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江苏省姜堰市蒋垛中学九年级英语上册《9A Unit 2 Colour》练习11

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《9A Unit 2 Colour》练习11

用所给的词的适当形式填空 1.Green represents new life and ____________.(grow)

2.My parents are very ___________ (satisfy) with my ____________ (satisfy) study.

3. Most people prefers going out to ____________ (stay) at home. 4. When you have ___________ (difficult) doing your homework, you can call me.

5.Last night I stay up until 12 o’clock, so now I’m very ___________. (sleep)

6. Yellow is the colour of _________ (wise). Some people like to use it when they study for exams.

7. Someone who _____________(feel) sad may say “I’m feeling blue.” 8. Every time I finish my exams, I will feel very ___________ (relax) and see a _________ (relax) film.

9. If you need physical __________ (strong), you should wear red clothes.

10. The earthquake brought lots of _____________. (happy)


( ) 1. “Do you want an apple, a banana or a pear?”

“_____. They all look bad.”

A. Both B. None C. All D. No one

( ) 2. Colours can make us _______ or sad. A. to feel happily B. feel happily

C. to feel happy D. feel happy ( ) 3. Your son is old enough to _____ himself.

A. wear B. dress C. put on D. have on

( ) 4. Put it down, Tom. You mustn’t read_____ letter.

A. else anyone’s B. anyone’s else

C. anyone else’s D. anyone else

( ) 5. He told me he would tell us _____ .

A. surprising something B. surprising anything

C. something surprised D. something surprising

( ) 6. Most boys_____ guns to dolls while most girls _____ have dolls than guns.

A. would rather; prefer B. prefer; would rather

C. would rather; would rather D. prefer; prefer

( ) 7. This pair of jeans looks nice_____ Sandy because she looks very nice_____


A. on; in B. in; on C. for; on D. to; in


1. There is nothing wrong with your bike. (同义句)

There ________ ________ wrong with your bike. _________ is __________ with your bike.

2. He would rather work than play. (同义句)

He ________ ________ ________ playing.

He __________ to work rather than _________.


3. Millie likes maths better than English. (同义句)

Millie __________ maths __________ English.


1. People who live in cold climate prefer use warm colours.


2. He would rather to wear blue than pink.


3. He often feels sad because he can’t think of anyone to talk.

4. We lived in a world is full of colours. The world would be a boring place without

them. ________

5. I prefer to go to the movie rather than staying at home. ________

6. Walking after supper or running in the morning are good for your mind and body.



1. 昨天他们修电脑遇到了困难。

They _______ __________ ___________ the computer yesterday.

2. 以前孩子们喜欢步行上学而不乘车。

Before, the children _________ ____________ there to _________ a bus.

3. 明天请提醒我去买些吃的东西。

Please _________ me __________ ________ something to eat tomorrow.


Smoking ______ _______ _________ your health.

5. 穿红色衣服使你更容易采取行动。 _________ red makes it ________ for you to _________ _________.

6 屋里有人吗?我可以进来吗? Is there in the room? May I come in?

7. 他似乎在看什么重要的东西。 He to be reading something important.

8. 我女儿想把她的房间漆成粉红色,因为这是她最喜欢的颜色。 My daughter wants to her room pink because it’s her favourite


9. 我表哥18岁上大学了。 My cousin went to when he was eighteen years old.



Colour helps you see things. But man and some monkeys and apes(猿) are the only mammals(哺乳动物) that can see colour. 1 any other mammals, such as the dog, the world 2 a black-white photo. Dogs hunt mainly by listening and smelling. Like 3 animals, dogs see best when things move. The animals they hunt seem to know this. A rabbit or deer will freeze when they find that they are being hunted. Then the dog 4 see it at all.

Birds can see colour. They need to, because when they fly, they need to find places to land. Colour helps them know 5 the place is and what it is like so that they are able to catch flying things in the air or to 6 something they think safe.

Some birds see things even 7 than man. The birds that eat bugs(虫子) can see them from far away. And even a very young bird can see a house 8 the sky. So good eyes and being able to see colours help birds 9 food and also help them find out 10 there are other animals that are dangerous to them.

( ) 1. A. For B. With C. As D. To

( ) 2. A. seem like B. looks like C. likes D. like

( ) 3. A. other B. the other C. another D. others

( ) 4. A. may not B. should not C. must not D. need not

( ) 5 A. how soon B. how long C. how fast D. how far

( ) 6 A. land B. land on C. land for D. be landed


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