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农一师第四中学 (七年级英语)

农一师第四中学2011——2012学年第二学期第一月考测试 七年级英语(人教版)

(满分100 分,时间90 分钟)


一. 听对话,将与对话内容相符的序号字母填在相应的括号内。


1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3. ( )4. ( ) 5. ( )

二. 听对话,每个对话读二遍。(1*5=5分)

( )6. Jim is from ___________.

A. China B. America C. England

( )7. Jim has breakfast at ___________.

A. 7:00 B. 7:30 C. 8:30

( )8. Jim’s favorite subject is ___________.

A. history B. math C. science

( )9. After school Jim likes to play ___________.

A. volleyball B. basketball C. the piano

( )10. Jim wants to go to a clothes store to buy ___________.

A. a present for his friend B. a sweater for himself

C. a sweater for his mom


一. 根据所给首字母和句意完成下列单词(1*10=10分) to the zoo .

2. The girl is very (害羞的, and we all like her . . 4. My pen p_______ are from Australia.

5. Please be (安静),the baby is sleeping. 6. If you are h____________, you can have some bread.

7. Mr Smith l______ in Beijing.

8. What’s her f_________ subject?It’s P.E.

9. There are more and more ____________(超市) in Jiangmen now.

10. You can send the E-____________ through the computer. 二. 所给单词的适当形式填空(1*10=10分)

1. Our teacher is very _______(friend) to us. We like her very much. 2. He usually sleeps and _______ (relax) 20 hours every day. 3. Please write and tell me about________(you) ,Lucy! 4. The book is very_________(interest).

5. I like_______(go) to the movies with my friends. 6. What’s_______(she)favorite subject? 7. He can speak English and _________(Japan). 8. The _______( leaf) of the trees are yellow. 9. Why do you want _______(see) the lions? 10. One of the giraffes _______(be) a baby one. 三.词组互译。(2*10=20分)


农一师第四中学 (七年级英语)

1.和他一起玩____ 2.向左拐3.先看熊猫 4.散步 5.玩的开心 五.句型转换. (1*10=10分)

划线提问) _________ ___________that Beijing Hote? 2.You can take a taxi to go there.(同义句) 四. 择填空(1*10=10分)

( )1.I want ______French with Frenchmen.

A.to talk B.talk C.to speak D.speak ( )2.I think______is d ifficult to learn English well.

A.this B.that C.it D.English ( )3.Tom with his friends______to school.

A.go B.goes C.to go D.going ( )4.All the people in my family_______TV. A.likes watching B.like watching

C.aren’t like watching D.likes to watch ( )5.Sometimes I go to movies _______my friends.

A.and B.with C.for D.to ( )6.The man is an American.He comes from________.

A.Japan B.London C.Canada D.America ( )7.Where_____your pen pal live? He _____in Tokyo.

A.do;live B.does;live C.does;lives D.do;lives ( )8.We know ______ is in USA.

A.Toronto B. Tokyo C. Paris D . New York ( )9.My favorite subject in school is music,because it is_______.

A.boring B.relaxing C.difficult D.scary ( )10.Please write and tell us____yourself.

A.in B.of C.about D.for

3.He has a good time after supper in the park.(同义句) 4.My sister is from Beijing.(变为同义句) My sister _________ _________ Beijing. 5.He speaks English.(变为一般疑问句) __________ he _________ English? 六. 汉译英(0.5*24=12分)


, ________ . 2、熊猫难道不可爱吗?她喜欢吃草和树叶。


____ __ English. 4、公用电话在哪里? 它紧挨着学校。

___ the pay phone? It’s ___ thwe school. 5、我认为中国是一个很有趣的国家。

____ China is 6、我不喜欢数学。因为它太难了。

____ like math , __ it’s ________ .


农一师第四中学 (七年级英语)

七.补全对话。(1*5=5分) A: Excuse me. _1______ B: No, there isn’t.

The nearest is about 5 kilometres away. _2_____ A: Which number do I need, please? B: I think you need a number 302. _ 3_____ A: Does the bus stop in front of the hospital? B: _4_____ it stops in front of a post office. _ 5_____ You’ll find the hospital. It’s between a park and a school. 1 ______ 2. ______ 3______ 4 ______ 5 ______ A: The bus stop is along the road on the left.

B: Go down that road and turn right at the traffic lights. C: Is there a hospital near here? D: No, it doesn’t. E: You’d better catch a bus. 八.阅读理解(1*5=5分)

There is a big old tree near my house,A black bird lives in the tree,Every day I take food to the tree,The bird sees me and comes down.The food is in my hand.The bird comes to my hand and eats the food.After that it goes back to the tree.

I give some food to the bird.every day.And so bird knows me.I like bird and the bird likes me,We are good friends. ( )1.What‘s in the tree?

A.Big black bird B.A black bird C.An old black bird D.A big black bird ( )2.Why does the bird come down?

A.Because some food is in my hand. B.Because the bird eats some food. C.Because the bird likes food. D.Because the bird eats good food. ( )3.Where does the bird go back?________

A.My hand B.The house C.The tree D.In the hand ( )4.When do I give some food to the bird?

A.At noon B.Every morning C.Every day D.Every evening ( )5.Why does the bird know me?

A.Because the bird eats food every day. B.Because the bird lives in my house.

C.Because I give some food to the bird every day. D.Because I put some food in my hand. 九.编写一段问路的对话(30字左右). (8分)


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