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1) I don’t run as __________ (fast) as Robot. He runs fastest in our class.

2) Tom is taller than any other _________ (student) in his class.

3) He practices ________ (play) the piano very day.

4) I don’t agree _________ (go) there with them.

5) He _________________ (brush) his teeth at this time yesterday.

6) They ________________ (plant) a number of trees since 2008.

7) I look forward to _____________(see) you again next time.

8) I want to give you some _________ (advise) on how to give up smoking.

( 二 )

1 There are about two _________ (million) people coming here every year.

2 Mark, you should do your homework __________(you).

3 Children, please help _____________ (you) to some bananas. They are nice to eat.

4 When I was watering the flowers yesterday evening, my mother ________(cook) dinner in the kitchen. 5 I helped the lost boy _________ (find) his home and I was really happy.

6 -- Can you hear Mark __________ (play) the piano next door every day?

-- Yes, he has made great progress.

7 Guilin is one of __________________(famous) tourist destinations in the world.

8 It’s not far from here. It’s only about ten ____________ (minute) walk.

( 三 )

1 The ____________ (excit) news made us very ______________ (excite).

2 He used to be very short, but now he is even ________ (tall) than Tom!

3 He ____________ (play) computer games when suddenly there was a big noise outside.

4 Tony and Mary, please make _________ (you) at home.

5 I tried my best to help the girl ___________(improve) her math.

6 I really look forward to ______________( meet) you again.

7 The students _____________ (teach) how to do the experiment in the class at this moment.

8 Stop __________(talk)! I can’t hear the actors.


1 It’s __________ (teacher) Day today and I want to give my English teacher some flowers.

2 _____________ (busy) he is, ___________(happy) he feels.

3 Peter can’t carry the box, because it’s too heavy for __________(he).

4 The film was really a big ____________. (successful)

5 There are many places of ______ (interesting) in Beijing, such as the Great wall and the Summer Palace. 6 When Bill phoned me last night, I ______________ (have) a shower in the bathroom.

7 I’ll give back the book to Tom as soon as I __________(see) him.

8 I have no idea when he __________(come) to see me, maybe tomorrow.


1) We felt very ________ (relax) after the bus trip. It was great fun.

2) She showed great ___________ (interested) in collecting stamps.

3) Look! The kite is flying ___________ (high) in the sky.

4) He ___________ (learn) over six hundred English words since last year.

5) I have no idea what _________ (do) next.

6) This house is even _________ (large) than that one. I really like it.

7) More and more flowers _______________ (plant) since 2008 Olympic Games.

8) What ____________ (you, do) when I knocked on your door?

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