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江苏省姜堰市蒋垛中学九年级英语上册《9A Unit 2 Colour》练习9

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《9A Unit 2 Colour》练习9

选择填空 ( ) 1. Green represents and nature. When you feel weak, you can wear green. A. sadness B. purity C. joy D. energy ( ) 2. I think Lily should wear more because she worries a lot and often get stressed. A. yellow B. white C. orange D. green ( ) 3. —Mum, can I have to eat? I’m hungry. — . B. something; none; anything C. something; nothing; something D. anything; none; something ( ) 4. I’d rather than . C. to read books; watch TV D. read books; to watch TV ( ) 5. Daniel prefers playing computer games . ( ) 6. I think not difficult English every morning. A. that C. that; to keep read D. it; to keep reading ( ) 7. The students were all tired, but of them stopped a rest. C. none; to have D. nobody; having ( ) 8. Daniel was a bad mood and didn’t talk to . C. in; anybody D. in; somebody ( ) 9. There’s with your son’s ears. So don’t worry about him. C. serious nothing D. anything serious ( ) 10. Most children ice cream fruit. C. prefer to; rather than D. like; better

﹙ ﹚11. Wearing a green coat looks good_____ you. Thank you.

A. on B. in C. with D. at

﹙ ﹚12. I want to buy a comic book but there is_____ left in the bookstore.

A. no B. none C. nothing D. no one

﹙ ﹚13. Not all the students would rather_____ computer games than_____.

A. play, study B. playing, studying

C. to play, to study D. playing, study

﹙ ﹚14. Don’t worry about him. He’s old enough to_____ himself.

A. put on B. wear C. dress D. have on

﹙ ﹚15. These photos_____ me_____ the old days when I was young.

A. let, think B. remind, of C. make, think D. take, to

﹙ ﹚16. I prefer lending him some money_____ her some money.

A. to giving B. than giving C. to give D. than give

﹙ ﹚7. You need someone_____ me to support you.

A. likes B. to like C. liking D. like

﹙ ﹚8. Wearing red makes_____ easier for you to take action.

A. that B. this C. one D. it

﹙ ﹚9. The teacher finds him_____ and gives him some different homework to do every day.

A. was clever B. was a clever boy

C. a clever boy D. clever boy

﹙ ﹚10. Keep quiet! You ____ talk loudly in the library.

A. mustn’t B. may not C. needn’t D. don’t have to

﹙ ﹚11. I’ve never been to Beijing. What about you? _____. I think it must be very beautiful.

A. I’d like to B. I hope I’m able to

C. Me, too D. Me, either


﹙ ﹚12. Can you give me the right answer? Sorry, I _____. Would you say it again?

A. hadn’t listened B. haven’t listened

C. don’t listen D. wasn’t listening

用词的适当形式填空。 1. Her______________(decide) to give up English made us very surprised.

2. The teacher told us time______________(wait) for no man. 3. Never go out in the_______________(hot) of the day without a hat.

4. Although he is thin, he is a man of great________________(strong).

5. We could see the_____________(happy) on his face after he heard the bad news.

6. If you don’t have enough____________(sleep), you will feel__________(sleep).

7. I saw her grandfather______________(jog) in the playground just now.

8. He_______________(prefer) English to Chinese last term.

9. If you feel_____________(stress), try to be______________(relax).

10. Is there anybody in the _______________(fit) room?

11. She changes people’s moods____________(use) colours.

12. When I see the sun, I have the feeling of______________(warm).


I can’t remember when I started collecting litter. But it was when I got tired of ___1___ litter nearby and realized that no one else was going to pick it up.

I live ___2___ a forest in Ohio, America. I can walk there ___3___ three minutes. I used to love going there to play with my dog. But one day there was ___4___ much litter there that I became very unhappy. I decided I had to clean up the forest. I wanted to __5__ happy going there again.

I ___6___ my first trip to clean the forest that afternoon. I took a big black rubbish bag with me.

Ten minutes ____7_____ starting to pick up litter, my bag was full! It had cans, _____8___, broken

glass and newspapers in it.

From then on, I ___9____ to the forest four times a year to pick up litter. I’m often there for three hours. It makes me feel ____10____ to do something for the environment.

After each trip, I look at all the litter___11___ I’ve found. If __12___ of it is recyclable, I keep it.

I ___13___ understand why people drop litter. But I will keep picking it up __14___ they stop dropping it. I know I am only doing a small bit ___15_____ the Earth, but I still think it is important.

1. A. seeing B. throwing C. dropping D. cleaning

2. A. far away from B. near C. nearly D. alone

3. A. after B. for C. with D. in

4. A. such B. very C. so D. too

5. A. make B. feel C. look D. find

6. A. went B. made C. got D. tried

7. A after B. later C. before D. of

8. A. juice box B. plastic bag C. bottles D. waster papers

9. A. had gone B. have gone C. went D. will go



A. tired B. sad C. interesting D. great


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