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Unit 9 Part3

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Part Ⅲ

Language in Use



he she it we they

yourself yourselves himself
herself itself ourselves themselves

Answers looking at herself cut herself take care of themselves

is giving itself
teach ourselves

Some phases: teach oneself 自学 learn by oneself 自学 enjoy oneself=have a good time玩得愉快 look after oneself 照顾自己 help oneself to 自用,随便吃 by oneself 独自,靠自己 wash oneself 自理 hurt oneself 伤着自己 say to oneself 自言自语 look at oneself in the mirror 照镜子 lose oneself into 沉浸在

Fill in the blanks with the correct pronoun:

yourselves 1.Did you enjoy_________ at the party last night? 2.The child is not old enough to dress______________. himself \herself 3.The problem is easy.You can do it all by________. yourself 4.Who taught ______to write? He learned all by_____. him himself 5.Who helped____to read? Nobody.She taught_____. herself her . 6.John fell off_______bike. Did he hurt__________? his himself myself me 7. I can’t repair the machine by________.Can you help____ herself 8.She could swim very well all by __________. 9.Children, help____________to some chicken, please. yourselves himself 10.John hurt_______when he was playing football. 11.Mum isn’t at home. But he can look after________. himself themselves 12.The students can do their homework by__________.

must be
can’t be


It must be great to have so many friends. Your parents must be worried. She can’t be in that group. She doesn’t like singing.

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