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( ) 1. What is Amy going to be in ten years?

A. A worker. B. A basketball player. C. A policewoman.

( )2. What was the girl doing when her mother came in?

A. Doing her homework. B. Playing computer games. C. Surfing the lnternet.

( )3. What did the girl' s grandmother say?

A. She would come this'week. B. She wouldn't come here this week.

C. She wouldn' t come here next week.

( )4. What' s the matter with the boy?

A. He argued with his morn. B. He argued with his friend.

C. He argued with his teacher.

( )5. Will the man go with the girl?

A. Yes,he will. B. No,he won' t. C. We don' t know.



( )6. What' s wrong with the first dress?

A. It' s too old. B. It' s out of style. C. It' s too colorful.

( )7. Who bought the second dress?

A. Ann' s grandparents. B. Ann' s parents. C. Ann.

( ) 8. What will Ann do about the second dress?

A. She will wear it. B. She will change its style.

C. She will send the dress to others.


( )9. What' s wrong with the boy?

A. He forgot his sister' s birthday. B. He ate dinner with his sister.

C. He bought a birthday cake for his sister.


( ) 10. What did the boy' s sister say?

A. She said sorry to her brother.

B. She said the boy was not a good brother.

C. She said she didn' t get a gift.


( ) 11. Which robot does the girl like?

A. A dancing robot. B. A playing robot. C. All robots.

( ) 12. Where are they talking?

A. At the children' s museum. B. At the science museum. C. At the history museum.

( ) 13. What will the robot do in the boy' s home?

A. Dance.

B. Do the boy' s housework.

C. Do the boy' s homework.


( ) l4. What was Ann doing when the boy called?

A. Listening to music.

B. Listening to the radio.

C. Listening to English songs.

( ) 15. How old is Ann now?

A.13. B.9. C.10.





( )21. It was said(据报道) that one Chinese student got ________and another

died in Monday's Boston Marathon bombing。(波士顿马拉松赛爆炸)

A. injuring B. injured C. injures D. injure

( )22. I’m going to _____ time with my grandparents this vacation.

A. cost B.take C. spend D.pay

( )23.He said______ others changed his life.

A.helped B.helps C.help D.helping

( )24. There will be ____ pollution in the future in the world.

A.more B.many C.fewer D.few

( )25. People will live ____________ 200 years old in the future.

A. / B. be C. in D. to be

( )26 ________ the boy was walking down the street, the UFO landed.

A. Before B. After C. Until D. While

( )27.Her aunt arrived_______ Paris_________ the evening of December 29th.

A.in ;at B.in ; on C.at ; in D.at;on

( )28.People are not supposed______ in the meeting room.

A.to smoke B.smoking C.smokes D.smoked

( )29. _______a sport game on the playground next week?

A. Will there be B. Will there have C. Will there D.Will be there


( )30. She ____homework when I arrived.

A. does B. is doing C. did D. was doing

( )31. Don’t run ________ shout ________ the party.

A. and; at B. and; in C. or; in D. or; at

( )32.We found ______ very interesting ______English.

A.it; learning B.it , to learn C.that; to learn D.this, learning ( )33.I think she will be a famous singer_____ ten years.

A.for B.in C.before D.after

( )34.Could you ______ me how to ______it in Chinese?

A.say, speak B.speak , say C.tell, say D.say,tell

( )35.—Can you tell me ______your parents at home?

--I often wash clothes and sweep the floor.

A.how will you help B.how you help

C.how you will help D.how do you help



School education(教育) is very useful. The students learn knowledge(知识) and get an education. Yet, no one can learn They learned a lot outside school or in practice themselves. A teacher, even he knows a lot, can't teach his students everything.

The teacher's job his students how to learn, how to read, how

A good teacher with rich experience in teaching can teach his of study. Though these ways the students are able to learn and get a lot of things by themselves.

Usually it is very easy for the students to some knowledge, but it is very difficult to use it for problems. If a teacher really shows the students the a bility to use knowledge by himself (or herself). 4

The success in learning shows he or she knows how to study. X|k |B| 1 . c|O |m

( )1.A. important B. interesting C. boring D. exciting

( )2. A. neither B. either C. both D. each

( )3. A. nothing B. everything C. anything D. something

( )4. A. words B. sentences C. phrases(短语) D. knowledge

( )5. A. by B. from C. behind D. before

( )6. A. to lot B. to show C. to ask D. to teach

( )7. A. to use B. to speak C. to think D. to draw

( )8. A. ways B. habits C. use D. read

( )9. A. remember B. use C. say D. read

( ) 10A. a lot B. lots of C.many D. little



A good way to pass an exam is to work hard every day in a year.You may fail in an exam, if you are lazy (懒惰的) for most of the year and then work hard only a few days before the exam. If you are free, read stories in English. Speak English whenever you can. A few days before the exam you should go to bed early. Do not go to bed late a't night studying. Before you start the exam, read carefully over the question paper, try to understand the meaning of each question. When you have at last finished your exam, read over your answers. Correct (更正) the mistakes if there are any and be sure that you have not missed anything out.

( )1.A good way to pass an exam is to every day in a year.

A. go to bed early B. work hard C. be lazy D. read stories

( )2.If you work hard only a few days before the exam, you may_____the exarn.

A. win B. pass C. fail D. know

( )3.A few days before the exam you should______.

A. go to bed late B. go to bed early

C. not work hard D. not go to bed

( )4.When you have finished your paper, you should_______


A. hand it in at once B. read over your answers

C. try to understand the meaning of each question

D. not look at it again

( )5.Correct the mistakes if there are any and be sure that you have not missed anything out. Here "have not missed anything out" means_____.A. have answered all the questions B. have no mistakes

C. have forgotten something D. have not taken anything out


If you live in the United States, the law(法律) says you can't have a fulltime job until you are 16 years old. At 14 or 15, you can work part-time after school or on weekends, and during summer you can work 40 hours each week. Does all that mean that if you are younger than 14, you can't earn (赚) your own money? Of course not! Kids who are between the ages of 10 and 13 can earn money by doing lots of things.

Valerie, 11, told us that she made money by cleaning up other people's yards. Lena, 13, makes money by knitting (织) dog sweaters and selling them to her neighbors, and Reisa said she had started taking art classes and showing her work to people. People have asked her to draw pictures for them and they pay her for them. Jasmine, 13, writes articles for different magazines!

Earning is learning. By working to earn your own money, you are learning the skills you will need to succeed in life. These skills can include things like getting along with others, using technology (技术) and using your time. Some people think "that asking for money is a lot easier than earning it; however, when you make your own money, you don't have to depend on someone else. The five dollars that you earn will probably make you feel a lot better in your hand than the twenty dollars | you ask for.

( A. 17 B. 14 C. 13 D. 10

( )7.If you are 15 years old, you can't work_______


A. after school B. on weekends C. during summer D. on weekdays ( )8.Reisa makes money by_________

A. cleaning ,up other people's yards B. drawing pictures for others

C. writing articles for different magazines

D. knitting dog sweaters and selling them to her neighbors ( )9.According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?

A. You are learning how to succeed by working in your teens.

B. Kids are encouraged(被鼓励) to live independently(独立地) in the USA.

C. Earning one's money is better than asking for money from others. D. Kids don't need to get along with others when making money. ( )10.From the passage we know that_________

A. parents won't let their children earn their own money B. it's hard for kids under 14 years old to earn money in the USA

C. kids can learn skills if they try to earn money on their own X|k |B| 1 . c|O |m

D. if kids try to earn money, they won't have enough time to study


The chart below shows the world's ten largest cities,each of which has a population of more than 10 million. It also tells us the differences in area beween these countries in which they are . Now look at the chart caerfully and answer the following questions.


根据短文内容,选择最佳答案.并将其正确答案的序号填人题前括号内. ( ) 11.Which city has the largest population in India?

A. Bombay. B. New Delhi. C. Calcutta. D. Jakarta. ( )12. According to the chart, ______ is the largest in population and ______is the biggest in area.

A. Tokyo;Japan B, Shanghai;China C. Tokyo;China D, Shanghai ;Japan ( )13. Sao Paulo has smaller population than________

A. Mexico City or New York B, Bombay or Shanghai C. Tokyo or New Delhi D, Calcutta or Jakarta ( )14. The ten largest cities in population are from________ A. different countries B. the same country C. seven countries D, eight countries

( )15. According to this chart,New York is_____ in population and the USA is _______in area.

A. No. 3;No. 1 B. No. 3;No. 2 C. No. 7;No. 2 D. No. 7;No. 1





阅读短文,用方框内所给单词的正确形式填空,使短文意思通顺,完整。 For many young people, becoming a professional athlete might seem like a dream job.If you become a professional athlete, you’ll be able to make adoing 9

something you love.If you become __2____ , people all over the world will know you. give money to schools and charities, and do a lot of work to help people. This is a great that many people do not have.

_5______, professional athletes can also have many problems.If you are famous, people will watch you all the time and follow you _____6____. This can make life difficult.

If you play sports for a living, your job will sometimes be very . Many professional athletes get . And if you become rich , you will have a difficult time knowing who your __9_____friends are. In fact, many famous people complain that they are not happy. They say they were before they became rich and famous.





A:You look unhappy.1_________________________________________? B:My clothes are out of style.2___________________________?

A:Maybe you should buy some new clothes.

B:But I don’t have enough money.

A:You could get a part-time job in the evenings.

B:I can’t.


B:Because my parents want me to stay at home every day.I argued with them. AYou shouldn’t argue with your parents.You should talk about your problems B:_4_________________________.I’ll talk with them.

A:By the way,_5_____________________________________?.

B:It’s 5:40.It’s time to go home. Good-bye!




Mary 是来自加拿大的交换生,她收到了班主任给她寄的期中评价报告单。假如你是Mary请根据以下提示给在加拿大的父母写封信,说说你的学习情况。80词左右。

Dear Mum and Dad,

How’s it going at home ?

I got my report card today.__________________________ 11



1. M:What are you going to be in ten years. Amy?

W:I'm going to be. a pohcewornan. I think it' s exciting.

2. M:What were you doing when your mother came in?

W : I was playing computer games. She was very angry.

3. M :I heard your grandmother would come.

W: But she said she wouldn' t come here. this week.

4. W : You look unhappy. What' s wrong?

M :I had an argument with my mom. What should I do?

5. W:We would like to go shopping this weekend. Will you come with us? M : Yes, I' d love to.



W:I don't like this dress. It' s too colorful. I can' t wear it to my birthday party. M:Oh,you needn't wear it,Ann. You can wear this one.

W:But this is the gift of my grandparents. They will come to my party. M : OK. Don' t worry. You can change its style and it will be. cool. W:Really? Can you help me?

M..Of course. I'll do it at once.


I am very sad today. Today is rny sister's birthday. I forgot it. When I got home, I found there was a delicious dinner. I was so hungry. So I sat there and ate. Then I saw the birthday cake, and I realized it was Allan' s birthday. I said sorry to her,but she was also angry. She said I never cared about her and I was not a good brother. She would never talk with me. Oh,I' m so sorry. I think I will buy a gift for 12

her and say sorry to her again tomorrow. It' s really a bad day.

Ⅲ.听下面一段对话,回答第11至第13三个小题。新|课 |标|第 | 一| 网 M:Cathy.look at that robot. It is so funny. It can play basketball.

W: Yes. But l like that one. It can dance well.

M :True.I love the science museum very much. I can see lots of funny things here.

W:Me,too. I believe there will be more. robots in the future. Maybe our homes will also have robots.

M:Of course. I will have one,and it can do my homework.

W: Your homework? Then what will you do?

M : Nothing. I will go to sleep, every day.


M:Aun, why didn't you answer the phone when I called you last night? W:Sorry.Tom. I didn't hear it. I was listening to English songs.

M:You really like English very much.

W : Of course. I have been learning it for 4 years. When I was nine., I liked English and started to learn it.

M :Your English is always good. I should learn from you Can you help me? 八


一. 听力理解

1—5CBBAA 6—10CABAB 11-15ABCCA 16-20CEBDA


21-25DCDAD 26—30DBAAD 31—35:CBBCB





1—5BCBBA 6—10ADBDC 11—15ACADB 16—20DACEB


1.living 2.famous 3.athletes 4.chance 5.However 6.everywhere

7.dangerous 8.injured 9.real 10.happier.


1.What’s wrong with you ?What’s up ?

2 What should I do ?.


4.OK/Sounds good/Good idea.

5.What time is it/What’s the time?.


Dear Mum and Dad,

How’s it going at home?

I got my report card today.

My Chinese teacher said I was hard-working, while my math teacher said I could do better. You know I am not very good at math.My English teacher said I did well in English , but my science teacher said my science was very poor. Science is always difficult for me. My history is good and my history teacher is happy with me; however, my P.E.teacher said I was not active enough.


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