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江苏省姜堰市蒋垛中学九年级英语上册《9A Unit 2 Colour》练习13

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《9A Unit 2 Colour》练习13


( )1.We all think _________ is kind ________ you to give your seat to a young

lady with a baby in her arms yesterday.

A. that, for B. it, for C. it, of D. that, of

( )2.Millie was born on Feb. 22. The picture of her star sign is _______ .

Do you know the name of the sign?

A. Aries B. Scorpio C. Sagittarius D. Pisces

( )3. Dung is kind and helpful, but he is also a little careless _____________.

A. at time B. at a time C. at times D. once a time

( )4. Is it important ________us __________ learn English well?

A. for, learning B. for, to learn C. of, learning D. of, to learn

( )5. A: I’m ___________ to eat a horse now!

B: Really? But I don’t have _____________for you. It’s a great pity!

A. hungry enough, food enough B. enough hungry, enough food

C. hungry enough, food enough D. hungry enough, enough food

( )6. How many students are born ____the star sign of Aquarius in your class?

A. with B. to C. under D. for

( )7. A: What ___________ our star signs?

B: The time of your _____________!

A. makes, year B. decides, birthday

C. has, month D. takes, birthday

( )8. My cousin is _____________ sometimes. It’s hard for him to change his mind

even though his idea is not right.

A. stubborn B. imaginative C. energetic D. practical

( )9. Which of the following can NOT be used as subject?

A. Mary B. walking along the street

C. they D. feed the animals

( )10. It’s not my blouse. It may be _______________.

A. someone els B. someone else’s C. else someone D. someone’s else

( )11. which of the following can we use in a formal letter?

A. Dear sir B. He’s such a cool boy and is always in.

C. He’s our monitor. D. Cheers!

( )12. What does Mr. Liu usually ___________when he is at school?

A. dress B. wear C. put on D. in

( )13. I am afraid there’s ______________with the computer. Can you come and have a look?

A. wrong anything B. anything wrong

C. wrong something D. something wrong

( )14. A: Which colour do you ___________, red or black?

B: Red, I think. Because it looks good ____________me.

A. prefer, to B. prefer, on C. favorite, to D. favorite, on 1

( )15. A: How many students can you see in the reading room?

B: _______________.

A. No one B. None C. Nobody D. Nothing

( )16. The colour of blue ____________the feeling of _______________.

A. makes, energy B. represents, joy

C. creates, harmony D. creates, purity

( )17. Sam _____________ Chinese tea with nothing in it. He says he enjoys the

taste very much.

A. prefers B. prefers to C. would rather D. would like to

( )18. The old photos _______them ______the old days when they were young.

A. let, to B. make, for C. takes, of

D. remind, of



1. 老师应当公平地对待每个学生。

Teachers should _______________ to each of their students.

2. 射手座的人会享受生活,且很有幽默感。

People born under Sagittarius _____________________ and ______________________

3. 他今天心情不好。

He is __________________________________ today.


Blue _________________________________.


People live in the cold climates _________________ use warm colours which can bring them warm and __________________________


Alice was a beautiful girl. She liked nothing except dressing __1__ and dancing 2

when she was at school. Of course she wasn’t good at her __2__. But the boys were ready to help her with her lessons __3__ they liked to dance with her. And after she finished middle school, she __4__ found work in a big shop. The __5__ had a son and he wanted the girl to marry him. Alice __6__ though the young man wasn’t clever enough. But she __7__ all kinds of clothes and shoes. She lived in the beautiful house with a big garden and she __8__ did anything at home. She didn’t love her __9__ but she lived a city life.

Once Mrs. Evans called Alice. The woman said she bought a few __10__ pictures and asked her to appreciate(欣赏)them. She __11__ nothing about the art but she was afraid to be laughed at and got there in time. She saw several women there. They were __12__the pictures when she went in. She thought for a long time and said, “Look! They’re all __13__. Why didn’t you buy the new ones?”

The women looked at each other but they tried not to __14__. And when they were appreciating a picture “Tramp(游浪汉)”, she said, “I don’t think the artist could draw! Such a__15__ man had no money to have a portrait taken(请人画像)!”

1. A. him B. himself C. her D. herself

2. A. classes B. English C. maths D. language

3. A. when B. while C. because D. after

4.A. hardly B. easily C. no longer D. happily

5. A. bookseller B. shopkeeper C. gatekeeper D. policeman

6. A. agreed B. hated C. preferred D. failed

7. A. sold B. was sold C. gave D. was given

8. A. always B. sometimes C. never D. often

9. A. husband B. son C. brother D. uncle

10. A. cheap B. expensive C. terrible D. strange

11. A. liked B. interested C. watched D. knew

12. A. looking up B. looking for C. talking about D. hearing from

13. A. old B. clean C. dirty D. thin

14. A. stop B. smile C. laugh D. lie

15. A. busy B. clever C. rich D. poor


Mary didn’t understand such sentences as “She is blue today”, “You are yellow”, “He has a green thumb”, “He has told a white lie” and so on. And she went to the teacher Mrs. James for help.

Mary: Mrs. James, there is a colour in each of the sentences. What do they mean? Mrs. James: In everyday English, Mary, blue sometimes means sad, yellow afraid. A

person with a green thumb grows plants well and a white lie is not a bad


Mary: I’m afraid I don’t understand them all. Would you give me an example

for “a white


Mrs. James: Certainly. Now I just give you some cakes. In fact you don’t like it, but you don’t want to let me know it. Instead you say, “No, thanks.

I’m not hungry.” That’s a white lie.


Mary: It sounds very interesting. Thanks very much.

Mrs. James: You are welcome. Colours are meaningful. I think you will meet more

sentences like these in the future. Please come to me if you have any


1( )Blue sometimes means sad in _______________ English.

A. good B. spoken C. usual D. poor

2. ( )I don’t have a green thumb, so all my plants ________________.

A. die off B. grow well C. look nice

D. are good 4

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