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2013中考英语复习人教版九年级 unit5-6

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(训练时间:60分钟 分值:100分)


一、用所给单词的适当形式填空(8分)“English Language Learning”.


1.我因为生病没出去看电影。 2.医疗队由十二名医生组成。 3.不要把肥皂用尽,留一些给我洗。 4.那本词典是图书馆的。 5.店中有一种新车展出。 6.叫他离我妹妹远点儿! my sister!

7.在床上看书对你眼睛有害。 8.比起数学来,我更喜欢物理。综合能力提高


1.(2011·聊城)As everyone knows,rubbish ______ everywhere.

A.need be thrown B.mustn't be thrown

C.can't throw D.may throw



2.I love singers ________ write their own music.

A.when B.which C.who D.where



3.Action movies ________ me of Jackie Chan.

A.remind B.think C.hear D.miss

【解析】考查固定用法。remind of意为“记起,使??想起”故选A。


4.(2011·清远)Have you read the book ________ is about the moon?





【解析】考查定语从句引导词。先行词为名词the book,用which引导定语从句。it和what不能作定语从句的引导词。故选D。


5.(2011·聊城)I have two cats.One is black,and ________ is white.




D.the other

【解析】考查词义辨析。the other指两者中的另一个,通常和one构成短语one...the other...,其它均不能和one构成短语。故选D。


6.—What do you ________ the lyrics in this song?

—Sounds great.

A.look for

B.go by

C.worry about

D.think of

【解析】考查短语辨析。look for“寻找”;go by“依照??办,按照??判断”;worry about“担忧”;think of“考虑”。句意为“你认为这首歌的歌词怎么样?”“听起来很不错!”故选D。


7.(2011·广安)—Dad,may I watch TV?

—No,you can't.You ________ finish your homework first.






8.—Lucy, are you ________ in English?

—Yes, I often practice speaking English with my friend after class.





【解析】考查固定用法。be interested in“对??感兴趣”。故选A。


9.(2011·临沂)Peter likes music ________ is very loud and energetic.

A.that B.who

C.whom D./



10.—What will the weather be like tomorrow?

—It ________ be rainy, cloudy or sunny. Who knows?





【解析】考查情态动词的用法。根据答语“Who knows?”“谁知道呢?”可知回答是不确定的,用might,表示“可能”,故选B。



(2011·福州)Chi Li is one of the best-known Chinese writers in the West.She was born in the 1950s.__1__ 19,Chi entered a medical college in 1976.After she graduated,she __2__ as a doctor at a hospital in Wuhan.As she loved __3__ much more,she went to Wuhan University to study Chinese language and literature in 1983.She chose __4__ as her profession(专业).

During the 1980s,Chi wrote many works full of love.In the 1990s,her works,such as Apart From Love and The Sun Was Born,were __5__ lives of young people and everyday problems.Since 2003,Chi has __6__ a higher level in her works.And many of her novels have received a __7__ honor.Life Show is one of her representative(代表)works and __8__ has been translated into many languages.The __9__ shows the real life of a common woman in Wuhan.

Chi says,“Writers don't need to be anyone,__10__ they should be able to understand everyone.”So she often travels alone to get a feel of how the world is and tries to understand people from all social strata(阶层).

1.A.At the age of B.At the moment C.In the beginning

【解析】at the age of意为“在??岁时”,由句意“池莉在1976年19岁时考入医学院”可知应选A。


2.A.became B.worked C.enjoyed

【解析】work as意为“担任,做??工作”。句意为“毕业后,她在武汉的一家医院当医生”。


3.A.medicine B.travelling C.literature



4.A.teaching B.writing C.nursing



5.A.over B.under C.about



6.A.reached B.arrived C.went



7.A.great B.nice C.bad



8.A.she B.they C.it



9.A.picture B.story C.newspaper



10.A.or B.till C.but




Are you interested in country music? I like it very much! It will take me away for a while after I am tired. The guitars and songs will take me to mountains and fields.

Country music usually talks of everyday life and feelings. It's the spirit of America,easy to understand,slow and simple.

Country music developed in the Southern United States. It was the folk music of American countryside. Many of the songs tell about the lives of farmers. They talk about love, crops or death.

The life of the countryside can be hard, so the words in country music are often sad. At first, people played the

music only at family parties. But it became more popular later. In the 1920s, people played country songs on the radio, and they made them into records.

When people in the countryside moved to towns and cities to look for work, they took their music with them. Country music continued to change and became popular across America.

John Denver was one of America's most famous country singers in the 1970s. His song “Take Me Home, Country Roads”is well-known and people still play it today.

1.Country music is usually about ________.

A.everyday life and feelings

B.farmers' feelings

C.the lives of workers

【解析】由第二段第一句“Country music usually talks of everyday life and feelings.”知选A。


2.Country music developed ________.

A.in John Denver's city

B.in the Southern United States

C.in the Northern United States

【解析】由第三段第一句“Country music developed in the Southern United States.”可知答案。


3.Why did country music become popular in America?

A.Because city people liked the music.

B.Because farmers moved to cities with their music and it continued to change.

C.Because country music talked about city people's lives.



4.Who is famous for the song “Take Me Home, Country Roads”?

A.A farmer in the countryside.

B.A person who moved to towns.

C.John Denver.






(L=Li Hua;W=Wang Gang;Z=Zhang Jie)

L:Surfing the Internet is very exciting. We can do lots of things,such as playing games, listening to music,chatting with our friends and so on. I really enjoy it.

W:I like surfing the Internet,too. Because I can learn a lot from it. I can get the latest news all over the world. I also can find the information I need so that I can spend less time on my homework.

Z:It's hard to say. I agree that the Internet is

helpful to our study. But it's not right to spend too much time on the games. And some information on the Internet is bad for our mind. What's more,surfing too much does harm to our eyes. In a

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