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广州牛津版9A初三上 U2 Hair care 教案与练习

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Unit 2 Hair care





Reading A

1. in the neighbourhood 在邻近的地方

2. on top of the world欢天喜地,心满意足

3. depend on 取决于,由…决定

4. first of all 首先

5. keep healthy 保持健康

6. plenty of 充足的

7. care for=look after/take care of

8. at a low temperature 在低温

9. be on a diet 节食;减肥

10. a balanced diet 均衡饮食

Reading B

11. be happy with 对…满意

12. last for 持续

13. a head of hair 一头头发

14. make sure/be sure to 务必,一定要

15. (a) lack of …的缺乏





20. prevent … from doing sth阻止,防止 prepare for 为…准备 worry about 担心,担忧,发愁 reduce the pressure 减压 照顾,护理

21. treat sb. as sth. 把…看作


22. make/have an appointment with sb 和某人预约

23. record breaker 纪录打破者

24. claim to do/that 宣传;声称

25. with a big smile on her face 满脸微笑

26. at the door

27. stop… from (doing) 在门口 阻止某人做某事

28. invite sb. to do sth. 邀请某人做某事

29. anyone else’s 任何别人的

30. have sth. done 让别人为自己做某事

31. the last time… 上一次…的时候

32. go to the hairdresser’s 去发廊

33. mind doing sth.


34. cover… with

36. 36-year-old 用…覆盖 三十六岁的 35. be confirmed as 被证实为;被确认为


37. drop in / come around 顺便来访

38. make / miss / cancel an appointment预约/失约/取消预约

39. pick up 捡起

40. promise to do 承诺做某事

41. by the way 顺便问问

42. how often 多长时间做一次(提问频率)

43. do a survey

44. on average 做调查 平均

45. on the way (to…) 在…的路上

46. do one’s hair 理发,美发

More practice

47. a bit 一点

通过…判断 赚钱 48. judge … by 49. make money

50. be based on 以…为基础

51. be thought of as=be considered =be seen as 被认为是


1、Get free advice from our experts. 从我们的专家那里听取了一些免费的指导吧。 free adj 免费的;自由的;空闲的

These hundouts are free. 这些小册子是免费的。

I’m free this weekend. 这周末我有空。

2、Longer hair suits square faces. 长发适合方形脸。

suit v. 适合 This dress doesn’t suit me. 这套裙子不适合我。 suit n. 西装 She bought a suit for her dad. 她买了一套西装给他的爸爸。

3、It is wise for you to shampoo your hair often. 经常用洗发剂洗头发是明智之举。 shampoo v. 用洗发剂(洗头发) n. 洗发剂(不可数名词)

She is her hair with some ※ It’s +adj + (for sb. ) + to + do + sth.

It’s important for us to learn English well.

※ It’s +adj + (of sb. ) + to + do + sth.

此结构中,of 表示人的品质,通常用kind,nice,foolish,silly等形容词。

It’s very kind of you to help us with the work. 你帮助我们的忙做那项工作,你人真好。

4、You need to eat enough green vegetables and fruit. 你需要吃足够的绿色蔬菜和水果。

*enough adj. 足够的 (修饰其后的名词)

足够的时间: 足够的睡眠:

We have stored enough food for the coming winter. 我们已经为即将到来的冬天储存了足够的食物。 *enough adv. 足够地 (其实前面的形容词) ?adj. + enough + to + do + sth

足够的高: 年龄足够的大:

The kid is old enough to go to school. 那个孩子够年龄上学了。

The kid isn’t old enough to go to school. = The kid is too young to go to school.

*拓展:something+ adj something wrong

5、Drinking penty of water is also important to help prevent your hair from getting dry.


prevent sb. from doing sth. 防止(阻止)做某事

Drinking enough water you getting sick. 喝足够的水能防止你生病。

help sb (to)do sth. 帮助某人做某事 (help后面的动词不定式可带to,也可省略)

help sb. (to) do sth.帮助某人做某事= help sb. with sth.在某方面帮助某人

Li Ping helps me learn English. = Li Ping helps me with my English.

help oneself (to) 请自便;请随便吃 with the help of= with one’s help在某人的帮助下 can’t/ couldn’t help doing sth. 忍不住??,禁不住??


6、Finally, be sure to choose the right hair products for you. 最后,务必选择合适的洗发产品。 be sure to do sth. 一定要做某事

Be sure to get up early tomorrow. 明天一定要早起。

7、At the door of her flat she met me with a big smile on her face. 她在家门口面带微笑迎接我。

with a smile on her face 面带微笑

with 介词 “附有;带有”表伴随状态、特征。后面跟名词、动名词(动词-ing) 反义词:without“没有 ” The child left, with some tears in his eyes. 孩子含着泪离开。

8、Li Qing invited me to sit down inside and started telling me about her extraordinary hair story.


invite v. 邀请 invite sb. to do sth. 邀请某人做某事

invitation n. 邀请

Were you invited to the party? 你被邀请参加那个聚会了吗?

start v. 开始

start n. 开始 (= beginning)

starting doing sth. = start to do sth. 开始做某事

He turned on the computer and started playing the games. 他打开电脑,开始玩游戏。

9、She takes time to help her child.她花时间帮助她的孩子。

(1)take time意为“花时间”,后接动词不定式。 Eg:Take time to check your answers before you hand in your test paper, please.


四花费(spend, pay, cost, take)的用法:

人+spend (spent) +时间/金钱+ on sth./ (in) doing sth.

人+pay(paid) +钱+for+物

物+cost (cost) +sb. +金钱

It takes (took) sb. some time to do sth.


Reading A


1. All green plants d_____________ on sun light .

2. I think Chinese dress s____________ Chinese women perfectly .

3. Keeping a balanced d_____________ is good for our health .

4. Playing games on computer seems n____________ now.

5. I like silk very much . It feels soft and s_____________.

6. Many people prefer c_________ to hairbrushes to brush hair .

7. D_________ often brings on disease . So we should keep our environment clean .

二、 单项选择

( )1. The postman sends newspapers _______. He nearly works 365 days a year.

A. weekly B. monthly C. daily D. yearly

( )2. My new hairstyle makes me _______ on top of the world .

A. feel B. feeling C. to feel D. feels

( )3. Greeting _____ money is my dream .

A. many B. a little C. a number of D. a large amount of

( )4. The water isn’t warm enough for the children _______.

A. to swim B. to swimming C. to swim in D. to swimming in

( )5. My mother brushed and loosened my hair so ____ that I felt very comfortable .

A. gentle B. rude C. gently D. rudely

( )6. It’s good for you _____ your oily hair often .

A. washing B. to wash C. to washing D. wash


1. 大海和温暖的阳光使我觉得十分舒服。

The sea and the warm sun make me feel ________ _______ ________ __________ ___________.

2. 这位科学家总是说他的成功取决于努力工作。

The scientist always says his success ____________ _____________ hard-working .

3. 经常护理头发可以保持头发有光泽。

__________ __________ hair often can keep it shiny .

4. 首先,同学们要集中精神去听录音。

__________ _________ __________ ,students should pay attention to listening to the tape .

5. 我不够高,够不着那幅画。

I’m not ________ _________ to reach the picture .

6. 多看书对你的学习有好处。

___________ _________ ___________ good for you to study well .

7. 抬高你的头,那么你就可以看得清黑板了。

Holding your head up _________ _________ you can see the blackboard clearly.

Reading B


1. Eat more healthy food ,less ___________(损害健康的) food .

2. We have to learn how to live a more energetic _____________ (生活方式)

3. They left the city ___________(秘密地) for safety .

4. He works well under _____________(压力).

5. Most of the teachers ___________(对待) students as their kids .

6. Eating much fast food is _____________ (有害的) to our health.

二、 选词填空

1. Your hair is very fashion , ___________ your clothes are out of date .

2. I can’t ___________________ my parents all my life ,so I have to learn to be independent .

3. There is so much ____________ water poured into the river that many fish die .

4. I want to build a small room __________________ my house .

5. Please _________________ the windows are shut before you leave the office .

6. Xiao Ming __________________ the little dog every day . He wants to play with it later.

三、 单项选择

( )1. It rained heavily in the west , ____ it shone in the east.

A. and B. or C. so D. while

( )2. My sister was sent to hospital yesterday . She ate something ______ and was ill .

A. health B. healthy C. unhealthy D. healthily

( )3. Low temperature can prevent food _____ bad easily .

A. going B. from going C. go D. from go

( )4. It’s nice _____ you to bring me the paper.

A. for B. of C. from D. about


1. 缺少维生素会令人生病。

_________ _________ vitamin might make people sick .

2. 他们把老人打到在地并抢走了他的手表。

They knocked the old man down and _________ _________ __________ his watch .

3. 警察尽力预防意外发生。

Policemen try their best to ____________ accidents ___________ ____________ .

4. 战乱时期,人们为事物短缺担忧。

People ____________ ____________ the shortage of food in the war .

5. 同学们都在忙着为考试做准备。

The students are busy ____________ _____________ the exam .

6. 我们在考试前放松自己是非常重要的。

__________ ___________ ___________ us to relax ourselves before an exam .



1. Sam reminds me the time because I have an a_______________ with him .

2. Li Qing’s 5.2-metre-long hair seems to be e_______________.

3. Would you m____________ waiting for another ten minutes?

4. I live near a bus station .It’s c_____________ for me to go out .

5. You should c____________ the mails when you receive them from the postman .

6. There are three e_______________ in this building but only one exit .

7. Our manager is busy all day . I think she needs an a______________ to help her.

二、 单项选择。

( )1. There will be a ____ building in our city . I’m looking forward to it .

A. 450 metre high B. 450 metre C. 450-metres-high D. 450-metre-high

( )2. Our teacher often goes into the classroom _____ many books in her hand .

A. with B. about C. for D. carry

( )3. Nothing can stop us _____ it if we want to .

A. doing B. from doing C. to do D. do

( )4. The boy is so lazy that he wants to have everything _____ by others.

A. finish B. finishing C. finished D. to finish

( )5. This is hard work . ____ will take me three hours to do it .

A. That B. It C. He D. She



1. Drinking too much wine is________________(不健康的).You should get rid of this bad habit.

2. The material feels ________________(平滑的). I will take it to make clothes.

3. This pair of shoes ________________(相配) my handbag perfectly .

4. Smoking is_____________(有害的) to our health.

5. I prefer______________(正常的) hairstyle to the extraordinary one

6. Is Wednesday ______________(方便的) for you? I want to make an appointment with you.


用“形容词+for/of +sb.+动词不定式”句型改写1-4 小题;用“形容词+ enough +动词不定式”句型改写5-6小题。

1. Getting a balanced diet is important for us .

2. Choosing a good assistant is necessary for our manager .

3. The elephant is too big to go through the gate .

4. You are so kind to the children well .

5. The boy is so young that he can’t carry the heavy box .

6. My sister often does things carelessly .


1. 我的邻居人很好,在我不在家的时候帮我照顾我的小狗。

___________kind __________ my neighbour to care for my little dog .

2. 大家共同预防事故的发生是必要的。

It’s necessary ________ us to prevent accidents ________ _________.

3. 新体育馆足够大,能容纳3000个观众。

The new stadium is _________ __________ __________ hold 3000 spectators.

4. 他太忙了,不能为孩子们准备晚餐。

He is __________ _________ ______ prepare the dinner for the children .

5. 他跑得太快了,没人能追上他。

He ran _________ fast _________ no one could catch up with him .

Speaking and writing


1. _______________(广告) might give you all sorts of information .

2. It’s dangerous for a little boy to play with ______________(剪刀).

3. I’m really sorry to ____________ (取消)our appointment ,as I’m too busy today .

4. I have something important to tell your mother . Ask her to __________ (打电话)me up when she comes back .

5. If you feel _________________(难受的), I will recommend you a specialist .

二、 选词填空

by the way really as well do a good job on one’s way to

1. ---- Lily failed in her final exam .

----_______________? It’s unbelievable .

2. Though she is an American , she can speak Chinese __________________.

3. I’m confident enough to __________________________.

4. If you go to visit Jim ,bring my congratulations to him , ______________________.

5. Our teacher is ______________________ Shanghai now . He will attend an important meeting .


1. 你多长时间剪一次头发?

__________ ____________ do you have your hair cut ?

2. 你介意把我们的约会定在星期天吗?

Would you mind ____________ ___________ ________________ on Sunday ?

3. 在回家的路上,他顺便买了一些水果。

________ _________ ________ __________ , he bought some fruit by the way .

4. 我平均每个月剪一次头发。

I ___________ ____________ _____________ once a month on average .

More practice

一、 单词拼写

1. My p______________ of studying hard is to enter a good university .

2. There is a standard to j_________________ how many point you can get .

3. Oral English is b________________ on pronunciation and intonation .

4. Your new hairstyle makes you look more a ______________.

5. Diamond is the s______________ of forever love .

6. It’s f__________________ of you to make the same mistake again and again .

7. N______________ hair is important in formal situation .

8. Girl often have their hair cut to change the h_______________.

9. Staying up all night is h______________ to your health .

10. Sally is an outgoing girl . She doesn’t m_____________ laughing loudly in public.

11. As a matter of fact , my sister answered the phone instead of me when you r___________ me yesterday .

12. Going out without an umbrella is f_____________ when it is raining .

二、 单项选择

( )1. ______ hair is as harmful as perm .

A. Color B. Colorful C. Colored D. Coloring

( )2. We can’t judge people just _______ their appearance .

A. for B. by C. of D. as

( )3. You don’t mind my smoking here , ________?

A. are you B. am I C. do you D. don’t you

( )4. Hair has been a very important part of fashion for ______ years .

A. hundreds of B. a hundred of C. a hundreds of D. hundreds

( )5. _________my partner is not the best , ______ he cares for me careful .

A. Although , but B. Although ,/ C. Although ,and D. Because ,/

( )6. Some people like dark hair , _______ some like blond hair .

A. while B. so C. because D. for


1. 赚钱是商人的最终目的。

___________ ____________ is the final purpose of businessmen.

2. 发型是根据脸型而定的。

Hairstyle __________ __________ __________ the shape of your face .

3. 你介意借你的手机给我用一下吗?

Would you ____________ _____________ your mobile phone to me .

4. 你妈妈从来都没有到过北京,是吗?

Your mother has never been to Beijing , ____________ ______________?

5. 二十世纪80年代,中国人开始使用电脑。

___________ ___________ ____________, Chinese began to use computers .

6. 整洁的头发能给人留下好的印象。

Neat hair can _________ ________ ______________ _______________ on people .

7. 他很懒,连作业都懒得做。

He is lazy ___________ to have his homework _____________.

8. 多长时间做一次运动?

__________ _________ do you do exercise ?

9. 多吃水果对身体有益,是吗?

Eating more fruit is good for health, __________ ___________?

10. 对于你来说,在这么短的时间内完成这项工作是不可能的。

_________ important _______ you ______ _________ the job in such short time .

11. 我的邻居人很好,总是热心对待别人。

It’s so kind _________ my neighbour __________ ____________ others warmly.

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