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江苏省姜堰市蒋垛中学九年级英语上册《9A Unit 2 Colour》练习10

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《9A Unit 2 Colour》练习10


( )1. — Which of these shirts do you like best?

— I’ll take _____. They are both expensive and out of fashion. A. neither B. either C. none D. both

( )2. I have no difficulty ____ writing but I have some difficulty ___


A. in; in B. with; with C. in; with D. with; in ( )3. Jane was made________ the truck for a week as a punishment(惩罚).

A. to wash B. washing C. wash D. to be washing

( )4. I didn’t see all the students there, because __________ was ill and didn’t

come to school.

A. no one B. someone C. none D. anyone

( )5. The visiting professor ______ giving lectures to students ______ invited

to a meeting at times.

A. preferred ;to being

C. preferred; than being B. preferred; rather than D. preferred to; to being

( )6. I didn’t notice you were ___________ a new shirt today. A. putting on B. wearing C. dressing D. dressed

( )7. Eating an apple a day is good ___________ your health.

A. for B. at C. with D. to

( )8. Rather than ____ to school by bus, I preferred ______ a bike.

A. to go, to ride B. go ,riding C. going, to ride D. go, to ride

( )9. —Is your mother badly ill?

—No, _________, only a little cold.

A. serious anything B. serious nothing

C. nothing serious D. anything serious

( )10. Could you give me some________?I don’t know how to learn English well.

A. time B. advices C. advice D. mone


( )11.Can I do for you ?

A. something B. nothing C. everything D. anything ( )12. Kate the hills where she was young

A. prefer to climb B. prefers climbing

C. preferred to climb D. preferred climb. ( )13. I would prefer you on Sunday.

A. to swim B. swim C. swimming D. swam.

( )14.“Do you have any money with you?” “ ”

A. Nothing B. None C. No one D. Everything. ( )17. I don’t have to tell you.

A. something else B. else something

C. else nothing D. anything else ( )18. Everything is ready, ?

A. isn’t everything B. isn’t it C. aren’t they D. is it

( )19. I asked many of my friends to come to my birthday yesterday, but of them came.

A. all B. no one C. none D. Everyone. ( )20 .If calls, tell I’ll come back soon.

A. everyone ,him B. someone, them

C. anyone, him D. anybody ,them. ( )21 .I want some coffee, but there is in the pot.

A. no one B. something C. none D. nothing

( )22 .——Mum, may I have some cakes?

------Sorry, there’s _______ left in the box. I’ll go and buy some for


you tonight.

( )23.In such a hot day, I would rather ____ at home than _______ out under the sun . A. to stay to go B to stay go C stay to D.stay go

( )24 What a beautiful skirt! It _____ you .

A looks well for B looks right on C looks good on D looks good for

( )25 Would you like some soup ?

No , thanks ,I’m _______. A hungry B empty C full D heavy

( )26.This work is ______ mistakes. I don’t want to read it any longer .

A.full Bfull up C.full with D. full of

( )27 Don’t trouble him , he is in a ______ mood today.

A happy B bad C good D.terribly

( )28 --- Boll, why haven’t you finished your homework yet ?

---- Oh mum .I didn’t sleep well last night . I feel very______ .I can’t keep in mind it .

A. asleep B.worried C.happy D.sleep

( )29.Don’t stay up too late ,or you will feel _____in the daytime.

A energetic B happy C excited D sleep

( )30What made you ____Iwas late last time?

A think B thinking C to think D thought

( )31.He was made _____ from morning till night .

A work B to work C working Dworks

( )32.He preferred _____ at home rather than _______ with us

A stay go B to stay go

C staying going D to stay going

( )33.He prefers ____at home to ______out for a walk .

A stay go B staying going

C to stay to go D to stay going

( )34.Everyone _____ at the good news.

A cheered up B cheered on

Cwas cheered up D was cheered on

( )35.Yellow is the colour of the sun. It can _____awarm ,sunny day.

A remind you about B remind you of

C remind you Dremind of you

( )36.The beginners who learn English may be _____ with their expressions.

A in difficulty B in troubles

C in danger D in safety

( )37. He found it hard to calm his brother down A.to keep his brother calm B to keep his brother quietly

C to keep his brother excited D to keep his brother exciting

( )38.She wouldn’t mind _____ care of our children

A.take B to take C taking D took


( )39. Do you mind my smoking here ?

_______ Look at the sing, it says ,”No smoking.”

A No I don’t B of course not

C never mind DYou’d better not

( )42.If you want to ____, you must keep on doing sports.

A keep health B keep healthily Ckeep healths D keep healthy

( )43.Don’t keep me ______for a long time.

A wait B to wait C waiting D waited

( )44. What’s happened ? Why did the dog keep on________?

A barks B barking C bark D barked

( )44. All the students keep their eyes ______when they are doing eye exercises.

A close Cclosing C closed D be closed

9 )45. I was very sad when he made it clear that he ______ the company soon.

A leaves B left C would leave D had left

( )46. Jack told Marcia he _______snacks to her house if he _______ to see her on Friday night.

A would bring would go B brought would go

C would bring went D brought went

( )47.Would you please ______the door ?It’s so cold today

Sorry , I will not do it again

A not open b don‘t open c not to open d not opening


1.I prefer __________(stay) at home to going out.

2.Simon kept ___________(make) phone calls to someone.

3.My friend is an honest boy. He would rather _________(tell) the truth than _________(tell) a lie.

4.Tom __________(prefer) ________(do) his homework by himself to ______(copy) others’ homework when he was a child.

5.Sandy is a good girl. She would rather __________(help) him with everything than ___________(say) bad words.

6. Each of you _________(prefer) _______(sell) the old house to _________(buy) a 4

new one yesterday.

7. Don’t be worried. He can’t betray(出卖) our country. He would rather __________(lose) his life than____________(say) anything to them.

用something, anything, nothing, somebody, anybody, nobody, everything, everybody,

everyone, someone, anyone, none, no one, no等填空,有时可能有多个答案。 1.There’s ___________ in this bag, it’s empty.

2.There is __________ waiting outside to see you ,she didn’t tell me her name.

3.I didn’t invite all of them , but has come. 4.I wanted some more coffee but there was left. 5. ___________ of the people were afraid of danger.

6.There isn’t watching TV at the moment.

7.------“Shall I make you to eat?”

-----“Yes ,please. I’m really hungry , I’ve had hardly all day.”

8.It’s a secret. knows about it. 9.Will you ask carry this bag for me , please?

10. Is there ____________ here? I want some help.

11. The game is very popular. ____________ is interested in the game.

12. If you don’t tell ________ about it, _________ will know.

13. Please get _________ ready at once. We’ll start at nine o’clock.

14. Would you like ___________ to eat?


1. He would rather go there on foot than take a bus.

He prefers ________________________on foot _______________________a bus. He prefers _______________________ on foot ________________________a bus.

2. Daniel would rather play football than play basketball.

Daniel prefers ____________________ football ____________________ basketball. Daniel prefers _____________________football ____________________basketball.

3. I prefer red to blue.

I ____________ red ___________________blue.



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