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1, Do you plan to watch the news tonight? plan vt. & vi.计划, 打算

plan 还可作名词,如:make plans 制定计划

I plan to go swimming tomorrow.

It is better for you to make a plan for your future.

2,Do you want to join me?

1) want vt. 意为“需要;想要”。 I want a sweater.

The boy wants to go to Taiyuan.

2)want to do sth 想要做某事

e.g. If you want to be respected, please learn to respect others first.

3)want sb to do sth 想让某人干某事…… I want her to go to a movie with me.

3. What do you think of game shows?

1) What do you think of ...? = how do you like…? 谈论对某事物的喜好程度, 可选择的回答有 I like it./I don't mind it./I don't like it./

I can't stand it./I like it very much./I love it./ It's beautiful./They're fantastic.

2) think “想, 考虑, 思索”(v. 动词) think of “考虑”; “有······的看法”, 有时等同于think about. e.g. What does he think of Beijing Opera?

My mother always thinks of everything!

think highly of sb. /sth. 对某人或某物评价甚高 e.g. Mr. Black thinks highly of his son.

think about “考虑” (指计划, 观念, 看它是否相宜、可行) e.g. He is thinking about going to China.

4. I don’t mind them.

mind: 介意; 在乎; 反对。其后接名词或v-ing形式或从句作宾语,常用于疑问句、否定句、条件句中。 (表示请求或征求意见)

e.g. Would you mind opening the door? e.g. Do you mind my dog?

句型:Would you mind doing…? Do you mind …?

e.g. Would you mind opening the door? Do you mind my dog?

5. I can’t stand it! 我不能忍受它/我受不了它! stand 1)“站, 站立” e.g. Stand up! 起立

2) “顺利接受; 忍耐、忍受” (多用于否定句、疑问句) , 后可接动名词。

e.g. I can’t stand the movie! It is too boring! Mary couldn't stand the hot weather. Can you stand the pain?

I can’t stand waiting any longer.

6. Why do you like watching the news? 1) like sb. / sth. I like my friends.

Tom likes math very much.

2)like doing sth.喜欢做……(经常性,习惯性) 3) like to do sth. 喜欢做……(偶尔)

I like swimming,but I do not like to swim today.

7. How about you?

How about 后面除了接名词, 代词以外, 还接动名词。 e.g. How about going for an outing? How about playing soccer? How about that?

8,英语中询问个人喜好时常用:Do you want to…?的句型。如:

--Do you want to watch a game show? --Yes, I do.(肯定回答)或是 --No, I don’t (否定回答) 而要询问对方有什么打算时用:what do you plan to do…? 这里的“ plan to do sth”译为:打算/计划做某事。--What do you plan to watch tonight?

--I plan to watch Days of Our Past.

9,What can you expect to learn from sitcoms? 其中 expect to do sth. 希望/ 期望干某事。 learn from 后可以接人也可以接事物,构成 learn from sb. 向某人学习 learn from sth. 从某事中学习

e.g. --What can you expect to learn from sitcoms? --I hope to learn some great jokes.

10,I like to find out what different people think about a subject.

此句中的“ find out” 用作及物动词短语,常表达找出答案,弄明真相,查明情况等意思。如: Please find out when the train leaves. 表示“寻找,找出等近义词还有“ look for , find” 1)look for

e.g. What are you looking for?

2) find vt.

e.g. I looked for my book everywhere, but I didn’t find it.

11,. What is your favorite cartoon?

“ what’ s your favorite…?其同义句为“ what…do you like best?

回答用: My favorite book is …或是 I like …best. e.g. --what’s your favorite book? = what book do you like best?

-- My favorite book is Snow White. 或是 I like Snow White best.

e.g. I’d like you to dress up for my birthday party tonight.

2)take one’s place 取代某人的位置,顶替。 e.g. Nam believes that no one can take Kin's place in her heart.

家岚相信,在她的内心世界里没有人可 以取代陆坚。

10. They did a good job in the movie. 他们在电影中表演出色。

do a good job 好好干;干得好; 干得出色 e.g. I'm sure you can do a better job next time. 我相信你下次会干得更好。 12“ come out” 在本句中译为“ 出版” 引申为 “ 问世”。 此外还有:出来,(花)开出来之意。 e.g. The book comes out this week.

Oh, look! The sun's coming out!

13. One of the main reasons is that Mickey was like a common man, but he always tried to face any danger.

one of …后跟可数名词复数,表示…之一。 其后的谓语动词用单数。

e.g. One of my favorite movies is Mr. Bean. One of my best friends is Ann.

14. However, he was always ready to try his best. 1) be ready to do sth

get ready to do sth 与之同义,但前者强调状态,后者强调动作。

e.g. Are you ready to start? Please get ready to start.

2) Try one’s best 尽某人最大的努力

其后跟动词不定式形式,即: try one’s best to do sth. e.g. Don't give up. Just try your best.

Come on!Just try your best to let your dream come true.

15. People went to the cinema to see the “little man” win. go to the cinema 也可译为“ 看电影”类似 表达如下:

go to movies go to a movie go to see a movie.

16. Today’s cartoons are usually not so simple as little Mickey Mouse.此句中not so… as 结构表示“ 不像……那样……; 不如……这么……”。又如: It wasn’t so good as last time. It is not so easy as you’d think.

17. She dresses up like a boy and takes her father’s place to fight in the army.

1) dress up “盛装打扮、乔装打扮”。

You've done a good job of it. 你干得太漂亮了!

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