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Unit 9Part4

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Self-assessment and Bonus Reading

Let’s play a chain game.
A: I think I’m putting on weight.

B: If I were you, I would exercise everyday.


A pronoun chart
me my my self

you your your self

him his him self

her her hers her self



them their theirs

its our its ours

mine yours his

It Our them self selves selves

试题回放: 2004-2007年中考题 1. Mary, please show _____ your picture. A. my B. mine C. I D. me ★ 2.--- Is this pen yours? --- No, it’s not ________. It’s Elsa’s. A.I B. me C. my D. mine ★ 3. My parents gave ______ a nice toy dog for my birthday. A.I B. me ★ C. my D. mine 4. I’m going skating. Would you like to go with ____? A . me ★ B. I C. my D. mine

人称代词主格宾格 1.My sister is a teacher. ______ works in a school near here. A.I B. She C. He D. You 2.Tom and _____ will go to see our teacher, for_____ is ill. A. me, she B. I, her C. I, she D. me, her 3.The box is too heavy. Let ____ help you to carry it. A.I B. she C. me D. hers. 4.Mr Smith will give _____ a talk about computer. A. us B. we C. our D. ours 5.Do you know the boy sitting between Peter and _____ ? A.I B. me C. she D. his

形容词性物主代词与名词性物主代词 1.---Is this your dictionary? ---No. it’s _________. A. him B. his C. her D. she 2.---Wow! What a nice computer! ---My parents bought it for my sister and me. It’s ______. A. theirs B. mine C. hers D. ours 3.This is my seat. _____ seat is over there. A. Him B. Hers C. Their D. Your 4.--- Welcome to our house! ---Oh, what a nice house! It’ s much bigger than _______. A. our B. ours C. we D. us 5.Last month they went to travel with some friends of__. A. they B. them C. their D. theirs

反身代词作宾语和同位语 1.This little boy is old enough to dress ______. A. he B. him C. his D. himself 2.After she dressed up, she looked at _____ in the mirror. A. she B. her C. herself D. hers 3.Most of them want to do the job ______. A. them B. themselves C. their D. herself 4. He’s a basketball fan and he wants to meet Yao Ming _______ one day. A. his B. him C. he D. himself

Answers: light blow light for ever

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