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Module 2 Unit 3 Language in use?教学设计

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Module 2 Unit 3 Language in use?教学设计

Module 2 My familyUnit3 Language in use.学案 活动一: Look at the pictures and talk about the families.

A: Who’s this?


A:What’s her\his father’s job? B: Her father is a A:What’s her\his mother’s job? B: Her father is a Write sentences about them.写句子。

例句:This is Lily’s family. Her father is a doctor and her mother is a nurse. Her grandfather is a farm worker.


Practice 活动二


1. This is a photo of Ann's f___________. Look! This is h____ father.

2. They are my p__________, my father and my mother.

3. What is your father's job? He is a hotel m___________.

4. This is my brother. H____ is a driver.

5. Mr.Li works in a school. He is a t__________.

选择合适的代词填空。( I, you, its, his, our, they, it )

1.I am a student. ____ study at NO.4 Middle School.

2.He is a student, ____ name is Niu Wei.

3. Zhang Long ,_____should listen to me carefully.

4. Daming , do ____ know where Mr. Hu is?

5.I have a dog,____name is Doudou.

6.This is ___ teacher, her name is Ms Zhan.

7.The cat is very lovely. ____ is climbing up the tree.

8.The children are playing basketball on the playground. ______ are very happy.


Writing about your family My family

I have a happy family. There are there people in my family: my husband,my son and me. My husband is a maths teacher , He works at Chaoyang Primary School .He works very hard. My son is about 5 years old . He likes riding bike and playing football.He is a lovely boy. I am an English teacher at NO.4 Middle School.I am hardworking but I ‘m very happy. I love my students,because they are very nice. This is my family. I love my family.

Write your passage(写关于你的家庭)

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