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江苏省姜堰市蒋垛中学九年级英语上册《9A Unit 2 Colour》练习6

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《9A Unit 2 Colour》练习6


( ) 1. Mum prefers _______ with me to ______ the cleaning at weekends

A. chatting, doing B. chatting, do

C. to chat, doing D. to chat, do

( ) 2.--- Look! Who is flying kites over there? ---_____________. A. None B. No one C. Some one D. Any one

( ) 3. The woman _______ blonde hair _______ the magazine looks good ______ red. A. has, in, on B. has, on, in C. with, in, in D. with, on, in

( ) 4. The sentence ‘I really don’t know ________. ’ is wrong.

A. what should I call him B. what I should call him

C. what to call him D. what he’s called

( ) 5. Please don’t come in until you _______.

A. were told to B. were told C. are told to D. are told

( ) 6. There is nothing wrong with the computer, _______?

A. is it B. isn’t it C. is there D. isn’t there

( ) 7. In which word are letters “th” pronounced /e/? A. thank B. months C. mouths D. strength

( ) 8. The old photos ________ them _____ the old days when they were young.

A. let; think B. make; for C. take; of D. remind; of

( ) 9. If ______ calls, tell ______ I’ll come back soon.

A. anyone; him B. someone; them C. everyone; him D. everybody; them

( ) 10. We were made _______ the lost girl on such a rainy day that we had to

make a fire ________ us warm.

A. look for, keep B. to look for, to keep

C. to look for, keep D. look for, keeping

( ) 11. _______ will the train arrive ?

A. How long B. How often C. How soon D. How far

( ) 12. Would you please ________ the walls using chalk?

A. not to colour B. not colour C. don’t colour D. not colouring

( ) 13. ________ of them wants to go to Hainan.

A. Every B. None C. All D. No one


Once a king was walking around a pool with his ministers(大臣). 1_ , he came up with 2_ . He asked, “How many basketfuls of 3_ are there in the pool?” The ministers 4 to give an answer. The king was angry, “You 5_ answer my question in three days! ”

Three days passed, but 6 of the ministers had the answer. Just then, a child appeared who said that he knew it. The king told the ministers to lead(领) the child to 7 . To their surprise, the child 8 and said with a smile, “It is 9 . No need to go to the pool. ” This made the king 10__ “All right. Let us know 1

__11 it is.” The child said, “If you know the __12 of the basket, the answer is clearly 13 . If it is as big as the pool, there is one basketful of water; half as big, two basketfuls ?” “Stop! 14 . You have got the answer. They were thinking of things 15 a wrong way.”

Sometimes to get out of the difficulty, one must change one’s way of thinking.

( ) 1. A. Luckily B. However C. Suddenly D. Happily

( ) 2. A. an answer B. an idea C. a person D. a smile

( ) 3 A. water plants B. flowers C. fish D. water

( ) 4. A. tried B. failed C. began D. wanted

( ) 5. A. have to B. may C. could D. would

( ) 6. A. no one B. one C. none D. each ( ) 7. A. himself B. the palace C. the pool D.the garden

( ) 8. A. refused(拒绝) B. agreed C. answered D. thought

( ) 9. A. nice B. easy C. important D. hard

( ) 10 A. tired B. bored C. pleased D. frightened

( ) 11 A. who B. what C. how

D. where


A You may know the English letters A, B and C. But do you know there are people called ABC? You may like eating bananas. But did you know there is such a thing as a “banana person”? How strange! Are these people from “another earth”? No. They are just Chinese people like you and me.

ABC means American-born Chinese. An ABC is a Chinese, but was born in the United States. Sometimes, people call an ABC a “banana person”. A banana is yellow outside and white inside. So, when a person is a banana, he or she is white inside — thinking like a Westerner(西方人) and yellow outside — looking like a Chinese.

Do you know why? Usually, ABCs know little about China or the Chinese language. Some of them don’t speak Chinese. But if ABCs cannot speak Chinese, can we still call them Chinese people? Yes, of course. They are Chinese. They are overseas(海外的) Chinese. These people may be citizens(公民) of another country like the US, Canada or Singapore. But they have Chinese blood. Their parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents were from China. They all have black eyes and black hair.

But they are not Chinese citizens. They are not people of the PRC. For example, we all know the famous scientist C. N. Yang (杨振宁). He got the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1957. Chinese people love him. But he is an American citizen.

( ) 1. “ABC” in this passage means“____”.

A. three English letters B. a kind of banana

C. Chinese born in America D. Americans born in China

( ) 2. Chinese in Western countries are called “banana persons” because


A. their bodies are white inside but yellow outside


B. they think like Westerners but look like Chinese

C. they were born in China but go to study in America

D. they like to eat bananas

( ) 3. This passage mainly talks about ____.

A. different kinds of bananas B. overseas Chinese

C. the Nobel Prize D. the life story of C. N. Yang 根据首字母的提示,在空格处填入适当的词使短文完整,每空一词。


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