and clean our own rooms.

A.to help B.helping C.helped

20.If the launch in 2005 is successful,China will be the 3rd country ______ its astronauts into space after Russia and the USA.

A.sending B.sends C.to send

21.—I feel tired and sleepy. —Why not stop _______ for a while?

A.rest B.to rest C.resting

22.One of the difficulties we have____English is to how to remember new words and expressions.

A.to learn B.in learning C.learn

23.We can‘t work out the physics problem.Can you tell us ________.

A.how to do B.what to do it C.how to do it

24.They decided _________ at the end of this month.

A.to leave B.going back C.travel

25.—It‘s a little cold today.Would you mind _______ the window ? —Of course not.

A.not opening B.not to open C.don‘t open

26.—It‘s a fine day today.How about _______ ? —Sounds great!

A.go hiking B.go to hike C.going hiking

27.I spent a lot of time _______ English last week .

A.to practice speaking B.practicing to speak C.practicing speaking

28.The final exam is coming.Our teachers tell us ______ time.

A.not to waste B.not waste C.don‘t waste

29.—Do you know why he left so early? —________ for the English, I guess.

A.To study B.Study C.Studied

30.—_______ good news it is! The pandas are found alive after the earthquake. —It‘s so ____.

A.What a ,excited B.What,exciting C.How a ,excited D.How ,exciting

31.—________weather it is !Let‘s go ________. —Good idea!

A.How fine,to camp B.How fine a,camping C.What a fine,to camp D.What fine,camping

32.—Would you like ________ some coffee? —No,thanks.I ________ some.

A.have,already have B.had,just had C.having,have yet had D.to have,have already had

33.—Mum,I think I‘m _______ to get back to school.

—Not really,my dear.You‘d better________ at home for another day or two.

A.so well,stay B.so good,to stay C.well enough,stay D.good enough,to stay

34.—Jim finds _____ easy to remember all the English words.—_____a smart child he is !

A.it,What B.that,How C.this,What D.it,How

35.—Why are you late? —My bike broke down.I had it ________.

A.repaired B.repairs C.repair D.repairing

36.—I worked on my computer all day.—That old thing ?Why ________ buy a new one?

A.don‘t B.isn‘t C.not D.not to 37. My parents often tell me too much junk food because it’s bad for my health.

A. not eating

A. to go B. not to eat C. eating C. go D. to eat D. went 38.She’s not strong enough _________ walking up mountains. B. going

39. — What about a rest? —Let's go for a walk.

A. to take B. take C. taking 40. All the Chinese people must work hard China Dream.

A. to realize B. realize C. realizing

41. Many children are left alone in the countryside. Let’s try our best them.

A. help B. helping C. to help D. helps

42. Our English teacher often says to us, “____ English well is very important”

A. Learn B. Learning C. Learned D. To learning

43. He hurried back home ____ his schoolbag.

A. fetched B. to fetch C. fetching D. fetches

44.Everyone may feel time very quickly when they do something interesting.

A. go by B. to go by C. went by

45.— I’m looking forward to _____my parents soon. What about you?— Me too.

A. seeing B. see C. saw

46. Seeing their teacher _______ into the classroom, they stopped _______ at once.

A. walk; telling B. entering; to speak C. enter; to tell D. walking; talking

47. I'm sleepy. I prefer ________ at home to going out for a walk.

A. sleeping B. to sleep C. slept D. sleep

48. At times, parents find it difficult ________ with their teenage children.

A. talk


A. live; living B. live; live C. living; living

50.You look too tired. Why not______a rest?

A. stop to have B. to stop having C. stop having

51. —Would you mind_________ the window? It's very hot.—No, not at all.

A. open B. to open C. opening

52. —Laura enjoys story books. —Me, too.A.reading B.read C.to read 53. My parents asked computer games.

A. not playing B. not to play C. not play

54. How kind you are! You always do what you can __________ others.

A. help B. helping C. helps D. to help

55. —What a heavy rain! —So it is. I prefer____rather than ___on such a rainy day. B. talked C. talking D. to talk 49. He used to ____in a small village, but now he has been used to ____in a big

A. to go out; stay at home B. to stay at home; go out

C. going out; stay at home D. staying at home ; go out

56. —Excuse me. Could you tell me ______get to the nearest post office? —Sorry, I am new here.

A. how can I B. how I could C. how to D. what I can

57. When I walked past the park, I saw some old people ________ Chinese Taiji.

A. do B. did C. doing D. are doing

58. Vocabulary is important to language learning. Therefore, you’d better try different ways you can think of ______ words and expressions.

A. remember

south of China.

A. move B. to move C. from moving 60. Animals are our close friends. We are supposed ______them.

A. to protect B. protecting C. protect 61. The boy is often heard in the music room. He sings very well.

A. practice singing B. to practice singing C. practiced singing

62. I found a letter ______ on the floor when I came into the classroom.

A. lying B. lay C. lie D. lies

63. Many old men prefer _______ in a peaceful countryside.

A. to live B. liveing C. live D lived

64. ——George was heard _____just now. What happened?——People was telling a joke.

A. to cry B. cry C. to laugh D. laugh

65. The little boy pretended _______ when his mother came in.

A. sleeping B. asleep C. to asleep D. to be asleep

66. _______ honest is the first thing people should learn.

A. Being B. Look C. Be D Become

67. Many young people took part in _______ trees on Tree Planting Day.

A. planting B. plants C. to plant D plant

68. I haven’t decided when ________ a holiday yet.

A. took B. taking C. to take D take

69. — I feel stressed from time to time. Could you give me some advice? — ________ sharing your worries with your parents?

A. Why don't you B. How about C. Why not D. Would you like

70.—Would you mind ______ in the dining hall? —Of course not.

A. not to smoke B. not smoking C. smoke

71. Students should learn how problems. D. not smoke B. to remember C. remembering 59. The Great Green Wall can stop the wind and sand _____to the rich land in the

A. solve B. solving C. can solve D. to solve

72.一Can you finish these books before 10 o'clock?一Yes, I can.

A. to read B. read C. reads D. reading

73. — Excuse me. Could you please tell me______my car?

—Sure. Park it right here. I’ll help you.

A. how to stop B. where to park


A. come B. to come C. coming

75. —Why not to the park now? —Good idea! Let’s go.

A. go B. to go C. goes D. going

76. —Would you like camping with me?

—I’d like to. But I’m busy my homework.

A. to go; to do B. to go; doing C.going; to do D.going; doing

77. —Why is Linlin practicing speaking English? —______abroad for further study.

A. Go B. Gone C. To go D. Goes

78. —I’m new here.—Don’t worry. I’ll do what I can ________ you.

A. help

A. turning B. to help B. turned C. invite C. to turn D. to invite 79. Jack’s teacher asked him ________ off the lights after class.

80.When you move somewhere new, the first thing for you is to find a place .

A. to live B. living in C. to live in

81.“Who’s the boy in white T-shirt _____ under the tree?” “My friend.”

A. stand B. to stand C. stood D. standing

82. He often drinks two cups of ______ water when he comes back.

A. boiling B. boil C. boiled D. boils

83. Jessica's parents always encourage her ____________out her opinions.

A. speak B. speaking C. to speak D. will speak

84. —What did your teacher say this morning?—She told us ______ make faces in class.

A. to not B. not to C. do not D. didn't

85. —Let's play football on the playground.

—— It’s too hot outside. I would rather______ at home than______ out.

A. to stay; go B. staying; going C. stay; to go D. stay; go

86. He wants to have his TV ________. A. repairing B. repaired C. to repair

87. Remember ________ off the lights when you leave the room, please.

A. to turn B. turning C. turn

88. 一What do you usually do in the morning?一I often practice ________ English. C. where to stop D. when to park 74. — Nick, would you mind _________ out of the bathroom?— Sorry. I won't be

A. speak B. to speak C. speaking 89. It takes me half an hour the piano every day.

A. play B. playing C. to play

第十二讲 主谓一致



2.学科名词,表长度、时间、价格、质量等短语作主语,the+姓氏名词复数,动名词,不定式,一些以s结尾的不可数名词,如news,physics,neither,either of ...

3.主语后带有with,except,together等介词短语为单数主语。A man with two boys is playing football.

4.就近原则的连词:either...or...,neither...nor...,not only...but also...,there be. There is a pen and two books on the table.


1.One or perhaps more pages _________ missing.A.is B.are C.has been

2.An expect,together with some assistants,_________ to help in his work.

A.was sent B.were sent C.is sending

3.More than one person here _________ with the disease.

A.has been infected B.have been infected C.has been infecting

4.The police _______ the black in winter.A.wears B.wear C.put on

5.The number of students that you have met ________ the life of the team.

A.are B.is C.were

6.To get up early and to go to sleep early _________ good for your health.

A.is B.are C.was

7.More students than one _____.A.were punished B.is punished C.was punished

8.What they need ________ more people.A.is B.are C.has

9.How time flies!Three years_____really a short time.A.is B.are C.was

10.In our school library ,there ________ a number of books on science and the number of them ________ growing larger and larger.

A.is,are B.are,is C.have,is

11.Everyone ________ I come from Sichuan.Actually I come from Shandong.

A.find B.think C.thinks

12.The boy spends at least as much time reading as he _______.

A.writes B.is writing C.does writing

13.—David has been away for more than 25 days.

—I miss him very much.You know,25 days ____short.

A.is B.isn’t C.are

14.Climbing hills ________of great help to our health.A.are B.am C.is

15.Yao Ming works hard on his English and ____________.

A.so Liu Xiang does B.so is Liu Xiang C.so does Liu Xiang

16.—Leo,_____no milk or eggs in the fridge.—Oh,I’ll go and buy some right away.

A.it is B.there is C.there are

17.The reading room _________ very quiet.I enjoy reading books there.

A.am B.is C.are

18.There _________ some milk in the glass. A.is B.are C.be

19.—Have you got some water to drink?

—Here you are.There _________ still some in the bottle.

A.are B.has C.is

20.—My brother and I will go to the library tomorrow.—____.Shall we go together?

A.So am I B.So do I C.So will I

21.Not only the children but also their father __________ in town.

A.is B.were C.are D.have been

22.Either he or I _________ wrong.

A.am B.does C.are D.makes

23.The old ________ well ________ here very well.

A.are,looked B.is,looked after C.are,looked after D.is,looked

24.Each boy and each girl__________to help.

A.asks B.ask C.is asked D.are asked

25.Neither Jim nor his parents __________ in America.

A.lives B.living C.to live D.live

26.The news he told you_________ very wonderful.

A.is B.sound C.are D.am

27.He as well as his classmates_________ physics.

A.like B.likes C.have liked D.liked

28.To help animals ________ helping people.

A.is B.are C.was D.were

29.The shoes ________ mine. This pair of shoes _________ my brother‘s.

A.are,is B.is,are C.are,are D.are,am

30.The police ________ looking for the lost dog.

A.is B.are C.be D.will be

be a fashion show in our town tomorrow.

A. are going to B. will have C. has D. is going to

32.—Would you like to go to the amusement park?—If Jack does, .

A. I go, too. B. so will I C. neither will I D. so do I

A. so is his mother B. so his mother does C. so does his mother

A. will have B. is going to be C. is going to have

35. —There a football match on TV this evening.—Yeah, that‘s great.

A. is going to be B. are going to be C. will have

36.—Maths____my favourite subject,what about you?—Physics_____.I think it's interesting.

A.is:is B. are; are C. are;is

37.I can‘t play the piano, and _______.

A. neither can my sister B. my sister can‘t, too C. so can‘t my sister D. can my sister, either

38. —Why are you walking so quickly, Edward?—There _____ a talent show in ten minutes.

A. will have B. will be C. is going to have D. are going to be

39. In our school library there _____ a number of books on science, and in these years the number

of them _____ growing larger and larger.

A. are; is B. is; are C. have; are D. has; is

40. Neither my sister nor I _____ been to America before.

A. have ever B. have never C. has ever D. has never.

41. Doing exercise

A. be B. am C. is D. are

42. Our town has changed a lot,_____.

A. so he has B. so has his C. so is hers D. so has he

43. There__________a basketball game between Class 8 and Class 12 tomorrow afternoon.

A. is B. has C. will be D. has got

44. Neither he nor I__________ from Canada. We are from Australia.

A. is B. are C. am D. be

45. A number of tourists ________ Yangzhou many times because it is such a beautiful city.

A. have been to B. has been to C. has gone to D. have gone to

46.Last winter it was very cold and was a lot of snow in the north.

A. it B. this C. that D. there

47.Now the number of Chinese people working Africa more than one million.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

47. —Excuse me. Is there a post office near here?—Yes, ____is. Go down this street and turn right.

A. it B. this C. that D. there

48. —It's snowing so heavily ! I prefer saty at home and read a novel.

—_________. I hate going out on such a cold day.

A. So I do B. So do I C. Neither do I.

49. Only when the work is done ________ be able to go back home.

A. you have B. you will C. will you D. have you

50. — I‘m not going swimming tomorrow afternoon.— ______. I have to clean up my bedroom.

A. So am I B. Neither am I C. Neither I am D. So I am

51. Not only my friends but also I _______ interested in football and Messi is our favorite star.

A. be B. am C. is D. are

52. Everyone except Tom and John A. are B. is C. were D. was

53. There ______ a basketball game in our school this evening.

A. is going to have B. will have C. will is D. will be

54. —Lily and I will go to the old people's home this weekend.—_________.Can I join you?

A. So will I B. So I will C. So do I

55. —Mike,you look so excited!—There ____a tennis game played by Li Na this evening.

A. will have B. is going to be C. is going to have D. are going to be

56. —I went to the park yesterday.—________. But I didn‘t see you there.

A. So do I

very well. B. So did I C. Neither did I 57. Neither Kate nor her cousins ______to America, but _____of them have known the country

A. have been; all B. have gone; both C. has been; all

58. -Mary likes playing baseball very much. -.

A. So does Amy B. So Amy is C. So Amy does

a dictionary and two pens on the desk.

A. am B. is C. are

60. Neither of the books interesting. I won‘t buy of them.

A. is; either B. are; neither C. is; any

61. There still some apple juice in the fridge. It‘s not necessary for us to go to the supermarket now.

A. was B. were C. is D. are

62. There________many trees in front of my house now.

A. is B. are C. was D. Were

63.—I really hate to go to such a noisy place.—_____________.

A. So am I

—I‘d love to.

A. have B. has C. is D. be

65. How time flies! We'll graduate. Three years

A. was B. are C. is

66.Do you think there _____ robots in People‘s homes in the future?

A. will be B. will is C. be will

67.—We have never been to Mexico, what about Jeff? —______. He hope to visit some day.

A. Neither has he B. Nether does he C. So has he D . So does he

68.There _____ an English contest in Kai Li next term.

A. is going to have B. is going to be C. will have D. will to be

69. There some milk, two apples and a bottle of juice in the fridge.

A. is B. are C. have

70.Nobody except Tom and Mary _______in the classroom. The other students are watching the basketball game on the playground now.

A. am B. is C. are

71.There _________a book and three pens on my desk just now,but now there is nothing on it.

A. had B. were C. was

72. There a football match and a concert this weekend.

A. is B. are C. will be

73. --There so many foreigners in the streets these days.

-- They might be runners in the Yellow River Estuary (入海口,河口) International Marathon.

A. is B. are C. have D. will be

74. Everyone except Tom and John _______ studying for the final test now.

A. are B. is C. were D. was

75.—I don‘t like documentaries. —________. B. So do I C. So have I D. So can I 64.—There‘s going to _____an English evening tonight? Would you like to go with us?

A. So do I B. So I do C. Neither do I D. Either do I

第十三讲 宾语从句



1)The letter says that they are leaving on 13th.

2)He asked whether/if I am his friend.

3)Do you know who that boy is?


Mr Wang asked me what Mr Green‘s occupation was.

3.时态: 主句和从句时态一致

1)He told me that the sports meeting had been put off.

2)He explained to me that the earth moves around the sun.


1.—Can you guess __________ the new schoolbag yesterday?—Sorry,I‘ve no idea.

A.how much did he pay for B.how much he spent C.how much he paid for

2.—May I come in? I‘m sorry I‘m late.—Come in,please.But could you please tell me______?

A.how do you come to school B.why you are late again C.who you talked with

3.He asked me __________.

A.who did kick the first goal in the World Cup

B.when was the APEC meeting held

C.When China became a member of the WTO

4.—Linda,could you tell me _________? —He is an actor.

A.what he does B.what does he do C.where he works

5.—Do you know ________?—Sorry,I don‘t have a watch.

A.what time is it B.what time it is C.whose watch this is

6.—Can you tell me _________? —I lost my MP5 player.

A.what‘s the matter with you B.what the matter is with you C.what the matter with you are

7.Please follow _________ I say.

A.what B.that C.which

8.—Do you know _________ this time yesterday? —Sorry,I don‘t know.

A.what she is doing B.what was she doing C.what she was doing

9.—Can you tell me ____to send this postcard to New York by airmail?—Let me check.Oh,it is one dollar.

A.how long it takes B.how much it costs C.who can help me

10.Thomas wants to know _______ Nina lives .

A.where B.who C.what

11.—Can you tell me why________?—Because I want to help the people there.

A.do you go to Tibet B.are you going to Tibet C.you are going to Tibet

12.—Do you know _________she went to the movie last night? —On foot.

A.when B.why C.how

13.The teacher asked Li Hua ________.

A.why he was late for class B.why was he late for class C.why is he late for class

14.Please tell me ________ next.

A.how to do it B.what to do it C.how do it

15.Could you tell me __________?

A.where she lives B.where does she live C.where is she living

16.Do you know __________Zunyi or not tomorrow?

A.whether are they leaving for B.whether they are leaving for C.if they are leaving for

17.The policewoman asked the little boy _________.

A.where did he live B.where he lived C.where he lives

18.—Show me the map,please.I wonder _________.—Look,it‘s here,in the east of China.

A.where is Diaoyu Island B.where Diaoyu Island is C.what is Diaoyu Island like

19.—Could you tell me ________? —Certainly.In half an hour.

A.when will the high speed train arrive B.when the high speed train will arrive

C.when the high speed train would arrive

20.—Could you tell me _____ he came here? —He drove here himself.

A.how B.why C.when

21.—Excuse me,could you tell me _______ to get the post office? —Certainly.The No.15 bus.

A.which bus I should take B.I should take which bus C.which bus should I take

22.—Do you know ________ London for the 30th Olympic Games? —Next month.

A.when they visited B.when will they visit C.when they will visit

23.These animals are in danger.We should think ________ to protect them.

A.what can we do B.what we can do C.how can we do

24.The math problem is so hard. I really don‘t know ________.

A.how to do it B.how to do C.what to do it

25.—Can you tell me ________ to travel to Dalian? —About two hours by plane.

A.how much it costs B.what I should take C.how long it takes

26.—Excuse me,could you tell me ________? —In the supermarket.

A.where I can buy this kind of CD player B.where can I buy this kind of CD player

C.if I can buy this kind of CD player

27.—Can you tell me ______? —With Lucy‘s help.

A.when you did it so well B.how did you do it so well C.how you did it so well

28.—Can you tell me ________? —By doing more exercises and speaking.

A.how I can improve my English B.how do I deal with my English C.what‘s wrong with my English

29.—What about going to the South Lake for a picnic next weekend?—OK.But I‘m not sure ____ it will rain.\

A.whether B.where C.when

30.—Could you tell me if _________ tomorrow?—Sorry,I‘ve no idea.

A.will he come B.would he come C.he will come

31. — Do you know _____this afternoon?— I'm not sure, but I'll tell you as soon as she ________.

A. how will Betty arrive; starts B. how Betty will arrive; will start

C. what time will Betty arrive; will start D. what time Betty will arrive; starts

32. — Would you please tell me ________? — Bus No.22 will take you there.

A. who will we go with to Meilanfang Theater B. what can we see in Qinghu Wetland Park

C. when we will leave for the Weland Park D. how we can get to the Old Street

33.—Would you like to tell me ______? —Sure. Practice makes perfect.

A. how can I study English well B. why do I learn English well

C. how I can study English well D. why I learn English well

A. what we did B. what did we do C. what we can do D. what can we do

35.I don‘t understand _________ that everything‘s fine when it‘s not.

A. how can he say B. can he say how C. he can say how D. how he can say

36.—Do you know ____Jane visits her grandparents? —Once a week. She loves them deeply.

A. how soon B. how often C. how long D. how far

37.—Did the radio say____? —Yes,from Hunan.

A. how the bad rice came B.where the bad rice came from

C.how did the bad rice come D.where did the bad rice come from

38. I was told to meet Mr. White at the airport. But I don‘t know _________ he will arrive.

A. when B. how C. where D. why

39. Could you please tell me _____ a great actress?

A. how Zhao Wei has become B. haw did Zhao Wei become

C. how became Zhao Wei D. how does Zhao Wei became

40.I don't know if he____to the English corner, but I'll ask him about that when he ___to the class.

A. goes; will come B. will go; will come C. goes; comes D. will go; comes

41. — Could you tell me ______? —At the end of July.

A. how often he heard from his pen pal B. how soon he will be here

C. that he went on vacation D. when you will start your vacation

42.— Could you please tell me _________ tomorrow? — At 8 o'clock.

B. how will she come B. where she will go C. what time she will start

43. —. —Sorry. I‘ve no idea. But she was here just now.

A. where is Ann B. where Ann is C. where was Ann D. where Ann was

44. —Hi, Bruce. Here is a letter for you. —A. who the letter was from B. who was from the letter

C. who was the letter from D. who from the letter was

45. —Could you tell me ____? I‘m going to pick you up at the airport.—At 15:45 this Friday.

A. where you met me B. who you are coming with

C. when you came here D. what time you are arriving

46. —I‘m going to buy a car. Any advice, Charlie?

—Well, it depends on ______. If money isn‘t a problem, you can buy a BMW.

A. when you will buy one B. how much you can afford

C. what color you like D. where you are driving

47. —Excuse me, could you tell me where _______? —Sure, sir. You can try .

A. can I join in the group-buying B. did I join in the group-buying

C. I can join in the group-buying D. I joined in the group-buying

48. — Do you know ______ the girl in blue is? —I‘m not sure. Maybe a teacher.

A. whose B. how C. what D. which

49. —Hey! Mike, guess ______ for my coming vacation.

—To Hainan Island? You always like somewhere interesting.

A. what I will take B. where I‘m going C. when I will leave D. who I‘m going with

50. Could you tell me ________?

A. where do you live B. where you live C. you live where

51.Could you tell me ________________ the cool T-shirt?

A. where you buy B. where do you buy C. where did you buy D. where you bought

52. —Alex, I found a watch in the classroom. —You should try to find out A.whose the watch belong to B.who is owner of the watch C.whom does the watch belong to

53.—Helen, do you know if Martin __to my party next week?—I think he will come if he ___free.

A. will come; will be B. will come; is C. come; is D. comes; will be

54.— We will have a new foreign teacher this term. Do you know ____when he was in his hometown? — A policeman.

A. what he did B. what was he C. what his job is

55.Please tell me _____ to improve my English.

A. what I can do. B. what can I do. C. how I can do. D. how can I do..

56. — Do you know________? —Yes, I do. He went by skateboarding!

A. whether Paul will go or not B. when will Paul go to the party

C. how Paul went to the party D. how did Paul go to the party

57. Do you know _____I saw yesterday? It was my favorite star, Jackie!

A. whom B. when C. where D. how

58. —Dad, please tell me when Mum _____ .I miss her very much.

—She will return when she _____ her task. And she will bring a nice present for you.

A. returns; finishes B. returns; will finish C. will return; finishes D. will return; will finish

59.—Do you know_____? —He is a dentist.

A. where he is from B. where is he from C. what does his father do D. what his father is

60.We‘re not sure if it ______ tomorrow. If it _______ ,we won‘t go hiking.

A. will rain; rains B. will rain; will rain C. rains; rains D. rains; will rain

61. The woman asked the policeman where __________.

A. the post office is B. was the post office C. is the post office D. the post office was

62.Bob, can you tell us_________ by saying that?

A. what do you mean B. what you meant C. you mean what D. what did you mean

63. —I hope you_________ my party next weekend. —OK, I_________.

A. to come to, will B. come to, can C. can come to, am D. can come to, will

64. — Could you tell me ________? — More than a year.

A. how soon will Yangzhou-Taizhou Airport be built

B. how long has Yangzhou-Taizhou Airport been in service

C. how soon Yangzhou-Taizhou Airport will be built

D. how long Yangzhou-Taizhou Airport has been in service

65. People in Yancheng are proud of they have achieved in the past thirty years.

A. how B. which C. what D. when

66.—How long does it take to get to the airport?

—Forty minutes. But it‘s foggy today. I‘m not sure off earlier.

A. whether B. when C. how D. why

67.—Philip has gone to New Zealand. —Oh, can you tell me ______?

A. when did he leave B. when he is leaving C. when he left D. when is he leaving

68. —Could you please tell me _________________? —Yes. There is one on Center Street.

A. where can I buy some stamps B. when you will take your vacation

C. when was the telephone invented D. if there are any good restaurants around here

69.—Do you know when ________in Quanzhou ? —I'm not sure. When he arrives, I‘ll call you.

A. Mr. Lee arrived B. Mr. Lee will arrive C. will Mr.Lee arrive

70. —Tell me _________. —Well, it‘s like …

A. what is wrong with it B. what is it C. what the matter is with it D. what is it like

71. Could you say it again? I can‘t understand ______ you are talking about.

A. how B. when C. what D. which

72. —Have you asked the policeman ______?

—Yes. He told us to turn left onto Main Street. It‘s on the right.

A.if there is a bank near here B. how can we get to the nearest bank

C. where can we find a bank D. when we can go to the nearest bank

73.—I don‘t know______. —Because he has to look after his mother.

A. why he is leaving B. why is he leaving C.whether he is leaving D.whether is he leaving

74. What a nice paper fish ! Can you show us ________ you make it?

A. whether B. how C. why D. what

75. ——Look! He is playing basketball over there.

A. where Scot is B. what is Scot doing C.how Scot did it D. why Scot is doing it

76. Father‘s Day is coming. I'm thinking about ________.

A. what present I gave him B. where we had a big meal

C. how I will give him a surprise D. if I planned a party for him

77. —Mr. Wang, can you tell me _______?— will help you.

A. why I can get the latest news about education

B. where can I search for the information about high school

C. where I can find out the exam scores

78. Can you tell me ______?

A. How much is the red sweater B. How much the red sweater is

C. What‘s the price of the red sweater D. How many the red sweater is

79. —Could you tell me ________ yesterday?—Because my bike was broken on my way here.

A. why you came late B. why do you come late

C. why you come late D. why did you come late

80. When H7N9 bird flu first appeared, people didn't know ________ doctors could cure it.

A. if B. that C. what D. why

81.—How soon will you start your journey? —I‘m not sure. I haven‘t decided .

A. when shall I ask the boss for leave B. where I will go to spend the holiday

C. whether I would go by train or by plane D. who could invite me to go

82.I don‘t know____________.

A. where she comes from B. how old is she C. when was she born

83. —Could you tell me _______? —To get ready for the High School Entrance Exam.

A. what he is busy B. why he stays up C. if he is worried D. where he can pass the exam

84. The new-designed car is on show now. I wonder ___________.

A. how much it cost B.how much it costs C.how much did it cost D.how much does it cost

85. —Excuse me, can you tell me _______? —At about 8 o‘clock, sir.

A what time the plane will reach Beijing B what time will the plane arrive in Beijing

C what time the plane will arrive Beijing D what time will the plane get to Beijing

86. —? —At nine o'clock, in ten minutes.

A. how will he leave B. when he has left C. why he is leaving D. when he will leave

87. —Can you tell me ______ Huang Hua will give us a speech this afternoon?

—Yes, he will. He is the top student ______ we all admire.

A. both; and B. what; which C. that; which D. whether; that

88. The teacher asked the students ________.

A. why the earth went around the sun B. why does the earth go around the sun

C. why the earth goes around the sun

89.Tom asked whether after he finished his project.

A. can he go to the cinema B. he can go to the cinema C. he could go to the cinema

90. - in New York.


A. arrive; will get B. will arrive; get C. will arrive; will get

91. —Miss Lee, I didn't catch what you said. Could you tell me ______ again?—OK.

A. what should we take B.where shall we meet C. when we would start D. how we will get there


A. what it is B. what it was C. where it is D. where it was

93. —It is so noisy here that I can‘t hear ______. Could you please say it again?—No problem.

A. what you say B. what do you say C. what you said D. what did you say

94.——For two weeks.

A. have you borrowed this book B. you have borrowed this book

C. you have kept this book D. have you kept this book

95. Can you tell me ______________________________?

A. When do you usually have breakfast B. What do you think of this magazine

C. Why you put off the party D. why are you interested in chatting on line

96. Could you tell me ______ a meeting in Guangzhou next week?

A. if there was going to be B. if there is going to be

C. whether is there going to be D. whether there is going to have

97.I don‘t remember__________ the book yesterday.

A. where I put B. where did I put C. where will I put D. where l will put

98. —Could you tell me________ for class this morning?

—I am sorry, Mrs. Lin. I got up so late that I couldn't catch the first bus.

A. why were you late B. why you are late C. why are you late D. why you were late

99. —Could you please tell me ______? —Because it‘s very helpful.

A. why you like English B. why you liked English

C. which you like of all subjects D. how did you learn English.

100.—I wonder ____________ at 8:00 last night? —I was watching NBA.

A.What were you doing B.What did you do C .what you were doing D. What are you doing 101.Don't worry. We are thinking about______________.

A. what should we do next B. if we should do that C. that we should do

102. —Could you please tell me ?—Yes, sure.

A. if there is a bookshop near here B. where can I buy a stamp

C. when will the next bus arrive D. you like to eat what

103. Excuse me, could you tell me ______?

A. where‘s the teachers‘ office B.where‘s the bus stop

C.what‘s she doing D.where the post office is

104. Our physics teacher told old us light _____ faster than sound.

A. travels B. traveled C. traveling D. to travel

105.This time I don‘t know if I ____the exam. If I _____ the exam, I‘ll have a great vacation.

A. pass, pass B. pass, will pass C. will pass, pass D. will pass, will pass106.By reading the article, we know how ______ in our daily life.

A.will we protect the earth B.we can reduce pollution C.should we save water D.we must recycle things

107.—Betty, do you know if Tony ___the photo competition?—He will, if he ____his project on Australia.

A.enters; finishes B.enters; will finish

C.will enter; finishes D.will enter; will finish

108. —Can you tell me ________? —Yesterday.

A. when did he get the news B. when he got the news

C. where did he get the news D. where he got the news

109. I wonder ___________.

A. what can I do on vacation B. where I can go on vacation C. who can I go on vacation with 110.—Could you tell me________? —I‘m not sure. Maybe next week.

A. when he came here B. when he will come C. how long he will live here 111. 一I wonder when ______be held. 一If it ______, we'll have it next Monday.

A. the sports meeting will; doesn't rain B. will the sports meeting; doesn‘t rain

C. the sports meeting will: will not rain

112. —Bob, please tell me . —In South Hill School.

A. where will the match be held B. where the match will be held

C. when will the match be held D. when the match will be held

113.—Please tell me the scarf? —She bought it online, I guess.

A. if Alice liked B. when Alice bought C. where Alice bought D. how much did Alice pay for 114.— Could you please tell me —They are over there.

A. where are the rest rooms B. where the restrooms are C. where the restrooms were. 115. – I wonder . -- Shandong Province.

A. when will Peng Liyuan come B. where Peng Liyuan is from

C. where Peng Liyuan came from D. how Peng Liyuan will come

116. --- Peter, could you tell me ______? --- He is under the tree over there.

A. where your father is B. what your father is C. how your father is 117.—Would you please tell me_________?—Yes. There‘s a bank over there.

A. when can I exchange money B. where can I exchange money

C. when I can exchange money D. where I can exchange money

第十四讲 定语从句


1.定语从句的定义: 在复合句中修饰名词或代词的句子。The man who came is Mike.

2.先行词:定语从句所修饰的名词或代词。Li Ming is the one that got full marks in our class.


1)The man who is wearing a white suit is my brother.

2)The man with whom he talked just now is Tom.

3)This is the house where I was born.

4) He came at a time when we needed help.


1.I hate the people _________don‘t help others when they are in trouble.

A.who B.which C.whose

2.I‘ll never forget the day _________ the great scientist came to our school and gave us a speech.

A.that B.which C.when

3.—What kind of movies do you like? —I like the movies ______ are about Chinese history.

A.who B.whom C.that

4.Who is the man _______ is reading a book over there?

A.that B.whose C.which

5.Jane is one of the students in the class ________ have ever been to China.

A.who B.whose C.which

6.There will be a stamp show in the museum _______we visited last week.

A.who B.when C.which

7.The man ________ is talking with my teacher is Tom‘s teacher.

A.who B.whom C.whose

8.Li Mei is the student __________ handwriting is the best in our class.

A.whose B.whom C.who

9.The people ________ helped us build our hometown are from Beijing.

A.which B.whom C.who

10.This is the bike ________ her aunt bought for her.

A.whose B.which C.what

11.Do you know the girl ________ is singing in the classroom?

A.who B.which C.when

12.Gina loves singers _________ write their own music.

A.which B.who C.whose

13.People often like clothes ______can make them look young.

A.when B.who C.that

14.—Do you know the lady _______is talking with Mr Smith?

—Yes,she‘s our new chemistry teacher,Miss Brown.

A.who B.which C.whom

15.—What do you think of the school uniforms? —Very good.I like clothes ________ make me feel comfortable.

A.that B.what C.who

16.—Now many people smoke and get ill.

—So we should do sth _______ can help stop smoking.

A.what B.who C.that

17.I still remember the time ______ we spent together at Xisan Mountain last year.

A.when B.what C.which

18.One of the most delicious drinks ________I like is orange juice.

A.which B.that C.whose

19.—There are so many girls over there .Which one is your sister?—The one ______hat is yellow.

A.who B.that C.whose

20.We all like the story about the teacher ________ happened in our school last week.

A.which B.who C.whom

21.The English -Chinese dictionary _____my father bought for me many years ago is still valuable.

A.whose B.that C.who

22.Zhang Li is considered as the most beautiful teacher____gave her love to her students in danger.

A.who B.that C.whom

23.I hate people _______ talk much but do little.A.who B.whom C.which

24.It‘s interesting that there are many people _______ speak French in Canada.

A.which B.where C.who

25.I can never forget the stories _______ my grandma told me.

A.what B.who C.that

26.This is the primary school ________ I studied three years ago.

A.where B.when C.that

27.Please pass me the cartoon book _______ has a Mickey Mouse on the cover.

A.whom B.whose C.which

28.Most students like the teachers ________understand them well.

A.who B.whom C.which

29.Mr Green,there is someone at the front desk _______would like to speak with you.

A.he B.who C.which D.whom

30.Who is the man _______ was talking to our English teacher?

A.he B.that C.whom D.which

31. People often like clothes ______ can make them look young.

A. when B. who C. that

32. ―What do you think of the school uniforms?‖ ―Very good. I like clothes ______ make me feel comfortable.‖

A. that B. what C. who

33. ―What do you think of the school uniforms?‖ ―Very good. I like clothes ______ make me feel comfortable.‖

A. that B. what C. who

34. There will be a flower show in the park A. who B. when C. what D. Which

35. —Now many people smoke and get ill—So we should do something ____can help stop


A. what B. who C. / D. that

36.I still remember the time_____we spent together at Xisai Mountain last year.

A.when B.what C.who D.which

37. One of the most delicious drinks _________ I like is orange juice.

A. which B. that C. whose D. whom

38. —There are so many girls over there. Which one is your sister?—The one______hat is yellow.

A. who B. whose C. that D. which

39. We all like the story about the teacher _______ happened in our school last week.

A. which B. who C. whom D. what

40. The English-Chinese dictionary value.

A. whose B. when C. who D. that

41. Zhang Lili is considered as the most beautiful teacher gave her love to her students in danger.

A. who B. that C. whom D. which

42. The little boy was wrapping the present _____ world be sent to his teacher.

A. who B. / C. what D. that

43. Mr. Smith __________ is smoking is looking for________ she lost yesterday.

A. whom; which B. who; what C. that; who D. which; where

44. Success will belong to those ________never say "impossible".

A. whom B. what C. who D. which

45. —What are you looking for?—I'm looking for the ring ___my husband bought me last year.

A. that B. who C. whom D. it

46. I hate people ______ talk much but do little.

A. who B. which C. whose D. whom

47.Piano is a word________ was originally borrowed from Italian.

A.where B.who C.which D.whose

48. It‘s interesting that there are many people speak French in Canada.

A. which B. where C. who

49. I can never forget the stories________ my grandma told me.

A. what B. who C. them D. that

50. This is the primary school ______ I studied three years ago.

A. where B. when C. that D. which

51. Please pass me the cartoon book _________ has a Mickey Mouse on the cover.

A. whom B. whose C. who D. which

52.—What kind of movies do you like?—I like the move ______ are about Chinese history.

A. who B. whom C. whose D which

53. Most students like the teachers understand them well

A. who B. when C. what D. which

54. — What are you looking for ?— I'm looking for the pen____my father gave me last week. A- who B. which C, whose D. whom

55.--- Do you know the girl_____ is helping the old woman. -Oh, that's my sister,

A. whom B. whose C. who D. where

56. Steve Jobs is one of the persons founded Apple Computer Company. His death marked the end of an era (时代).

A. who B. whom C. which D. /

第十五讲 状语从句


1.时间状语从句:when,while,as,after,before,as soon as,till,until,since

2.地点状语从句:where Where there is a will,there is a way.

3.原因状语从句:because,since,as,for. He didn‘t go to school yesterday because his grandfather was ill.

4.条件状语从句:if,unless If it rains tomorrow,we‘ll stay at home.

5.目的状语从句:so that He got up early so that he could catch the first bus.

6.结果状语从句:so...that,such...that The question was so difficult that nobody can answer it.

7.让步状语从句:though,although Though he is too young, he knows a lot.

8.比较状语从句:than,as...as I am as tall as he.


1.—You study ________ hard__________ you‘re able to pass the exam.

A.enough...to B.as...as C.so...that

2.We can easily become unhappy ________ we work out our problems in our daily life.

A.if B.until C.unless

3.—Do you like sports?—Yes,I do some running in the park everyday____the weather is terrible.

A.if B.after C.unless

4.I‘m sorry to have you waiting so long for Marcia,and I‘m afraid it‘ll be ten minutes_______she comes back.

A.before B.after C.until

5.We will climb the mountain tomorrow ________ it doesn‘t rain.

A.if B.although C.since

6.________ he was only twelve,he could run faster than any kids in the school.

A.Though B.Because C.If

7.—Is my answer to the math problem right?

—Let me consider it carefully._______ I give you an answer.

A.before B.after C.since

8.________ Nanyue is a small town,we can see many tourists who come from different parts of the world there.

A.Because B.Unless C.Although

9.—You bought the car about ten years ago? —Yes._________it‘s old,it still runs well.

A.Because B.Since C.Although

10._________you have tried it on,you can‘t imagine how pretty the new style skirt is .

A.Because B.Although C.Unless

11.—We‘ll go for a picnic if it ________ this Sunday.—Wish you a lovely weekend.

A.rain B.doesn‘t rain C.won‘t rain

12.Teresa is _________ nervous _________she can‘t talk in front of the class.

A.such,that B.too,to C.so,that

13.—What‘s your plan for the summer holidays?—I‘ll go to Beijing ______the school term ends.

A.in order that B.so that C.as soon as

14.—If our government _____attention to controling food safety now,our health _____ in danger.

A.won‘t pay,is B.doesn‘t pay, will be C.won‘t pay,will be

15.—Excuse me .Could you wake me up when my friend ______here?

—Of course,but we still don‘t know when your friend _______ here.

A.comes,will come B.will come,will come C.will come,comes

16.—I want to know when Mr Brown will arrive. —When he _______ ,I will tell you.

A.will arrive B.arrived C.arrives

17.—I like drinking wine.But people who drink wine aren‘t allowed to drive.

—If I _________you,I would give up________ wine.

A.were,drinking B.am,drinking C.were,drink

18._______ I was in the US,I made a lot of American friends.

A.While B.Although C.Until

19.What would happen if he _______ back home.

A.go B.goes C.went

20.If a polar bear ________ it _________ fish from the water.

A.will be hungry,catches B.is hungry,will catch C.is going to be hungry,catches

21.We will go for a picnic if it _________ tomorrow.

A.doesn‘t rain B.wasn‘t rainy C.won‘t rain

22.—Do you know if we will go for a picnic this Saturday?

—I think we will if we ________ any classes.

A.won‘t have B.didn‘t have C.don‘t have

23.The bus driver always says to us, “Don‘t get off _______ the bus stops.‖

A.when B.while C.until

24.________ he has little knowledge,the old worker has a lot of experience.

A.Although B.Because C.If

25.They will try their best in the Dragon Boat Racing _______ they may fail.

A.if B.although C.unless

26.We didn‘t go home ________ the old man was sent to the hospital.

A.until B.when C.while

27.—What was your brother doing at this time yesterday?

—He was reading a magazine _______ I was writing an e-mail at home.\

A.as soon as B.after C.while

28.My father spends much money on books,________ he‘s not rich.

A.but B.because C.even though

29.The girl is ________a nice girl _______ we all want to help her.

A.such,that B.too,to C.so,that

30.I don‘t know if Jack ________.If he _____,call me,please.

A.will come,will come B.will come,comes C.comes,will come

31. I'm waiting for my friend. , I'll go shopping alone.

A. If she comes B. If she doesn't come C. If she won't come

32.If she here tomorrow, I will tell you.

A. comes B. will come C. come D. came

33. ---Mary, could you tell me if your mother _______ our school sports meeting tomorrow?

---I think she will come to school if she _________ free.

A. will take part in; will be B. takes part in; is C. will take part in; is D. takes part in; will be

34. ---Tom wants to know if you will have a picnic tomorrow.

---Yes. But if it ______, we'll play chess instead.

A. will rain B. rained C. is raining D. rains

35.---You study ______ hard _______ you're sure to pass the exam. ---Thank you for saying so.

A. enough .....to B. as .... as C. so....that

36. If Tom _____ the game, we'll give him a surprise".

A. win B. wins C. won D. miming

37. ---I hear the famous singer Xu Song may come to Ningbo next month.

---Really? _______ he comes, my younger sister will be very excited.

A. If B. Until C. Unless D. Before

38.The students ________ have a sports meeting this weekend if it ________.

A. won't; rains B. will; rains C. won't; will rain D. are going to; is going to rain

39. Don't talk loudly at the meeting. If you ________, you will have to leave.

A. do B. are C. did

40. I don't know if she to my birthday party tomorrow. If she , I'll be very happy.

A. comes; comes B. will come; comes C. comes; will come

41. ---When will you come to Suzhou? ---I will call you _____I arrive.

A. till B. while C. as quickly as D. as soon as

42.I'll give it to Jim as soon as I ____him tomorrow.

A saw B.will see C.see D.have seen

in Canada.

A. arrive B. arrived C. am arriving D. will arrive

A. is; will he B. will be; will be C. is; is D. will be; is

45. Fm waiting for my friend. , I'll go shopping alone.

A. If she comes B. If she won't come C. If she doesn't come

46. Mr. Green speaks very loudly_______all the people can hear him clearly.

A. when B. so that C. because

47. You can't watch TV ________ you finish your homework.

A. before B. if C. while D. As

48.—As we all know, planting trees is good for the environment. Our class will go to —the Sun Island tomorrow. As soon as we there, we'll begin to plant trees.

A. arrived B. arrive C. will arrive

49. They develop their skills _________ they can do things better and better.

A. however B. because C. since D. so that

50. —Let's go fishing if it _____ this weekend. —But nobody knows if it _______.

A. is fine, will rain B. will be fine, rains C. will be fine, will rain D. is fine; rains

51. -What time will Diana get to Chengdu?-I'm not sure. When he ______, I'll call you.

A. will arrive B. arrive C. arrives

52—Zhou Libo is Shanghai's favorite funny man. He is good at making people laugh. —His lively shows were _________ hot that tickets sold out in minutes.

A. very B. too C. such D. so

53. They develop their skills _________ they can do things better and better.

A. however B. because C. since D. so that

in Canada.

A. arrive B. arrived C. am arriving D. will arrive

55. If there no buying and selling of animals, there no killing in nature.

A. is; will he B. will be; will be C. is; is D. will be; is

56. —Let's go fishing if it _____ this weekend. —But nobody knows if it _______.

A. is fine, will rain B. will be fine, rains C. will be fine, will rain D. is fine; rains

57. You'll be late __________ you don't get up now.

A. if B. before C. until D. after

58. Fm waiting for my friend.______, I'll go shopping alone.

A. If she comes B. If she won't come C. If she doesn't come

59. Mr. Green speaks very loudly ____all the people can hear him clearly.

A. when B. so that C. because

60. You can't watch TV ________ you finish your homework.

A. before B. if C. while D. as

61.The students ________ have a sports meeting this weekend if it ________.

A. won't; rains B. will; rains C. won't; will rain D. are going to; is going to rain

62. Don't talk loudly at the meeting. If you ________, you will have to leave.

A. do B. are C. did

63. I don't know if she to my birthday party tomorrow. If she , I'll be very happy.

A. comes; comes B. will come; comes C. comes; will come

64. I'll give it to Jim as soon as I ____him tomorrow.

A saw B. will see C. see D. have seen

65. I'm waiting for my friend. , I'll go shopping alone.

A. If she comes B. If she doesn't come C. If she won't come

66.If she here tomorrow, I will tell you.

A. comes B. will come C. come D. came

67. --Mary, could you tell me if your mother ________ our school sports meeting tomorrow? --I think she will come to school if she ________free.

A.will take part in; will be B. takes part in; is C. will take part in; is D. takes part in; will be

68.---Tom wants to know if you will have a picnic tomorrow.

---Yes. But if it ______, we'll play chess instead.

A. will rain B. rained C. is raining D. rains

69. ---You study _____ hard _____ you're sure to pass the exam. ---Thank you for saying so.

A. enough....to B. as....as C. so....that

70. If Tom _____ the game, we'll give him a surprise".

A. win B. wins C. won D. miming

71.--- I hear the famous singer JAY may come to Suzhou next month.

---Really? _______ he comes, my younger sister will be very excited.

A. If B. Until C. Unless D. Before

72.-What time will Diana get to Chengdu?-I'm not sure. When he ______, I'll call you.

A. will arrive B. arrive C. arrives

73. Zhou Libo is Shanghai's favorite funny man. He is good at making people laugh. His lively shows were _____ hot that tickets sold out in minutes.

A. very B. too C. such D. so

74. They develop their skills _________ they can do things better and better.

A. however B. because C. since D. so that

75. The old man asked the girl to take another seat he wanted to sit next to his wife.

A. because B. so that C. so

76. Kate was so glad she received a Christmas gift from his grandparents away in Thailand.

A. that B. when C. if

77.Can I take Lisa to the aquarium tomorrow? If she _ there, she _ a good time.

A. goes; has B. will go; has C. will go; will have D. goes; will have

78. As we all know, planting trees is good for the environment. Our class will go to the Sun Island tomorrow. As soon as we

A. arrived B. arrive C. will arrive

79. ---When will you come to Shanghai? ---I will call you _____I arrive.

A. till B. while C. as quickly as D. as soon as

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