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初中英语导学案7B Unit5(7)

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初中英语导学案编号7B Unit5

课题:Integrated skillsA


1. To identify and note specific details and guess meaning from general context.

2. To identify specific information presented in written and spoken form and make notes.

3. To produce formula tic responses to specific instruction.

4. To learn to get the necessary information from listening.



2、预习P86-P87 A部分内容,翻译下列短语。

1). 家长会 2). 报告卡

3). 本学期 4). 记忆力好

5). 擅长写作 6). 更经常地用英语

7). 对中国历史了解很多

8). 尽力 9). 地理薄弱

10). 钢琴弹得好 11). 每个周一练习

12). 能将班级活动组织好

13). 语文成绩好 14). 取得更好的结果

15). 跳得高 16). 进入校队


Step I Free- talking

1. Explain the language circumstance:

T: It will be parents’ meeting soon. Before the meeting, teachers often make a profile for each students. How can I make the profile? What can be covered in the profile? OK, now please have a short discussion in group and the tell me.

2. After discussion, one student from each group reports the results.

Step II Presentation

1. Lead-in:

T: Today we will learn how to make a profile like that. First, let’s have a look at Suzy’s report card. Read it and try to find some useful information. If you find any new words, you can discuss them with your partner or with me.

2. Read the instructions to the class. Clarify words as necessary.

Then ask students to skim the text to identify any words they do not know,


e.g., ‘memory’, ‘weak at’ ‘personality’ and ‘cheerful’.

Ask students to guess the meanings of unknown words from the context. Then explain the meanings by giving examples.

3. Read Suzy’s report card and answer the following questions: (1). What class is Suzy in?

(2). Who is Suzy’s grade teacher? (3). Is Suzy good at writing?

(4). How is Suzy’s Maths this term?

(5). What must Suzy do in her English study? (6). Does Suzy work hard at history?

(7). Does Suzy try her best to learn Geography?

4. Ask students to study the notes for the parents’ meeting. They can then find information from the report card to fill in as many gaps on the notes for the parents’ meeting as possible. 5. Play the recording and ask students to complete Mr Wu’s notes in part A1 on page 86.

6.Explain the context of Part A2 so that students understand that it is Mr Wu who is talking about Suzy at the parents’ meeting .

7. Play the recording again to enable students to check their listening skills.

8. Explain the task in Part A3. Expand the situation by talking about what happens at our school. Ask students to use information from the report card and notes to complete Suzy’s profile. Step III Writing

1. Give a survey table about study to each student:

2. Work in pairs to discuss and complete the above table (Write a tick ‘√’ in the suitable blank). They can also add their own other information under the table. 3. Be ready to write the report card:

1). Work in pairs to read Suzy’s report card again to find out the useful information for their

own report card.

2). Exchange the table to write the other one’s notes according his or her report card using the


notes on P86 as a model.

3). Write the report card.

4. Read their report cards to others for a check.

Step IV Speaking

1. Ask a student who can sing to make up the dialogue like this:

T: I can sing. What about you?

S: I can sing too.

T: I can only sing some old blue songs. And you?

S: I can sing some pop songs. I can’t sing many old songs.

T: Never mind. I’ll teach you some if you like. Can you teach me how to sing pop songs? S: No problem.

T: Great!

2. Get others to talk about what they are good at and weak in from their report card in pairs like the above one.

Step V Homework

1. Read and recite the new words, phrases and sentences.

2. Finish off other written exercises.



1. She often forgets things. She has a bad m_____________.

2. Mr. Green taught English last _____________(学期).

3. My English isn’t good. I am w_____________ at it.

4. Which subject do you like better, _____________(地理)or history?

5. Do you know the r_____________ of yesterday’s football match, which team won the match?

6. Daniel is a top student at school. He has good g_____________ in all his subjects.

7. Millie is good at reading, but she doesn’t do well in _____________(写作).

8. Lucy is a c______________ girl. She always makes others happy.

9. Simon likes playing football, but his sister likes playing the ______________(钢琴).

10. Our monitor can organize class _________________(活动) very well.



( ) 1. Suzy knows ___________ about American history. She is good at it.

A. lot B. lots of C. a lot D. a lot of

( ) 2. Mr. Zhang will teach __________ Maths next year.

A. they B. them C. their D. theirs

( ) 3. He always does his best ____________ quickly.

A. run B. running C. to run D. to running

( ) 4. She is good at maths, but sometimes she is ___________.

A. careless B. careful C. carefully D. care of

( ) 5. Suzy likes playing ___________ piano , but she doesn’

A. the, the B. /, the C. /, / D. the, /


1. Sandy将会尽她最大的努力学好英语。

Sandy will _______________________________________________________ English well.

2. 我们应该经常多读多用英语。

We should ____________________ and ____________________________________.

3. 去年,Amy在各方面都取得了好成绩。

Last year, Amy _______________________________________________ everything.

4. 她必须每天在学校练习打排球。

She must __________________________________________________ at school every day.

5. Suzy能跳得高,我确信她明年能进入校队。

Suzy _______________, I am _______ she can _____________the school team 教后反思


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