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( )21. 选出元音音素相同的一组_______.

A. T t D d J j B. O o U u Ww C. H h K k A a D. C c G g J j ( )22. — Your cap is nice. — ____________.

A. Thanks. B. No. C. I see. D. Yes.

( )23.— ___________ name is Ann. What’s _________ name ? — Tom. A. She; you B. Her; your C. Her; you D. She; your ( )24. — What’s this _________ English ? — It’s a car.

A. from B. to C. in D. at ( )25.— How do you do ? — ____________.

A. How old are you? B. Fine, thanks. C. How are you? D. How do you do? ( )26. Tom is _________ English boy. He’s in _________ Class Four, Grade Three. A. an; the B. an; \ C. a; \ D. \; the ( )27.— __________ is that girl in red ? — She’s my friend Amy.

A. Where B. Who C. What D. Whose ( )28. __________ this photo. The man ________ blue pants is my father.

A. Look; is in B. Look; at C. Look at; in D. Look at; has ( )29. — Are they in __________? — Yes, they are.

A. same school B. different schools C. the same schools D. the different school ( )30. — Do you want ( 想要 ) the yellow skirt, Sally ? — Yes, mom. __________. A. I’m not like it B. I don’t like it C. I am like it D. I like it ( )31. The letter is _________. Please give it to __________.

A. Tom’s; he B. Tom’s; him C. my; me D. hers; hers ( )32. — What does your English teacher look like ? — _____________.

A. He is a good teacher. B. He is friendly ( 友好的 ). C. He is tall and he has a round face. D. He is a good friend.

( )33. — Does your Chinese teacher ______a big nose? — No, he ______a small one. A. has; have B. is; has C. has; has D. have; has ( )34. — ________ bike is this ? — It’s not _________. I think it’s ________. A. Who’s; mine; hers B. Whose; my; her C. Who’s; my; her D. Whose; mine; hers ( )35. —____ are you?

—I’m twelve.

A. How B. How old C. What D. Who ( )36. My name ____ Jack. Liu Ying and Sun Mei ____ my friends.

A. is; are B. is; is C. are; is D. is; am ( )37. James is an English boy. He _____ from England.

A. come B. isn’t C. comes D. aren’t ( )38. —Hi, Lucy. Your skirt is very nice.


A. Yes, it’s nice. B. That’s OK. C. You’re right. D. Thank you. ( )39. —____ your sister know Tom?

—No, she ____.

A. Do; don’t B. Does; doesn’t C. Do; do D. Does; does ( )40. —What class are you in?

—I’m in ____, ____.

A. grade seven; class three B. class Three; grade Seven

C. Class Three; Grade Seven D. Grade three; Class seven ( )41. —What color is your bag?


( )42. —Is the boy in white clothes your friend, Kangkang?

—No. ____ in black clothes is.

A. One B. This C. That D. The one ( )43 —Is that girl Kate Green?

—Yes, ____.

A. you’re right B. that’s all right C. he is D. she isn’t ( )44. —____, Tom. Is this your book?

—No, it isn’t. I think it’s ____.

A. Excuse me; Jack B. Sorry; Jack’s C. Excuse me; Jack’s D. Sorry; Jack ( )45. —Dongdong, ____ car is that?

—It’s ____.

A. who’s; her B. whose; mine C. whose; her D. who’s; my ( )46. —What does she look like?


A. She’s a student. B. She’s twelve.

C. She has long arms. D. She likes apples.

( )47. ____ are good friends. We’re in the same class.

A. Kangkang and I B. I and Kangkang

C. Kangkang and Li Ming D. Kangkang

( )48. —Do you know the girl ____ red?

—Oh, she is my sister.

A. / B. in C. at D. with ( )49. —____

—They’re English books.

A. Are these English books? B. Are those English books?

C. How do you spell it? D. What’re these in English?

二、句型转换。(10分) 对划线部分提问)

___________ ____________ ___________ this T-shirt?

2. They have the same looks.(改为否定句)

They ____________ ____________ the same looks.

3. His hair is black.(改为同义句)

___________ ___________ black hair. 对划线部分提问)

___________ ____________ she look like?

5. This is a bus.( 改写为复数)

____________ are __________.

三、完形填空。(10 分)

Ann is a from the U. S. A. She’s twelve. She a round face and a very big. She likes favorite clothes. She’s blue every day (每天). She’s very cool. Now, she’s a high school student in Beijing. She’s in . Her telephone number is 72585069. Jiang Shan is her good friend. She’s . She’s from Qingdao. She’s eleven. She’s a high school student, ’s in different class. Her telephone number is 63257625. Her family(家) is in Beijing now.

( )41. A. She B. Her C. She’s D. Her’s

( )42. A. have B. is C. are D. has

( )43. A. is B. are C. am D. isn’t

( )44. A. red B. the red C. blue D. the blue

( )45. A. her B. his C. she’s D. her’s

( )46. A. to B. from C. in D. at

( )47. A. Class Two, Grade Seven B. Two Class, Seven Grade

C. Grade Seven, Class Two D. class Two, grade Seven

( )48. A. China B. China’s C. Chinese’s D. Chinese

( )49. A. to B. too C. one D. well

( )50. A. a B. an C. the D. /

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